How To Make Your Own Almond Milk

How To Make Your Own Almond Milk

almond milkI finally got around to making my own almond milk and I’m so proud of it! This is a photo of my creation and I’m so impressed with how much it looks like cows milk.

I love cows milk but I’m allergic to it and I’m a bit unsure about how healthy it really is for us humans, so I buy oat or almond milk from the health store.

But almond milk in stores is often sweetened which I don’t like, or it’s ridiculously expensive which of course I don’t like either. So today I made my own almond milk which was a little bit messy but actually really easy to make.

I highly recommend making your own almond milk. It’s a fun way to make a very healthy milk alternative. And the added benefit for me is I don’t have to add a sweetener because I prefer the taste unsweetened. But you can add a natural sweetener if you want. You can also choose to make your milk organic by using organic almonds, which of course is what I did.

How to make almond milk

I learned how to make almond milk from watching this awesome video. Take a look -

As I said, I didn’t add the dates because I didn’t think the milk needed it. I don’t eat much sugar anymore so it may be that I no longer need foods to be as sweet.

I’m also yet to invest in a nut milk bag so I just used a stocking (brand new of course). The stocking wasn’t too bad and did the job, but the hole at the opening is very small so it required a bit more dexterity than in Karen’s video. I’d also advise you to squeeze your almond milk into a large bowl, again like in the video. I squeezed mine into a smallish jar which got quite tricky. I had to really aim to get it in the jar!

Now I can use my delicious almond milk to make a chocolate smoothie with cacao, yum.

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  • albert wesker

    Katie Soy Milk doesn’t contain female hormones that’s some bad media spin but it does contain PhytoEstrogens (Plant Estrogens)

    Which sounds like Estrogen Yes they occur naturally and are in many plant foods…. its not absorbed by your body and turned into Estrogen unless you need Estrogen.
    (Like some woman do when they reach menopause)

    Just for the record men have estrogen like woman do but they don’t lose it from their body like woman sometimes do

    So if a menopausal lady needs estrogen/hormone replacement drugs which are linked to breast cancer plus ovary cancer she could just eat soy products instead and it would be a much safer result ;) and cheaper too depending which country shes in.
    There good for male’s prostrate troubles too.

    The real horror is cows milk a combination of bacterial/steroids/vaccines/hormones/blood n puss which most of the planet is allergic to and has second hand allergies to (it should have a warning on it )

    MILK {Warning} Massive weight gain

    I’m gonna try your almond milk thank you ;)

  • Raelene

    I used a muslin bag, you can buy a square from any fabric shop. My mum used to make soy milk the same way too, just buy the soy nuts!
    I love the taste and texture of the almond milk but I find there is a sour smell to it? Any ideas?

  • Sue

    You can also use the left over pulp ….. either dry roast it to make almond meal or you can mix it with a good quality shower gel to create a good exfoliating scrub

  • Al

    I just wanted to mention that with any nuts and seeds they need to be soaked in RO or spring water to activate the enzime inhibitors, other wise your body is not getting the full effect and is not processing them very well.With almonds you should soak for about four hours, the softer the nut the less time it needs to be soaked.

  • Katie

    I find I just can’t digest soy milk very well and I really dislike the taste anyway. It contains female hormones I believe so you just have to be careful how much you drink. I’m absolutely in love with almond milk! I added a bit of a twist to the recipe I use and added coconut water/flesh and vanilla/dates/rum flavoring and soaked pecans with the soaked almonds. It’s heavenly, way tastier than cow’s milk.

  • This is a little off topic, but how about soy milk? I’ve been drinking non GMO organic soy milk for a while now (1 cup a day) and I’m getting a little nervous because a lot of people have said it’s bad for you…

  • Cedre

    Thank you so much for receipe! I will also try. Meanwhile I am considering switching to goats milk (low on lactose) as I think milk do provoke my spots .

    • Yeh, goats milk is much easier for our bodies to process than cows milk’s a good switch

  • Robyne

    Just did a search and thank goodness found that the jury is still out on soaking! Some say that soaking deactivates the enzymes – others say that hasnt be proven yet…etc etc all I care about is that I am not going to be sick from drinking “unsoaked” milk :)

  • Robyne

    I didnt know you had to soak the almonds…. oops! In my enthusiasm I made it straight away and drank it too…in the video she didnt say to soak them – in fact she just put them in the blender and then added some water. What si the issue with the acid you gals were talking abotu?

  • Robyne

    Great job! I copied your idea and really was surprised at how easy and good it tasted. I have been looking for an alternative to dairy and soy is disgusting…I have the answer!!!!
    Thanks for that.

  • Sarah

    I just made this tonight. I added a 1/2 tsp. of homemade vanilla and it added some nice flavor. I am going to use this for granola in the morning and maybe my coffee. I pulled a jelly bag from my canning supplies and used it, it worked perfectly as it has a rack you wrap it around and then placed it above a bowl to strain.

  • Toni

    Wow thanks for letting people know how to make Almond Milk. I need it to make a Immunity Builder Shake as I had cancer last year and have to build up my immunity. So very happy thanks again.

  • jess

    Yum. Instead of spending a lot on nut milk bags, go to a paint store and spend only a few bucks on paint straining bags.

  • Hey Lyn, You can make heaps of really yummy foods with the almond meal. Do a google search and you’ll find loads of raw recipes (usually dessert stuff)

  • lyn

    Love the almond milk, but what can you do with the almond meal. Hate waste.

  • Steph

    This is so awesome. I’m a busy university student but I try to make one special drink or snack a day… you know, just something prepared with a little loving care, usually after my classes have ended. It’s sometimes a really nice tea or a little snack with cereal or yogurt. It’s a great break, and it makes me feel a lot more relaxed and a lot happier. Can’t wait to try this.

  • Capri- Yep! You need to soak the almonds first. I soak them overnight.

  • Capri

    Fran, I’m desperate to make this milk but first need to know.. Do you need to soak the amonds to remove the phytic acid first before you make the milk?
    Thanks :-)

  • Kylie

    I so need to buy a blender and that nylon mesh bag. Great ideas :) DOes Almond Milk have calcium?

  • Kitty

    My latest indulgence or treat that I get to enjoy a couple of cups a day: rooibos tea with a little bit of stevia and almond milk! So delish is should be a sin! lol only thing that makes it even better is to have with one of the chocolatey almond fudge ball thingies with a cup of this tea… heavenly… :D

    Oh yeah, I make my almond milk unsweetened and I think I prefer it that way… :)

  • Diana Henderson

    I love the thought of using seed and nut milks instead of dairy. Want to see if my granddaughter will like it too as an alternative….
    I am sure my 2 daughters will enjoy it too….

  • Deseray Moore

    I tried that out and it was pretty good. And this was my first time trying almond milk and I have to say it was alright.

  • I thought I’d prefer it sweetened but it was fine unsweetened, in fact I really liked it.

  • Deseray Moore

    I’ll have to try that. It will be excellent since I am lactose intolorant. Does the almond milk taste better sweetened or not sweetend?

  • Not at all;-)
    With nut/seed milk it is always 1 : 3 or 1: 2,5 ; that’s the ration nut/seed to water.

  • Sesame milk? Wow, I bet a HEAP of sesame seeds are needed for that!

  • I love sesame milk!!!!!!! Great calcium source!
    Yes- same way! And you could add some carob or raw cacao, if you’re fine with it or strawberries, blueberries..Anything! Vanilla Bean makes it smooth and silky!

  • Chrissi chrissi

    cool … I always thought things like that were difficult to make i’ll certainly be trying that next week for breakfast :) Did you check out her flax seed crackers mmmm sound yummy i’ll give that a whirl saturday … excited now :)

  • Nico

    Intersting. I though it has to influse for a few hours before straining it. Maybe that would give it more aroma?

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