Can Himalayan Crystal Salt Help With Skin Diseases Such As Acne And Psoriasis?

Can Himalayan Crystal Salt Help With Skin Diseases Such As Acne And Psoriasis?

Thanks Becky for your great blog article on Himalayan Salt. It inspired me to look into how the salt could possibly help acne sufferers, and I did find a couple of interesting resources. This is a very short video on how the salt can help conditions like acne and psoriasis:

The salt works on the skin by drawing out toxins. Toxins in the body and under the skin are just one of the causes of acne.

Now I don’t think Himalayan salt is the miracle cure to treating acne, or any skin condition for that matter. But if you’re looking into detoxing your body, you might want to look into Himalayan salt before you go on some crazy juice only or air only diet.

I also found an interesting article written on George Cleanthou’s blog ‘Acne Reviews, Acne Treatments & More …’ about using Himalayan salt for treating acne. This is an excerpt from his article:

The best product I have found for the treatment of active acne is by far Himalayan Crystal Salt. This is not advertised as a treatment for acne and usually cannot be bought from your local chemist. I purchase mine online in a bar form (i.e. in the shape of a soap bar). Crystal salt is easy to apply (just wet the bar and apply to skin), it is cheap to buy, and is 100% completely natural. Himalyan Crystal Salt has over 90 of the elements concentrated over 250million years. It works much like salt water does, by drying the skin and allowing it to absorb the nutrients. You may be wondering why this is such an effective treatment but think of any surfers or swimmers that you know. How many have acne? None. Salt is one of the most effective treatments against any infection and is an essential part of the human body. And by drying the skin (naturally) it prevents the development of further acne. You should apply it to affected areas anywhere on the body at least 2 times a day for the best results.

I don’t 100% agree with George, I think drying the skin out too much can aggravate the skin and I do know a surfer that does get a spot every now and again. However, he has a good point. Swimming in the ocean is great for your body and for your skin and it’s a well known fact that good quality natural salts do have some healing powers.


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  • Linda

    I use himalayan salt dissolved in water for my cat’s acne on her chin. I just dab it on with a cotton ball. It clears it up within a day or so.

  • yes Himalayan Crystal Salt Help With Skin Diseases.and get more information about it please get a touch with us through the suhail’s website.

  • Lovely to hear you enjoyed the article Fran. :) It hadn’t even occured to me to try the salts as a direct acne treatment, the ones I had for the bath were quite big and I wish I’d tried them on my face now. Typically, I used the last few a couple of days ago.

    It certainly makes sense that salt can be beneficial in this way. Many people use salt scrubs on their bodies, so it stands to reason that it would be just as useful on the face. The only difference being that you have to be very gentle so as not to damage the delicate facial tissue.

    I’ve seen those salt bars available, so perhaps I’ll buy one next time I spot them, I don’t think they’re particularly expensive.

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