How I Cleared My Acne In One Week Using Only Natural Treatments

How I Cleared My Acne In One Week Using Only Natural Treatments

flower girlI recently experienced the worst breakout that I’ve had for over a year which was just devastating. All of those nasty emotions came back and I honestly didn’t want to leave the house without wearing makeup. I felt especially ridiculous blogging about skin care when I didn’t feel that great about my own skin, so when I get a breakout it sure hits me hard!

BUT it was a blessing in disguise because it gave me the opportunity to try all of those natural treatments that I haven’t been able to test because my skin has been too clear. So …

I’m very excited today to give you my most recent acne treatment plan which I’m confident will work very well for the majority of you. So if you’re fed up and finding that nothing is working, then either give this plan a go or use it to tailor make your own treatment.

The difference between a treatment and a cure

Please keep in mind that I don’t like to call this treatment a “cure” because it’s not getting to the actual root cause of your acne. It’s impossible for me to provide a definite cure that will work for all of you because we are all unique individuals with bodies that sometimes work a little differently to each other, so the root cause for me may not necessarily be the same for you.

If you really want to cure your acne, then you’ll need to get to the root cause of it and fix it at that level. It could be a Candida problem which requires a strict anti-candida diet, an overloaded liver which may require several liver flushes and perhaps even a bit of colonic irrigation, or it could be a hormonal issue … among other things. So while you’re on your journey to learning what your root cause is and how to treat it, this plan will help you to clear your skin at the surface level so you can at least get a little more emotional happiness and a little more confidence with your appearance.

But this is plan is very likely to still clear your acne!

This is definitely the next best thing to a cure. I’m confident that this holistic plan will work for most people, and work well. But you need to keep in mind that there are a lot of elements to this plan so it’s not one magical pill that you can take and have your acne cleared over night, or even in three days.

This list is long so don’t feel as though you need to follow ever single item on it. I’m not 100% certain that everything on this list contributed to healing my skin, but I like to think that every little bit counts so holistically it all adds to the puzzle.

Also keep in mind that I am not on any prescription medications for my skin nor do I use any topicals that aren’t listed here. So I’m not on the contraceptive pill (which helps a lot of women with their skin), I’m not taking antibiotics, I’m not using benzoyl peroxide, etc.

So here’s the list-

  • 10 grams of Vitamin B5 per day, taken as 2.5 grams four times per day. Go here for more info
  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (with live cultures) first thing in the morning, diluted with a cup of spring water. Drink through a straw to protect your teeth
  • Digestive enzymes with all main meals
  • Supergreen smoothie in the morning
  • No cow’s milk or cow’s milk products
  • No foods high in nut fats (nut milks, raw desserts)
  • Cut as much wheat and sugars (including natural sugars) out of my diet as possible
  • Avoid as many “warming” foods as possible – onion, garlic, chili, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, peppermint, etc
  • Quinoa as the main grain in my diet
  • Increased the amount of vegetables in my daily diet
  • Give my skin and my body ten minutes of sunshine every day

Skin care routine:

It’s important to note that I’m still doing all of the stuff that I’ve been doing for ages for my skin in addition to the list above. This includes eating well (as outlined in my book, Eat Away Your Acne), not picking my skin, I’m practicing regular relaxation (yoga and meditation), and taking a multi-vitamin every day. So as you can see there are a lot of elements to this treatment.

If you want something much more simplified and easier to follow, here is a list of the essential items in the list that I feel played the biggest part in my treatment. You could just follow this list and see how you go.

Your results will depend on what you’re currently doing for your skin. If you’re already eating well for example then you may want to consider the full diet list I have above. But if you currently have a poor diet you don’t need to jump immediately to extremes such as eating Quinoa and cutting out all natural sugars including fruit.

Simplified treatment plan

  • 10 grams of Vitamin B5 per day, taken as 2.5 grams four times per day. Go here for more info
  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (with live cultures) first thing in the morning, diluted with a cup of spring water. Drink through a straw to protect your teeth
  • Follow diet recommendations outlined in Eat Away Your Acne
  • Take a good quality multi-vitamin every day
  • Do not pick at your spots
  • Practice regular relaxation – it doesn’t have to be yoga and meditation like me, do something that you love and you find relaxing

Skin care routine:

I’m providing these lists to you so that you can tailor make your own plan according to the severity of your acne, your age and what your current treatment plan is like. Follow your intuition and you’ll be okay. BUT, if you have any questions or I’ve left out some obvious information, please write me a message in the response box below.

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  • Peo

    Avoide eatinv oily foods
    It may harm ur skin and drink lots and lots of water drink buttermilk, eat curd eat green vegetables eveyday it will help u to remove ur acne in 1 month please while acne do not apply hair oil because oil is the only enemy of your pimples.and please wash your face thrice in a day. Please follow it whatever i have written it will help u to prevent ur acne in 1 month try it!!

  • Jonah

    Hi Fran,

    My acne has been bad for the past couple months. I tried eating paleo to see if I was sensitive to eggs, wheat or dairy (am still eating paleo). And I think the root of my acne may come from a birch pollen allergy which is triggered by fruits such as almonds and apples. I just started taking doxycycline and differin and retin a cream. But I dont think these are helping after 2 weeks. I also tried exposed skin care and proactiv but none worked. Does it matter which apple cider vinegar brand I use? I hope that restricting my diet of allergens and using natural remedies will help

  • Marian

    my name is mariam /from Pakistan
    my skin is oily and my age is 21 i am student i have many pempels on my skin i am soooooo worried about my skin,
    i used many product but there is ni improvment plz plz tell me the best way..kindly send me mail

  • Jan

    Hi Fran! Is manuka honey the same as Raw Honey? I can’t seem to find it around here.

  • Linda. S

    I have noticed that you use a LOT of stuff on your face. for you to suggest natural things you do not follow your own advice, The less you use on your face the better. Even with acne.
    Everytime you have a new video you are promoting another
    way to get rid of acne.
    it is trial and error.
    My daughter has acne and we have her on e Salicylic acid cream and it is working wonders on her face., ditched all the other stuff.
    Using too much stuff on your face will make your acne worse.,

  • Tanya

    Hi Has anyone tried starflower oil for acne?

  • Tanya

    Hi Fran

    I couldn’t find the: Faith Skincare gentle foaming cleanser

  • Hey Tanya, everything I use now I sell in my store! Here’s the link-

  • Tanya

    Hi Fran

    I really want to try your skin care plan, but i live in the UK many of the products are not sold here. Is there any chance that you might sell all the items listed on your website? perhaps in a kit. I really want to try these products.

  • Mitchie

    I am breaking out even more. I’m not even sure if it’s hormonal. I’m only 10! I have mild acne on some parts of my T-Zone (on my forehead and chin.) I don’t know what to do. I drink green tea like all the time. My mum makes me sleep at least 10 hrs everyday without being late for school and I try not to eat too much junk food. And I don’t change my skin rountine alot. I go on the natural path as well. Help someone plz!!!

  • Zane

    Hey Fran. I’m a 16 years old. Will this work for my hormonal/teenage acne? Please.

  • jade

    actually, ginger is really good for ance!!! it doesn’t aggrevate, it helps

  • allen

    i thought sun exposure agrrevate acne?

  • Philip

    Oh, and I forgot to ask a few more questions…
    Yoghurt is a diary product, but I’ve been reading that Home-made yoghurt is pretty good… Will eating Home-made yoghurt cause acne? (like the one in )
    I’ts unlike the one you buy in markets.

    And secondly, I also found an interesting page about nutrition and I’d like to share it with everyone, I’d just like to know if things that are written there are true? :)

    Thank you for your time :)

  • Philip

    Hey Fran,
    I really admire your work and I think I speak in the name of everyone when i say: “Keep it up.”
    I have one simple question… I don’t get much acne, but I have some acne scars that irritate me… Will taking Vitamin B5 help with skin regeneration?
    And if I get satisfying results and stop taking vitamine B5 will I start getting more acne then before? (As mentioned I don’t get too much acne, I am 18 years old and I know that it is not strange to have acne by that time)
    Thanks :-)

  • Jennifer

    Hi Fran;

    I’m learning SO much from your site and your advice. I do have one question for you though. In this regime, you’ve recommended Cetaphil, but Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the fourth ingredient in the gentle formula and that is a 5 according to the “become an acne detective” site. So confused. Please help. I have spend YEARS trying to find the right combination and now I’m totally lost again.


  • Francesca

    Has anyone experienced any side effects from taking the B5? After only a day of taking it my breath smells absolutely foul, luckily my mother and sister don’t mind telling me when I stink else I would never have known, as I can’t smell it myself. They say it’s not an ordinary bad breath smell it’s more like that of someone who has been drinking. Another problem is the diarrhea and foul smelling wee, I’m always bursting for the toilet and when I go I hardly do anything :/ I don’t think I can carry on taking them and it is such a shame as I was really excited about trying it :[

  • Chinty- Yep, made latest blog posts talks about using manuka honey! And Bee Yummy Skinfood (my fav moisturizer that I even sell) is full of honey products.

    Kate- My skin is the same with oils, but I’m find with purity made simple because none of the oils are pore clogging. In fact, it improves the quality of my skin. You may be the same.

    I have heard from time to time girls say that mineral makeup can make their skin oilier. Personally I haven’t experienced this but if you notice a direct relationship then I’d suggest first making sure your skin is hydrated enough before you apply the makeup, and secondly maybe try a different brand.

    Oh, that’s a strong reaction to B5! Either drop down the dose and start VERY slowly, or visit a naturopath for advice.

  • Kate

    Hi, Just wondering – My skin breakout in little tiny pimple when I use products with too many natural oils in them and the ingredients of the Philosohpy cleanser have quite a few oils – do you know any other good cleansers (Cetaphil doesn’t really do it for me as it hardly gets my makeup off).

    Also, just another quick question – my skin has been getting VERY oily but I only when I wear makeup. I wear mineral makeup (Everyday Minerals). Do you think mineral makeup because it kind of soaks up oil that your face can overcompensate??

    I tried B5 to get the oil down but I only took 2g the first day and had diarrhea aswell as a unsettled stomach all night until I eventually threw up! So I don’t really know what to do.

    Thanks for your help :)

  • Chinty

    Have you tried using honey one your face?

    I heard it treats pimples and can reduce scarring.

  • Liz- I don’t like people to avoid iodine because it is SO good for you. Low levels of iodine can cause things like underactive thyroid disorder.

    Christine- Yep and I love it! At the moment I’m taking the easy way out with a powdered version that I just add water too. It’s the vitality supergreen by the body ecology.

  • Christine

    Hi Fran! I noticed that you drink a supergreen smoothie each morning but you also cut back on what do you put in the smoothie??

  • liz

    hey but i heard broccoli causes acne cuz it has iodine in it…

  • Teisha- Join my mini-course:

    Raven- Wow that’s interesting ..I usually have trouble sleeping but I’ve been taking it just before I go to bed and falling asleep straight away!! But if you’re noticing side effects definitely cut down on the dosage, and I’d recommend for you to visit a naturopath for advice.

    B5 is typically found in meat, eggs, legumes, mushrooms, broccoli and royal jelly. A lot of supplements are synthetically made but you could look for one that is derived naturally. Try having a look around :)

  • Raven

    Can i take 10g of the B-5 all in one shot, or do I have to do it throughout the day.

    I’ve been taking them for the last couple days, but my head’s been buzzing since and I’ve had alot of trouble sleeping if I take the vitamins past 4pm.

    Is is true that B-5 is not natural but a man-made substance? and is that important?

  • Teisha

    hey, I’m from Sweden and I haven’t tried any of your tips yet because i’m kind of new to this site.

    And I was just wondering if anything of what you mentioned in your list helps to also remove spots?, because I’m always picking at my pimples.

  • Abigail

    Hi Fran!

    I have been fascinated(sp?) with apple cider vinegar for awhile now, I use it as a deodorizer and other stuff too! I had never heard that it could damage the enamel on a person teeth though? I had actually heard it can whiten a persons teeth! Well I’ll have to carefully test it out I guess!
    I also thought I’d give some of my experiences with ACV.

    My mom has always had it around, we never used it really though, that I remember at least! The first time I do remember, was when we started giving it to our goats. :P We heard it would help get rid of Cocsidiosis(sp?). And for some it did! Other it didn’t,..
    We would take the needle off a syringe and squirt it into the goats mouth and one time when was doing that I missed the goats mouth(somehow!) and squirted that raw non diluted apple cider vinegar in MY EYE!!! My eye stung like Crazy for about 10 seconds. :P lol! I joke that I probably had some terrible disease in my eye and the Acv got rid of it. :P

    An Experience my sister had was one time she wasn’t feeling as well as she’d have liked and she heard Acv was good for a person. So she poured half a cup WithOUT diluting it and gulped it down!! :S Yikes! That was a TERRIBLE Mistake!! That Apple cider vinegar hit her stomach like a ROCK! She had a VERY bad stomachache for the rest of the day!!

    After that me and my brothers and sisters(not the one that got sick..) would dilute it and have drinking competitions. I usually won,.. :D lol!

    We also have some natural animal care books, which say that by drinking larger amounts of Acv it loosens and relaxes the joints(like when knees pop alot!), and also a few months before for animals who are soon to have a baby. I loosens then up! :)

    Oh! And just today! After I ate breakfast my stomach was aching a little, and I had heard that taking a little bit of diluted Acv would help against that. And so I did! And it WORKED!! :D

    lol! I love Apple Cider Vinegar!

  • Samantha

    sorry fran,
    just found the choc quinoa flakes recipe. thanks!

  • Samantha

    wonderful info, i will try the b vitamin.
    please pass on the chocolate quinoa recipe.
    i am desperate for anything chocolate that follows the
    BED. are there any online sources you know of beside
    the official website that you find good BED recipes.
    thank you, thank you

  • janine

    i have a question with the food thing–

    what is the connection of milk and breakouts? Is there a scientific reason? Cuz i couldn’t live without dairyyy stuff. Anyway, i am mildly lactose intolerant but i still couldn’t resist eating ice cream, fruit salads or smoothiees and the like, so do you think its bad for me and i am abusing my system?

    o yeah, and i have the same question with whole wheat. i take wheat bread because its said to be better than white bread, now you said in the mini course that wheat and white bread is bad, (and white pasta, and white rice) so what am i supposed to eat? Can you tell me you whole day course meal so that i can do it as well?

    Anyway, can you also specify what sugar is bad?
    there is glucose, sucrose and fructose. i eat lots of fruits, cant live without it. I have to know what sugars i should avoid.

    lots of love and thankss .. :)

  • Julie- Avoid all fruits is only about getting a hold of a Candida overgrowth, so that step is not for everyone.

    The topic of B-complex vitamins has been brought up with this article by Kitty – it’s essential to take one while you’re on the B5.

    And thanks so much for the compliment :)

  • Julie

    Hi Fran, I was just wondering, what if you take a vitamin B complex rather then just taking B-5? I think I have acne Rosacea, when I eat certain foods, or become stress my skin will flair up. I do agree with a lot of things that you have mention in your blog such as; avoid dairy and wheat products. I have been doing that for a long time and I notice a difference right away.

    But do you really think that avoiding ALL fruits is bad for your skin? Aslo nuts? I thought almonds was good for clearing up acne.

    I tried taking apple cider vinger but that made my face itchy, I thought that was a little strange. I avoid it now.

    I do take a multi vitamin ever day. Its made with whole foods so my body digestes it easily. I would love to see a naturopath one day. I hear that there really expensive, but well worth.

    Your skin looks beautiful by the way.

  • Kyle

    Thanks Fran!

    ha – is there a health food store near you? Try there.

  • ha

    and i also want to know where can I purchase apple cider vinegar and Digestive enzymes?

  • Christy- ACV is very alkaline in the body and most of us are too acidic so it’s creating a better balance and therefore better health. It also improves digestion. I’ll be interviewing an expert on acid/alkaline soon so watch out for that.

    Kyle- yes! I own the stevia cookbook, but have a look online, there are loads of recipes around and i’ll be adding a heap to my coaching program :)

    kalb- dilute it with a glass of water and drink with a straw to protect your teeth.

    Kitty- Yes definitely, I’ll add a highlight box onto the B5 article now. Thanks for bringing that up kitty!

    alex- Oh wow that’s interesting. And yes, I have been told by my herbalist that I need to eat mostly cooked foods. My green smoothie drink is in a powdered form so I think it’s more a super liquid vitamin supplement.

  • alex

    Hi fran, Iam going to give it a go with your holistic plan. However regarding the green smoothies, I heard from my TCM that cold raw vegetables is not good for the stomach ( digestive system) and causes dampness and spleen deficiency. but in your case it should be fine because your metabolism is really high, but I heard that long term it might not be a good idea. I was not allowed by my TCM to eat any kind of cold food, cold drink or overnight food.

  • Chrissi chrissi

    Thanks Fran

    I have read and heard so much about this before. So already I have started the test ! Just took 5 pills so we’ll see. Keep you informed !

  • Great article! Very comprehensive… I will look into the b5 and may increase the probiotic. Thanks!

  • Kitty

    Hi Fran, Could you please please please remind people to that they MUST take a multi-vitamin or at least a B Complex Supplement once a day if they are doing the B5 thing. My naturopath and I discussed this again a few weeks ago and it’s really important to get all of your B vitamins when taking B5 otherwise, 1. it’s not metabolised efficiently, and, 2. otherwise B5 will cause a deficiency of all of your other vitamin B’s…

    I highly recommend also taking a probiotic or at least an acidophilus type of supplement to aid in the B5 metabolism.

    B5 is not an essential nutrient, meaning, we don’t need to obtain it from our diet because the intestines manufacture it but they require all of the healthy bacterias such as acidophilus, etc. One theory is that people with acne/rosacea skin do not have the correct balance of healthy bacteria, therefore are not making enough B5 which is necessary for our adrenals, etc, but that’s a whole other story which you have probably covered in some of your links…

  • kalb

    hey fran,i just need some info about the apple cider vinegar,like how to take it…?what is the easiest way ?
    thanks !!

  • Kyle

    Do you have any recipes with stevia? I need to learn to bake with it.

  • Christy

    Hi Fran,

    Thank you for sharing all of your information:) I was wondering how drinking the apple cider vinegar helps the skin.

    Thank you!

  • Paige- Eryacne is a topical antibiotic, so it’s up to you if you want to use it. I’ve written a few articles about combining natural treatments with prescriptions ..check the acne page (click on the acne link in the purple bar at the top of the page)

    Amy- You really need to take the full 10g, and yes, the bottles run out quickly. I took 5g for the first 3 days then built up to 10g. I haven’t experienced diarrhea or insomnia but everybody is different so see how you go :)

  • Amy

    Hi fran,

    the pantothenic acid bottle i bought says to take 1-2 tablets daily with food. They’re 500mg each. If i follow your plan that means 5 tablets 4 times a day. There’s only 60 tablets so it would only last for 3 days. Should i follow your plan or the recommended dosage? When do you recommend taking them? with food aswell? I also did a bit of research online. It says in high dosages it can cause diarrhea and insomnia. Is 10g a day a high dosage? I only took one tablet today with my lunch and i noticed just now in the evening that i have alot more energy and my mood is improved. I’m about to go to bed soon. Hopefully I fall asleep ok.


  • vivienne

    Nobody likes ACV?? I just LOVE the taste of it…lol

  • Paige

    Hey Fran,
    My doctor prescribed me with this spot treatment called Eryacne. I really wanted to use natural things on my face, but my doctor said that it would be fine to use this.
    What do you think?

  • Maya- I had a LOT of comedonal acne around my hairline, about 6 large spots (mainly on the left side of my face and in my t-zone) and a few smaller spots. I had 3 in particular that were very large and very painful and very bright red, including one that lasted 3 weeks! I’ll be waiting a while for the pigmentation scars to fade.

  • Hey Fran

    Great post – just found it through twitter. Agree 1000% on your warning with regards to candida. I think it is all tied in. Here is my contribution from Oct 08 – I think we’re both on the same page!

    Your skin is looking great btw. Isn’t is such a relief and a great feeling when you finally kick acne’s ass?!

    Look forward to your future posts – have a great day

  • maya

    hey fran.
    if you don’t mind me asking, how bad was ur breakout when u used this plan to get rid of it in a week? sorry, just curious.=)
    also, will i be able to get b5 from some place like target?

  • Kitty

    Amy B – I get rosacea too, and everything you read says you can’t cure it, but I don’t agree with that… Part of it is about changing your state of mind, the rest is changing your diet and then treat your skin very gently…

    For years my doc just thought I had mild on again/off again adult acne, then one day we made a quantum leap and realised it was rosacea, and since being armed with this info it has actually been easier to treat rosacea, than what we were doing to unsuccessfully treat acne… I still get the odd pimple, like when PMS hits, but it’s nothing like it used to be…

    So in a nutshell, you can have rosacea but think it’s acne… the way to differentiate is if your skin gets very red, dry, sensitive, painful and certain things make it worse like certain foods and drinks, cold winds, being stuck out in the sun without a hat or shade and hot showers…

    Also rosacea can be related to other health conditions that you may not even be aware you have – basically rosacea flares up red like a stop sign “screaming STOP what you are doing and take notice cos this could be very serious…” the biggest thing for rosacea is stress – you need to completely cut stress out of your life, it’s not an option, it’s a necessity…

  • Laura

    Thanks so much Fran!

  • Ana- yes and the sun is very healing :)

    Chris- fish oil and cod liver oil is good so go for it. I used to take fish oil every day, I stopped when I started taking sprouted flax and now I’ve replaced the flax with chia seed! I avoid all yeasts because it feeds candida.

    Amy- I’ll be adding heaps of information about food in my membership site including recipes that fit with this plan.

  • Amy

    Just wanted to say I’m amazed by your results. I went to the health store (for the first time ever) and i got the Vitamin B-5, apple cider vinegar and chewable enzyme tablets. I might go back for a supergreen smoothie. I also bought a guide to food additives and cosmetic ingredients. It’s going to be hard to not have some of the chilli or natural sugars. It’s feijoa season!! and I looove spicy food:( I’m going to keep my Origins skin regime but might I’m thinking of switching to one i saw at the health store when i’ve run out.

    Eek i’m scared to try the apple cider vinegar..maybe tomorrow.

    Oh and could you post some recipes that fit within this plan?


  • Chris

    Hey Fran,

    This is really interesting.
    I wanted to ask you what do you think about Taking Cod Liver Oil to get Vitamin A and D? And what about Brewer’s yeast to get the vitamin B complex?

    Thanks heeps

  • Ana

    do you go out in the sun without sunscreen to obtain vitamin D?

  • Jo

    Yes please do Fran!

  • kalb- I’ve written half a book about acne scars, I requires a lot of research so I’ll get there and you’ll know about it when it’s released :)

    Renee- Pineapple, blueberries, green apples, pomegranate, lemon, lime and cranberries are okay because they’re not so sweet. Faith is a brand I’m trialling at the moment and it’s going quite well! It’s from the US. Bittermelon sounds very interesting, I’ll try to remember researching that one!

    Laura- Ask the staff at the health store for top of the range in multis. I LOVE NewChapters, I can’t buy it in oz so I order it from

    My supergreen smoothie is from a powder called “vitality supergreen” made by the body ecology diet people. It’s packed full of good green stuff and I just add with water and drink so it’s really easy and doesn’t taste bad.

    And yep, I eat plenty of eggs :)

    ana- I have the moisturizer but haven’t tried it yet. Bee Yummy Skinfood works so well with my skin so I’m VERY hesitant to try anything else :\

    Jo – You’re an aesthetician in New York? Manhattan? Can i come visit you when I’m there next? Manhattan is my favorite part of the world :)

    Julia- oh yes, I might update that ..acv without diluting would be hideous!

  • Julia

    Hi Fran,

    I think the list you’ve put together is awesome. I already encoporate most of this into my diet. The one thing I thought that you might want to mention is that it is important to dilute the apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp in 1 cup of water) because at full strength it can damage tooth enamel.



  • Jo

    Hey there! I had to respond to the rosaceia comment. Do some research on the demo-dex mite. I thought it was a bunch of BS but, turns out…it’s really not. Im an aesthetician in New York and found out that sometimes the demo-dex mite can be a bit out of controle when our immune systems are low and cause terrible rosacia or even acne for some people. One of my clients with cystic acne responded very well to the treatment. I went to my derm and asked her many questions about the mite and she stands by the fact that they do exist. The good news is…you can be tested for it and get rid of it. Though it is natural to have mites and certain non-pathogenic bacteria in and on our bodies…they can go crazy (like candida) and cause awful skin problems. So do your research…it just may be whats torturing your skin :o)

  • ana

    Hey Fran!
    Have you (or anybody) tried the Faith moisturizer? I am looking for a daytime moisturizer that is good for my acne and has anti-aging properties too. I was using Sea Buckthorn Oil, which was great, but with the warmer weather now (in Canada) it’s too heavy and I end up with an oil slick an hour after application! I use Paula’s choice BHA 2% at night btw.

  • Rosy

    Hi Fran,

    what brand of multivitamin would you recommend? One that is well absprbed by the body?
    What did you have for breakfast while on that regimen?
    All the best to you

  • Kit

    I used to take apple cider vinegar every morning. I found that I was more energized, my hair and nails were stronger… and my skin had a beautiful glow and my acne was clearing up. However, I did stop because I could no longer stand the taste. I think this has persuaded me to try it again.

    I’m going to try this B5 thing, but I’m curious… how hard will it be to wean off of it. It’s kind of scary taking 20 B5 pills a day, and I doubt I would want to continue for very long if/after it cleared my acne. Are you still taking it now that you’re all clear?

    Thought you should know that since following your mini course, I’m more than 75% clear. I’m pretty sure I had cosmetic acne, that may or may not have been irritated by some of the things I ate. Just to be safe, I’m doing the 90/10 (which is genius!). Anyway, just wanted to say thanks :D

  • Laura

    Fran, what would be a good quality vitamin? and whats a supergreen smoothie? sounds good!
    would eggs be ok too?
    thanks fran, your emails are great!

  • Renee

    Hey Fran! WoW! It’s really impressive how you treated your acne in a week O.O good on you! If you’re cutting all natural sugars out… does that mean that you can’t eat fruits like grapes, apples, or strawberries? What fruits would you recommend? And it seems like you’ve been using a lot of skincare from Faith? I’ve never heard of that brand… is it an Australian brand? Can you get it anywhere else besides online? Oh, btw, do you add bittermelon to your supergreen smootie, it’s pretty good for acne. But don’t recommend it to those with low blood pressure, it’s extremely cooling!

  • kalb

    hey fran ! first let me say that your mails are so helpful and made me understand alot of things.I have scars on my face and i really dont know how to get rid of it…
    if you have any solution please let me know thanks !!!

  • amy b

    Thank you. i was researching it as well.
    Just wondering if you had any additional info through experience, perhaps. Thank you for taking your time.

  • Samantha

    Hey, just wanted to throw this out there for people to try if they are hesitant about taking lots of the b5 pills– there is a good chance you can get away with the same, or better results by taking pantethine instead (an easier to absorb version of B5). I buy the NOW brand at iherb or luckyvitamin, but Jarrow is a good brand too like Fran said. I am taking about 3-5 pills a day of just 300 mg. I also take only about 2-3 grams of B5 a day, but I am going to try to wean myself off of that. My skin is all clear, with the exception of that last 5% (SMALL stuff too, mainly postules…)which I think is due to my eating some dairy or wheat every now and then, along with some last minute purging since I have incorporated a gentle salcylic acid toner at night in my plan as well. Good luck everyone!! :)

  • Sarah- Raw milk is definitely more nutritious but i still have trouble with it. Everybody is different though.

    Erin & ha- i use a brand called Jarrow which I buy from, it’s all in that link next to the B5 recommendation. I buy the 500mg capsules. I’m not sure if you can buy in oz, you probably could. It’s just that is cheap!

    Amy- Do a Google search, visit a naturopath and maybe even a doctor for advice. Rosacea acne commonly comes up as that redness on the cheeks that you describe. There usually is no comedonal acne with it (blackheads and whiteheads), and it’ll be very even in appearance on both sides of your face. From memory i think you can heal rosacea quite well with diet and natural skin care products for sensitive skin.

    vivienne- yes, defnitely with water. I fill up a juice sized glass with filtered water. It still burns my throat a little but it’s not too bad :)

  • vivienne

    Hi Fran,

    I really want to try apple cider vinegar. How much water do you drink with 1 tablespoon of ACV? Do I have to drink it with water? Please let me know!!

  • amy b

    Fran i have a question do you know anything about rosacea??
    how do you know that you don;t have rosacea instead of acne.
    i know that i have acne on my cheeks and jaw line only and sometimes chin but by cheeks are so red where there are no pimples, i wonder if you could have both? or any suggestions for the redness. i’m about to purchase rose hip oil and i use aloe.

  • ha

    Where can I purchase Vitamin b5?

  • ERIN

    Hi Fran, I can’t wait to try your program…my wedding is in just 4 weeks and i need a solution to clear my acne fast!

    do you recommend certain brands of vitamin B ?? I live in brisbane AUS, can i purchase all those skincare products here in australia??

  • What about raw milk? I heard raw milk was okay to drink?

  • Kevin- yes, but they’re expensive and I don’t think they’re critical to the plan’s just something I did. The simplified plan is fine.

    Maya- It should be fine, just don’t follow the skin care section or tailor that bit to your current routine.

    Jeanna- yes this is likely which is why we still need to work on fixing the root cause. Acne will always come back if we stop our holistic routine without fixing the cause of the problem. But it is likely that the diet and skin care routine alone will clear 95% of the acne, or even all of it if the acne is mild-medium. So you may not even need the B5.

  • jeanna

    I’m a little worried that stopping the B5 would bring the acne back worse. I think I read that somewhere on
    Another question is if we should avoid dairy [I have for years anyways], should I get a dairy-free probotic?

  • Daniel

    Vitamin b5 really works!! After performing in a show (with a lot of stage make-up and really rough treatment of my skin), I broke out really badly after being clear for almost a year.

    The Vitamin b5 has really dried me up. I’m almost completely clear – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Thank you Fran!

  • maya

    hey fran! great plan! my only concern is that i am on antibiotics at the moment (50 mg of minoclycline once a day) as well as topicals, differin gil (1%) and clindamycin pads…so will this interupt your plan? my ance is not going away as fast as i want it to, even though i am eating soooo much healthier. should i follow through with your plan?

  • kevin

    I waited whole day to read this, do you think any digestive enzyme will do? Or shall we look for a specific brand? Also, are you going to start eliminating things one by one to see which one or ones do the trick?

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