How To Heal From Acne Naturally: For Adult Women – Free eBook Release

How To Heal From Acne Naturally: For Adult Women – Free eBook Release

How To Heal From Acne Naturally: For Adult WomenMy latest book has just been released! How To Heal From Acne Naturally: For Adult Women, is a guide for all women over the age of 17 to completely heal from acne.

In the eBook you’ll learn:

  • If your acne is hormonal and if so, what hormones are out and how to naturally balance them.
  • How to stop getting pre-menstrual acne.
  • The acne hormonal link with the liver and digestive system.
  • An action plan for safely coming off the pill without getting a breakout.
  • The best natural skin care routine for acne and exactly how to do it.
  • The emotional connection to acne, and exercises to work on healing the emotional connection.
  • And much more…

Until December 2 2013, the eBook is free. You can download it directly from Amazon kindle. You do not need to have a kindle to get it, you can download to any iPad or computer with a free kindle app.

If the kindle version is not showing up in your region, try viewing on or

Here is the link to the kindle book.

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  • Tayna

    I have suffered from acne for a very long time, now I have enlarged pores and would like to know if there is anything I can do to shrink them? I also have very oily skin and just started drinking nettle leaf tea to reduce my oil production, do you know of anything else that will reduce oily skin?

    Thank you,


  • Charity Fuentes

    Do you still use estroblock? Would you still recommend it?

  • Charity Fuentes

    Do you still use estroblock? Would you still recommend it?

  • Simone

    Hi Fran,

    Just purchased your pregnant and nursing ebook and have started using hemp oil. It’s working well, but I’d like to know your thoughts on long term effects of using an unsaturated oil on the skin. if it needs to be refrigerated to prevent it going rancid, what happens when you put it in your skin and go out in the sun?

  • Alaina

    Hi Fran,
    I have been reading your blog for years… Your info has been so helpful in the past. I just had a baby 5 months ago. I had perfectly clear skin the whole time I was pregnant and now I am having a horrible acne explosion like when I was a teenager :-(… Any advise for dealing with postpartum would really be appreciated. Not sure if you provided any info on this in the past.

  • Julia


    Im 24 years old and went off the pill 3 months ago (been on it for 2 1/2 years).
    I had acne around mouth and jaw the last year with the pill.
    When i quit the pill the acne disappeared almost completely, just one or two little ones came around my period – great! I’ve since I quit the pill been taking one estroblock, one liv-tox and one multivitamin every morning.

    Now to my concerns:
    Five days ago I started taking two estroblocks (one in the morning, one in the evening) and since then I’ve had a lot little pimples around mouth and jaw!
    Is it like a cleaning face or should I stop takin estroblock completely?
    Or do you think it’s cause of the pill (heard that many get side effects after around three months quitting from it)?
    Have you heard this can happen? Any tip?
    Confused and scared it will continue/get worse went it’s gone so well the last months! :(

    Thanks for your blog!

  • Dear Fran,
    I had acne since I was 14 and a severe acne flare up around age 25 that was so bad I was crying every day and feeling hopeless after trying every prescription topical product invented and being on and off antibiotics for 11 years. Dermitologists seemed clueless. Reading your blogs helped me realize that the cause of my acne was definitely hormonal and I went back on birth control which helped clear 90 percent of my skin. At age 28 I really wanted to get off of birth control and your book helped me so much!!! DIM has made a huge difference and even after five months of no birth control my skin is better than it has ever been. I am still a little frightened that it will come back but so far it seems like a miracle. I am eternally grateful to you for sharing your wisdom with me and helping me find a way out of a depressing and disfiguring skin condition. Are there any natural remedies that you would reccomend for scars? I have mild scarring on my cheeks temples and jawline.

  • Dorothy W

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time, your so inspiring and very
    informative, What natural foods would you recommend to clear up brown spots
    on the face?

  • Melanie

    Hi Fran,

    I was wondering if your approach to acne free skin is also a template for other skin troubles like eczema, dermatitis, rashes, ect? I have some mild acne, but my biggest concern are the blisters and red like patches on my face that I’ve struggled with since my teens. I don’t know what they are exactly, or what the cause, but they are primarily on the jaw area (especially the sides of my mouth), and under my nose. Could this too be hormonal? I’ve exhausted many avenues to try and treat this re-occurance, it’s become a real centre in my life and I’m eager to heal now more than ever. I just don’t know where to start.

    With love,

    • Hi Melanie, definitely focus on your liver – flushing will likely help you out a whole lot. This guide may not be the best but my liver guide will be good for you. You can get it from here –
      :) x

  • Jasmine

    You’re amazing Fran.

  • Emily Isaak

    im only 11

  • Emily Isaak

    what age should you be to start cleaning your face

    • Hi Emily, don’t worry about cleaning your face so much. At 11 if you’re already getting acne then it’s likely your hormones are going nuts as you begin to go through puberty. Most teenagers will get acne so you’re not alone. Don’t worry about it and it will likely go away on it’s own <3

  • MinaKorba

    Downloaded. Thank you so much Fran xxx

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