How To Do A Beautiful & Simple Ritual To Bring In More Of Any Positive Emotion

How To Do A Beautiful & Simple Ritual To Bring In More Of Any Positive Emotion

This is a really beautiful and easy ritual to do to bring in more of any positive emotion that you wish. It basically involves “charging water” and then using that water to bathe in. I explain how to do it in the video (and what it’s all about), and below the video there are a couple of pictures of the water bowl that I made yesterday. Enjoy!


Flower Bath

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  • Isabel Hon

    Beautiful idea thank you for sharing!

  • Lauren Duval

    I just listened to some of your videos and, despite speaking a language and
    probably having a belief system that are different from yours, I found your
    rituals interesting. I perceive them as uplifting exercises and poetic
    metaphors, and especially intimate dialogues with the present, kind of like
    what music does. I feel inspired and will try to have this approach towards
    my living space. Thank you for sharing.

  • Amanda

    Hello lovely Fran,

    What a beautiful ritual! I hope to bring more simple positivity to my life in 2014, and will certainly try this.

    This next bit is unrelated, but I felt the need to write to you about this… I know you suggest hormone testing — which is great. I had gotten my hormone levels tested twice, by two different doctors (my primary and GYN) and both said that my levels were fine. I knew this couldn’t be true because of my mid cycle spotting, horrific cramping, and jawline cystic acne. Much of it cleared up thanks to eating only whole plant-based foods and eliminating sugar. But, my acne flared back up recently thanks to an extremely stressful time. I had my naturopath test my hormones again and this time she tested for cortisol. Not shockingly, it was very high. I just thought I’d pass this bit of info along because if a client of yours has normal hormone levels (estrogen, testosterone, etc), their cortisol still may be wreaking havoc. I know you address stress on high on clear skin — which is so wonderful — but some patients might benefit from seeing a concrete number on paper that correlated with what stress is really doing inside their precious body!

  • Satori

    Hi Fran!

    How did you get into all the spiritual stuff? I’m going to one of Dr. Gabrial Cousins’s talk events in February. He’ll talk about spiritual eating. When I found about this event on facebook, I just bought a ticket without thinking because I need to see him before I die, and it’s kind of cool to see him in LA. I’m not that into spiritual stuff though. Not that I don’t like it, but I have never looked into it. I remember you’ve been to Tree of Life. Did you go there for your spirituality or mind health too?

    • Hi Satori, that’s great that you’re going see Dr Gabriel Cousins! I went to the centre to do his zero point course (yes, the spiritual stuff.. but mind stuff too, because I knew most about the cleansing already, having been a raw foodist back then for a while) and it was beautiful being in his presence for those 5 days.

      I first got into spiritual stuff when I was about 19 years old. I was atheist and not spiritual at all. I was an extremely anxious person, borderline agoraphobic. I then went to a women that was a medical doctor, naturopath and then also holistic counsellor. She led me through an energetic experience that changed my life forever. It opened me up to believing in a higher consciousness, which brought in a deeper love than I’d ever felt for anything ever before. That then opened me up to the beginning of my spiritual path.

      • Satori

        Hello Fran,

        Thank you for your reply & Happy New Year!!
        I couldn’t focus on myself at all in 2013 due to a series of events. I really want to purify myself in every element of my life and body in 2014.

        It’s great that you met a wonderful guide when you’re young. I’m probably the only person who has no idea whatsoever of spirituality at his event, but hopefully I can absorb something meaningful to myself. Thanks, again.

  • don't-bother

    i used to be the most positive person in my circle, until dad got diagnosed
    with cancer

  • High on Health

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