Do We Really Need To Moisturize?

Do We Really Need To Moisturize?

moisturizeI felt like a rebel last night. After I had cleansed my face then applied my BHA, I didn’t moisturize. I didn’t feel like I needed to. When I stepped out of the shower my skin did not feel dry or tight, and after I applied the BHA it felt as though it had been moisturized already. So it got me thinking, do we really need to moisturize our skin? Or is that just something the cosmetics industry tells us that we need to do?

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about not moisturizing my T-Zone, so I guess I’m now just taking it one step further. I had such good results with not moisturizing my T-Zone that I thought …why not just skip that whole step altogether. I’m still moisturizing my face in the morning, but not at night.

I’m leaving tonight for a trip to the U.S for two weeks, spending most of my time in Las Vegas and Sedona. I’m wondering if the dry hot air will send me back to moisturizing at night? So is this just a humidity thing or if we’re eating well, exercising, taking supplements and looking after our body, then perhaps our skin just balances out to ‘normal’ – as in not oily and not dry and we no longer need to moisturize?

Dr. Hauschka’s say on all of this

I remember reading a while back on Dr. Hauschka’s website that we actually shouldn’t moisturize our skin at night at all. I thought this was a load of bollocks at the time because I had quite dry skin …but now I’m wondering if there’s some truth to it.

This is some text from the Dr. Hauschka’s website:

While you sleep your skin is actually hard at work regenerating itself, balancing oil production and expelling impurities. Regular application of night creams interferes with these essential tasks, and over time skin becomes less able to care for itself. Covering the skin with moisturizer 24 hours a day sends a signal to sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production, resulting in even drier skin that becomes dependent on moisturizing products just to appear “normal.”

One question Dr. Hauschka – for those of us with acne brought on by an overproduction of oil from our sebaceous glands, wouldn’t it mean that using a moisturizer is a good thing because it reduces the oil production?

I don’t know if this is really true, but I have noticed a difference with the skin on my legs. Since I started moisturizing my legs after every time I shave or wax them, the skin on my legs has become dryer and dryer. Now my legs seem to be one of the first places that I get dry skin. I feel as though this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t moisturize them so much to begin with.


Dr. Hauschka recommends using a toner at night instead of a moisturizer. The toner is a water based product that contains healing oils which are supposed to balance out oil production. I’m considering trying this range next (I’m gagging to start using natural products again), but I’ve always detested using toners …so I wonder what will make this one any different.

I jumped onto Google and did a quick search for “Do we need to moisturize” but was so bombarded with sites trying to sell their moisturizing products that I gave up. To be honest, I really think that we need to work with our own individual skin and do what it asks for anyway. We also weren’t born with a moisture deficiency so it’s not like I’m going to die from not moisturizing. As long as I don’t get old looking skin or a breakout, I’m happy.

For now, I’m quite content working with my skin and giving it what it wants, when it wants. If it feels dry then I’ll moisturize, if it doesn’t, then I won’t.

If you have any experience with not using a moisturizer, let me know, I’d love to hear from you. Maybe we can start a no-moisturizing club or something (kidding :P )


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  • Sophie

    I agree with you Fran. A few years ago I saw a dermatologist who told me to stop using night creams altogether, this would help my acne and save me lots of money! For day moisturising she stressed to look for an oil-free moisturiser. If your skin feels dry at night, then use the oil-free moisturiser. And she was right! Of course if you are taking antibiotics or other treatment to stop acne, then your skin might need more moisture but once you’re finished with you treatment stick with nothing at night! I wash and then put pure rose water over my face so that the water doesnt dry my face.

  • TC

    I don’t think everyone does. If it makes you feel comfortable, fair enough, use it. I did need moisturiser when I was on Accutane for Acne, which gave me extremely dry, flaky skin for a while.
    After that I continued with the moisturiser and often would have times when my skin was dry for weeks at a time. This went of for about seven years until I decided to just stop using moisturiser completely. I had about a month of feeling uncomfortable and having really dry skin. But for about the past three years now I’ve not had any problems with my skin at all. I really do think its possible to become dependent on the stuff.

  • hi, i find that using nothing gets my spots away quicker, but when my spots multiply in dry weather i used dermatalogica, its works very well and i WOULD recomend it, also i would recomend not to take very hot showers, that makes ur skin to warm to do anything, we feel that way to sometimes! our skin feels and does the same! Hope i helped :) ask any questions if you want :)

  • Steph

    I have combination/oily skin & for many years I only moisturized in the mornings. However, one night I decided to moisturize my face, & the next morning I woke up with perfect skin! All of my (many) pimples were gone & my face was much less oily & dry! Moisturizing my skin twice daily is the best decision I’ve ever made. My skin hasn’t looked this good since I was 7 or 8 years old.

  • cozette poe

    Hi Fran. I have been going thru the same issue. It took me years 2 find out about my skin. So finally I’m using the olay total effects acne cleanser, witch hazel as a toner, and olay total effects moisturizer. But I only use it n the morning. @ night I just cleanse with cold water and toner. My skin type is acne prone, oily, and sensitive. But if u feel your face doesn’t need moisturizer than by all means don’t use it.

  • Dawn

    I have never used moisturiser in my life and am now approaching retirement age and my skin is fine. Why anyone uses moisturiser, unless their skin is actually dry, I’ll never know. Your skin will moisturise itself naturally if it can breathe, but if you use moisturiser you interrupt this natural system and your skin will eventually become dependent on your moisturiser. Obviously if your skin is naturally dry and itchy or flaky you may need to use something, but only use it where the dry patches are and only use the minimum amount to correct the problem. I have no deep wrinkles and only a few minor lines in spite of decades of simply cleaning my face with a cheap cleanser and using a little rosewater as a toner. My skin is clear and a good colour. Maybe I’ve just been lucky but I think many people could do likewise and their skin would be fine.

  • Taiza

    Im sorry but what’s BHA???

  • Jordan

    Hey! I have very dry skin. I usually only stick to natural products, because when I don’t, the commercial products I use wayyy overdry my skin and cause breakouts. However, I’ve been using proactiv for probably a month now (not the whole line, only the cleanser, I found out what using a whole line does to my skin the hard way). I am pretty sure the main ingrediant is Benzol Peroxide. This has been working very well, but I have to make sure I moisturize after so my skin does not dry out. I don’t want to switch cleansers though, because my skin has been so clear! I’m not really sure what to do…

  • Russ

    the weather here is kinda hot
    and i have a very oily skin to the point that after 10mins or so, oil will build up already,

    i use a lot of oil blotters to lessen the oil
    and during lunchtime where its so hot
    my skin would feel as if it is so dry but still oily

    so i was wondering what should i do?
    and should i moisturize my face? if so, when?

  • Helen

    I saw a dermatologist 5 years ago who told me to stop moisturising my face. I stopped and my skin feels good. Once every few months if i feel i have to I lightly apply some cream but very rarely.

    I think a lot of cosmetic companies like to brainwash ppl into thinking that they have to but i dont think this is right for all skin types and people.

  • Valeriana

    I tell you my late experience. When I have a bath usually I dry brush the skin all over the body then I soak in water for a while and then using ex-foliating gloves with simple soap all over the body, not gently but quite rough. After I dry the skin usually I start feeling itchy and I need to put a moisturiser. Not today though as I didn’t feel itchy at all and I didn’t need any cream. I think I know why. I am eating healthy and I am off sugar, I am quite sure that sugar is the cause of most problems.

  • Stephanie

    I have used oil of olay for years. But I recently decided to stop using because

    I read that SPF is actually bad for your skin and can cause premature aging.
    I figure i dont need to put some product on my face. I mean what do you think people used 100 years ago ?
    Since i stopped using Olay my face has actually broken out in dry red patches ( i do have eczema but have not had patches on my face before) and was so tight it hurt!!
    I think using modern moisturizers actually makes the skin dependant on them Because it messes up the natural balance of oils
    After a few days the patches have gone away and my skin feels a lot better.
    i have been putting oils on my face ( sparingly of course)
    oh yeah I dont use face wash either. Just warm water and a washcloth , or a little soap but i usually skip the soap

    Face washes are way to harsh!!! Most of them Drying and damaging

  • Mary

    its a circle- when you buy the products of a certain company which uses ingredients that dry out your skin too much (like a high % of salicylic acid), then you have to buy their moisturizer from the same range, so the cosmetic companies earn more money! i use the oil cleansing method (but not with olive oil- it supposed to clog your pores) and sometimes use a mild soap and i never have to moisturize my skin!

  • Angela

    so hi fran…ok i got something to ask u…wat do u think about neutrogena products?? well i actually use those ones and when i cleanse my face a lil while later my face tends to get oily, does that mean that the product doesnt work very well on my skin? And as u know i got oily skin all day and when i use a moisturizer it becomes more oily than normally..wat to do?? plz help me…. i still dont understand a lot of this…

  • Jaime

    Last night I got a facial from a new aesthetician in town and she told me I should give up my moisturizer, she said the clogged pores in my Tzone are going to stick around as long as I’m locking them in with moisturizer. I’m doing a 3 week challenge – I hope it goes well!

  • T.Jones

    I have oily, acne prone skin and through trial and error I’ve found that my skin does better when I “splash” it with some water and go to bed. I wake up with an oily face, but I guess my skin naturally trys to repair itself without me messing with it because some of my scarring lightens. I even tried the oil cleansing method and woke up the next morning (after completely rinsing the oil from face) to find it had wrecked havoc on my skin.

    Im always fine after just cleansing at night, so do you think it would ok just to cleanse and nothing more?

    I’ve also found that moisturizers just don’t work for me even though I’m told that I should use them. Then again, its a lose/lose situation anyway because if I don’t use a moisturizer in the morning, I will get super oily. If I do use a moisturizer in the morning, my face soaks it up (I never put much on) and I’m semi-shiney face, then hours later I’m very oily. Maybe that’s a sign that something’s up with body?

  • Laura

    Hi Fran,

    I have just discovered your blog in the last few weeks – so much great information!

    I find that climate does make a huge difference to my skin. I lived in Canada for a few years and my skin was pretty calm, I would have a few pimples but nothing major. But I moved back to Australia with the dry air, and my face broke out pretty badly, and I had lots of little red pimples/bumps on my cheeks. When I’m in Australia I tend to have dry/combination, sensitive, acne prone skin and I was told that you can get acne if you don’t get enough moisture – and so I started using a heavier moisturiser and my face calmed down so much, and I lost all the little pimples.

    I too read about not using moisturiser at night to let your skin breathe and release impurities, but I find my skin is too dry (even using the natural Jurlique cleanser for sensitive skin), so I wasn’t sure what to do – especially worrying about getting pimples from not enough moisture! But I discoved Botani Olive skin serum which has only three ingredients and it gives me some moisture and I think still lets my skin breathe. Check out Botani if you’re in Australia, everything I’ve tried so far from their range has been great. I also use their daily moisturiser and it has evened out the dry and oily parts of my combination skin. I’ve been transitioning to all natural products over the last few months and so far my skin is liking it.

  • Anna

    Hi Fran

    I’m 25 and I’ve never bothered to moisturise as I have fairly oily skin and I like in the UK although I’ve spent long periods in much hotter and more humid climates and never found the need to use a moisturiser then either. I also try not to wash my face too much.

    Recently I thought that I’d give it a go and see how my skin feels, so I was applying moisturiser morning and night. The result was that my forehead has started to get really dry and flaky!

    Personally I agree that applying moisturiser will make your skin produce less natural oils and so if skin dryness isn’t a problem I’d say moisturising is detrimental… it’s like they say with hair, that the more you wash it the more oil your scalp will produce. If you left your hair for longer between washes eventually it would get greasy more slowly.

  • Sean

    I thought I would add a male view from the same situation. I am 18, have very sensitive, combo, pale skin and I am a product queen. I watch QVC with the ranges like decleor and liz earle and they make them sound like you need them or your face will fall off. Having tried them all, I can honestly say I would not recommend any of them (they may react better for older people, but the ones I used were not age graded). The only range I would recommend is Clarins mens set. The moisturiser is second to none, but far to heavy for everyday use, so I only use it after shaving.

    The other day I was looking in the mirror, inspecting my face as I do everyday to see whats going on and if anything was changing. I have just cleansed with Garnier fresh face wash (its light, refreshing and doesn’t dry out skin, I wouldnt be without it) and had used the fresh toner. I let it dry and then put a load of olay sensitive beauty fluid moisturiser all over my face. Instantly my face goes red, just to give you an idea of just how sensitive it is. Which also leads me to get a small ammount of sensetivity related spots and redness. I thought to myself. Why am I even moisturising? My skin isnt dry or tight, and I thought back to QVC to the woman from Decleor saying “Everyone needs a moisturiser”.

    I decided I would stop using moisturiser when I was at home in the day and completely of a night time. So at night I now Cleanse with a gel face wash by Garnier, cheap (around £3, lasts for ages) and then use the same toner to finish up and thats it. I go to bed and I wake up to better skin than ever. I do the same for the morning, if im going out I use a tiny ammount of moisturiser on the lower part of my face (i.e not my forehead), just because I use a small ammount of coverage make up (Im a queen sue me!).

    I have not been mostly without any moisturiser for about a month and my skin truely has never looked better. Its not shiny, its clear, and much more even toned as Im not using a product that irretates my skin so often. I would defo recommend people to try not using moisturiser at night time and you will see a difference. Let your skin help itself.

    Back to the “everyone needs a moisturiser” comment. You have to remember these people are making money and to make money, they have to sell more product.

    This is just my experiance though.

    NOTE – Just as a side note I would never recommend anyone use any products containing alcohol. Its a quick fix for oily skins and makes the problem worse.

  • jennifer

    Hi, I am 39 and live in Pennsylvania, USA. I use Acnomel during the day like a make up but it is actually a tinted type of clearasil cream. It is like wearing a mask all day, probably my skin cannot breathe. I still see oil break through with it. It keeps the acne at bay though. Any one out there use Acnomel or Tinted clearasil? I might be making it worse. Maybe I should switch to a powder but I feel this mask is giving me good sun protection. I really have no idea. I have suffered severely for many many years. It is clear some what now.

  • maria

    Hi Fran! Gotta question! does the astringent and the tonic lotion the same? I like in a tropical/dry place and I noticed that as I moisturized my skin, it got less brighter (oily) during the day.

  • Hi Fran,
    Well i gotta say i absolutely need and HAVE to moisturize my face otherwise it gets really weird and dry and it feels like itching or something like that. The thing is that i’ve always had acne problems and i recently found a very good doctor that almost healed my dissease but the hole thing turned into some unusual stuff; before the treatment i had OILY skin and now it’s so DRY i need to carry the moisturizer all day long with me and use it up to 3 times per day…i’m really confused !

  • Julie

    Wow, that’s so wierd! My skin care routine is moisturize in the morning and tone at night (with clansing, of course!) I was actually thinking of switching that up, but then I read in this article that what I’m doing right now is the best thing to do! So weird…
    And by the way, my toner is pure lavender water…I don’t know, I found it in our bathroom and it says it’s a natural toner for problematic skin. It comes in a ‘spritz’ bottle and I spritz it right on my face. t works wonders for getting rid of my uneven skin tone!

    ‘Kay, bye now!

  • Hi Boby, if you don’t know what dry skin is then you don’t have it. And if you’ve never used a moisturizer then you probably don’t need one. A good eye cream is recommended though as you get older :)

  • Boby

    Hi! I don’t know what dry skin really is. I thought my skin never feel dry. Does it mean I don’t need moisturizer? I’ve never use any moisturizer in my life.

  • rayan

    thank you fran so much….your a real helper… :)
    take care…god bless you..replaying to all those comments n emails…

  • Hi Rayan, the number 1 anti-aging tip is to keep your face out of the sun. The number 2 tip is to eat well. So if you keep your face out of the sun and eat a healthy wholefoods diet, then you’re already at a wonderful start with keeping the wrinkles away.

  • rayan

    if i didn,t moisturize will that damage my body …like i will look so old …when i do get old ? cause i hear it you did take care of your body when you r young …you won,t look that old considering your age ? am 21 now…but i don,t like moisturizing…i hate it…i just take a bath n get out…can,t handle staying on the bathroom to moisturize it wrong ? and i come from a hot country…sudan.
    my hands look like a an old women like 80 years got wrinkles ..i don,t know why ? what can i use to make them look younger ? i was born in 5 month only..does that have anything to do with it ?

  • Russell

    i use all guinot products, they are all really gentle products! its pretty expensive though, but my auntie owns her own beauty salon…

    i used to think i had dry skin, but i dont, i have de-hydrated skin (there is a difference!) Because i hate the taste of water, i have to force myself to drink it with a ‘yuk’ expression on my face! lol

    so i hate moisturising because everything seems to be so oily and cloggy on my de-hydrated skin

    i live in england and have to moisturise otherwise my face feels tight.
    when i go on holiday to a hot country i dont need to moisturise because of the moisture in the humid air!

  • V

    I rarely use moisturizer. Mostly never. I use natural things like witch hazel, aloe, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil to control pimples and other issues. When salespeople make you feel like you will die unless you use all of their products, don’t listen. Drink plenty of water, eat right, and use sunscreen. I wash my face with salicylic acid cleansers because I’m allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Other than some natural remedies, we don’t need any type of oil or the crap that’s in many of our lotions. After being off all of the unnecessary products for quite some time, My skin is doing well and no, nothing horrible happened like the salespeople told me.

  • Gary

    Moisturizing IS very important, especially if you are using an acne treatment that contains an irritating active ingredient like benzoyl peroxide. When we treat acne, we tend to remove important natural oils from our skin and it is important to compensate for that loss of oils and lipids.

    However, it would be wise to use a treatment that contains an effective but less irritating active ingredient like salicylic acid.

    Especially for males, who shave (removing the oils and important layer of lipids on the skin) it is important to balance the loss of oil and lipids with a natural moisturizer.

    I found this site which contains additional information on ingredients and the importance of using a natural moisturizer:

  • Kyle,

    If you use a cleanser that dries your skin, your skin will compensate by producing more oil. The first step I’d do in your situation is to change to a cleanser that isn’t so drying.

    You can also try using blotting papers throughout the day to get the excess oil off your skin.

  • hey frann

    its me aggin lol at the bottom of what you typed you put ” If it feels dry then I’ll moisturize, if it doesn’t, then I won’t. ”
    i have this problem with oily skin, i wash my face 2 times a day but sometimes like half way tru the day my skin gets very oily and greesy do you think i should wash it aggin? or do you think i should get annother face wash? also the face wash that i am useing makes my skin very dry after using it but then about 2 hours later i could slide down my hallway on my face its that oily lol its been about 3 weeks using it and im getting more spots aswell do you think i should get some new facewash? or do you think i should stick it out for abit longer?

    Thanks in advance frann



  • Tania

    When I got a facial I was told to use a moisturiser ONLY at night, and just splash my face with water in the mornings… I’ve got a great Pevonia Bontanicals Mattifying Oily Skin Mask and I love it. It’s light, doesn’t leave my horribly oily skin oily, it makes it nice and balanced…. There is so much conflicting info out there!

  • Thanushiga

    I know you need a cleanser and a moisturizer but do we really need a toner? Which is a good brand to start with?

  • Hi JJ, since there are times when your skin is really good, you’ll probably just grow out of it.

    In the meantime there are things you can do. For starters – join my mini-course if you haven’t already. The course will give you a good idea as to why you’re getting acne and how you can clear it.

    For my in depth support, jump into the forum and post a message or have a look around at the other threads, there are heaps of other teens in there just like you that you could get help from.

  • JJ

    hi fran sometimes my skin is nearly perfect but other times i have like 8 pimples just on my chin and like maybe 2 on my fore head. I used to get all the pimples on my fore head and not my chin but now all of a suden im getting them on my chin instead of my fore head. What does this mean? does this mean that they are finally going away?? or are they soon going to go away?? i am 15 now when do you think they will be gone for good!!!!!!???????????????

  • Greta

    I was talking to the woman who does my dermalogica facials (who i trust to give me nonbias advice eg she recommends cheaper alternative products) and she said moisturising is important for HYDRATION of the skin. Which is needed for people who don’t drink enough water (almost everybody). Even if they have oily skin, this is not a sign that their skin is hydrated. I have oily skin and she looked at my face under a special light and was able to tell me my skin is dehydrated. If you have a good moisturiser your skin will not be made more oily, just more hydrated, which is important for all skin types.

  • Sarah

    I never moisturize, it makes my skin looks shiny, plus its so annoying if you sweat. back at my home town there’s only summer, so you’d have to cope with teh weather.

  • A

    I’ve never moisturized at night! Lately my skin has been dry at night but even then I tend to not moisturize because I just feel like my skin needs to breathe as much as possible at night, so I try not to put a ton of stuff on after cleanser. I thought most people don’t use a cream at night? Hmm. I guess it just depends on what your skin needs.

  • Rachael

    Hi Fran,
    I trided Dr Hauschka but it freaked my sensitive skin acne prone skin out. I would read the reviews on make up alley aswell, but i was using the line for acne prone oily skin.

  • Hi Zack, not as hot where I am in Australia, it’s rare to get up to 40C. But we have a huge hole in the ozone layer above us there so like you I carry an UV umbrella around it and use it to protect me from the sun when I’m walking. My friends tease me sometimes but oh well :)

  • Debra

    I exfoliate once in a while, but sometimes I do a spot treatment exfoliation where I think is necessary.

  • tammy

    hi Fran, actually my skin is oily and last time I met my doctor, he told me that i don’t really need to moisture my skin even in night… and i’ ve never used moisturizer since that time and i do not feel dry.

  • Zack

    Hi Fran! This heat is crazy huh? But I always thought it got hotter in Australia than Arizona? Okay but get this where I live in Phoenix its way hotter than Sedona even hotter than Las Vegas. Even crazier I have No air conditioning in my car and I burn really easily even with sunscreen so when I drive I where a sweater on my arms! I have to im really pale. I even bought a black umbrella for when I have to go outside even to walk from the parking lot the the store. BTW I think I found my HG sunscreen Blue lizard sunscreen for sensitive skin. But I was wondering its says its a Australian sunscreen, Is that true? Try to enjoy Sedona even with this heat. Bye.

  • Zack- I’m having second thoughts about Sedona, this heat is crazy! Careful with the olive oil. It has a medium clogability, so chances are it won’t clog your pores, but it can. Considering you’re living in a very dry climate at the moment though it should be okay. Usually it’s a problem in humid climates.

    This dry hot weather and the air conditioning indoors is also drying me out like you wouldn’t believe. I’m having to up my facial and body moisturizer big time.

    Tegen- I used olive oil as the main oil in the OCM during summer in Australia and it didn’t make me burn more easily.

    Maria- That’s so great that you’ve been moitoring your skin and you’ve worked out that using the WO method in the morning is best for you :) I know what you mean about the scars. In most mirrors I look as though I barely have any scars, but in some lighting and in some mirrors, I can see them quite visibly. It just takes time and regular exfoliation. We just have to be confident that they will eventually go away.

  • Maria

    by the way….the hottest its been here in Vegas…SO FAR is 120 degrees fahrenheit!

  • Maria

    Hey Fran! I actually live in Vegas and I’ve noticed that if I wash my face with a cleanser, its absolutely necessary for me to use a moisturizer. If I don’t, my skin tightens up and the next day I’ll find a whole island of pimples! Lately, I’ve been experimenting with my skin. It seems to me that my skin cannot tolerate the whole washing my face two times a day because it gets pretty red and new pimples begin to appear. I assume it’s because my skin is weakened and is irritated by washing it too much, hence the ACNE. In that case, I only wash my face at night now (with a cleanser and moisturizer) and in the morning I only wash with water and it doesn’t feel as tight as oppose to when I do use a cleanser. I don’t really get as much pimples as I used to….but I have numerous scars…WHEN WILL THEY DISAPPEAR?!

  • Ky

    Utah is right next to Las Vegas and Utah is where I live! So you’ll be pretty close. It seems like you get to travel a lot!

    I had a flaky face for a few days and it is so hard to get rid of! It’s worse than acne, and it makes acne worse.

    50C doesn’t mean much to me, I’m still used to using Farenheit.

  • Tegen

    Would putting olive oil on your skin make you burn more easily in the sun?

    I live in England so it’s not often hot but today my moisturizer made me really oily and shiny, so I think I may stop using it too, unless I think I need it.

  • Zack

    Hi Fran! I am so glad that you are coming to Arizona! Sedona Is amazing! Its soo beautiful the red rocks and everything just makes you feel so calm. I live in Phoenix which is about 2 – 3 hours south of sedona and here the air is hot and dry no humidity at all except for like in the summer when it rains but other than that its dry so I have to moisturize at night and in the morning. At night I use Nivea creme but I make sure to buy it on-line because the european one is much better for your skin and it is. I love it its amazing its almost like it repairs my skin and makes it healthier but its on the thick side but its okay for me it causes no acne problems. In the morning I use eucerin calming creme its okay but I’ve been thinking of using extra virgin olive oil as a aftershave and day moisturizer. I hear its really good for your skin even acne prone skin. I’ve been having some prblems with acne on the chest and back (gross I know) but I have been using aloe vera gel as a body moisturizer and it has really helped its almost gone! I think everyones skin is different and you need to do what is best for your skin if you think you need moisturizer then use it if not then don’t.

  • kevin

    I live in the caribbean and the dry summer we have perfect weather but now that its rainy season it rains for sometimes 2-3 hours nonstop then its just starts to get so hot and sunny.even though I’m young my skin gets so oily in my T-zone.I remember moisturising for the first time and it broke me out.It did make my skin feel nice though.I was wondering if theres anything that people with oily or combination skin can use to dry out their skin a bit or reduce all our oils drastically.

  • 50C!! wow Sara, that is amazing. The hottest I’ve been in is 40C and I thought that was bad enough.

    Debra- I’ve always wanted to try the water only method but have been so scared to. Do you still exfoliate?

  • I don’t use moisturizer. I’ve always had oily/combination skin. I’ve also used the water only cleansing method…had good results with both. If and when I feel like I need to moisturize, I use aloe vera jel. I don’t use any moisturizer on my body and haven’t had any issues with dry skin. I think it’s also important to avoid taking hot showers. I think mainstream media plays a large role in making us believe that we need all these products to be “beautiful”.

  • sara

    i live in a hot and sunny climate …and in summer the tem goes up to 50C …

    so my very oily skin becomes dry! (my skin likes to play tricks on me)

    i use lancome multi-vital “high potency moistureiser woth micro-nutrients”
    its expansive …but it has spf 15 and it moisturizez really well.
    i only mosturise when my skin tells me to ..
    i dont want to mosturise to much ..i dont want breakouts..

    fran your an angel ..i cant thank you enough for the site

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