Contest! Win An Acne Skin Care Pack

Contest! Win An Acne Skin Care Pack

It’s time for another High on Health blog contest, and this time I’ve got prizes worth over $75 USD.

acne skin care pack

The prize!

This blog contest is proudly sponsored by Vitale Natural Skin and Bodycare. Vitale provides a diverse selection of effective organic and natural skin care ranges and simple proven solutions to help with skin issues. You can visit their online store here –

The pack includes a Richesse Anago Facial Cleanser, Third Stone Botanicals Cederwood Refining Mist, Third Stone Botanicals Cederwood Moisture Gel and Remedica Clair Visage Serum. You can find more information about each of these products in Vitale’s store here.

How to enter

All you have to do is leave a comment in the box below with your pimple horror story.

My zit horror story is when I stupidly picked a small pimple on my nose which WOULD have been fine if I left it. But of course my picking turned into a whopping “Rudolph the red nose the reindeer” scab right on the tip of my nose that makeup couldn’t even cover. It took a week for the scab to fall off and that was one of the most embarassing weeks of my life. At least I can laugh about it now :)

If you don’t have a pimple story I’ll make it easy for you – just leave you name and age (or age range if you’re a bit shy!).

Make sure you leave your name and Email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner.

The contest will be open until Monday evening so get your entry in quick. On Tuesday 18th November I’ll randomly choose a winner.

Good luck!

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    I’ve been living with acne for the past 5 years and till now nothing changes. There was once my acne was already clearing up, I was over the moon and then suddenly everything came back.I was so upset and depressed and I just feel like not wanting to go out. I went to see a doctor,but the medication does not work for me. I tried normal pimple cream from the drug store, to traditional medicine nothing works for me.
    I’ve been finding ways to actually control the acne.
    Since i have fair complexion, the redness and the scar can be easily seen.Its really a nightmare. And everytime I went out to school in the morning,by the next hour, my face is oily and shiny. Its pretty embarassing to stand tall, be confident and its really difficult. I don’t even dare to look at the mirror. Sometimes u get comment from friends like “omg!what happen to your skin?”. Its not the 1st and not the 2nd. Countless. Its pretty upsetting and sad. I would sometimes look at my friends with good skin, they are totally bless with such complexion. How I wish I can have such skin type
    I hope that when I win, the products can do wonders for me :)

  • Dana

    ah, slept at my boyfriend’s house and didn’t wash my face before going to bed (didn’t want him to see me without my trusty coverup), and woke up in the morning with a bunch of zits + whiteheads poking up from under my beige makeup! shoot, should have washed my face… it probably would have been less embarrassing…

  • Raven

    age 26

  • Raven

    Gah, slept at my boyfriend’s house and didn’t wash my face before going to bed (didn’t want him to see me without my trusty coverup), and woke up in the morning with a bunch of zits + whiteheads poking up from under my beige makeup! shoot, should have washed my face… it probably would have been less embarrassing…

  • Maria

    One night before I went to sleep I felt a pimple coming on right inbetween my eyes. Just like a third eye!!!
    I felt it forming and it hurt to touch so I left it alone.
    The next morning I woke up to medium sized puss filled pimple that I didn’t want to squeeze because I’d be left with a humiliating red mark for at least a week right in the middle of my face. So I got ready for work that morning and pretty much forgot about it.
    Let me tell you, by the time my shift was over, only 8 hours later, that medium sized zit turned into a huge disgusting white head right inbetween my eyes. I’m so embarrassed even now because I was having conversations with everybody that day, including our cute bartender! No wonder our conversations were always interupted with supposed “drink orders”. Damn.

    Welcome to my life.

  • Christie

    My name is Christie and I am 20 years old.

    As for worst pimple story goes- I fon’t know where to begin because having acne is my life!

    The worst was when I was in 6th grade, this is when my acne first started on my forehead. It was horrible because I had no idea how to deal with it so I did what felt natural at the time- I picked it. The worst part was, I did in unconsciously, often in class if I was zoning out from the teachers droning. I was teased so much over it because I was one of the first to get the dreaded hormonal acne- it was awful! The worst were some of the stories people would make up of how my acne was there (But I am too embarrassed to go that far into it, I’m sorry!)

    8 years later, my acne has cleared up on my forehead but I still get ’adult acne’ on the sides of my face. Finding this blog has helped me a lot, I have changed my eating habits (slowly and still in the process) stuck to a natural based skin care, and work very hard to not touch my face! Sometimes I still pick at the odd one if it is particularly irritating. However after a few months of simply keeping my fingers from my face has yielded some dramatic results, as well as discontinuing use of certain cosmetics.

    Good luck ladies and gentlemen!

  • Emily E

    Ive had severe acne since I was in 5th grade, seeing as how I developed a little earlier than the rest of my classmates. The very first time I had a breakout, I went to school the next day, and everyone thought I had some sort of flesh-eating disorder. Two of my teachers sent me to the office nurse because they thought that I had been bitten by ants when I was out on the playground, and all my classmates and friends thought that I had “bug bites” from misquitos, due to the hot humid weather where we live. From fifth grade on, my nickname has been “Buggy”.

  • Jolene

    I have been battling acne for about 4 years now ever since I was 21 . I have always had customer service jobs which make some days really hard because dealing with the public when you have blemishes is embarrassing . One day I went to work and this customer pulled me aside and said , ” I don’t know how you do it , come to work and deal with the public with your face like that……. ” . I was horrified I always knew that my face looked bad but I was doing everything I could to deal with my acne , diet , different face creams, supplements ,etc . As soon as she made that comment I started crying and ran into the backroom . Still struggling with problem skin : (

  • Rachel

    Well my pimple horror story started when I was seventeen and still continues to this day. I am now 25 and still cannot get rid of my acne. Some days are better than others but I am never zit free. I attend a college course that a lot of high school kids attend and it’s embarrassing having worse skin then teenagers. :(

  • well i ironic things happen when you think your skin is doing better…it decides to have a breakout party! whoo…not :( it my birthday today and the past month or so has been good cuz my skin has been good and then i went to disneyland and it all went downhill from there…too many germs or bad air or something..who knows what?! but this weekend was pretty bad! all i know is im done with this breakout stage in my life…i want clear skin

  • Annie

    My horror story is of my pimple that was so big and so noticable, that it had a nick-name, “my third eye”. It was right in the middle of my eyes. It was around new years, so in all the pics of my new years celebration, there was my third eye, almost seemingly smiling with me. There was other pimples on my face, but not as big as this third eye, I guess it wasn’t going to let me bring in the new year with out it, lol.

  • Ky

    I wore a complete lighthouse on my neck during the sadies dance. I think it probably wouldn’t have been there if I had picked it.

  • Tegen

    I’m 22 and have had bad skin for 11 years.

    About 4 years ago I was getting ready for a guy that I was dating to come to my house. I had a massive spot on my chin. Back then I didn’t know any better, and like a lot of these horror stories I picked the spot. It popped, but there was more stuff in there so I continued to squeeze, but the door bell rang, he was early! I grabbed a tissue and I wanted to hide, but the door bell rang again and I realized I had to answer it. I quickly powdered over it to cover up some of the redness and answered the door. We were chatting for a while, and he kept looking at the spot, he didn’t even kiss me! Later on I went to the bathroom and saw this blood and pus oozing out of it. I stayed in the bathroom for ages in embarrassment, until he came to see if I was ok.

    I didn’t see him again for two weeks after that, I was too embarrassed.

    At the moment I have a really painful spot on my upper lip, I hate it when their painful!

  • Michelle R

    For over a year, I got some under-the-skin pimples that developed into HUGE cysts on my face. I had about 2-3 on my face at all times and I perform on stage, so it was very difficult emotionally. I didn’t even want to be seen in a crowd, let alone being stared at for a two-hour gig! I went to facialists, dermotologists, etc and it turned out to be a horrible case of cystic acne that could not be treated with antibiotics. It was the worst year of my life! Finally the cysts are gone (accutane), but I am still treating the scars!

    Age 25.

  • Andrea Fuller

    Well, I’ve suffered from acne for about seven and a half years, which I’m only 17, so thats like a little less half of my life. :[ I’ve encountered a lot of humiliating events because of my acne…the worst was probably at an all day concert event. My friends and I like to get up close to the stage so we had been standing there for a majority of the day. I was wearing a lot of cover up that week because I was very broken out, one of my more severe months. Between the dancing and humidity all of my makeup had come off. No one said anything, but for some reason I could feel everyone giving me these weird looks. At the time I didn’t think much about it. I got to a mirror later that night after the concert. It was like they’d seen me naked. I’m still horrified to think that they saw my skin in such a terrible state and that I had no idea. Its tough.

  • Sunny Lee

    Sunny Lee


  • sarah carroll

    During my pmt, I had the worst break-out of my life. On one of the worst days, I had to give two presentations–very embarrassing. I have still have lots of large, red, painful pimples on my cheeks–I never used to get acne on my cheeks!


  • Rachel

    Okay, a horror zit story that sticks out to me is when I first starting having acne, which was at AGE 10. Yes. Anyways, it was the beginning of 5th grade and I had started playing the flute in band, we had our school pictures coming up, and during all these, I had gotten a HUGE, no I mean, GIGANTIC pussy , yellow zit (which turned GREEN according to my little sister) right below my lips and on my chin. It was so big that I couldn’t play the flute and it threaten to pop whenever I ate anything. Then school pictures came rolling on and it hadn’t calm down at all. To this day, I have the picture of me smiling at the camera with this big, pussy zit on my chin (Trust me, I have tried to get rid of the picture, but my dad calls it “memories”).

  • Megan

    I used to work at a grocery store in my local area. I went to work one day with a huge zit on my check. It was getting bigger and BIGGER during the day and i was unpacking a crate of red delicious apples, i looked up at one of my workmates and smiled politely and the zit on my cheek popped, i could see the puss on one of the apples !! arghhh

  • Becky

    Becky – 25 years old.

  • Chelsea

    I can’t think of a story, but my name is Chelsea and I’m 18 years old.

  • Jon

    My Horror Story would be one time I used a masque that everyone was raving about its very populat it’s called Queen Juliep Mint Masque. I used it one night left on for about 10 mins felt this tingle sensation so left it on for an extra 5 mins making a total of 15 mins. I washed off and my face felt super clean and gave me a healthy glow. I was very surprised and looked in the mirror most of my pimples were less red blackheads mostly vanished and my pores looked smaller. This was a godsend product. I went to sleep and woke up to a painful red face. I looked in the mirror and saw 3 giant pimples on my forehead and one painful cysts (under the skin) on my cheek. I was made and furious. This stuff although a great product made all the gunk come all out in one night.

  • Jennie

    I went out clubbing one night with a girlfriend and some of her friends that I met for the first time that night. I had a tender zit on my chin that bled at some point in the night and dried up into a huge, red, krusty blob. No one mentioned it and somehow I never used the washroom all night so I never knew. I just thought I had makeup caked over my sore zit and was trying to ignore it. I was so embarrassed at the end of the night when I realized as I know everyone saw it and felt too bad to tell me. And there are facebook pictures posted up from that night so I’ll never forget it!

  • Luke



  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith – 37, try BeeYummy it’s gr8t

  • Emma

    Hi my name is Emma
    I dont have many interesting zit stories….hehe
    My age is 32!!!

  • Gary

    I’m Gary, I am 37 years old, and have been battling acne since about the age of 16. I had to take my first major business trip to Columbus Ohio back in September with a new company and give a presentation in front of about 40 people – none of whom I had ever met.

    The “stress” of the trip of course showed up the day I arrived, and I developed under the skin cysts on the soft areas under the bottom lip, on the chin, and on my left cheek.

    The morning of the big even I woke up about 2 hours early, because God knows it takes an eternity for acne sufferers to make themself look presentable.

    During the presentation I was very uncomfortable as I felt all eyes were on my acne. I made a joke about our product, and people laughed, as did I. I then felt someting warm streaming down my cheek.

    The cysts that had about 3 individual whiteheads coming out of it has erupted and began pouring down the side of my face, along with some blood.

    Lovely. People tried to pretent the didn’t notice, and I turned trying to wipe away the blood and puss as best I could.

    When will it end? In 3 1/2 years I will be 40 years old. WHY do I still suffer with this dreaded disease. I drink water, take supplements…. ugh, it’s endless, incredibly depressing, and hopeless.

    Someone please help me.

  • Theresa

    I am 21 and, had decent skin through my first year of college 500+ miles away from home. I over did it and in combination with depression and high stress of, in my eyes underachieving, attempted suicide. After getting help and being hospitalized i came home to work on me. It took me a year to find who i was and to be happy again. I met the man I plan to spend the rest of my life with. He helped me help myself to be happy and confident. When we moved into our own place together I believe my stress levels grew and my acne began to appear. This is now my horror story.. It has been 9 months and has not gotten better and my confidence is back down. He tells me it will get better and that I’m beautiful but deep down its hard to feel. So now I’m afraid that my lack of confidence and happiness will become a new horror of his lack of confidence and happiness. Oh what physical appearance does to us emotionally.

  • Jill

    Reading some of these stories, I can certainly relate!! It is really horrible when people, even complete strangers think it is okay to make comments about a person’s acne. I’m 24, and have had acne since I was 12. I have a lot of “horror stories” but the most recent one is pretty bad. About 2 months ago, I had a dentist appointment and the day before I had a HUGE cystic breakout on my chin and some were coming to a head on the day of my appointment. Since I knew the dentist would be rubbing and moving around my face a lot trying to examine and clean my teeth, I didn’t want the zits to pop, so I popped them before I went. I didn’t know what else to do, since it was too late to cancel it. So I started bleeding and so I had no choice but to put a big Band-Aid on my chin. Of course everyone at the dentist office was staring with that “what happened?” look. And the hygienist eventually rubbed my band-aid off exposing the giant red zits underneath. Really embarrassing. Good thing I didn’t have any cavities so I could bike as fast as I could away from there!
    I don’t see anyone else posting their emails, so I’ll send you my email if I win Fran! :)

  • Areej


    My worst pimple was when a huge pimple kept growing between my eyebrows and kept turning red ..

  • sucelyn

    ok well, my skin was really good. until 3 yrs ago when i was going to be the flower girl in my cousins wedding and like 3 days before the wedding i broke out all over my was HORRIBLE .i made it even worse by scratching it and putting every possible acne treatment i could in only 3days.On the day of the wedding my face was coverd by red pimples.I absolutly hated that day.

  • Christine

    My pimple horror story: I had been getting pretty rough acne for about 2 years, but my nose hadn’t had many scars. However, one day a HUGE cystic pimple started smack dab in the middle of my nose – and I had my homecoming that coming week! I ended up picking at it, and it got worse :( I still have the scar (much fainter now, thank god) in the middle of my nose to prove it.

    That’s my horror story! :)

  • sal

    The worst pimples ive ever had were between my eyebrows, on my nose and one my forehead. When it was between my eyes people called me indian. (not to offend anyone) When it was on my nose i was always looked at and u can imagine how i felt. When i had this huge pimple on my forehead i was called things like “your growing another face” or “planet sal” These were terrible times.

    sal , 18

  • Amy

    I used apple cider vinegar on my pimples and after a few days, my skin started bubbling up like lava on Mt. Vesuvius, I kid you not.

    Now I had huge inflamed inflated zits. I hid out for two weeks.

  • sonali

    well, after 2 yrs of dating, my boyfriend left me for another girl, who was prettier than me as she did not have any pimples, and i, well suffer from acne.
    its almost 18 months since he dumped me, and the hurt and horror of it is still there

  • jess

    i’ve had a few bad ‘zit’ experiences! the worst ones i’d say have to be when pimples decide to form on your nose, because they are so painful and difficult to hide!

  • Jessie

    One of my more embarrassing acne stories is when I didn’t think my acne was even that bad. I was getting gas in my car and couldn’t pay at the pump so I went inside to pay at the register. There were two cashiers and several people in the Quick Stop (or whatever they call those gas station convenience stores). My cashier, after taking my credit card, proceeded to ask in his thick accent, “You know that stuff on your face–it’s called acne?” I was completely shocked that a complete stranger would bring up my acne within a minute of meeting me. I had no idea what to say so I just stood there with my jaw dropped while he told me about skincare products they sold in a nearby town that would clear my skin right up. He just kept talking and talking about my acne in front of all the other customers. I think he was trying to say I was pretty and that I shouldn’t have acne, but I was really embarrassed. He ended up writing down the name of the product and the store that sold it on a receipt. I took it and ran out of that store. Very embarrassing. And no, I never tried the product.

    I’m 25 and that happened when I was 24.

  • Fiorella

    Hi Fran! Oh my god yupiiiiii another contest!!I shall dream to be the winner tonight =) Well I think everybody has at least 1 story like the one you mentioned, and me too, but I think what most hurts me of this tiny problem in my skin is the fact that I’m missing very good stories to fill my life. I mean, it’s more the stories I haven’t made because of my skin than the stories I have made. All for being shy and embarrased and lack of confidence in how attractive my attitude could be. There’s this one guy I have made suffer most of all. He just didn’t seem to understand why I kept literally running away from him everytime we were about to meet, he of course thought I was being childlish but it was so not that, and why I often canceled dates… for which I had hoped so much to get a clearer skin but as it didn’t turn out that, I “had” to put up whatever excuse and the poor guy thought my feelings unsteady U_U anyway, I really regret to have felt like that. At least now I can say I feel much better about whatever condition my skin is at, having found THE guy… It’s so great to just be yourself!! I could get lost in an island with him, without any make up or creams or whatever and know that it can be the craziest and most amazing adventure because it’s cool with him, as long as he feels how much I love him. Isn’t that what guys adore after all? The way we can melt theyr hearts with sweet words, and hold them in conforting arms, and just offer them the moments of peace and love they need everyday.. I think so :)! Give and you will recieve ;) Well I gotta go, good luck in everything Fran, and everybody! Hugs and kisses (:

  • nicki

    I was at a company meeting and after it ended i was asking my manager about one of our products and if it was safe to use on my face. (because i have ‘sensitive skin’) She replied with.. “I’m not sure, you have a pretty bad case of cystic acne, don’t You?”


  • Shyamala

    Hmm Let me see the worse experience that I had with acne was a couple of years ago when I was 24 or 25 I had hormonal acne for the longest time and I had the whole face covered with acne and I was lecturing at that time. My nightmare was going to classes with acne covered face and my worse experiences was when my student asked me what was wrong with my face. I can stand the acne but when someone comments on it it hurts.

  • Mini Huynh

    Well, my name is Mini. I’m 19 years old and I’ve been battling acne for almost five years now. Like many of you, my acne started at very beginning of high school. Throughout freshmen and most of my sophomore year, I had a problem with a few blackheads on my nose and the occasional white head near my upper lips and forehead. Looking back, I was simply paranoid about my skin even though my acne wasn’t that bad at all: I tried using Irish Spring soap hoping that if I washed my face enough, my pimples would go away. Obviously, that didn’t work out so well. My skin reacted very badly to the harsh bar soap, turning almost dry to the touch and even more whiteheads appeared. Worse of all, I started trying to pop and pick at my pimples hoping they would go away faster—a big mistake! Not only do I have scars all over my face now, my acne got even worse from all the irritation and the bacteria going deeper into the skin. If I ever had the chance to go back, one thing that I would’ve changed was to stop picking my pimples or even touching them with my dirty hands.

    With the introduction of stress, all-nighters to finish essays, and junk food from McDonald’s, my face exploded—I had a horrible breakout of severe cystic acne during the end of my sophomore year. My face was covered with severe acne: my nose, my forehead, my cheeks, my jaw, and even my ear lobes. I remember whenever I would wake up in the morning, I would see dry blood and pus on my pillow case. With enough pressure against them from my pillow, my pimples would just pop. Sometimes, I couldn’t bear to look at my face in the morning because of all the blood stains and dented scars. On most nights, I slept on a chair instead of my own bed because I was worried about me rolling around and popping my pimples. I didn’t even like going to school anymore, and I even stopped hanging out with my friends. I didn’t want anyone to see my face. My grades even dropped significantly because I simply had no more motivation or energy: all of it went into obsessing over my skin.

    After seeing how ten different over-the-counter acne cleansers and creams didn’t work, my parents finally decided to take me to the dermatologist. Unfortunately for me, my mom didn’t want me to take Accutane because she didn’t want me to have any of the side-effects. I was furious. Nevertheless, the dermatologist did give me oral antibiotics (tetracycline) and prescribed me a strong 5% benzyl peroxide wash. After a few months, my skin started to clear up and came under control. But, the battle wasn’t over yet. Foolishly thinking that the medicine had “cured” me of my acne, I stopped taking the pills and simply washed my face, which was another BAD decision on my part. I had a huge breakout only a week after I stopped taking my oral antibiotic. Instead of going back to my skin regime, my obsession grew and I started to try all different things (sometimes all at once) to make my acne disappear again: Proactiv, apple cider vinegar and baking soda regime, over-the-counter products (again), vitamins and fish oil pills, etc. Most of the things that I thought would solve my problem only made it worse.

    It was only a year ago that I decided to stop everything and started Dan Kern’s acne regime. In addition to Dan’s skin-care routine, I also had my pimples professionally extracted by an experienced skin expert, which did wonders to my skin. Currently, my skin is 90% clear. I still have a lot of ice-pick scars and a few deeper scars, but overall, I’m so much happier than I was before in my high school years. My best advice to give acne sufferers out there is, honestly, to stick to skin regimes for at least 2-3 months before quitting or adding new products, don’t overdo on the skin products and irritate your skin, drink lots of water, get enough sleep, and most importantly, DON’T PICK YOUR PIMPLES!

    Please don’t lose hope and keep fighting! I’m not giving up and neither should you. =)


  • Steph


  • Rimpal

    I had the worst pimple nightmare! I find that my skin gets the worst when im stressed and really, when it’s the worst possible time for a huge zit! For instance, this summer I was at my cousins wedding and the day of the wedding, I noticed a HUGE zit on my cheek, I tried to cover it with makeup-unsucessfully! So the ceremony ends and I decide it would be better to just pick it. After this, I got called for a wonderful family photo lol…well it seems that after picking, there was blood that I didnt notice so now in our professional family photos, theres a random red spot on my face. We were looking at the pictures the other day and my family kept going “what the heck is that?”. Im still playing dumb…theres no way im telling them what it really is lol.

  • Kelly


  • Tegan

    Hi :) My names Tegan and I’m 22. My horror story involves blackheads. I always have a nose full of blackheads and every now and again can’t resist squeezing them. Well one night there was an extra large blackhead on my nose which HAD to be squeeze. After squeezing the one blackhead I couldn’t stop myself…I went on a squeezing frenzy! Standing at the mirror squeezing my nose until it was red raw and throbing. My nose didn’t take very well to this at all as I had damaged the skin and it was peeling of my nose and blistering! It took 2 weeks for my skin to heal and I still have a few little scars where the blisters were. Needless to say I don’t squeeze anything anymore!

  • Natasha

    I’ve always had pimples. But now that I’m pregnant, my face looks like a pizza.



  • Crystal

    There was this one time when I had this huge pimple right in the middle of my face and I kept picking it (which is really bad). A few weeks later, that pimple looked like it was about to eat my face up!

  • Maria


  • Taylor

    My senior year in high school I got a big one right on my cheek bone. I didn’t have any spot treatment and I had heard of the toothpaste remedy, so i got a big blob and placed it right over the zit. I took a nap expecting to wake up not too long after, and i ended up waking up hours later and felt my cheek burning like crazy so i ran to my bathroom and started washing off the toothpaste. I was horrified because the toothpaste left a huge burned, fleshy area on my cheek and it was 100x worse looking. I was so mad at myself that I started crying. It was the worst acne mishap everrr. Don’t ever try it…or at least look up a toothpaste that won’t give you that problem.

  • Renee

    Everyday is an acne horror story for me – I’ve had acne for more than 8 years! I can’t recall any super horror stories. But my friend once told me that she had a large pimple on her nose. She had phys ed that day and they had to play basketball. The ball somehow hit her in the face – her nose pimple burst and it started bleeding. Everyone was so worried and thought that the basketball caused her nose to bleed!


  • Rachel

    15 years

  • Sarah

    Well there are a lot situations where I just wanted to hide myself. But a few months ago I had some really bad breakouts…. I slept at my boyfrieds and hadn’t the make-up with me. It was horrible! When I went home the next morning I was so ashamed. Whenever someone looked at me I tried to hide behind my hairs. I just hate such moments!

  • Ana

    Ana Maria ;.)


  • Helena P

    Age-12 (yes i’m young to have acne but its still reli bad!!!)

    I would like to say THANKYOU!! This site saved me! I follow all your rules and I’m addicted to raw cacao (YUM!!)
    Helena xx

  • Joni

    I am 50 years old and am so depressed I don’t even want to put on makeup anymore. I break out everywhere on my face, blackheads, whiteheads you name it. No matter what I use nothing helps. Add that to the age spots and scares and it is depressing. I try not to pick but if I don’t my face looks like bombs ready to explode. I need help so bad but don’t have money. I also have dark bags under my eyes. I use to be so pretty and got complements on my skin.

  • Anne

  • Sanna

    this may not be the worst case but sometimes when my skin finally seems to be healing and clearing out and especially when some important event is getting closer I get an urge to examine my skin very closely and do all kinds of scrubbing and masks and other stuff and think to myself that this is going to clear out all the remaining pimples. well, what happens is that my skin gets very irritated all over again and I’m back in square one. I should just be more patient and gentle with my skin and not push it too hard with it’s healing.


  • cathy

    Cathy, 14

  • Zellent

  • charlie

    i had a zit between my eyebrow. my dumbass decided to pop it which led to a red dot that resembled the MARK OF BUDDAH. took over a month for the redness to fade. i certainly learned from that experience.

  • Henry


  • Nico

    My badest acne experentce hmm, can’t say any were nice…
    I had been taking the pill for years and wanted to change to something more comfortable, so I let my doc put an implanon in. My body didn’t take the lesser hormon dose well and I got really big zits on my chin. I felt so ugly and I had to go on this seminar which was for two days (over night stay included). Back than I was the olderst student in this course and when we were talking in the evening one of the younger male students asked about my age. When I told him he said “You’re kidding me. At this age you don’t have that large pimples any more!” ouch – that hurt.

    When I saw him again after years, he was already past the age I had been then, he had rather bad acne. I wonder if that was fated…

  • SimplyMe

    I had so much”freak out time”trough the years..the funny thing is i had not a single spot on me till the real life began..after high school…and its definitely making a difference in our self reflection:S..I envy everyone who has no such problems:)
    Hope dies last:D
    Take care and be patient xoxo

  • liz

    hey well my pimple story started 3 yrs back, & i didn’t like a particular feature on my face…which was my nose. So, i got really conscious of it and started touching it, lols & i couldn’t stop. Then soonafter,my nose started to swell red. really blotchy. Slowly, there were many clogged pores/white heads wadeva u call it..i could see it underneath my skin. then occasional pustules pimples would breakout. At that time, pimples didn’t bother me though i disliked looking at the mirror. Now im older, i still have this problem…lols i think i made myself have
    oily t-zone. well i think its worse now cuz i have school stress, sucky hot weather, peer pressure blahblah…hormonal changes thats why im excessively producing oil. Yeps pimples are one of my problems but it doesn’t affect a lot on going out…i jus comfort myself in who i am as a person. Of course its tough when i get really critical and conscious of myself at times…hmm…but i don’t think about it and don’t touch much of it now…so i don’t think im affected much by it…hmmm…is that considered a horror story???lols…hope you had fun reading bout my zits ;)


  • I can understand all of you! Usually…and almost always, one of these nasty zits will just pop up on a big occasion you’re going to attend. With me, it was a huge hunker right on my chin closer towards my lower lip and I had to meet my boyfriend’s best friend for the first time and his buddy, driving in the same car all the way to see the Cowboys Vs. Eagles at the Dallas Football Stadium. I didn’t have any make-up to cover it up at all! So all I did was left my hair down and wore my Eagles cap trying to hide that nasty thing in site while say hello and talking with the guys. I finally just ignored it and started to enjoy the evening as we got half-way there. My self-consciousness is always so high..but I finally just said, forget it..for one night I might as well enjoy my company and the game. It turned out to be an amazing night although my Eagles team did lose by a slim margin to the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Karina

    Im going through one right now, just when my acne seems to be calming down and going away i always get new ones, and most of my acne is cystic so i have huge pimples on my cheeks, chin, and eyebrow area, its like the never ending story (horror story) : (

  • Sarah Tan

    My gosh, I’m going through one of those horror stories right now. Recently I broke out with all these pimples on my forehead and nose, some little zits near my lip and cheeks, and LOTS of white/black heads. I don’t understand what’s going on. Anyways, I have bangs and that covers up my forehead in public, so I don’t need to put un necessary stuff on it, but my nose! I hate it, two of those HUGE pimples came out on either side of my nose, making it look wider than usual. One has almost dissappeared and now the other is so irritating. It scabbed over and i feel like ripping the scab off. I already did once, and regretted it, it might leave a scar :(. I even wore a scarf one day to school when it was really bad, and put my face into my scarf because I was so ashamed of it. I hate how acne lowers your self confidence SO MUCH! darn, I always see perfect skin at my school and get too jealous.

    Thats my horror story.

  • Mason Hornbuckle

    This is the worst pimple-popping story I have.

    One day I noticed a small pimple near my knee. I decided to let it heal on its own, but after a week and it still wasn’t gone, I took things into my own hands. I decided to pop the pimple. As soon as I did this, I washed it with soap and alcohol. But it turns out that this wasn’t enough – it ended up becoming infected with a virus called MRSA. (I don’t know if you know of this, but it was a virus that was almost as bad as the flu epidemic a few years ago in the US.)

    It turned into this huge puss-filled pocket on my leg and left a huge scar to remember my little dilemma. I definitely learned my lesson about picking or popping pimples. :)

  • Lisa

    i had a pimple right on the middle of my forehead and people would make fun of it saying that i looked like one of those indian women with that red dot on their foreheads.

  • Jennifer

    Well, I am living my acne pimple horror story here I am 29 and still have acne. I thought that when I got older that I wouldn’t have it anymore. WEll I was wrong.
    It sucks. And it has cost me alot of memories and money.
    I am using a 2% BHA liquid right now I have never tried it before so I thought what the heck I have tried everythig else. Well, now I am “purging” is what it is called and its been going on for more that 4 weeks now.
    I wish I could take my face off like that movie face off.

  • Brittany

    My horror story?….hahahahahahaha……i’ve had so many, but my worst one was when i was sitting beside my crush, and i went to the bathroom, and looky there…i had a huge pussy pimple right above my lip…sooooo what do i do to supposedly solve it…..pick it…lol…you guessed it!…instead of being pussy, it was bloody..and it wouldnt stop bleeding…imagine trying to willingly come back and sit by your crush with that THING on your face!…hahahaha….

  • Alina

    I had to struggle this whole week with two big red zits right between my two brows. Horrible, horrible experience. I couldn’t even look people in the eyes when they were talking to me. And I had surprisingly good skin this month until it was time for my period again grrrr

  • ive had numerous pimples that have caused grief and embarrassment, but none that i would dare tell to the public, its bad enough that ‘the public’ had to witness them for the time they inhabited my face. im 16 and i turn 17 on monday!

  • Allie

    I had a huge pimple at the very opening of my nostril about a year ago that looked like a permanent bogger hanging out from my nose. When it started to dry up, I looked in the mirror hoping that it had formed a scab but to my disappointment, the huge pimple was actually three separate ones cluttered together in my nose! It was so disgusting when they all formed their own little white head. D:

  • Rachel

    As always happens, I got a big dirty pimple on day of my formal. I put cream and hoped it would go away, but later that night, I realised that it had gotten ridiculously larger. Looking back on the photos, you can see the pimple in every one of my shots (it was right under my nose), even the professional ones, and since we bought them, I now have huge blown up pictures of the monster to remember forever!

  • mark

    I had a pimple that was the size of a marble on one of my cheeks, which I used band-aid to cover up when I went to class. It took an entire month for it to disappear!

  • Semy

    I popped one small one on my forehead and the next week I got like 4 big ones. Which probably started because I spread the infection. I had to wear my glasses non-stop for a weeks. I am 18 so I am hoping my acne is quiet temporary but I didn’t even have any until I was 17.

  • ben


  • Ida

    Trying to be taken seriously in meeting rooms with bad lighting and a volcano on my chin…. age 28.

  • Lisa

    this year during spring break i went to china. i got a HUGE zit right inbetween my eyes on my nose. i didn’t wanna pop it, being afraid that it would EXPLODE and get worst. it started turning SO GROSS, like yellowish and it was filled of sebum, but enough grossing you out, one day i was so sick of people starring at it so i was stupid and POPPED it, it started bleeding like hardcore. and when it stopped i had this HUGE mark there and when i look at the photos i’ve tooken with my family in china, i cringe at the zit mark.

  • Seema

    I remember when I had a pimple on my chin and stupidly I popped it. The next day was when the nightmare began, coz the pimple had turned into several tiny pimples! I just about got rid of it, and your right Fran it was only when I stopped pickin’ them it disappeared.

  • vqngie


  • David

    well i have so many stories..just as anybody else who has acne, damm it.. why does it even exist!! but anyway. i was once at a party and i had my first girlfriend at the time, and i drank so much that night cuz it was also my first party LOL, and had a lot of fun, had already a couple of pimples but nothing realy visible, after that day my face was full!! of pimples all around, my face was like a strawberry and anyone could see it cuz i was so red all over, i wa sso desperate that i didn´t go to school for two weeks and we even broke up with my girlriend and after that i used lemon to trate the dark areas and all but everybody laughted at me at school and they said i looked like a little child with red chicks xD… and since then i have acne problems, i don´t have realy scars cuz i don´t pick on them but damm i hate having them cuz i stop doing things i love to just cuz i fell bad about my self..:(
    but ya´ll keep fighting!! our skin is our friend and must be happy, just the pimples are anyoing jahja, must do a good diet! ;)bless.
    David 20, Deutschland.

  • Ashley


  • I was reading an acne forum (not this one), and got the brilliant idea to try a method that worked well for one of the posters: using a glycolic acid peel on monster zits to hasten the healing process.

    Coincidently, I had some of this peel on hand and inconveniently had a burgeoning Godzilla-wannabe zit on my chin, so I embarked on the chemistry experiment that very night. The poster had indicated to leave the mask on for 20 minutes. I left it on for 5 minutes. Soon, the loathed pimple and surrounding skin on the chin was tingling in a most unpleasant manner–my skin felt like it was burning. Alarmed by the unexpectedly harsh sensation, I went to the bathroom and proceeded to wash off the mask as directed (by the manufacturer).

    I looked in the mirror to discover that the peel left a patch (1.5 inch diameter) of oddly pale, blueish skin. The following day, the unsightly patch became even unsightlier–it turned red, then scabbed over. After four long days, it finally fell off. The bright side: the acid effectively annihilated the cystic pimple.

    Now, I favor more gentle skin care approaches. Messing with too many chemicals, especially caustic ones, can’t be a beneficial practice!

  • sharon

    omg Im 45 and still my acne pimples act like im still 17. Its not just homonal but an everday issue with my skin and yes i have the picking habit and it has left me alot of bad scars….. :-(

  • Michelle

    I’m 29 and still suffer with acne.

  • izzy

    omg the same thing that happened to julia happens to me too. i tried very hard not to pick at it but i have really bad self control and it’s super embarrassing when you start bleeding on public and you blot it with tissue.. and then little bits of tissue will stick to it! UGH!

  • phy

    I put way too much proactiv and it made me scaly and redder and made pimples worse.

  • patricia

    My skin was looking awful, it was depressing and consuming my every thought on a constant basis, so I decided to begin an aggressive skin routine of twice a day crazy exfoliation. Big mistake!!! I got 3 huge cystic painful pimples. I’m so embarassed, I don’t want to leave the house, but unfortunately I have to for work, but while I’m at work all I can think about is going home and washing all of that heavy makeup off my face. Needless to say, I have learnt my lesson and will be a lot nicer and delicate with my skin.

  • Mary

    About two weeks ago I had cluster of about three huge black heads at the center of my forehead. I heard of people putting asprin on pimples so I decided to try it. The next morning I proceed to pop them and I was so persistent that I broke skin and was bleeding non-stop. I ended with a sore that needed a band aid. I decided to forego wearing the band aid in public and the sore formed a hideous scab at the center of my head that is still here. I know I shouldn’t pick my skin but sometimes its just irresistible but I think I have learned my lesson. And my male friend keeps asking me what happened and reminding me it looks really bad! How mean!

  • Jenny

    My name is Jenny. I don’t have a pimple horror story, but my age is 17.

  • Natalija

    I had a spot on my chin. Huge one and painful. I hated it, so I tryed to squeeze it out, but nothing came out. I tried it lots of times, then burned it with medical spirit, till it became a huge wound. It cought an infection and it was wet, most of the time. I never used makeup, I had no idea how to do it, so I just had to take everybodys comments (how owful it was), questions (what has happened?), recommendations (what should I do about it). And now, I have a skar left on my chin, reminding me not to pick anymore.

  • kevin

    Before I knew about how to properly take care of my skin I got a big pimple on the tip of my nose.It stayed for about a couple of days before I decided to do something about which I finally did………..very harshly. I proceeded to take a toothpick and try to rip the pimple off completely or force it to burst despite it having no head.The result ended in it becoming twice as bright for a period of time.Lesson from this is……….dont try to pick your pimples with anything.

  • Stav

    I popped a pimple once and the pus that squirted out was about the size of a lentil! I squeezed the same pimple a little later and more pus came out “the hard stuff” again the size of a lentil. It was the worst pimple I ever had. I have had acne since I got my period at the age of 13. I am now 34, married with two kids. We make light of our acne problems but having blemished skin is truly heartbreaking. I have acne all around my hairline, on my chest, my shoulders and my back. Of course it gets the worst during the time of month. My point is that I’ve been married eleven years and I don’t think my husband knows I have acne everywhere. He can obviously see what is on my face but I will go to extremes to avoid him when I have a lot on my chest or back! I even chose my wedding dress based on how well it hid my acne. I just hope my kids take after their father and have clear skin. Did I mention I also have psoriasis and keratosis pilaris. Yeah, one skin condition wasn’t enough. Miraculously though if I spend enough time in the sun there is a small window of time during the summer months where my skin looks normal..there is hope!

  • Kay

    age: 21

  • Renee

    I have similar horror stories. I’m now 39, but my acne started when I was in my early 20′s. I also had cystic acne and didn’t leave the house, it was so bad. I’ve been to several dermatologists and been on courses of antibiotics and also recommended to take accutaine, which I denied. I was getting married and having children soon and it was too risky. Luckily I had a school of esthetics near my house that I practically lived at in the advanced med. school for numerous facials and microderm treatments, which did help. But it wasnt’ until I started Proactiv (I did see the utube from Fran on this), but it actually worked for awhile. I believe it’s the fine scrub that works the best for my skin. But, I did wake up one day with red bumps over my face and I had to stop using it. For the past 6 months I have changed my life to rid all chemicals, including my skin products and this has been a challenge but wonderful. I use now mild bee honey soap and moisturizer made from a local herbalists, that seems to working good, however, I do need to use a scrub to keep my pores unclogged. Another Major POINT in this, that I forgot to mention, is that within these 6 months, I found out I was allergic to Wheat, Oat, Rye, and gluten. Since I have cut these out of my diet, my breakouts are much, much less, no more cystic but small clogging only. I noticed in my 20′s after I drank beer, it was within hours a pimple would form on my face and I would always joke and say beer makes be breakout, but it was the oats and barley that did it to me. My acne is an everlasting battle and I’m happy to have found this site and Fran, because ever time I watch her she reminds me of me. I’ve been through it all and get excited at each new found product. Thank you.

  • Josh Nearing

    Hey, my name is Josh I’m 15 years old. When i was 14 I had no pimples at all, But i wanted to get all this stuff for my face. I seen lots of commercials about acne and there products. I stared buying cleansers toners creams. I would get rarely get any pimples. Then i saw this product called proactiv solution. I got all exited to buy it. So when i got this product i used it everyday but i noticed i was getting big painful pimples i never had before. I used proactiv for about 6 months. My face got so dry It was cracking and it would burn to open my mouth it was so dry! I stopped proactiv and got neutrogena acne stress control. Then thats when my face broke out so bad! you could not find one spot on my face that was clear. OH and when i broke out life that it wasn’t white heads or little pimples they were huge and hurt so much. I wen to the doctors and they gave me Benzaclin. My face stared clearing but was still dry( So dry that it looked like a sunburn and it burned so much) so i got vicy normaderm to use along with the benzaclin. It took about 7 and a half months to get my face 80% clear. Right now i only have a about 3 pimples on my face i got some marks from the old pimples but the doctor said I’m lucky because it did not scar. The marks will go away in about a month. Oh he said i broke out so bad from using too many products. I just got oral medication to total clear my face. Im soo happy my face will be nice and clear for Christmas :D Last years Christmas everyone was asking what happened to my face but this year it will be clear :D
    Im useing an al natural cleanser for my face and i even bought all natural hair shampoo and conditioner . Fran you gave me the confidences to get though that time with your email subscription and videos. Thank you :D

  • Ana

    I have the same exact horror story as you, Fran! lol. I am 21 years old. My Rudolph horror story happened quite a few years ago – taught me not to pick!

  • John

    During school i picked on pimple in the tip of my nose and without realizing i made that white thing that is inside to come out. being the idiot i am i didnt realise so i greeted people talked etc with that disgusting thing on my face. No one said it to me. i Couldnt sleep while thinking of it that day

  • Jess

    Yeh so maybe last week or so i went to the bathroom during school and i couldn’t resist not to pop a pimple on my forhead. it was there and almost ready so i might as well. then when i went back to class there was blood running down form my forhead and dis boy and other class mates were like ewwwwwwwwwwww you popped a pimple! it was dredful!

    14years old

  • Maya

    Omg….where do i begin….my acne got really bad junior year in HS…i’m now 20 and a sophomore in college and it’s worse than ever…I take really good care of my skin and I do not eat dairy, meat, greasy foods (which i think are not helping my skin), but it’s obviously hormonal since when it’s that time of the month it seems like my face goes absolutely crazy…i tend 2 pick at my pimples which i kno only makes it worse but it seems like it helps at the moment lol if u have acne you kno wat I’m talkin about…I started taking minocycline freshmen yr of college and my skin was beautiful…not one pimple…but then i stopped and it was horrendous and worse than before i started takin it…go figure…fast forward to a yr after i stopped i went 2 the dermatologist n got doxycycline which i am now taking…it looks like its helping a little bit and hopefully ill c better results in a month or so…anywayz…this whole past year has been one long horror story haha….i used 2 b so confident with myself and i used 2 feel really beautiful but as of right now my skin is preventing me to do so….that’s why i had 2 go 2 extremes such as antibiotics ugh….one story that i do remember is that about six months ago i had this small pimple right above my lip and being the idiot that i am i just had 2 touch it so i did n it didnt pop….i just sent all the bacteria deeper and i went 2 work lookin like i had herpes or somethin haha so i felt really horrible…n i worked as a front desk agent at the time so that made it even worse having to talk to people and look them straight in the eye all day…I kno everybody noticed it…no one said anything cuz im sure they wanted 2 b polite but it was horrible!!! There, thats probably one of my all time horror stories lol hope u enjoyed it hehe ;)

  • Melissa

    A couple weeks ago a had a HUGE red zit right between my eyebrows…it looked like i had a unibrow from a few feet away

    age 17

  • jennifer

    has anyone every had acne and MRSA at the same time? I have boughts when I get severe break outs and my pimples turn into huge mountains of puss. I struggle with acne and I am 35 yrs. old.

  • Lily

    ok, so i had this pimple when i was just turning 10. I blame puberty on this! It was white and purple and BIG, sitting right next to my nose. I had no idea what it was. For a month i had this thing and i hated, until finally my mom says, ” Honey, why haven’t you taken care of that pimple?” Then i did and learned the errors of my ways. =]

  • jenny



  • Julia

    Sorry if this one is a little gross. This happened often, but sometimes when I would pick a pimple it would start to bleed and sometimes this happened in public, and then when the blood clotted it would look worse than the original pimple.

  • navleen

    aha. The funniest was when i had a huge pimple on my upper lip, it was full of pus. And I was camping at the time and I couldnt even wash my face, so it got larger and whiter. My friend told me “Dude, pick it already” me: ” NO NO NO.. dont you know your not supposed to PICK” friend : “dude, pffft.. pick it.. its time” ahah, luckily i didnt give in to the “peer pressure”. That was pretty funny.. I still have acne..well, acne scars But, i’ve been suffering from acne for 7 years now and i’ve just stopped caring. I guess it goes away from time..hopefully.

  • Mai

    Mai, age 21

    I had a huge briiight red pimple on my cheek and I made the mistake of picking it which made it 9795303 times worse. the color turned dark red and it looked like an ink mark. I was sitting in class, and the guy I liked at the time turned to me and said, “you have marker on your face.” I didn’t know what to say as I was mortified, so I just smiled in response.

  • Joanna

    age 21

    I lived in an apartment complex where you had to go through the security gate and show your ID card to the guard before you went in. Well, I had this blind zit just under my left eye that I tried to squeeze. A lot. And so of course it turned into this HUGE red puffy spot with a scab in the middle of it. I’m good at the whole makeup thing, so I managed to cover the redness well with concealer, which got me through the day. However, by the time it was night and I was coming back to my apartment, the makeup had worn off and it was as big as ever. And when I went through the gate, the security guard says, “Who hit you?” “No one,” I mumbled. “Was it your boyfriend?” he persisted. I thought I would die of embarrassment. Finally he just let me go through the gate. It would have been so easy to make up something completely believable- “I bashed it on a cupboard door” or whatever – but I have very strong convictions about honesty and couldn’t bring myself to do it. I still have a tiny dent in my skin from that spot, which makes me really sad. I haven’t given up hope that it will fade eventually, though…
    but DON’T PICK!!! ugh it makes it so much worse.

  • Vera

    trust me, i need this

  • sarah

    I have been suffering for the past 12 years with acne…I have had many a monster zit…probably the worst day of my life though was when I had a “3rd EYE” on my Wedding Day…………….it was horrible…………..luckily my husband always see’s straight past my spots…he always tells me how beautiful he really thinks I am…sigh

  • Johanna

    Johanna 25

    I don’t have one defining story – just lots of moments of picking my face while I’m thinking “this is really bad for you – why are you doing it? just stop now!” – but I can’t stop. And then finally I do stop and get on with my life. Some good advice from Eckhart Tolle on what to do when addictions like this come up just take three conscious breaths. And if you catch yourself starting to pick again, just take three more conscious breaths. We can all use our addictions/bad habits as ways to become more present. Another bit of good advice from Wayne Dyer (and I’ve heard it from others too) – we are already connected to everything we want (like clear skin, vibrant health, anything) – so just act as if you already have what you want, even if you don’t have it physically yet. So I like ‘pretending’ that I already have clear, vibrant skin (and if I’m not looking in the mirror and not touching my face, there’s no way for me to know otherwise!).

    Best of luck to everyone on your paths to loving yourself, stopping the obsessions and picking, and becoming your own best example of vibrant health!

  • susie

    oh man so many horror stories… at least twice or three times a month… BIG painful red pimples. I guess the worst case is when someone you dont know tries to talk to you about it. or when a family member starts comparing your skin to your sisters skin who is PERFECT. or when your friend starts complaining about the single white head she has on her forhead when your face is covered with monsterous zits and you feel like screaming at her.

    those are what my horror stories are like =)

  • Sarah

    There have been so many horror stories it is almost impossible to choose just one, so I’ll go with the most recent. Last winter I joined a swim team and in preparation I started using all sorts of harsh acne treatments because of all that skin exposure (I have bacne, too) and no makeup — the horror! Of course, all that succeeded in doing was to make it so much worse, in addition red, dry, and irritated — combine all that with massive Chlorine exposure and it’s not a pretty picture. The cherry on top was that I had a mad crush on my coach!

  • Amira

    I have severe acne on my back and body to the point where I would wear long sleeves all the time and would never go swimming. Also I have facial acne that never goes away.

    My horror story is having acne! I can NOT stand them, I will pick them until my face is all red. Or wash my face with 5 different face washes to try to get rid of everything in my pores. Its very emotionaly scarring and devastating. I slather on benzoyl peroxide and try to treat the dryness with lotions. and you know what I get. …. really dry, peeling, ugly, discolored, oily acne skin! with more acne! When will I be able to have confidence and hold my head up high?

    I’ve tried everything! I go to dermatoligist to dermatoligist and they keep giving me different pills and creams and gels. and nothing changes! The biggest horror story is that it is NEVER ENDING!

  • anne

    anne 20

  • anne

    back in my sophomore year i used an all organic mushroom toothpaste that my mom had recently bought from a friend.they said that it helped pimples…and so i tried it.and it dried out all my pipmles instantly.i was so happy w/ the results that i overdid it. whenever i would stay at home i would dab it liberally on my acne and then when the paste was dry, i would wash it (i would do this throughout the day.) the next day i washed my face and took of the dried paste i saw large reddish..i can’t even explain what it looked like) it looked like i had burned parts of my face. in a few days those red BIG burned parts ofmy face began turning into scabs.(btw i had moderately severe acne so it was pretty much all over my face).i went to school and EVERYONE would was a big private school too(lots of rich snooty judgemental backstabbing kids)
    so yea.pretty awesome.and when ppl would ask me what happened i’d say i went 2 the dermatologist and they burned my acne…i said it was the newest thing in skin care haha. after a week all the scabs peeled away..and my skin was amazingly marks or scars .it was clear. too bad it didn;t last forever.maybe if i won the package it would ^__^lol.

  • anne

    back in my sophomore year i used an all organic mushroom toothpaste that my mom had resently boyght from a friend.they said that it helped pimples…and so i tried it.and it dried out all my pipmles instantly.i was so happy w/ the results that i overdid it. whenever i would stay at home i would dab it liberally on my acne and then when the paste was dry, i would wash it (i would do this throughout the day.) the next day i washed my face and took of the dried face i saw large reddish..i can’t even explain what it looked like) it looked like i had burned parts of my face. in a few days those red BIG burned parts ofmy face began turning into scabs.(btw i had moderately severe acne so it was pretty much all over my face).i went to school and EVERYONE would was a big private school too(lots of rich snooty judgemental backstabbing kids)
    so yea.pretty awesome.and when ppl would ask me what happened i’d say i went 2 the dermatologist and they burned my acne…i said it was the newest thing in skin care haha. after a week all the scabs peeled away..and my skin was amazingly marks or scars .it was clear. too bad it didn;t last forever.maybe if i won the package it would ^__^lol.

  • Mandy

    I was in 7th grade and ended up getting a normal sized pimple right smack in middle of my eyebrows. A classic third eye. Of course I started picking at it immediately and it ballooned out about 3x the size. VERY 3D. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a mind of it’s own, plotting my humiliation (I swear I think I heard it do the classic evil laugh. =P)

    So fast forward to the next day, where I had to attend school. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to tell everyone that the (very obvious) pimple/cyst between my eyebrows was actually a bump caused by me smacking my head on something. I ended up announcing that story to nearly everyone in almost every class. I could tell no one believed me, but most were being nice and didn’t say a word lol.

    I went home and decided to take action against the evil cyst. Medieval torture. I made a nice mix of hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and rubbing alcohol in attempt to execute it. Of course, in place of the pimple was now a large, unattractive scab. I put makeup on it and it looked like I had a black, cancerous tumor coming out of my head. What a nice site I was to look at during that time ;]

  • Matt

    Matt 24

  • Gwen

    I just remember when I was a teenager getting those deep painful ones in my cheeks that when I would squeeze, would explode and hit the mirror…ICK!


  • Kat Lee

    When I was in High School I had a GIANT pimple on my cheek. It hadn’t come to a head or anything yet but it was one of those huge, very deep pimples that hurts and feels like a target on your face. I was feeling incredibly self-conscious like everyone in the world was noticing and all the makeup ever couldn’t cover it up. Finally, in my fourth period History class I took out my compact, slung my hair in my face, and started attempting to pop it. The result was my ENTIRE cheek got bright red and I actually cut myself and took off a layer of skin around and over the zit. That was when it started oozing clear liquid that was seeping through all the powder I was desperately trying to cover it with. I gave up and looked up to noticed the boy across from me intensely staring me and he pointed at it from across the room and mouthed that it was huge. I could have shriveled up and died.

  • Laura

    Hey i’m Laura and I’m 23.

    I’ve never had a big problem with spots but every now and then i’ll get a ridiculous one. I had this big giant zit right smack in the middle of my forehead. It was so big and obvious that even if i covered it with makeup you could still notice it. One of my workmates asked if I was a Hindu!!!! I was so embarrased. Thank God it eventually went away lol. xx

  • Jonathan

    I have a few pittings on my face and at the side of my nose!! Its terrible! I always thought that picking the pimples will make it smaller and heal it faster but in fact it made it worst! Now the scar is permanent and i doubt there are any ways to fill up the holes! Hopefully the rest of you out there wont pick on your pimples especially cystic pimples!!! Cystic pimple will heal by itself naturally if you don’t pick on it. I hope that all the people around me have perfect skin! (Including me)


  • Katie

    I have sooo many pimple horror stories it’s impossible to choose one. Let’s just say I have a HORRIBLE habit of squeezing my blackheads… which leaves behind scars, red marks, etc. I used to cry myself to sleep.. But, I’m going to try my hardest not to pick ever again!

  • Lucy

    I am 16, so of course, I’m in High School…and last year I start using ProActive, my skin got so dry and flaky, it was horrible, on top of my acne their was weird scaly snake skin. My skin was the worst it has ever gotten and I didn’t know how to use makeup then so all I could do was go about my day as usual. So I went to school and my friend says “there’s somthing on your face” and she tries to get me to go to the bathroom to get it off. Of course it was just a bunch of dead flaky stuff that wouldn’t come off and looked worse everytime I tried to peel it. It was one of the worst weeks of my high school life, I was so humiliated. But, fortunatly, you learn from your mistakes, and I will NEVER ever try proactive or anything like it again. I learned that: 1. I loathe proactive, and now everytime I see one of their commercials I litterly gag on the pulsing resentment in my soul and 2. Friends who ignore your skin problems and act normal are the freakin’ best, I love them.
    My skin is still acne ridden but its less now, and my skin is very soft and calm since I started using Bee Yummy. (Thank you Fran!)
    Thats one of my many horror stories, hope you enjoyed. I know theres a lot worse somewhere in my brain but I think most of them are blocked for my own well-being. Thank god for psychologial “problems” :)
    wait..darn it. I just remembered a worse one: My dad litteraly said point blank to me one day : your skin is REALLY bad, he said it like three times, and I started crying…It was horrible. ugh


  • Aims

    My face sort of temporarily cleared off from acne last month and two days ago I had my period and guess what? 5 cystic acne appeared on the same left cheek all at once! Red and bumpy! Now I have to tilt my face making only my right cheek visible whenever I am posing for pictures and talking to people. It’s a nightmare!!!

  • Dominique



  • Anne

    Anne, 27

    Don’t have a horror story either. But I’ve been troubled by acne, pimples and blackheads since puberty, which bothers me a lot. I always thought it would disappear at a certain age. My skin has improved a little since I stopped experimenting too much, though!

  • I’ve had acne for about 15 years. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS, so it helps explain why I can’t get rid of it. Anyway, when I was in highschool I had such a huge zit between my eyes that I looked like the beast on the old tv show Beauty and the Beast! : ) It was so swollen that my mom took one look at me and said, “Why don’t you stay home from school today.” lol! That’s when you know it’s bad. We still laugh about it. : )

  • Kat

    I had a unicorn forehead zit on my wedding day…….yeah it sucked but luckily you can’t see it in the pics!!

  • Anna


  • binal

    23 years

  • Louise

    I make a point of never picking spots, but sometimes when your in bed or washing your face you accidently rub it and off comes the top! My skin scars VERY easily, so I know that when i knock off the head of a spot, I’m gonna be dealing with that scar for years. I had this one very bad spot (you know when 2 or 3 pores all get infected and mass together to make a huge cluster), well that kind. Anyway, I knocked off the top accidently, it got reinfected, i knocked off teh top again, it got re-re-infected etc… Now I have a like, a dimple and a red scar where that spot was. :(

  • Autumn

    Isn’t every pimple a horror story?! :-) While I don’t remember a specific event (or there could have been too many to keep track of), I hate zits right in the middle of my forehead or right between my eyebrows. You know–like a unicorn.

  • Matt

    I tried Chris Gibson’s acne free for 3 days apple fast and it has done nothing but make my acne worse, I now have acne on parts of my face that I’ve never had before.

  • Jessica


  • Liz

    I have had really bad acne for the past 5 or so years. It really started to effect my self esteem about 3 years ago and I stopped wanting to go out with friends and have fun. It helps having a wonderful boyfriend who tells my I am beautiful, but I still feel down often. I have seen several dermatologists and I have an appointment next week to see a new one. Maybe this time they can prescribe me an effective treatment.
    No horror stories come in mind in particular, just a general feeling of embarrassment whenever I go out.
    I am 22 years old.

  • arkimote06

    Hello I’m 19 years old and my acne battle begun I think since I became addicted to trying different cleansers and soaps. I also don’t care about my diet. I tried facial cleansers befor when I was 10 or younger, I don’t remember it at all and I don’t know what will be the effect on my face. I just imitate what the elders or commercial models do. Then I had several breakouts in my forehead when I was in high school. My battle for acne begun in my teen years especially when I was exposed to school stress, pollution, and toxic foods. I cannot have nice close up pictures because of small zits. I tried several fixes but I ended up to have oily skin. I can’t imagine how my face exactly looked like. Then I had breakouts on my cheek area. People asked me how to have rosy cheeks, but I think they just teasing me. I put creams on my face but I ended up with a swelling nose and cheeks. My breakouts are getting bigger and bigger and I became dependent to medicines. I get clear for several weeks but after stopping, I get started all over again.

    Now, after several detox diets and going semi-raw, I can control my breakouts now. I’m amazed that I can tolerate every cleanser now. I think that I get easily intolerant to new products because of allergy.

    NOw I’m seeing myself again better than my childhood skin. At first, I cannot understand all the information that Fran has offered me but afterall I just used to it and to simplify this, after thorough research and shared experiences I now learning how to conquer my problem. I also bear in my mind the saying of Hippocrates that goes this way, “let your food be your medicine.” This is really true ! I discovered that there is no perfect remedy or diet for everybody because we are somewhat different but getting back to nature is the best thing to do to heal ourselves faster especially if you can master the law of attraction, psychology (mind conditioning) and being organic in mind, body and what you eat.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t have a horror story, but have been plagued with pimples since getting pregnant 7 years ago for the first time. I am 31 now and I never even had one pimple when I was a teenager. In fact, people used to comment on what beautiful skin I used to have, they used to call me a china doll. Now, it is horrible and definitely hormone related. I have tried everything, even birth control pills and nothing seems to work. So, all in all, my adult life is a horror story when it comes to acne.

  • arkimote06

    My acne battle begun I think since I became addicted to trying different cleansers and soaps. I also don’t care about my diet. I tried facial cleansers befor when I was 10 or younger, I don’t remember it at all and I don’t know what will be the effect on my face. I just imitate what the elders or commercial models do. Then I had several breakouts in my forehead when I was in high school. I cannot have nice close up pictures because of these small zits. I tried several fixes but I ended up to have oily skin. I can’t imagine how my face exactly looked like. Then I had breakouts on my cheek area. People asked me how to have rosy cheeks, but I think they just teasing me. I put creams on my face but I ended up with a swelling nose and cheeks. Now, after several detox diets and going semi-raw, I can control my breakouts now. I’m amazed that I can tolerate every cleanser now. I think that I get easily intolerant to new products because of allergy. NOw I’m seeing myself again better than my childhood skin. At first, I cannot understand all the information that Fran has offered me but afterall I just used to it and to simplify this, after thorough research and shared experiences I now learning how to conquer my problem. I discovered that there is no perfect remedy or diet for everybody because we are somewhat different but getting back to nature is the best thing to do to heal ourselves faster especially if you can master the law of attraction, psychology (mind conditioning) and being organic in mind, body and what you eat.

  • Lucia

    When I was 15 (13 years ago), I was partying along with my friends. It was already at dawn, and we were in bakery store, ordering something to breakfast. I remember I told something to a guy next to us, as a joke, and he answered: “If you continue telling lies, you’ll be more and more covered with those huge pimples”. I made as if the remark hadn’t hurt, of course. I had a huge cyzt at the point of my nose that I could even see without a mirror. I didn’t feel embarrassed before this remark, but after that day, I felt no guy would ever look at me as long as I had that acne… That’s my horror pimple story, which hasn’t ended yet :(

  • SaraE

    Once I had a big under the skin pimple just on the inside of my nostril. It got to be so big that my nose hole looked like a sliver of the moon. It was one of those that if you try to mess with it your eyes instantly water cause it hurts so bad! It took forever to go down and when it did the skin was so flaky it look like I had dried snot! aaah!

  • Aileen

    A pimple in the middle of my forehead like a bindi. :(

  • Christine

    I have acne all over my jawline, my guess is that the way I sleep triggers it worse than it would be otherwise. i sleep on my stomach with my face smooshed into the pillows and the blankets tight against the other side of my face. I found these “natural” skin peels for sale online and stupid me decides that the more often I use them within the recommended range, the better it will be for my skin… and to throw in as much physical exfoliation as possible. BIG MISTAKE. Within a month the acne spread and multiplied and started turning purple. Two months later I go to the doctor and it turns out my self-treatment turned what would have been normal acne into a nasty skin infection that I’m still trying to heal 2 months later. I finally caved and started using prescription antibiotics and topical treatments. So, a word of wisdom- be kind to your skin and maybe it will return the favor. Be aggressive and your skin will respond in the same manner. NOT fun!

  • Tessa jelten

    well I was desparately trying to get rid of pimple because school picture day was coming up and so i use at least 5 products all at once … hoping that all my zits would be gone in the morning to my horror…. i had a wierd reaction when i used all of the products at once and the next day i looked like i had a spiderman mask on :D

  • Cate

    cate 18-25.

  • Natalia

    I went vegan for 8 months – and had the worst acne of my LIFE. i had pimples that wouldn´t go away on my face, chest, back and even shoulders!! i couldn´t wear tank tops, go to the pool, my self esteem sank, my social life died, i cried frequently over it, i never wanted to leave my house except for summer classes and sometimes walking the dog. that was my summer. and then when classes started again it was awful. and the boyfriend who dumped me right before i started breaking out, and who left me for another girl, was on the school paper with me — he was my boss!! and he asked me, ¨why do you have so many zits?¨i don´t even remember what i answered. i couldn´t believe he had ASKED me that!! how inconsiderate!!
    i didn´t want anyone looking at my face, i tried not touching it, i got facials, went to a dermatologist, got treatments done weekly, went to a nutritionist (who said my diet was fine), and i was in hell. NOBODY KNEW WHAT WAS CAUSING MY ACNE. 8 months after it started, around new year´s eve, i went to a dinner party and said ¨what the hell, i´ll have the fish and tiramisu.¨ it was then that i went back to ovo-lacto vegetarianism, this time all organic. and i went to a new dermatologist, who gave me antibiotics. my acne began to subside. while everyone had blamed the soy, and i said they were crazy, and that if it WAS the soy the animals were worth it, i realized YEARS LATER that it WAS the soy: i was eating so damn much of it that it messed with my hormones!!! i thought i was allergic, but i got studies done and i´m not. so eventually i went back to veganism, this time eating soy in moderation. and while i still have acne, it´s mild to moderate, not horrendous like before.

  • Beth

    Beth :)


  • Sara

    got a big one on my chin the day my cousin ws getting married… n ofcourse… all family n friends from around th world were invited to tht wedding… huge let down :(

  • Alice

    everyday i wake up there is a new spot on my cheeck or chin or fore head and its just so innoying, however my boyfriend always tells me that i am beautiful even thought somtimes i have so many spots i cry because i have lost all my self confidence. but i just wanted to say no matter how many spots or redness you have you are beautiful and i mean it. because it matters whats in the inside and just as long as you try your best for your skin and health then one day it will all go away.

  • Marie



  • Saima

    my forhead used to always be covered in pimples and i would try and do everything to cover them up.. from makeup to throwing my bangs on my face.. which would actually make them worse.. and more red =S possibly because the hair would irritate the pimples but now that theyre almost finally gone after years of suffering the brown spots from afterwards still live=(..theyre still there and it sucks and i used to excersice if not intense abs evryday even just a light jog or whatever but when i got bored of doing the same things i just stopped and so now i break out not only on my forehead but on my face too! and i NEVER used to break out on my face =( so people.. a word of advice if you already work out and exercise do not randomly stop because that will not only make things bad for your body but your skin as well!

  • Jessica

    I had clear skin until I was 21. I am 25 now and I am just now winning my battle, but I was a “picker” for a long time. Now that my skin is clearer I am really seeing the damage that I did to my skin. I can’t leave my bedroom without makeup now–it’s so embarrassing. I am considering laser treatment to get rid of the scars, but as a vegan naturalist that is the LAST thing I want to do. I have tried so many holistic healing options but nothing is working. Any suggestions?

  • I’m going through one right now! There was a small zit on my cheek; I tried to pop it but it was painful and I had to leave it. That means, next morning, ta-da. It was HUGE and a proper cystic pimple and now its still there two weeks later. it huge, its painful… and its RED.

  • Jessica

    i was at a party and this guy and i were hitting it off really well but then my friends and i were leaving. He didn’t get my number but i found out he was asking around about me later… and he described me as the pretty blonde with the really big zit on my forehead!


  • Carolina M.

    I once had a huge pimple on my right nosetril. I tried to pop it one night and the day after it was even bigger. Not only bigger, but I had picked so hard it even had a little bit of dry blood on it :S
    It was horrible. Don’t pop your pimples people!!

    Carolina, 22

  • Amy

    I had a huge zit on my cheek right before I was getting ready to leave for Las Vegas with my husband. I wanted to look really good for our trip because we never get to go anywhere together. So, the night before, I put a cream on it to get rid of it. Well, I had an allergic reaction to the cream, so my whole cheek was swollen with a huge purplish/red scabby looking thing where the zit was.

  • Raymond

    Raymond Cheah


  • I had a terrible, hug zit on my lip for almost a month. And my boyfriend was kind enough to try and not notice it! Then one day when he kissed me it finally popped, and all of the pus went on his lips. lol.