About High on Health

About High on Health

Fran KerrWelcome to High on Health! I’m Fran – the founder and author.

I first started High on Health simply because I made a new friend that blogged for a living and I thought that was kind of cool. I never thought that I too could possibly be a blogger for a profession but I started a blog anyway because I wanted to talk and write about alternative health.

And then when I developed severe acne not long after the birth of the blog, I started blogging about my experiences (or frustrations really) with my skin, which turned High on Health into an acne treatment and skin care blog. Eventually my skin cleared up and the blog grew big enough for me to quit my day job and focus 100% on helping people to clear their skin too. It was a fun few years, I helped thousands of people and loved my new odd job.

But after almost five years of blogging about acne, my heart had moved towards other things. I started writing and creating video about spirituality and emotional development because that’s what I was so passionate about. It’s almost like I couldn’t NOT create content about these things. And then when I started traveling around the world on a journey to open my heart as wide as it could and to find more happiness, it just seemed even more right to blog about my journey and my spirit.

High on Health has now grown to become a community of beautiful, naturally healthy people. I occasionally have a bunch of writers on board covering all areas of natural skin care, raw food, personal development and spirituality, but usually it’s just me.

I now am based in the Sacred Valley of Peru and have created a second blog specifically to help adult women with acne. If you are an adult woman dealing with skin problems, please head over to High on Clear Skin.