How To Make Spirulina Taste Good

How To Make Spirulina Taste Good

SpirulinaI never thought I’d see the day when I actually craved spirulina, but I guess it’s here! I ran out of spirulina two days ago and I miss it terribly. I’m in the habit of adding a heaped tablespoon to my green juice or smoothie every day and although I haven’t learned to love the flavor my body must love the effects because I really do miss it terribly.

Problem is, how do you make spirulina taste good enough to get down? I have a friend who mixes hers with a big glass of apple or orange juice and drinks it through a giant McDonalds straw with her nose blocked. It’s a true story, I’ve seen her do it. She really hates the taste a lot, obviously. But instead of torturing myself, I’d rather try to at least make it taste okay.

I’ve heard that mixing spirulina with bananas, pineapple juice or oranges masks most of the flavor. I’ve experimented a little with banana and fresh young coconut milk but found the spirulina made the taste of a really yummy banana-coconut smoothie a bit yuck. So I’d rather create something that compliments the spirulina rather than just tries to mask it.

So here are my recipes that I use every day to make it at least a little bit enjoyable-

Spirulina Super Green Smoothie

1 cucumber
2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves
1 green apple
1-2 cups of good quality water
1 tablespoon of spirulina
1 teaspoon of wheatgrass powder (optional)

Blend in a vitamix or super great blender until well combined. If you prefer it sweeter, you an add it a little xylitol or honey.

Spirulina Green Juice

4-5 sticks of celery (leaves and all)
2 carrots
1 green apple
1 tablespoon of spirulina

Juice celery, carrots and apple. Then blend the juice with the spirulina. You can try just stirring it in but I don’t like clumps so I prefer to blend.

And if you’re still eating cacao, these spirulina chocolate balls from David Wolfe’s book Superfoods (I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this book) are amazing. They absolutely are the best way to eat spirulina that I’ve found yet. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you may not love them as much as me but I find them simply divine.

Spirulina & Chocolate Balls

1/4 cup hempseeds
1/2 cup cacao powder
2 tablespoons of spirulina
2 tablespoons coconut oil
3 tablespoons raw honey
a pinch of celtic sea salt
the inside of 1 vanilla bean (scoop out the seeds)

Melt coconut oil if it’s set. You can do this buy putting it in a dehydrator, leaving it out in the sun or immersing the jar of coconut oil in a bowl of hot water.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. It will get all black and extremely sticky!! Roll into balls and set in the freezer. I love to eat these straight out of the freezer. They’re incredibly addictive and taste amazing.

What’s your favorite spirulina recipe?

Have you managed to make spirulina taste good or do you love the taste? Let us know about it by writing in the box below..

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  • Melissa

    Can any of these mixtures be frozen or does it weaken the green algae effectiveness? I would love to give frozen healthy pops on a hot Texas day.

  • Alice

    I stir the spirilina into some plain yogert.

    • As did I use to, but still couldn’t manage to enjoy it. Will have to try these out, instead of just enjoying that healthy green color!

      • alice

        You are right. That lasted for a while! I am looking for other ideas. It thickens the yogert too much, but i want to protect the goodness of the beautiful spiriliina.

        Maybe some other way to combine it. maybe in a salad?

        Im such a newbie. Guess ill have to experiment on my own for a while. Stubborn too, i guess!

  • Lisa

    thank you SO much for the chocolate recipe! I never thought I could get spirulina powder to taste good! I had purchase raw caco beans at the same time, so it was a perfect recipe!

  • I’ll be trying out your Spirulina & Chocolate Balls Recipe! I am on a quest for yummy energy food snacks to share with my community of women recovering from fatigue! (And to give me a boost too …)



  • Irina

    I made smoothie with honeydew and strawberries and a Tbps of spirulina, it tastes great!! Even my 4 yr old daughter asked for another glass of this smoothie.

  • Uzu

    the way I mask the spirulina is :

    1.5 dl of pineapple juice
    1.5 dl of orange juice
    1 big topped teaspoon of spirulina powder.

    This mixed with a hand mixer. I think it covers the taste quite good. I use juice that is not from concentrate but perhaps no point in doing so. However 1 litre of both juices will last for a week for this spirulina programme. = 1 drink before breakfast every day .

  • Juanita

    All your ideas sound great. I’ll have to try them.
    I mix mine with Clamato juice and V8 Juice. I find that it blends right in with the veg. taste of the juices and
    really taste good. I mix my spirulina & wheatgrass together , that way I get them both at the same time in the same drink.

  • Kaeli

    I agree with whoever said it above about using coconut to mask the taste.
    Ive been taking spirulina and chlorella powder just mixed into hot water with melted coconut oil. The coconut makes what is a sortof gross taste into a sweet (but strange) drink. Sortof addictive.

    Also, per the comment just above. Ive heard you could take about 6 or 7 grams a day for actually treating something, but the regular 3 gram a day is what usually is taken. I usually try for about 4 grams each of spirulina and chlorella and to get them i use the powders and also the tablets i can carry around with me.

  • Clare

    Thanks for all these suggestions! I’ve been taking a teaspoon of spirulina with the juice of half a carrot and a HUGE knob of ginger. The ginger is so strong you can’t taste the spirulina but i’m not sure how i will go increasing the dose to one tablespoon.

    Just in response to a few suggestions on heating spirulina. I have read that people cook with it. I haven’t done any research but I would say that heating spirulina would significantly decrease its nutritional content. In my mind it would be pointless consuming it as you would have destroyed all the goodness.

    Also, I was talking with someone from my work yesterday who is a nutritionist and she said that for spirulina to be beneficial to the body you need to take such a huge quantity that it is pointless taking it if you just consume a teaspoon or tablespoon. It may have a high percentage of nutrients but you need to take a very large dose to have some benefit. I’m now thinking of stopping it. Does anyone have any thoughts….

    Thanks :)

  • taryn

    I use RAW Veg protein powder and Chocolate whey protein powder. Blueberries, strawberries, mango and pineapple w/ coconut milk and oj to help mask the Spirulina and Chorella taste. If u get the right ratio down it masks pretty well. I think the chocolate n pineapple work the best so guess sweetness would be the key. Occasionally ill add Stevia and or fresh orange that seems to work well. P.s. If your a fan of Rootbeer soda try Rootbeer and Vanilla Cream stevia in seltzer water. The orange and grape stevia tastes amazing as well. When trying to go w/out sugar its a life savor even though I normally don’t drink soda. Now Foods makes a thinker Chocolate stevia that tastes great drizzled on fresh strawberries :)

  • Sonja

    I love adding Spirulina to my homemade raw chocolate. I can add quite a decent amount and still I don’t taste any spirulina. If anything, it enhances the flavour. Yummie!

  • It goes well with OJ, but I find nothing hides it better than mango/mango juice. I used to make smoothies with spirulina and cod liver oil and it was always easily masked with mango and a little liquid vit. c. i need to get back on that regimen!

  • Spirulina is a tough taste to disguise, but I can get it down with celery, parsley, and lemon juice. It’s a savory juice- not at all sweet. It’s even good with a tomato, 1/2 garlic clove and one green onion. It’s like a V8 that RAWks.

  • bethany

    I love to do a mix of 2 tblspoons spirulina, 1tblspoon chlorella, 4 dashes cinnamon, tsp agave, add approx 6 oz water and shake in a sealed container, and CHUG!! cinnamon masks the flavor of the algaes and agave sweetens. I get mine from best price anywhere

  • gaea

    yum thanks for the recipes. I plan to combine several of these for one and will let you know.
    As to Spirulina causing an upchuck reaction.. probably need to lower the dose of spirulina until your body can handle it. I have a friend who has wheat grass every morning and he asked if I’d like a glass straight up or diluted.. ahaha silly me.. took it straight up. whew ~ ran outside and purged. Next time I took it dilute by half and it was good and good for me.
    I make a smoothie most every day. a great website for you to find it and other awesome products and recipes and information is – my smoothie is coconut milk powder, water, berries, spoonful spirulina powder and vitamin C powder, 2 tbs chia seed and honey or your choice of small amt of sweeter, a cap of vanilla.. ANd Spin ~~ also one day recently I used cacao in it ~ Cacao WOW – I could call that one.. was so DELISH~
    peace be with you all ~ gaea

  • Anela

    Ive been looking for organic spirulina online and theres a few different places its made. India China Hawaii and Thailand or something. Is there any of these growing places that are superior?As far as price goes. looks like Hawaiian Spirulina is the most expensive.

  • carmenta

    I would recommend having it simply with the juice of one lemon as a brilliant way to totally mask the taste. When I first took spirulina I also vomited and couldn’t keep it down. A recent spate of bad health had me trying again though, and this time the lemon worked wonders. For me it totally neutralises the yucky taste and so it becomes just a bland, lemony drink. My skin is glowing after only a week! and I feel great!

    • Kim

      I used this method as well! It doesn’t taste all that bad

  • Vanessa

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been dreading each day the moment I must endure another spoonful of the yucky green powder. I will definitely try out the recipes!

  • Thanks for the great suggestions. I’ve never found a way to make spirulina palatable enough to consumer regularly. Your recipes look great – can’t wait to try!

  • Veronika

    I recently discovered the coconut water + young coconut flesh + vitamineral green + spirulina mixture. It was a recipe from a guy at our local farmer’s market. It was actually reeeaaally good. You mentioned that you didn’t like spirulina + coconut water, but maybe if you blend some meat w/ the water first, and then put in a teaspoon of vitamineral green and a little spirulina, it makes a better flavor? I really liked it.

    Oh, and the other tip I have is to spread it out over your day. So instead of trying to consume a TBS of spirulina, eat just a teaspoon which is easier to “cover up” and then another teaspoon later on.

  • Your right that healthy food does taste great..and I agree that probably would be a bit too many dates to have!

    The only reason I said that was because above you said you “haven’t learned to love the flavour” of spirulina and you like dates so I reckon that combo would be for the win.

    You could probably use sultanas (less expensive) or..maybe you could make a green pudding with spirulina, avocado and a raw honey perhaps.

    Or maybe you could make a pesto with a bit of spirulina, olive oil and a herb such as parsley and corriander?

    With your Spirulina & Chocolate Balls recipe how many does that make? And have you found somewhere to purchase hemp seeds? (If you have, can you email me). They seem to be pretty hard to find ’cause they are
    you know not yet legal.

  • Michelle, I enjoy all of my lovely food – healthy food tastes great too :) I just choose to have a low glucose and low fructose diet. If I’m having a sugary treat, I’d rather have something amazing and luscious ..and gooey and treat like. Not a daily dosage of 10 dates to hide a tablespoon of spirulina. But it’s good to mix it up so I’ll give it a go sometime!

  • Don’t feel guilty Fran. Remember dates contain more than just sugar and anyway our brain needs a constant supply of glucose to function well.

    It’s not like you’d be eating just dates in that recipe- the protein and fats in the walnuts will help to slow down the release of the sugar in the dates. And I’m sure the nutrients in the spirulina will add many micronutrients and protein as well.

    Remember we should eat to enjoy food as don’t feel guilty :)!

  • Michelle- Aha! Great idea Lola, I reckon those balls would taste great …although I’m trying not to eat TOO much sweet food, the dates might make me feel a little guilty if I ate them all the time :)

  • Peter Bardsley

    I make carrot+ juice a few times/wk.with my 97yr.old mum who lives nextdoor.-sometimes I blend mine with chia/salba seeds,whey pdr.,a pre &probiotic pdr. & my spirulina>chlorella>barleygreen blend,chuck in a banana,or honey& find it tastes YUM.-I guess it took a little Xperimenting 2 get it right but now I just love it,-Peter from OZ.

  • Hi Fran.

    Have you heard of Lola Berry? She’s an Aussie Naturopath (she went to Endeavour too).
    Anyway, she makes theses ‘raw green balls’ which I think have dates, walnuts and spirulina.
    You grind the walnuts, add the spirulina and then bind them all with the dates. Could be worth a try!

  • There is a wheatgrass powder that tastes like a green tea!! This taste is such because this wheatgrass powder includes the roots and that makese the tast acceptable. Google “bestorganicwheatgrass” and get a FREE sample.

  • Lolly- I get mine from here: ..but you can buy it from every health store. The tablets are okay too if you really can’t stand the taste.

    vivienne- Sadly I guess that is my personality! Thanks for your concern lovely. Spirulina I’m quite sure is all good. I’m not planning on increasing that quantity. But let’s see if those are my famous last words.

    You’re right though, I do know that it’s good practice to switch to kelp or blue green algae after 3 months or so to mix it up. I’m about due for that so I looks like it’s time for a change :) x

  • vivienne

    Hi Fran!

    The smoothie sounds great! I’ll try it tomorrow :D. I must admit though…whenever you’re “into” something…that makes me nervous! I don’t know you in person, but I don’t want to see you having another meltdown or anything.

    I personally don’t take a product like spirulina everyday. I know it’s all natural and stuff, but a product powerful like spirulina should be taken in moderation, shouldn’t it? Well I’m not a health specialist like yourself and you’re the person who taught me that we have to be nice to our body. So please consider rotating products you take or at least have no spirulina day sometimes. Thanks!

    PS. I’m enjoying reading your 30days raw journal right now!

  • Lolly

    Hey Fran,
    Where do you normally buy spirulina from?

  • Megan- I’ve heard of this before – a friend’s housemate has the same thing. I don’t know why (without Googling it) but I’m guessing it just doesn’t sit well with you, just like any superfood. They really are super, they seem to be either incredibly amazing or quite obviously not suited at all. You could also have an allergy or an intolerance to it.

  • Megan

    Spirulina makes me throw up within a couple of hours of taking it. Do you know why this might be happening?

  • Oh I love your recipes, I’m not eating bananas at the moment or cacao so I can’t try that AMAZING smoothie! Blah!!

  • Hey Fran, great post – I’m such a fan of the super green algae! I think you can definitely aim to compliment the flavour rather than masking it, and your recipes sound awesome.
    I think banana, orange, celery, spinach, cucumber & spirulina go quite well together, but I have to say, it’s a match made in heaven with raw cacao (just can’t cut back!). Blended with young coconut water/flesh, frozen banana, spinach/kale, blueberries, heaped tspn cacao and spirulina, this is one energising drink!

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