How To Make Your Own Hemp Seed Oil & Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer

How To Make Your Own Hemp Seed Oil & Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer

A good friend of mine has been using hemp seed oil to moisturize his face for as long as I’ve known him. He has excellent and clear skin so I’ve always wondered if the hemp seed oil had something to do with his great complexion. What stopped me from trying it myself was my fear of using straight oils on my face, and the fact that his pores were enlarged (even though you had to look really close to see them).

It reminded me of a time years ago (before I had acne) when I used to make my own skin care products with waxes and essential oils. They’d always make my pores look visibly a lot larger so my creations always ended up in the bin.

However (and this is the really, really good bit), recently he started adding aloe vera into the hemp seed oil with amazing results!

Aloe vera naturally tightens the skin, especially fresh aloe. You’ll be able to feel it if you squeeze some of the aloe gel out of a leaf and apply it to skin on any part of your body. The skin will almost immediately begin to feel tighter.

So aloe vera is a perfect mix for the hemp seed oil. After a few moments the “oily sheen” that is often left after using straight hemp seed oil will have left completely. It’s as if the aloe vera helps the hemp seed oil to be absorbed into the skin. The aloe also prevents the pores from looking enlarged. As it tightens the skin, it tightens the pores too.

It’s also important to note here that I’ve now finally discovered a resource that lists the comedogenic rating for hemp seed oil. And it was awesome to find that hemp seed oil has a rating of 0. This means it’s super safe to use on the skin, will not clog your pores and will not give you acne. Check out the resource by clicking here.

How to make your own hemp seed & aloe facial moisturizer

One application of this moisturizer requires around 5 drops of hemp seed oil mixed with 1-2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel. Use organic ingredients if you can. I was too excited to pass on this recipe so I haven’t experimented yet with quantities for making more of a bulk product.

You can use aloe vera gel bought from a store, but of course it’s always best to use fresh aloe directly from a plant. If using fresh aloe vera gel and making up bulk quantities of this moisturizer, you will need to preserve the gel in some way. To make your own aloe vera gel, follow the recipe in this article – How To Harvest Aloe Vera & How To Make Your Own Gel

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  • Alex

    I’ve been using pure organic hemp oil on my skin for a few days now and the results are great. Every other oil I have ever put on my face felt really heavy and seemed to block my pores giving me a greasy feeling. Hemp seed oil however seems to sink right into my skin and makes my pores feel clean and smooth. They don’t seem enlarged however I am using acv toner and manuka honey to cleanse/spot treat so that may be shrinking the pores but I so far I love this hemp oil and will continue to moisturize with it until I can get my hands on an aloe vera plant and then I will make this moisturizer.

  • Lynne

    Am watching with interest all responses. I too used to have a peaches and cream complexion before puberty but my skin has been a nightmare for me ever since and I am now in my mid sixties. Started the hemp oil regime two days ago and wondered if the “kitchen” variety was the same to use on the face. Thought that the product for the face would come in a small pure essence bottle. So far so good but am a little concerned with the T area. Skin definitely feels softer. Am also taking internally on my breakfast along with the Barley Grass. Not the nicest taste but then am prepared to try anything. Will give this regime at least two weeks then will try the recipe to add fresh aloe vera. Am very positive at this stage that I am onto a winner! Thank you fellow contributors.

  • lulu

    hi fran,

    have you tried yourself using this mixture to moisturise your skin?

    I had quite some success using merely aloe vera gel during summer months. Unfortunately, since then it got colder and more windy in UK. My skin doesn’t feel that nice anymore, it’s drier and some flakiness has occurred.

    I tried following your advice and mixed up a little bit of
    organic hemp oil with aloe vera gel. At first my skin felt nice and moist but some time after application I could feel some blocked pores on my forehead. Also the moist feeling is turning into a greasy one.

    Is it something to worry about? Have you or your friend encountered the same problem?
    Also I came across the same article as Mackenzie that places hemp seed oil among comedogenic oils. Could you or anybody else comment on this topic please?

  • Mackenzie

    I second that question. I’ve been using manuka 16+ ( ordered it before doing more research about the higher UMF levels! :$) and organic aloe vera gel as a cleanser for the past week and my skin is looking pretty awful. I’m now petrified because this happened when I tried the OCM…except with the OCM it took longer to break out this badly. I can’t tell if it’s not working or if my skin is purging..and also my hormone levels are probably shifting because I’m due for my cycle in the next week or so. Ughhh…I am scared to use oils on my face but I have no other choice! I no longer want to use chemicals because they damage my skin but I feel a bit helpless right now :( Oh and I came across this site while looking up more info on hemp seed oil–it’s horrible but I wonder if there is ANY validity to it:

  • Anela

    Ive been using this mixture ever since I first saw this article. I have been getting pimples here and there and using the honey as a spot treatment. I really like it cuz using just the oil is too oily so the aloe helps it tighten a bit! I have also been using honey as a cleanser and my friends officially think im nuts with the all of this and my “no shampoo” regiment.
    question: is it normal to have these outbreaks with using the honey as a cleanser? and this moisturizing mixture? is it the clogged pores coming out?

  • Hey I, nope there’s no difference – the food one is the same as the face one :)

    And any brand of manuka honey as long as it has a UMF rating and it’s made in New Zealand should be good.

  • l

    hi fran,

    i’m very interested by this article and i want to try it. i went to my local whole foods store and found hemp oil but im just a little confused. is there a difference between hemp oil that you can use on your face and the hemp oil you put on your food? do you have any brand suggestions? also, this question is not related to this article but im also interested in what brands you suggest for manuka oil?

    thanks so much! love your page!

  • CL- Health food stores should stock hemp oil. If not, ask them to get it in. And this tip may help with the expensive soap thing – it takes me AGES to go through one bar of soap because I only wash the important bits. 90% of my body never sees soap, just water. And I don’t smell bad! well, at least I don’t think so :P

    evelien- Use as much as you need to moisturize. My friend uses it every time he washes his face.

  • Hi

    I have been using oil on my skin as a moisturiser for years now, I personally was using macadamia for years and have just change to almond oil. I am 58 and my skin looks and feels great. I will try the aloe and let you know what I find. thankyou for this

  • I really like the idea of aloe vera and hemp oil being used together. Sounds like it could be a new hit product.

  • evelien

    cool ,
    do you use it morning and night ?
    or just at night ?

  • CL

    wow thanks for the recipe!! and i think your blog ROCKS. haha. btw, where to get hemp seed oil from? I live in Singapore, and we don’t have hemp seeds/hemp powder etc. I brought back hemp seeds from Philippines though. How do I get hemp oil from it? Thanks for the tip on aloe vera! I’ve been cutting out conventional soap and shampoo because of the chemicals like SLS, Propylene Glycol, etcetc and turning to organic vegan soaps and shampoos but they’re soooooooo expensive!

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