How Do You Feel About What You’re Putting Into Your Body?

How Do You Feel About What You’re Putting Into Your Body?

I keep revisiting this topic because I feel that it’s an important one.

The other day I was talking with a friend about our food choices. He said to me that he was a “flexitarian”. I loved his concept so decided to put myself into that flexible little box too.

The more I travel the more I realise how super important it is to honor what my body is telling me to shift my diet too. In Peru my body asks for heavier more grounding foods – warming soups, spices, lots of heavy good fats – coconut oil, avocado, sacha inchi oil, along with fresh raw milk from a couple of cows that live across the road from me, free range organic eggs from a chicas garden brought to my door in a little woven basket, and bread baked that morning in my friends fire oven from locally grown organic produce. And of course lots of potato since there are 4,500 varieties of potato in Peru!!!!!!!!

In Bali, all my body wants is greens, fruits, juices and salads.. light and raw and vegan. Vegan because my body has asked for that and ethically because I don’t get a good feeling from how the local animals are treated here. It’ll all about honouring our body and honouring the land and the culture we’re in. More in the video…

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  • Aurelie

    Hello Fran, i am 100% with you this one. I live In Queenstown, New Zealand, which is a very beautiful place with lots of amazing energies but it is also an alpine climate, its cold most of the year, the air is dry and crisp. I always feel like eggs in the morning and we eat lots of warm soups and curries etc.. i just went to Bali for 3 weeks and all i felt like was fruits and veggies and smoothies !! Climate is soooo important ! It makes your body need different foods and that is why different people around the planet eat different foods. what is fascinating is that foods that you need in a certain climate actually grows in this particular climate! Tropical fruits only grow in warm places and in many cold places in the world people have to rely on animal products to thrive in their environment because not much grows there! Nowedays we have the luxury to buy tomatoes and courgettes in the middle of winter when the ground in covered with snow but it is so far removed from what is natural. Thank you for posting! I am really glad you managed to relax a little a bout food, it took me a long time too but we have to be good to ourselves :)

  • veganraymie

    Emotional eating is a tough call….especially with something like caffeine since its once of the highest foods with acrylamide (carcinogenic) and is also considered an addictive drug. I’m sure heroin addicts get emotional about their next hits too! Srsly though, I just want to use my head about food in this crazy food obsessed society we live in, everyone else can eat how they please. Peace.

  • Dutch

    Great Video! Really connected with what you’re saying – I’ve become so obsessed with only eating for my skin that I forgot how powerful food is and not just about honoring our skin but honoring our bodies and beings!

  • Maria

    Can you do a video on Herpanacine? It’s an acne supplement sold at health food stores. I’ve found some reviews and tried some samples but not sure If I should go ahead and buy the whole bottle.

  • Miles

    forgot – and boiled egg whites

  • mcrayne27

    Love your videos :) Thanks for sharing.

  • atomickiwi

    Subscribed to your videos years ago just based on what you spoke about in regards to health, but I became a much more spiritual person in the last year and that aspect of you is really reaching out to me now :) Amazing how we are drawn to certain people for certain reasons! Please keep making your lovely inspiring videos!

    • Thank you so much :) It helps a lot to get feedback like this to keep me going on with it.. so THANK YOU!!

  • Debbie Grezik

    Great talk…..loved it,and the rain and the birds chirping…..and so it is (;

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