Are Sea Salt And Honey Good Facial Cleansers?

Are Sea Salt And Honey Good Facial Cleansers?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been testing using salt (both sea salt and himalayan crystal salt) and honey as my facial cleanser.

Both have been great! I especially love honey because it’s moisturizing, soothing, very naturally anti-bacterial and extremely cheap (unless you use manuka honey of course).

Ps- What I forgot to add in this video is that honey has a pH of 3.2-4.5 which is relatively acidic. In my opinion this makes it even better to use as a cleanser because it is matching the natural acidic nature of our facial skin.

It’s also important to note that the skin of our face and neck is generally the most acidic of any skin on our body, because of this natural “acid mantle” or natural protective combination of oils, sebum and sweat (sounds a bit yucky but really it’s wonderfully protective and our skin does a great job at producing this perfect balance of protective stuff).

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  • Emily

    Hi, I’ve been using the pink Himalayan Chrystal salt at nights and Manuka honey after (as a mask if I have enough time), and then some spot treatment overnight. With apple cider vinegar as a toner. In the mornings I just use the honey and then the toner. The first day I noticed how much clearer my pores were, since they’ve not been very clear but I wonder if its because I’ve opened them? I’ve always had blackheads since I was very young though so that’s not what I wanted to ask you about. The issue I’m having is that the cleansing method seems to be doing away with regular acne but instead I keep developing cystic acne in my chin. I know this can be hormonal so I’ve been taking fish oil but nothing seems to stop them from developing. This is the second week I’ve been doing the cleansing and the fish oil so I know its quite early in the game but do you have any suggestions for cystic acne?

  • Chris

    I’ve been using a recipe I built after tons of research online, as I researched for the Barbering trade.

    Oil Mixture:
    60 to 75% Caster Oil (increasing the ratio increases the drying effect) I start with about 250 mL.
    30% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    Balance: oils of your choice, grape seed, avacado, jojoba, sweet almond oil, etc. Each have variuos properties, adjust to suit.
    Add, your choice: various essential oils; Lavender, Bay (Pimenta racemosa), Tee Tree, (I love the scent of Lavender and it’s supposedly got excellent skin care properties) Tee Tree oil can be overwhelming so use sparingly.
    About 3 Tabelspoons of honey ( I have access to fresh, raw, local clover honey so I call that good).
    Add enough sugar (I see no reason why sea salt wouldn’t be a great substitute) to make a paste. I’ve used a blend of raw and white sugars in the past to get good texture but I’ve since tried blenderized oatmeal (sifted for the too fine and too coarse grains.)
    My two teenage girls use this regularly, they say it removes make-up very well, and keeps their skin clear and healthy looking. I use it daily as a pre-shave treatment and seldom have any issues with razor irritation or my complexion.
    I’ve seen similar concotions for sale at the mall for $75 for half the amount I make for $5.

  • jess

    And I’m sorry its off subject I’m just a but desperate to talk to someone who can help.. I’ve got to get cleared up I’m sleeping all day staying up at night just to avoid being seen its awful..

  • jess

    Is that even possible??

  • I put honey on my face 2 nights in a row and have gotten horrible reults! Puss filled sacs spots everywhere!! My whole face hurts even when I was waking up I could tell it wasn’t good bc laying on the pillow it was soooooo sore! I’m convinced the only thing that works for my skin is drying agents like the best thing I know seriously is the ivory soap bar! Cheapest one! It usually has me cleared in a week! If I put anything wet or hydrating it seems that’s when it gets worst

  • Lennia

    Is demabrasion okay for your skin

  • lennina

    can you sea salt and honey mix together as facial cleanser
    and can you use it morning and evening

  • Madie

    Thank you so much for all the ideas and information. I have Manuka Honey and I was planning on using it as a cleanser but it doesn’t take my makeup off at night. I tried using about every natural oil out there for makeup remover and I always break out. would this skin care rutine be good?
    Morning: Manuka Honey for cleanser (I have no makeup to remove in the morning)
    Night : Cleanse with a facial cleanser and then use the honey? Or should I only use the cleanser?

    And maybe use a Manuka Honey face mask a few nights a week after cleansing?

  • Maricar

    how to apply sea salt and honey as an acne treatment?

  • inga

    love your video and plan on trying it you have any recomendations for rest of the body?

  • daniela

    i really love dead sea salt and honey….

  • Fran

    Hi! We share the same name :) i have the same question as balletbalm: i’ve been using dead sea salt and does that have the same effect as the himilayan pink salt/celtic sea salt?

  • hey fran , uhm whats your youtube channel caled & its almost time to go back to school 18 days . i wanna go in there & look good . but the problem is that i have pimples on my checks right where the pores are . :( & i have pimple scars . & dotss on my legs . i just wanna hear from an expert what a really good home remedie is for all of those things . please & thank you .:)

  • Ida

    I bought a bag of himalayan crystal salt off Ebay. It’s white and I wondered if it should be pink – does anyone know? I’ve been mixing a small amount of it in with my cream cleanser and haven’t had any ill effects.

  • Eyelashes

    Hey Fran,

    Ive been using Manuka honey as a cleanser and its been great. I do get a lot of whiteheads though and Im hoping they will all go away really soon. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions as to what kind of facial cream I should use after using the manuka as a face wash.

    Thanks so much :)

  • We bought a big batch of dead sea salt.
    Is this also usable?
    We bought this in a natural shop…

  • Cameron

    Hi Fran,

    This video inspired me to use honey as my facial cleanser, and so far the results are wonderful! I have never seen clearing happen like this! I wanted to ask you though, I have raw “white gold” honey – so it’s pretty much white in color, much thicker than ‘normal’ honey and quite grainy. Do you think the graininess is an effective exfoliator as well? Thanks Fran!


  • Bella

    Hey Fran!

    I was wondering about which salts you can use. When I went to the store it was really hard to pick one.. The fine sea salt I found had an additive of some sort, and the himalayan salt was very rough and had big grains so I chose a natural fine rock salt. Will that do? What is the difference between just rock salt and sea rock salt?

    I also wanted to ask what your best tip about blackheads are? They are by far my biggest skinproblem and no scrubs seem to decrease them… So I am now hopeful about the salt!

    Thank you so much for your blogs and videos! You’ve inspired me alot to go all natural and healthy!


  • Joy


    I just tried the salt and honey treatment, first exfoliating with kosher salt and then using a multi-floral honey from the Himalayan mountains as a cleanser, wetting my hands first before applying either.

    I left the honey on for about 10 minutes before I rinsed it and I have to say the feeling on my skin was spectacular! Thanks for this suggestion. I live in an extremely dry climate one mile up in the mountains of Southern California and my skin feels like sandpaper up here so I’m going to continue with this experiment and see what happens.

    Also, I’m going to tell the women I know about it and about you!

    Thank you for what you do!

  • Chris

    Last night i felt a spot come on and so put a bit of manuka on it and on another one i already had and left it on overnight, woke up this morning and the new spot didnt appear and the old one significantly reduced in size. Wether thats a coincidence or not i dont know but im pretty sure i have the right stuff, 6+ active manuka honey. It dosent say raw or natural on the label but i got it from my local Holland and Barret health store.

  • Kim

    How do you know if the honey is raw and natural? What if nothing about whether it is raw or natural is said on the label?

  • Kim- It’s very unlikely the manuka honey caused your small spots of acne. Manuka honey is non comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores. It’s also highly anti-bacterial so kills the bacteria on and in your skin. I’m guessing it was an unfortunate coincidence.

    In my opinion manuka honey cleanses as much as we need it! We absolutely don’t want to be stripping the natural oil balance of our skin (acid mantle) because this is designed to also kill the bacteria on the skin. When we strip it all off with harsh scrubs and soaps, that’s when our skin becomes unbalanced and we’re more prone to getting acne.

    Lala- Cute name :) I get my honey from my local organic farmers market, so I’m getting the honey directly from the bee keepers actually!! I guess that’s why it’s so cheap. If you’re buying honey from the health store that says “raw” or “organic” then you can guarantee that it’s good quality and not heat treated. Gosh, I really am a huge honey fan!

    Strange that the lemon juice gave you enlarged pores. I personally haven’t experienced that. Usually enlarged pores happen from too much oil on the skin or previous damage (often areas of high acne will permanently have enlarged pores). Follow your intuition and see how you go.

    Hyperpigmentation scars will fade at very different times for different people. Even my own scarring can sometimes take just a few days, and sometimes take a couple of months, depending on what type of spot it was. So it’s difficult to say, even with using the lemon juice and some type of exfoliant like bicarb. What I can tell you is that the lemon juice does and has helped my scars fade faster x

  • Lala

    Hey Fran,

    What Australian brands of honey are raw, not heated and cheap? I’ve been looking at a few brands, but most of them don’t say whether they’ve been heated or not. Do honeys described with the words “raw” or “organic” usually imply that they are unheated and good for the skin?

    What was the brand of your honey, and did you say it costed around $7? Because i’ve been trying to find a few, but they’re all $10 or above, and the $7-8 ones don’t specify themselves as being “unheated”. they only say “raw” or “organic”.

    Also, i tried out the baking soda cleanser (make a paste with baking soda and water, put on face for 3 minutes and wash off), and i just tried that out last night along with lemon juice (which i googled up as being a toner and you said it’s good for acne scars). I woke up with enlarged pores, it’s like the lemon juice made the open pores darker. Are toners meant to help close the pores?

    And how long did it take you for your hyperpigmentation scars to go away using lemon juice and baking soda?

  • chris-

    active 6 is good but its very good in general cause its honey.
    for me I found out if i put too many products on my face it makes my skin worse and im a 21 year old guy with mild acne and bad scaring. manuka honey has been clearing both, and antibiotics arent good in my eyes.. we need probiotics which we can get naturally by chewing our food and eating raw food and releasing enzymes by chewing, i suggest probiotics by garden of life and there called primal defence

  • Kim

    hey Fran, I have tried cleansing my face with Manuka Honey yesterday. Right after the wash, few pimples appeared that weren’t there before. Do you think it is the manuka honey that has caused me with these tiny pimples? Also, does manuka honey cleans well?

  • Chris

    I managed to pick up some manuka honey today, 6 activity rating whatever that means (it was mid price range) so il see how i get on with it, im going to replace my Exposed face cleanser with it. In the meantime i will continue to use my Exposed moisturiser until the Bee Yummy and Neem Leaf spray arrives ive ordered from you. Perhaps implimenting these new things into my regieme gradually will be better for me? Im on Doxycyline now and have been for a month now and it cleared up amazingly for the 1st week but now my face is just as bad as ever.

    Im fed up with anti-biotics and want to try a new approch to kick red inflamed spotty skin on my face which drives me, and most others, around the bend so I cannot wait to try out this new stuff. Thanks!

  • Ooh good question Dorothy …it will probably be a very nice and very anti-bacterial face or body scurb.

  • Dorothy

    hi fran,

    thank you for your amazing work, you are a fascinating person. i was just wondering what would happen if you mixed the salt and the honey together.

  • Josh, that’s what I’ve been doing too in the evening, using the honey all over as a mask and cleanser as well – and I agree, the longer the better so it seems. Interestingly manuka honey has better “sticking power”. So it’ll actually stick or stay on the face relatively easily. Raw “normal” honey on the other hand tends to drip off after 5-10 mins! I put the mask on last night of just raw honey then got a bit distracted so was doing stuff on the computer for a bit before I washed it off. It ended up dripping all down my clothes. Was quite funny but not something I’ll be repeating!!

  • thanks for replying.

    I usually just slab my honey on for 10 to 20 mins twice a day, cause i kinda use my cleanser and mask at the same time, is that more effetive? the longer the better? cause honey is all i sue cause i remember hearing you say less is best.

  • Antonia Rose- You can mix a pinch of salt with water then gently rub it over your face to exfoliate and cleanse. OR if you just want to cleanse you’ll need to dissolve it in water first (so that it’s not abrasive) Thanks for the lovely comment too :)

    Alissa- Wow, sounds awesome!

    Jocelyn- Kefir!!!! I’d love to start doing that. I’ve heard amazing things about using coconut kefir especially as a cleanser/moisturizer.

    Jess- Absolutely still recommend them! I just wanted to trial some other stuff to see how it went :)

    Chris- Just use honey for now. And if you can get your hands on manuka honey that’s even better.

    Josh- The higher the UMF the more antibacterial. But if you’re just using it as a cleanser, then the lower UMF is great too. The higher UMF is more recommended for spot treating ..and possibly face masks but that can get super expensive.

    And yes, aloe vera is an astringent so it can dry your skin out .. pros and cons because it’s incredibly healing. I usually mix mine with a bit of paw paw ointment (find out that’s as natural as possible). This helps prevent that drying out.

  • hey fran
    ive been using manuka honey umf 15, why does umf 20 make it more effective? and if i get umf 20 can i leave it on for a long time for a mask? also if you can does aloe vera make your skin dry or is just cause its sticky? i wake up and my skin feels dry but then i think its just caue its sticky.


  • Chris

    Hi Fran,

    Ive just been recommended to your site due to my persistant acne/red/bad facial skin and have tried just about every commercial treatments like Exposed, dermalogica etc and they half work but im looking for more and im going to give your honey / salt a try. Do you recommend using them both at the same time in the morning and evening?

    Thanks for this site i cant wait to see the results

  • Jess

    I was just wondering if you still reccommed the Hemp Hemp Hooray products as i have been using them for a little under a week and had pretty good results! xxxx

  • I’ve been using honey as a cleanser and coconut oil as my moisturizer since Oct. 2006 and it’s been great! I do notice that during the winter months, my skin would occasionally feel a little more dry. In the past, I’ve just added more coconut oil to moisturizer. However, lately (the past 2 months), I’ve been using kefir on my face and my skin has been the SOFTEST ever and feels AMAZING! I LOVE it! Now I’m incorporating a little bit of honey and kefir together as my cleaner and if needed, follow up with my coconut oil for moisturizer.

    I learned that many Egyptian queens of the Ancients would bathe in fermented milk. And look how beautiful their skin is that we still talk about it today! :)

    For those who are vegan, you can opt to use coconut kefir. I’m not vegan so I use kefir from raw cow’s milk. :D

  • i’ve been watching your youtube vids for a while now, and i love them! they are always so so interesting :)

    i actually have been testing out a scrub recipe with just raw honey and ground almonds – which is brilliant!

  • Hi Fran,

    I was just wondering how you use the salt as a cleanser. Do you mix it with anything or simply use it by itself.

    Also, i think your blog is so lovely.

    Antonia Rose

  • Sophia- I’ve always loved it as an exfoliant. Baking soda is so versatile! It’s very alkaline though and can be quite abrasive so it may not be the best thing for every day use as a cleanser.

  • what do you think of using baking soda as a facial cleanser/exfoliant?

  • agnei- Sure does!

    tziporra_simcha- Weird! Honey is so hydrating so I’m very surprised it dried your skin out. I always find using a manuka masks means I can get away with using less moisturizer.

  • tziporra_simcha

    Fran – I spent a bunch of money on a manuka honey cleanser at my health food store and it is really wonderful but a bit drying. It never occured to me that I could just use the honey straight! Thanks so much for this information. Really wonderful video.

  • Ana

    One of the better natural makeup removers I am using at the moment is Jojoba Oil. I find it easier to work with than olive oil, it doesn’t really smell of anything, and it never irritated or broke-out my skin. The only con I have is that you need to soak your lashes with the oil to remove mascara if you use a few coats.

  • agnei

    Does honey remove make-up as well?

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