How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

hundreds and thousands skinI’m not talking about those little heads you get on inflamed pimples, I’m talking about comedonal acne – whiteheads.

Like blackheads, whiteheads are also clogged pores. They’re tiny, flesh colored, and often quite hard. There’s no redness or irritation around a whitehead so usually the only person that notices them is you.

Left alone, 9 out of 10 whiteheads will just go away by themselves. There are however a few ways of gently helping whiteheads to move along, and more importantly – simple ways to prevent any new whiteheads from forming.

These are the steps to follow if you missed them in the video.

To prevent whiteheads from forming:

To get rid of whiteheads:


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  • nimco

    hi fran you are absolutely amazing person thank you so much i have awhiteheads and acne on my face i just want to try this baking soda

  • Amie

    Hi Fran, I’m freaking out at the minute! – I was so relieved when I found your video on YouTube, I thought I was the only one who understood these crazy whiteheads. I’ve always suffered from breakouts of clusters of the usual red spots, but in the last month I’ve accumulated a tone of these white heads all over my face, jaw and neck – places I’ve never had breakouts before. I always ensure I wash, cleans and exfoliate my skin and never use oily products so don’t understand why I’ve got so many whiteheads? Is there anything you can reccomend I do while I’m waiting for the ‘Paula’s Choice’ product?

  • DD

    Revision from previous post:

    Hi Fran,

    I am a 20 year old male who generally never had any problems with acne, just a pimple every now and then. But a few months ago I have just started having whiteheads on my forehead. You can only see it in certain angles or in the sun but it still really bothers me. I’m currently using CeraVe hydrating cleanser along with neutrogena anti aging moisturizer with retinal. Are these products good for my problem or do you recommend something else? Also, I will be trying out the baking-soda method soon. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • DD

    Hi Fran,

    I just started having whiteheads a few months ago on my forehead. You can only see it in certain angles or in the sun but it really bothers me. I’m currently using CeraVe hydrating cleanser along with neutrogena anti aging moisterizer with retonal. Are these products good for my problem or do you recommend something else. Also, I will trying out the baking-soda method soon. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Sachi

    Hi Fran,

    Your posts are great!!:)

  • thanks fran,
    you are very kind and care about others with your research on skin care. I was searching each and every site on skin care from laser tech to glycolic acids. I know the condition of my skin after so many trials and treatments. I did suffer from acne and know the end result today is acne scars. I look to you for your advice and feel confident you have lead me in the right direction. THANK YOU.

  • Amanda Vance

    Hi Fran, I have watched your videos, and bought some of the Pauls choice BHA acid, however I bought the liquid, which I believe isnt really working , I have been using it for a few weeks with no improvement, I think I may return it for the gel instead. Also I am going to try adding bakind soda to my cleanser, should you add baking soda to your cleanser once a day, or twice? Any suggestions? Thanks!! hope it works for me. Also is there one particular cleanser you woudl recommend to mix with the baking soda? Also what about a moisturizer? I have been using aveeno?

  • Harriet

    hey fran, you mentioned not to use any products with oil in…what about hemp hemp hooray? i have very sturborn commodial acne and combination skin and i have just started using hemp hemp hooray cleansing cream and skin sooth but should i not be doing this because it has oil in?

  • Zinat

    @ kevin salazer

    I meant finish off saying, try this for 4-6 weeks and see what happens.. Just hope it works for u.. Tc

  • Zinat

    @ Kevin Salazar

    Have u tried any organic products?
    For example, pai skincare, Miessence organic, hemp hemp hooray (that did help me with spots), or try a good gentle organic cleanser which won’t harm ur skin and as moisturiser try using tamanu oil for 4 weeks and see a

  • Keven Salazar

    Hey Fran so I watched your video and have read your paragraphs. I wanted to know what to do because my face is covered in white heads and acne and need help. I have gone to a dermatologist but that didn’t help and I have used natural creams such as tee tree but that doesn’t help. I was wondering what I can do? please help thanks

  • Artee Jhumun

    Hi, my name is Artee and i am so nervous and annoying about my skin. My face always covers with pimples and whiteheads around my mouth especially and it turns black after few days. My face is becoming worse and worse.

    Also my hands are very dry. Before it wasn’t like that. Now since i am working in a nursing home and using gloves all the time and wash hands, my hands are very very dry even though i used vaseline petroleum jelly, it doesn’t work – remains the same.




  • michelle

    This little article was very helpful but what else coudl i use that i might have inside my cabinets at home? my graduation is in 2 weeks and i have at least 7 whiteheads around my chin and jaw. i need something that will work fast!

  • Mitchie

    Oh and for comment 24 I forgot to add that I kept accidently irratating it because there was a spot near by and I completly forgot what you said about not picking, so I picked the pimple that was near the whitehead and it got irratated and it got huge overnight. PLEASE HELP!

  • Mitchie

    And is it true that it’s safe to pick whiteheads espically after holding a hot towel over your face. But if it isn’t a whitehead and you pick it, there might be scars and there will be spots in that area again and again???

  • Mitchie

    Hi Fran,

    I really don’t know what this whitehead has turned into. It used to be a normal whitehead but now it looks like those inflamed ones. And its huge. The normal white head wasn’t red or big and like you also said they aren’t noticable. But like I said it’s HUGE AND RED now!!

  • Alexis H.

    Hi Fran,
    First of all thank you so much for the countless hours you have put into helping all of us acne-prone people. My story is almost identical to yours, (severe cystic acne), so I completely trust you!
    In the beginning of this video you mentioned the puss-head on top of a red inflamed pimple. Now, I’ve watched all your videos about how “not to pick”, so what do I do when I get a large cystic puss filled pimple? I am so used to popping them but I know thats a no-no!
    So what do I do to get rid of the large cystic puss head? I hate trying to put my mineral makeup on top of them. Any suggestions?
    Thanks SO much Fran! You’re the BEST!!!

  • Swe

    Im going to try ur tip with the baking soda tday!!….my skin is completely covered with whiteheads rite now..nd i think it was coz i used this tea tree oil range from body shop for like a month or so, nd it just totally dehydrated my skin! :(… i always thought my skin was oily nd hv been using products meant for oily skin..guess dat was de problem…but really, how do u know ur skin type wen its oily 1day nd dehydrated de other??????

  • Monica

    Thank you very much !
    It really helped, I can see results after just a few days !
    I just wondered if anyone knows where I can get calendula products without ordering online?
    Thank you :)

  • Kimura

    Hi Miss Fran..
    is it ok to use Benzoyl peroxide?
    my whiteheads are like a pinhead on my nose and it doesnt go away..
    its started last 2008 until now it gets back always!!
    Help mis Fran!!

  • Logan

    hi – i have a ton of whiteheads on my chin; i read on the internet that it is from trauma to the skin. im guessing thats from piercing my lip. i have heard about mario bedscu drying lotion. im going to go get it soon – but my white heads have been popped and popped and popped again. but keep coming back! there is also ALOT of redness around them as well. how do it get rid of that redness after i use the drying lotion?

  • Natalie

    Thanks fran! This helped a lot- now I need to stop using my nivea soft moisturising cream as it’s quite oily – for now I will leave my whiteheads as I only have about 6 on my chin and see how it goes – then I will tell u how it’s going later in the process
    Thanks again!!
    Natalie :)

  • Viki

    Hi fran I stared using the baking soda as an exfoliant it did make my skin softer and I see my acne is subsiding but I noticed I’ve been getting a couple of pustules. Does this mean all the toxins are colin to the surface and my face looks really red from the baking soda is that normal if not r there other substitues for baking soda

  • Zinat

    Hi Fran,

    during this summer i broke out into acne and my skin was really red, so i started using zenmed products and they have 2.0 salicylic acid on the acne gel but they told me to carry on using it for 3 months. I just watched ur video and you said not to use too much of salicylic acid, do u think i should carry on using the gel for 3 month?

    i also want to know is Egypitan magic cream good for sensitive skin?

  • mariecel

    its so nice i’ve found you! i’m 42, working as a deputy head. i’ve got this big problem about my face. it’s too oily,i’ve also got whiteheads and brown spots! please tell me what are the home remedies that i can do to get rid of this problem. thank you

  • Laura- comedonal acne is often caused by a congested liver, so it could be that the excess hormones produced from child birth are overloading her liver a little too much. But there are many other possibilities too.

    Definitely try the routine in this article before trying the pill. The pill has a lot of side effects so is best left as a last resort.

    Good luck :)

  • Laura

    Hello Fran!
    I’ve read some stuff about whiteheads, but still wonder – can my friend’s whiteheads be caused by hormonal disbalance? She gave birth 1.5 years ago and she’s had whiteheads since. Before that she never had problems with skin, not even in her teenage years.
    She has a lot of whiteheads, always on her cheeks and near the mouth. It really disappoints her, so she constantly picks her face. She has tried a lot of products, but hasnt gotten any long lasting results/
    Lately she stopped eating bad fats, started eating nuts, fish, more vegetables, fruits. What else should we do? Maybe hormones are not the reason? We’ve already order Paula’s BHA product, but maybe she should consider the pill&
    Sorry for my English, I am writing this from Moscow. You have fans in Russia too! )))

  • Iris

    I am also combating with whiteheads. I found a thread somewhere on the Internet where somewhere described using regular salt as an exfoliant. Apparently a cosmetologist had recommended it, saying that besides exfoliating it also has an antibacterial effect. Anyway, I have tried it, putting it on a wet face, leaving it on for a bit and then VERY gently scrubbing my face with it. I repeat: you have to be VERY gentle :) It seems to be working well. Just a tip.

  • Best to take it back Emmz, baking powder is different. You need “baking soda” or sometimes it’s called “bicarbonate soda”. It’s important because it’s an abrasive which is why it can be used as an exfoliant.

  • EMMZ

    Hi Fran,
    Took your advice on using baking soda in my cleanser to exfoliate, but when I got home from the shops, I’ve realised that I bought baking powder instead. Is it possible to use the powder to exfoliate instead of the soda? Don’t really know the difference between the 2.

  • Karina
  • Cheryl- Yep, sounds like whiteheads. I’ve picked some out like that too, but you have to be careful because sometimes when you do that, it can result in an inflammation because you don’t get it all out and bacteria goes in.

    Just follow what to do in the video and text in this article :)

  • cheryl

    What I have in areas on my face (and they seem to be getting worse now that I’m 50!) are hard bumps, flesh colored but you can actually see there is a whitehead under the skin. I will prick them out with a needle and what I get is a hard, tiny round white thing. Are these still whiteheads and how do I get rid of them?!

  • Sarah

    Hi Fran, After watching your video I mixed some baking soda with my cleanser and my face felt so smooth afterwards. I will never buy another facial scrub again because the baking soda worked so well as an exfoliator and it was super gentle on my skin. I had no redness afterwards so everything is great. Thanks for the advice. You saved me so much money on an expensive facial scrub.

  • paperwings, If they’re as small as a pore, flesh coloured and don’t hurt, they’re a whitehead.

  • paperwings

    Are white heads the same as the beneath the surface type bumps I can see? Or are those soon to be pimples?

  • Hi Zack, yeah calendula products are awesome …fantastic natural antibacterial. That’s great your skin is doing really well!

  • zack

    Hi Fran! You hit the nail on the head with this post. All i get about 98% of the time is whiteheads ther bother me so much! I never get blackheads ever just whiteheads and maybe every other week that cyctic acne pimples (but honestly I think they are from shaving and are just ingrown hairs) I remember I used baking soda but I think it was a little too strong for me because after I was red and I didn’t use a lot just a tiny pea size. BTW right now I am moisturizing with calendula gel by Boiron Homeopathics its amazing! No acne or pimples it actually helps with blemishes and I use it after I shave to help heal razorburn and cuts although I hardly cut myself anymore I change my razor every week now and rinse with very hot water (the razor not my face)!

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