Coconut Oil Is An Awesome Natural Acne Treatment

Coconut Oil Is An Awesome Natural Acne Treatment

coconut-oil.jpgI’ve just spent all morning researching virgin coconut oil and I’ve now formed the opinion that coconut oil is an amazing oil that I wish I’d discovered a long time ago! Virgin coconut oil is fantastic for your skin and for treating acne, taken orally or applied directly to your skin.

For the last couple of days I’ve been using organic virgin coconut oil instead of olive oil in my oil cleansing method (OCM) and the results have been great. I decided to try the different oil because I felt as though the olive oil was clogging my pores a little, even though my acne has cleared up while I’ve been using it. I don’t know exactly what a clogged pore looks like but I’ve noticed that my skin is a little bumpier, and has significantly more blackheads then it used to. I blame this partially on the Maca experiment I’ve just done, but I have a feeling the olive oil may be too thick for my skin type.

The OCM is great for acne prone skin because the oils penetrate deep into the pores making the clogged sebum slippery so the plugs can slide out while you’re massaging your skin. I think the bumpiness on my face may in fact be the plugs making their way out, but perhaps the olive oil is too thick and they’re having trouble getting all the way out and are getting stuck!

When using the coconut oil, I found it to be a lot thinner and lighter in color than olive oil. The mix I made up of coconut and castor oil was almost completely clear in color. I think this is because it’s summer in Australian and it’s quite hot. Apparently the oil turns cloudy under 24°C. When I poured the oil into the palm of my hand, it was also a lot runnier than what I’m used to with the olive oil.

The coconut oil also has a very sweet smell. The first time I used it, I almost felt like a giant coconut cookie! I really like the smell though, probably more than the olive oil smell.

I found that after a couple of days of using the coconut oil, it started to draw some of the toxins out. I’ve had a pimple on my chin for a few days that was sitting underneath the surface, it felt sore but you couldn’t see anything. The coconut oil must have drawn the toxins out because a day after using the oil the pimple came to the surface and formed a little head, then the next day it was completely gone. I’ve also developed a few very small pimples on my cheeks that you can hardly see and don’t hurt. I think again it’s the impurities coming out. This aligns with a lot of the information that I’ve read today in forums. It seems that when you first start using the coconut oil, you can experience a small whitehead breakout as it brings all the toxins out. This breakout should clear up within a few days leaving you with smooth skin.

Why coconut oil

Olive oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties which is why it’s so great in skin care and why it’s the recommended oil to use in the OCM. But coconut oil is pretty awesome too.

Coconut oil contains large amounts of lauric acid which is well know for being very anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. These antiseptic essential fatty acids found in the oil help prevent bacterial infections (which is what acne is) when taken orally or applied directly to the skin. I have read countless testimonials on the Internet from people who claim that applying coconut oil directly to their skin cured their acne or helped clear their skin. I don’t think applying any essential oils directly to acne prone skin and leaving it on overnight is a very good idea, but using coconut oil in the OCM is probably a great substitute for olive oil.

Coconut oil is also a well known cooling oil, which is great for hot, inflamed skin (which is what a lot of acne prone skin is). Your skin may not feel hot, but in Chinese and Indian medicine, acne prone skin has the property of too much ‘heat’ or ‘warmth’. So using an oil that cools our skin down is a good thing.

Coconut oil supposedly also mimics your skins natural oils and should not clog your pores.

Oh, and using coconut oil on your skin also helps protect you from sun exposure, I guess that’s just one little added bonus :)

When not to use coconut oil

One oil will never work for everyone. Keep in mind that you can have allergies or intolerances to anything, even natural products. I for example have an intolerance to tee tree oil, it actually breaks me out! In the beginning the coconut oil may make your skin a little worse as it helps draw out toxins and impurities. It is very common to experience a little outbreak of whiteheads after using the coconut oil for the first time. This should clear up within a few days. If it doesn’t clear up, then you may have an allergy or intolerance to the oil and you should consider discontinuing its use.

So, I’m going to keep using the coconut oil to see if it is better than the olive oil for me. I’ll have to give it a couple of weeks at least to properly give it a test. If you’re considering using coconut oil in your OCM, make sure you buy virgin olive oil that is cold compressed, and preferably organic. This is just to make sure as many of the good vitamins and minerals as possible are kept in the oil. I use the brand nui which I picked up from a health food store (see the picture above).


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  • judy

    I’ve suffered from acne since I was 14, I’ve tried so many different expensive products on my face and I felt like nothing was ever going to work. One day I was researching online of course and I came across the oil method. I’ve tried so many different masks, pill, diets to clear my skin and I can honestly say that after doing the coconut cleansing on my skin for 2 months my face has never looked better! I’m 31 and this is the best that my face has ever felt and looked. I should have tried it sooner:)

  • Elaine

    Hi, I have been reading your posts with great interest concerning the coconut oil. I just thought I would share a different bit of experience concerning breakouts. I had acne til I was over 30, am now 61. I too went through the trial & error of washes, creams, ointments, dermatological visits, etc. By accident, I noticed that my skin was clearing & started backtracking. It took months but I finally realized that I was allergic to REFINED sugar. After testing extensively, I found that I can consume honey, maple syrup, agave, molasses and ORGANIC sugar. I no longer use any refined sugar, brown or white, & get compliments on my skin from complete strangers. I hope that this will be of some help. BTW, I have just started using coconut oil & was looking for info from experienced users. Thanks!

  • mark

    can i mix mineral oil instead of using castor oil in my OCM?

  • Tasha

    Yes, it will help with uneven skintone and acne scars. Mix it with some lavender essential oil bc lavender is known to help with scaring. I would also say change your diet, be sure to eat a heavy plant based diet meaning lots of raw fruits and veggies. And exfoliate once a week with a good exfoliater.

  • breanna

    would coconut oil help with uneven skin tone and acne scars?

  • Kristen

    Hello Fran,

    I’ve been using coconut oil on my face for almost a month now, and I think it’s helped out a bit with my excessive oiliness. You mentioned that taking it orally might possibly be beneficial – do you have more info on that? I’ve started cooking with it instead of canola oil/other vegetable oils, and I also put a couple teaspoons in my tea, but I’m still not sure if there’s a certain amount I should be using. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • I know it’s kinda late to mention but I started using the OCM several months ago and I am IN LOVE! I will never go back to anything else. I barely even have to wash my face these days! BUtttt as far as the blackheads and all you say the first month in..Mine did that too. I believe it was just the castor oil drawing everything out. I kept on with the evoo/castor mix-though I will use coconut oil as a moisturizer at night sometimes. Just something to consider..

  • Jamie

    Just wanted to clear up the fact that coconut oil is a carrier oil, like olive, sweet almond, avocado, jojoba or castor oil. You use the oils directly on your face or you may mix them with essential oils like tea tree, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, etc. Essential oils are so potent that they can irritate your skin if not mixed with a carrier oil. Coconut oil itself is not an essential oil. It is wonderful to put directly on skin for cleansing or moisturizing.

  • Bea

    I used to have monthly break-out of ance on my face & back. I started using coconut oil on my skin after every shower. Within 2 weeks a noticed clearing within my skin and no new breakouts after a month of usage. I use coconut oil faithfully as part of my facial/body regimen. It has even cleared old scaring from previous acne breakouts. I love it, I wish I had discovered its healing properties years ago.

  • mary

    Electrolysis can causes a massive break out due to the heat in the pore. it has done that to my skin.

  • Jen

    I tried to OCM with EVOO, and by the 2nd week I broke out TERRIBLY. Still dealing with it, even after 3 weeks of stopping OCM. And the breakouts aren’t on my T-zone, but my jawline up the sides of my face and under my eyebrows. I am very hesitant to retry with a different secondary oil, and am trying raw organic honey with whole milk. Seems to be helping in drying out the breakouts so far, but it’s only been 3 days.
    Any suggestions welcome!

  • Rachel

    I actually stopped using coconut oil on my face because it stopped working after a few weeks. I’ve since switched to Sibu seabuckthorn oil and cleanser, and it’s done amazing things for me! I think I get less sleep than before, but I honestly don’t break out anymore, and they’ve helped me tremendously in reducing my scars.

    Good luck everyone! Hope you all find a skin regimen that’s right for you :)

  • anle

    i am really tired, have tried all possible things to get rid of acne but it just wont go away, presently i am using makari acne products but still dont have any success, what do you advice? i need help

  • Rachel

    I’ve been using coconut oil as lotion for my acne as well, and haven’t seen results yet but fingers crossed! But I’ve been using olive oil + camomile soap from Kiss My Face and I feel like it actually makes my skin itchier. What soaps would you recommend?

    p.s. Like you, my skin HATES peppermint, tea tree oil, grapefruit/lemon, or anything to strong or acidic.

  • Eddie

    It is true that it does break you out after using this oil. I am breaking out which my skin looks bad atm.. but I will continue using this oil. What if this break outs take long? It means that it isn’t working?

  • O yeah make shur to use the organic unrefined expeller pressed virgin coconut oil. you will see the difference when in use. stay away from acne products and use natural for skin.

  • Extra virgin coconut is good for your skin and hair, first what you do is put water all over your head and damp it make shur head and face is not to wet, then pour VCO in hand and rub on hair and face but make shur your skin is not to oily if so put a little water on face and message in skin, if do this your acne and skin will clear but it take time, plus also drink 3 table spoon of VCO every day and you will look good and feel great.

  • Dianne

    The only thing that can be done to minimize pimple scars is a deep peel, because the scars go deep enough that normal exfoliation will not make any noticeable difference. There is a product on the market that supposedly gets rid of scars, but it is not natural and I don’t know whether it really works.

    Otherwise, to help skin keep the skin clear of pimples and white heads, try the vitamin D and the chlorella/spirulina greed foods supplements, eat a healthy diet low in sugars and high in vitamin C, and cleanse regularly. You should notice an improvement in a few weeks.

  • Angelie

    I have also a lot of white heads on my face. Whenever I am touching my face it feels rough. What will I do to make my skin smooth and will not feel rough anymore because of this white heads?

  • Angelie


    I am not an acne sufferer back in college days but when I turn out 23 this year my pimples starts to occur all over my face. So I decided to go to a derma spa clinic and was given acne creams to maintain but my pimples doesn’t stop occurring and it become very worst. I stop it and now I’ve been using papaya soap everyday to wash my face and no other chemicals but the pimple scars remain on my face until now.

    So I contacted a friend and she told me to try Virgin Coconut Oil, but I am not sure and afraid to use it coz I don’t want to make my pimple worse again.

    Can you help me on what will I do with my pimple scars? Do you know any organic moisturizers to apply on my face coz my face is really dry. If I do want to try Virgin Coconut Oil, how often should I use this on my face?

  • Dianne

    The acne may be a result of a diet that needs an overhaul, with a combination of dietary deficiencies and systemic toxicity (our skin is our largest organ, and is a primary method of disposing of toxins). Google the diet connection if you don’t believe it. Something you may try is taking a greens formula that contains chlorella and spirulina, algae which help the body detoxify and also provide nutrients.

    I got my nephew to take a detoxifying greens supplement (brand: greens +, available in Canada, but I don’t know if it is sold elsewhere) which contains not only the algae and nutrients (including those recommended to battle acne), but also herbs known to aid in detoxification (dandelion and milk thistle) when he was diagnosed with cancer. I also got him to take 5,000 IU/day of vitamin D because many studies show it to be very helpful for cancer. But one of its many other effects is to clear the skin. So I knew when I recommended both supplements that they would also likely help his acne, but didn’t tell him so.

    Within a few weeks of starting these supplements, his acne, previously quite severe (and he’d tried an endless parade of products to clear it up without succes), cleared right up. His oncologist expected his chemo treatments to worsen his acne, but while he did get a few pimples while on chemo, as soon as he returned home from hospital and began to take his supplements again (he didn’t take them to hospital with him), the few pimples he got cleared right up again. Looking at him now, you would never guess that he’d even had it — his skin looks that amazing! (And in case you are wondering about the cancer, he is now also cancer-free).

  • Tammy

    Oops, forgot to add that I also have been consuming it 2-3 times a day, anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon when cooking. I have even put it in my coffee! Trying to help my complexion from the inside out. I actually started adding it to my diet because of the energy/fatloss benefits. I have been researching it all week online, hoping for the best!

  • :)

    Hi Fran,
    I am 12 going on 13, and i have noticed my acne is getting worse, and WORSE! It started on my foredhead, and chin, now it is spreading twoard my jawline! Im really hopeless. I am going to try this coconut oil. And im going to start caring for my skin even more than i do. I wash my face at night, and morning. But everything i use NEVER works! I dont have the money to buy anything like proactiv, But every now and then i go to the drug store for Simple things like, Neturogena, and St Ives. I was wondering how could i get clear skin naturally, without spending LOADS on
    company’s that i cant pay for?

  • john smith

    thank you for a helpful article. there is so much spam lately on the internet (think ezine and that it is very nice to find something like your writings instead :)

  • Hi Julie
    I wash my hair as usual with a mild shampoo that contains no chemicals (I use Danish Urtekram), but occasionally I use no shampoo and just use the dissolved Jentschura salts as a “shampoo”. Because I use coconut oil as a conditioner, when I wet my hair and apply the salts, it makes a lovely soft lather after a few moments (give it a bit of time). The oil and salt together make a natural lather. I don’t do this every time I wash my hair – only about two/three times a month. I have only done this with Jentschura salts. Other times I shampoo as usual (twice a week).
    After washing my hair I toweldry it lightly (so it doesn’t drip), then comb it with a wide-toothed comb and then apply coconut oil. I have long curly hair and the cocnut oil’s just lovely on it – no fly-away frizzies. I air dry my hair without further combing, and never style it, but I suppose a hairdrier will work too. Sometimes I apply a tad too much and I have to wash the next day (grease monkey hehe)! You have to experiment with quantity according to your hair.
    So I don’t rinse it out till the next wash (about twice a week cause my hair is so long). To re-cap: I do use a mild shampoo most of the time, but occasionally only use the salts dissolved in water. I don’t use any other conditioner or mousse. I do put flax oil on my scalp when I sauna, then wash it out with the salt or shampoo. Flax oil is very nourishing, but you can also use coconut that way. The heat of the sauna really makes the oil nourish the scalp. I suppose you can use a hot towel too. And remember to wash brushes regularly.

  • Julie

    I also wanted to know if it would be necessary to use mousse in my hair to keep my curls strong and shiny even after I use the coconut oil treatment…?

  • Julie

    I just bought some coconut oil to use on my hair. How did you use it? Do you simply put it in then wash it out without using any extra shampoo or conditioner? I’ve also heard of people putting it in the hair and leaving it in over night and then rinsing it out in the morning. What do you suggest?

  • Hi oil lovers!
    I just want to restate an important tip that got buried in a former post (somewhere above).
    If I do not exfoliate regularly to slough off dead upper skin, my oil regime does not work as great and I get occasional pimples.
    I like using mineral-rich Jentschura salts (German)which I grind very fine in a pestle for my gentle face exfoliation. I do that about 2-3 times a week. I have a strong skin, so very delicate complexions might want to try rice exfoliations or something else.

    A new fantastic anti-ageing oil I have tried is blueberry oil (but it is expensive).

    BTW- I use coconut oil on my hair and then simply wash my hair with diluted Jentschura salts occasionally. The oil and salt together make a soft cleansing foam.

  • I love your posts I will be reading and being on this site an offle lot

  • jimmy smith

    Thanks for this info.
    I have been using the MeritVCO for about two weeks. My skin looks great, no more dryness. My hair looks great, soft and shiny, no more frizz. And my scalp is no longer dry. Also, my eyelashes have grown longer and thicker! This is a plus I did not expect. I now make an effort to apply a bit of oil with a clean mascara brush each morning/night.

  • Tasha

    I have read many miracle stories about VCO (virgin coconut oil) being used to cure acne. The trick is in the quality of the oil. You want to make sure you use Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil. I have tried cheap brands that are 100% pure, but Refined coconut oil and it completely broke my skin out. After researching I have one called Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. I have used it to wash my face with for the past few days and it’s been amazing! I use it both in the morning and nighttime. It completely took off all my makeup and made my face so smooth and soft and not greasy feeling at all! In India they use Organic Coconut Oil to cure and prevent acne. You can take it orally and topically. One thing that is also really great to use for your skin is Indian herbs like Manjistha, Need, Eclipta Alba and Turmeric. I make a paste of equal parts of each powder mixed with water & organic aloe vera and leave it on my face for about 30-45 mins 2-3x/week. Also, make sure you are lightly/mildly exfoliating your skin with a microdermasion cloth every other night to every night. Depending on your skin type and your skin condition. I suffered from cystic acne for 5 years and going the natural route is the only thing that cleared me up. Make sure you get on a good diet too. Eat NO sugar, yeast, or dairy. There are sooo many substitutes like almond milk, rice milk, greek yogurt, stevia. Also, cut out a lot of your meats and substitute beans/lentils for your protein. I also take probiotics 2x/day. What I would is look up a Naturopathic doctor in your area and go see them.

  • adri

    I’ve been using organic coconut oil on my face the last 4 nights and it feels great. I have developed 2 pimples but it seems to be drawing the impurites out. Should I continue or do this less often than every night? Maybe every other night? Or am I going about it completely wrong?

  • Billy

    Which brand would you recommend for coconut oil? I’m gonna try to use coconut oil for my blemishes

  • CH

    Help! A bit over a week ago I started using ACV (apple cider vinegar) and olive oil extra virgin. I do a routine of applying a layer of ACV (mixed with water) gently, let it dry for 5 min and then apply a layer of olive oil. I also drink 2 spoons of ACV. I do this routine 1-2 times a day. Normally I don’t have any harcsh acne, but just redness, “mini pimples” big pores/scares from when I was youger and had more whiteheads (I am 21 now). I get one white head occasionally but nothing irritated or severe. Also I have very dry skin.

    First nothing much seemed to happen. My skin looked nice and shiny however from the oil. It even looked like a tan, hiding my redness.

    However, tonight when I looked in the mirror I noticed a definite increase in white heads in in my face and on my chest/back where I had been using ACV + oil aswell.
    They are quite large and scary since I can’t remember having this large white heads since my younger severe acne days.

    So now I don’t know if this is suppose to happen as I’ve heard that breakouts do occur naturally as a first reaction but then disappears. It seem strange to me that it would take almost one and a half weeks for that to happen though. I don’t know if it’s the ACV or the oil I should be worried about. Could it be the pores that are getting “plugged”? I do tend to use quite a thick layer of oil.

  • sam smith

    I’m a fan of MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil.
    I use it for moisturizing my skin after taking a shower.
    It leaves my skin soft and supple.
    I also use it to condition and moisturize my hair.
    MeritVCO extra Virgin coconut oil also makes an
    excellent addition to a fruit
    smoothie or protein drink

  • Amina

    Coconut oil DEFINITELY works on pimples. The keys are: 1) you must get raw organic coconut oil (they sell it at health food stores like Whole Foods); 2) instead of just putting it on, you have to RUB IT IN. Usually I do this for about thirty minutes while watching TV or something like that. Just sit and rub it in a circular motion on the pimple. Trace the outter edge of the pimple. Do this twice a day and within a day it will shrink or be gone altogether. Seriously. Doing the same thing with honey also makes pimples go away (sounds wierd, but it works).

    ANOTHER GOOD THING FOR ACNE IS TO ADD PROBIOTICS (like Culturelle) to your diet. A lot of acne (AND sugar cravings) is caused by yeast overgrowth and the good bacteria tends to keep that issue in check.

  • BK

    Hi Fran, I was wondering whether it would matter if the coconut oil is refined or not. Thank you for your advice.

  • Hi everyone
    Just a quick personal experience with oil: after struggling with acne all my life, it cleared up about 5 years ago when I started to use only oils on my skin. I do wash with very mild soap and very soft brush though. (have n’t tried the oil cleanse but will) Important is to exfoliate mildly, but regularly. That might be the problem many experience with oils. Oil somehow levels out the sebum – in a homeopathic way I think i.e. treating like with like.

    I cannot remember what my first oil was (could have been almond), but coconut is a favourite, as is evening primrose oil, hemp oil and flax oil. They are all very nourishing for the whole body as the skin is an organ and absorbs the nutrients. One day I just started with oil and stopped everything else and I have never looked back. Do give it a decent period to kick in and experiment with different oils. Also cut down on carbs, especially the white starchy ones.

    I was treated with Roacutane many years before that and it damaged my liver and helped the acne for a very short time only. Do not take it!
    Any harsh treatment only causes the skin to excrete more sebum. I find coconut oil fantastic as it is a dryish, thin oil. jojoba is also great. Sea buckthorn is very nourishing (but orange, so dilute) Essential oils that I like to mix in are myrrh, frankinscence, nardus, geranium and rose otto (expensive).
    I have fabulous skin now due to oils. Stick with it and design a tailormade regime after a bit of experimenting. You can always use oil that didn’t agree with your face on your hands and feet. My oils are all organic and pure, so can use as food oil too. If I cannot safely eat it, I do not put it on my skin!

  • sasha

    hi all,
    i love cleaning my skin with a paste of fresh neem leaves and gram flour…i am from india and we have lots of neem trees around…and wait my skin glows do it and see for urself…cheers
    fran i loved ur article thanks

  • Jules


    My daughter and I both have acne. She is 16 and I am 36. I am willing to try anything to help us…I have tried EVERYTHING from cleansers to home treatments! I have read about the oil treatments and want to make sure that I have read everything correctly and just want some reasurance!

    Thank you!

  • I have been taking organic virgin coconut oil capsules for 4 months now. My skin is clearer and my nails that are usually thin are hard and healthy. I will break open a capsule and rub in on my face twice a week or so.
    I like to mix the coconut oil with oatmeal, honey, and lemon juice. I also have IBS and coconut oil does help.
    It is great as a preconditioner for the hair. I love to cook with it and I tell everyone who will listen how great it is.
    I get mine from
    I started using Egyptian Magic Healing Cream.
    Olive oil, honey, royal jelly, propolis. The bee yummy skin food didn’t give me enough moisture.
    The EG is a heavy cream or more like a balm. I think it’s too heavy for the day. I like hope in a jar by philosophy for daytime. I know it’s not natural but I have used it for 5 years. It smells horrible but it helps and it not has Spf 20 or you can chose to go without it.
    I hope this helps someone.

    Fran you are great.

  • Ram

    Hi Fran,

    Like DeRecca on the previous post, im keep to try OCM of some sort. I’ve read your transitioning response regarding coconut oil being good to bad (in a way) over your trials over time. I’ve also read Chris Gibsons book and his method of including castor oil. I’ve got oily skin and am keen to try OCM.

    From my understanding, im thinking of doing a ratio of olive oil to castor oil 1:3 teaspoons and do this 3 times a week.

    What do you think?

    By the way my morning and night routines are similar to yours using Philosophy Purity cleanser and Bee Yummy Skinfood moisturiser. How should the OCM come into my routine?

    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated! :)

  • DeRecca

    I am interested in trying the OCM, which would be better to try first, EVOO or coconut oil? I have oily skin and cystic acne, and I’m 26 YO. Thanks.

  • jack

    Thanks for this info..i have been using MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil for skin care and it really works good…i am a big fan of VCO

  • DrizZ

    I tried coconut oil after doing intensive research online and found that it didnt break me out. I still get occasional pimples every now and then but they do go away. DOnt expect coconut oil to cure ur acne in a day or two.. give it 5 days. I dont think it helped with my acne scars though.. any suggesion?? I heard tamanu oil is good.. I cant seem to find it anywhere though …

  • Anon

    I’ve definitely read in multiple places that coconute oil is very comedogenic…google it if you’d like.
    Jojoba oil is much better to use on the skin because it’s non-comedogenic and is very similar to our skin’s natural oil (sebum).

  • julie

    Hey well I’ve tried everything, from Clean&Clear and all those fancy products, to doctor proscribed.
    NOTHING has worked, and one day I came across coconut oil and thought ahh what the heck I’ll try it. I actually found the results I’ve been looking for.
    My only problem is it hasn’t really been making the pinky irritation go away. Is there a natural product that can solve my problem, or should I just continue using coconut oil?

  • Hey mitch, I don’t like using coconut oil on the skin because it can clog the pores.

  • mitch

    umm does coconut oil work for acne on a 13 year old? because I am 13 and have alot of acne. My mom has a lot of organic coconut oil but I’m not sure if i should use it or not. And if i can, how much should i put on?

  • Hi everybody

    I discovered Coconut oil about 6 months ago. It is awesome both inside and outside the body. I use it in cooking, shakes, frying and salad dressings. It is also the best for skin and hair.

  • HI Syliva, All of your questions are answered in my free acne cure mini-course and in the acne blog archives –

  • sylvia

    Last year got much problems with acne never before spend a lot of many on specialist nothing happen I stop eating many things like milk etc nothing happen went worst just saw your site yesterday. Castor oil an d coconut oil, I tried immediately at home my skin woke up very soft hope i did the right thing, Canyou explain me how to take care of my face. I’m 35 years

  • Hi Carmen-

    Have you read my mini-course and acne treatment guide?( They’ll both help a lot.

    Or you can get personal acne cure coaching with me.

  • carmen

    Hey Fran , It’s Carmen again.. My face seems to be getting worse than ever now bumps , white heads soreness and embarrasment. I also still have this huge cystic pimple that’s been on my back for the longest time . HELP !

  • Mz Detox

    G’day Fran,

    Awesome blog!!

    I notice that on your webiste and youtube videos that you’re always trying out different products, such as the coconut oil, the cytaphill and the philosophy pure cleanser.

    I wanted to ask despite trying all these different products are there any ones in particular that you consistently go back to in your skin care routine?

    I have given BP and synthetic cleansers the flick as of 2 weeks ago. Right now I am trialing Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar. I figure the sooner I find the right cleansers the better as not to aggravate my skin.

  • Hi Debbie,

    With the facial hair and her testosterone levels AND the fact that it’s CYSTIC acne, it sounds like she does have a hormonal balance. The coconut oil is unlikely to make a difference.

    Has she been tested for PCOS? Facial hair and acne are two of the symptoms you might want to rule that out.

    Supplements and a low GI diet will help a lot, they’ll certainly clear up some if not all of her acne, and make the skin less inflamed. If she’s in her teens though, it can sometimes be really hard to follow a disciplined diet when all your friends are eating junk food.

    As for the makeup, it’s okay if she wears it for that long, but make sure she’s using a mineral makeup. Mineral makeups sit on the surface of the skin so they don’t clog pores. They’re also the best type of makeup for hiding acne.

    There are contraceptive pills available that are designed to clear severe or cystic acne. They are used more for acne than what they’re ACTUALLY for, because they work so well at controlling the hormone levels. I’d definitely consider using one of these pills before roaccutane, because the side effects are not as harsh, and it’ll be targeting her particular problem – hormonal acne. I understand though that may be a big step though, putting your daughter on the pill! But with the scarring it may be an option.

    I agree, with all this technology there should be a ‘cure’ for acne. It just seems to be one of those ailments that is caused by so many different factors so it’s difficult to treat the root cause of the problem for everyone.

  • Debbie

    WOW…I have been researching for months to try and help my daughter’s cystic acne. I had heard of coconut oil and found this blog.
    I am under the impression that it is the oil that causes acne so it is difficult for me to understand how an oil can help, unless the oil is just for cleaning and then after wards you need to close the pores?
    She has been on dioxx for one year, we have done homeopathics as well as Retina A, BP and Benzaclyn. Initially after the antibiotics her skin cleared afetr the first 2 months and stayed clear for 4 months-it was usggested she wean off the meds and it returned like a vengenace..and it has been very scarring.
    We have tried EVERYTHING..unfortunately, she covers is upw ith much foundation (she is not even 15 yet) and she won’t wash it off till she takes a shower at 9 PM,,so she has the makeup on literally 15 hours. She also has facial hair that we are spending much money to remove thru electrolysis, so I can’t help but thinkt here is a hormonal relationship that nothing topical would help. The endocrinologist found “nothing” but a saliva test found high testosterone so int he summer when school is out we will do a 3-5 day fast and then supplements to try and correct the hormone imbalance. Supposedly this is created initially by blood sugar handling problems –after reading all these posts, unfortuantely for her I think the oil would just make things worse. We were told to do Accutane but I have heard horror stories. This is just such a sad thing to deal with–with all the technology in this world, you would think Acne could be conquered. I do knwo my daugher does not drink enough water., But I can’t force it down her throat and she needs to care enough to make changes in her own life. She puts globs of makeup on and i can’t say I blame her-it is a source of embarassment for her.

    • George

      Hi Debbie, my skin isn’t THAT bad, but when my skin has 3 or 4 blackheads, but I definitely don’t feel as confident. So I can imagine the embarrassment your daughter went through. I know you posted this 5 years ago, but I am curious to know the status of your daughter’s skin.

      I don’t think coconut oil works for me either. I used it for 4 days and developed cystic acne. I know some people say that my skin is detoxifying, but I feel that it’s too embarrassing. I’ve been eating unhealthily and sleeping less than 8 hours lately however. I have brought my skin to great shape before however, and I can offer what I did if your daughter is still in distress.

  • HI J, well I’ve tried a lot since then. I’m pretty much doing everything I say in the mini-course which has helped a lot, and also taking herbs given to me by my Chinese Herbalist. Lately I’ve been using a new product to help get rid of my comedonal acne from Paula’s Choice which I’ll be writing about soon :)

  • J

    Fran…so, if the co-nut oil din’t end up working for you…what are using now? Is it working…for how long have you been using it?

  • Hi Kaway, I bet if you settled down on your skin routine your skin would clear up! That’s what happened with me. I gave myself a bad case of cosmetic acne that has taken me months to get under control.

    Sounds like you’re onto a good thing though since your skin is clearing.

    I’ve used Emu oil before to help scars, but it unfortunately was too heavy for my skin and broke me out. Vit E is supposed to be great. At the moment I’m using Paula’s Choice BHA to help purge my clogged pores (nothing natural would do it), and it’s helping my scars heal faster too :) I just have to use it once a day or even just every other day because it is quite harsh.

  • Kaway

    I started breaking on my forehead in Dec.after never having to worry about my skin. I had the mandatory menstrual zit but that was never anything significant.
    I am guilty of trying a bunch of stuff to help clear my current break out. I currently do the OCM every other day with a 30:70 ratio of Castor oil to olive oil respectively. i also add 2 drops of tee tree oil into the mix.
    On my non-OCM days i use a mud soap from the dead sea and moisturize with a shea butter/jojoba oil mix. I’m thinking about adding some vitamin E to this moisturizer mix……..think its a good idea???? My break outs have definately improved but the scaring is significant…….hopefully the Vit. E oil helps with this.

  • J- coconut oil was a bit of a disaster for my skin, in fact I did the OCM completely wrong and ended up with clogged pores which has taken me almost 3 months to get rid of!

    It doesn’t really matter what combination of oils you use, as long as they fit well with your skin. Just make sure you don’t do it too ofter (start with just a couple of times a week), and remove all the oils off your face after you’re done. Do a search on my blog (search box is on the right hand side of the screen) for ‘OCM’ and it will pull up all the articles.

    Unfortunately hyperpigmentation is difficult to get rid of. You’re best to consult your dermatologist about options available. OR you could try something like microdermabrasion.

  • J

    What do you suggest for hyperpigmentation?

  • J

    How do you feel about using and olive and coconut oil mixture with castor oil for the OCM?

  • Hi Maria, I never had a problem with coconut oil making my skin dry, in fact it kept my skin at a good balance and I have dry skin.

    Be careful with the coconut oil though. I wrote in a later post how my skin ended up breaking out. I have heard of a couple of other cases of this, however there are many that have used it with no problems. I might just have some kind of sensitivity to it.

  • Maria

    Can coconut oil make the skin dry as well?

  • Laura


    I was wondering if anyone here knows DHC products; it’s a skin care line from Japan that specializes in using olive oil as cleanser, moisturizer etc…I live in South Korea and people here tend to have oiler skin, more prone to breakouts etc..DHC’s products are olive oil based and the basic skin care line (olive oil based cleanser, mild toner and olive based soap) are very popular in the states and in Asia.

  • Hi Maria, castor oil is the ‘cleansing’ oil in the mix, but it can also be drying. So if you have dry skin, you need to use less castor oil and more of the other oil. If you have oily skin, you need to use more castor oil and less of the other oil.

    This post may help you out:

    Let me know if you have any more questions :)

  • Maria

    hi i was wondering what you meant about “Just make sure you fix the oil ratio so you don’t get dry skin”

  • Hi Kath, you can buy organic virgin coconut oil from most health stores. I’ve found it at both Mrs Flannerys and Wray Organic food store. I haven’t tried any others.

  • kath richards

    Please tell me where I can purchase Virgin Coconut Oil on the northside of Brisbane Australia. Regards Kath.

  • Thanks Bel, they’re awesome tips …I’m definitely going to try mixing the two clays together, and those extra additions sound good too.

  • Hi Chrystine, that’s great that the flaxseed oil is working better for you :) You may also want to try and get a second opinion from a different naturopath to the one you were seeing last time.

    Please don’t think that you look ugly because of your acne. It always will look worse to you than everybody else. Make sure you remind yourself every day of how beautiful you are.

    If you’re worried about starting the OCM, that’s okay! You could try sticking to the Neutrogena cleanser and Retin A for now, and concentrating on your supplements and diet. When your acne starts to improve, then you’ll get the confidence up to try the OCM.

    I’m also doing a lot of research on the OCM at the moment, and the different oils that are used in the cleansing method, so you might want to keep a look out for my results on that. The OCM was awesome at clearing up my cystic acne, but I have been left with enlarged pores and blackheads so I’ll have to do a bit of testing to see if it was from the maca or one of the oils.


    • Christina

      So guys, i’ve started a coconut acne treatment but i’m not using the coconut as a cleanser, i’m using it as a moisturizer in a way so it helps my skin all day and keeps makeup from clogging my pores. I use a warm washcloth on my face before I begin and redo that a couple times to keep it warm for about a minute or so. Then I wash my face with my usual facial cleanser, then pretty much dry. Afterwords I use a tsp or so of coconut oil and rub that in pretty well.
      Then I do the rag thing again so I can get it nice and deep into my pores to help with any impurities. Afterwords I just take the washcloth and rinse it out real well and wipe what oil is still on my face off.
      If my skin feels too oily still I will wipe it off one more time after rinsing out the cloth.
      My acne has never been this….gone! Hope this helps any!

  • Bel

    When you say Green irritates you, do you mean on it’s own? It could be the quality of the clay you’re getting. But if you’re trying pure organic green clay with no other ingredients, then maybe it’s just to abrasive for you. White clay is like you said…’okay’. it really doesnt do too much (as i’m sure you noticed) as it’s meant for really sensitive skin, more to soothe and hydrate. One thing you could do though, is try combining the two. This way you’re getting the really deep cleansing and refining properties of the green clay, without it being at it’s full strength.
    Perhaps try a ratio of 1 tspn green clay to 1 tsp white clay and see how it goes.
    Yellow clay is really soothing and calming (great for inflammation) and pink clay is like a milder version of red (both of which are fanstastic at counterbalancing redness in the skin – particularly with pimples).
    If you have trouble finding good quality organic clay let me know as I have a few good suppliers I can pass on.
    Also don’t forget that adding things to the mask can make it even more effective. If you’re particularly red and inflammed ie, the cystic acne, try mushing up a cucumber and adding it in.
    If you have a lot of white heads squeeze a tiny amount of lemon juice (don’t go overboard) and the juice of a small garlic clove – both being anti-bacterial, works great.

  • Chrystine

    Hi Fran. First of all, thank you for your response to my other post about taking different types of oil. I quit taking fish oil because it made my skin and hair too oily, but I’ve started the Flax seed oil that you suggested. So far, my body seems to be tolerating that well.

    As far as the oil cleansing, I bought some olive oil and castor oil, but I’m terrified to start trying them on my skin. My acne has been so bad lately, and I actually want to die because of how hideously ugly I feel! I am afraid of my skin getting WORSE. Right now, I’m using a mild Neutrogena cleanser and Retin A at night. I know I should probably get away from the Retin A. I’m just so afraid.

    The coconut oil sounds like it’s been really helpful to others. Do you think I should start off trying the oil cleanse with coconut oil, or stick with the olive oil? It’s probably hard to say, as all people have different skin types and different reactions. Just wondering your opinion.

    Your website is awesome, and I sure appreciate you sharing your skin experiences with all of us!

  • Thanks Bel, that’s really great advice. Can you advise any good masks? I’ve used a lot of clay masks but lately I’ve found myself becoming intolerant to them. Green clay in particular makes my skin red and a little itchy, I think my skin is too dry for it. The red used to be great but not anymore, white clay is okay but I think I can do better.

  • Bel

    Hi Fran,
    the water only method can seem appealing as it’s so back to nature and it seems like naturally water is all we should need, however we definitely need more than that these days. Even if you dont wear make-up, the dirt and pollution build up in the air around us is easily absorbed by our skins. If we don’t cleanse it off it can stay there, clog the pores, increase the amount of free radicals, and heighten sun damage to our skin. Water itself has no emollient to it, which means it won’t draw out any of the impurities, so you need some sort of medium to do this.

    Coconut oil has natural cleansing properties and as you already mentioned is very cooling, so out of all the oils is probably the best choice. Olive oil on the other hand, while it is non comedogenic is quite heavy and thick, so generally sits on the outer layer of the skin, preventing fresh oxygen to flow, which in turn can cause congestion, which can then have caused the white heads you’ve mentioned.

    Are you using a mask? My best recommendation would be to continue cleansing with the coconut oil, and see how it works, but a few times a week to use a deep cleansing clay mask or even an exfoliant, to ensure that you are getting deep into the pores and not just brushing the surface.

    Hope this helps, but keep us posted. I personally have tried cleansing with just oil a few times, but I can’t bring myself to do it constantly – I think that’s just the Beauty Therapist in me needing to do the ‘official’ cleansing routine!

  • Hi Bel. I’ve noticed in the last week or two that my pores have been a little larger and I’ve had an increase in the amount of blackheads. This could be because of my maca experiment, but I’m concerned it’s because of the oils. I know olive oil has a low comedogenic rating but perhaps it didn’t sit well with my skin.

    I’m really fed up with trying different cleansers, and the OCM was SO great at fixing up my cystic acne …so I’m thinking about trialling the water only method. Have you any experience with this?


  • Bel

    Good advice once again Fran, and you’re spot on about different oils being appropriate for different skins as we all react slightly differently.
    Another one to consider is Jojoba. It’s a fantastic oil for acne prone skins as it’s very light. it’s considered one of the closes to the skins own natural sebum, which means it is easily absorbed so it won’t just sit on the skin as olive oil tends to do. So a fantastic combination is to use the coconut oil to cleanse (or at least a cleanser that is high in coconut) and then a small amount of jojoba to nourish and prep the skin for make-up etc

  • Yeah, using oils as a cleanser can be really scary. Just make sure you fix the oil ratio so you don’t get dry skin, because dry skin can cause pimples.

    What made me stick with the OCM was all the great testimonials in forums from so many sites on the web, and the fact that it helped clear up my cystic acne. I do have more whiteheads at the moment than I’d like though, so I’ll have to keep everyone updated on the status of that and if the coconut oil fixes it. Perhaps it’s important to find the right oil that works for you.

    Oh that’s interesting that you find the crystal more effective! For me they both work just as well, but I like the fact that the bi carb is so cheap and seems so basic and natural. It may be hard to travel with though so I might switch back to a water and crystal spray. As for how much you need, that’s down to experimenting, but I find I don’t need much at all. If I use too much I can see it on my arms anyway.

    If you need advice you can post in comments or there is a contact form in the ‘about’ section.


  • Gillian

    Hi Fran,

    I’ll be watching your posts with interest over the next few weeks to see how the coconut oil goes. I have started & stopped the oil cleansing method a couple of times now. At first I accidently read your post wrong and had 3:1 ratio castor oil to olive oil. This led to dry scaly skin. I’m finding using oils as a cleanser a bit scary.
    I’m also not sure how much bicarb I need as a deodorant. I haven’t found it as effective as the crystals so far. However, it’s handy being able to give the sink a little bicarb scrub after doing my underarms
    : ).

    If we need advice from you, is it best to just post in comments? Thanks

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