How To Quickly Heal A Scab From Acne

How To Quickly Heal A Scab From Acne

Oh this is a situation that absolutely none of us want to get into! I had an unfortunate incident last week while I was testing out new recipes for the most amazing spot treatment ever. Unfortunately I found the most unamazing spot treatment which happened to be too strong for broken skin and inflammations. It ended up burning my skin and leaving a big ugly scab … right in between my eyes!! Oh it was a horrible disaster. But at least I got to find out the fastest way to heal a scab (so you can beautifully cover it up with makeup).

This method healed up my scab in around 4 days. Check it out-

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  • Mary

    First I want to thank you for your video, I have been fighting the very think you referred to in “this” Video.. I do want to mention to people.. DO NOT, and I REPEAT.. DO NOT use peroxide, as it will burn the already affected area! I have been fighting this for over 6 mos, and the funny thing is I knew aloe was wonderful for cuts and burns, I just never thought about it.. I am going to tomorrow and get some.. who knew.. But as you stated, I too have been so embarrassed, I actually cut my hair into bangs just to ” add” to the cover up effect.. as well as make-up etc.. nothing as worked.. I am very excited to try the aloe.. thank you

  • Sarah

    4 days since using the aloe vera. Scab is gone and just a light pink spot remains. Can’t see a thing with a little make up!
    This has never happened quicker for me! Usually it takes me 2 weeks to get these results.
    Thanks, Again!!

  • Sarah

    Thanks so much for sharing this valuable info!
    A lot of people (including me) are extremely grateful:)
    I had a really bad scab and tried the aloe vera. 2 days later, the scab has fallen off and it looks a billion times better!

    Best Regards,

  • Carla

    Thank you for making me feel better about this issue, knowing I’m not alone in feeling awful when I get these nasty scabs!

  • Rae

    Balcatracin works wonders on scabs from popped pimples. You can get it at any pharmacy or even at Target. It looks a bit like neosporin but I have had far better results with it

  • Maggie

    Wow, this is amazing! I’m so glad to know that I am not the only person who feels so self consious about a spot or two on my face! I have tried neosporin and persa gel on my two spots (I popped them which was not a good choice at all) and it only made it extremely red, making want to just stay home and hide from the world. Thanik you so much Fran, I’m hoping this’ll work quickly! (:

  • sandy

    is it any aloe vera gel cream? like lotion or for first aid kits?

  • Paula

    Hi, Fran could you please tell the me the name of the ointment you used to help heal your scab. Thank you

  • Hannah

    I am going through a pretty bad skin breakout. I have a few light red spots from where I picked. I have a vacation this coming Friday so I’m hoping these will heal to a very light pink so I can use little to no makeup on it. From personal experience, raw honey works very fast. If you leave it on overnight, with or without a bandaid, i think the bandaid allows it to stay a little more moist, you will see a significant difference. I’m not going to lie and say that it will be gone like magic, but with just a few days with honey, in the morning, afternoon, and at bedtime, the marks will fade very fast. Pure aloe vera from the plant is also very beneficial. I personally think it’s better for long time use rather than a quick process, but EVERYBODY’S SKIN IS DIFFERENT. I don’t particularly like that the aloe vera dries pretty quick and makes the skin feel tight, but it has a lot of healing properties. Polysporin, neosporin, honey, aloe vera, and some dove soap to clean will definitely heal the spots within a week. I’ve had the worst of it, from flaky scabs to huge gaping wounds. I’ve stayed inside so much and quit being social for a while. But the way that these products are helping should get me back on track. Give honey a try! I’m not guaranteeing that it will work for you, but there is a great chance that you will see results.

  • Anna

    I have the worst skin right now:( breakouts, clogged pores, scans from picking , scars, and my face is so inflamed! How do I treat everything at the same time? My face is starting to peel around all the acne spots so with makeup my face looks terrible, how often should I exfoliate, I haven’t been able to do anything go anywhere.

  • Hi Fran
    so i got a pimple last week and i know i shouldn’t have picked it but.. sadly i did :( it left a scab when it started to heal and i picked the scab off befor it was ready to come off, now the skin that didnt heal is deeper than the healed skin!!! :( is it gonna stay that way or will it heal? what should i do? it’s starting to scab back over, thats a good thing.. i think.. everyone says i should keep the scab moist but if i do then it makes the skin easier to peel off and i dont want to peel the scab off AGAIN! its been a week and it still hasnt healed. what should i do?

  • daria

    I used a benedryl gel today and it worked like a charm. Seemed to have the same effect and it did not seem to tear more of my skin when I took the gel off . I had 2, I dyed my hair and I was getting the dye off with hydrogen peroxide and I had a pimple that was healing and the peroxide got on it and really dried it up too much and there was a pink-ish /white , dry skin cover where the pimple was and it looked horrible with makeup . I’m glad it is fixed now . Thanks for your idea on the Gel. It is really horrible when your thinking about your face all day and you hate it .

  • Madison

    Exact thing is happening to me and even in the same place for the love of god! It is causing me so much stress and I will try just about anything short of selling my soul to the devil to clear it up! I will try aloe vera, but what is the other ointment you mentioned, pore pore or something??

  • Anon

    Can you put your videos in detailed writing along with your videos, because some people don’t really want to just sit there and watch all your videos just to get the point and answer they’re looking for please.

  • kayla

    lmfao yaa thank for your help baha ! (;

  • kayla

    pleasssr tell,me theres a way for this to go away over night . soo yesterday i had this bump like beloe my right eye i think,it was acne but some girl said it was a start of a blackhead so i,kept picking at my,skin,all day . the skin,came off at that spot and i knew i should have just left it alone but i was nervous because i,havnt seen my boyfriend in a month and i was finnaly going to get to him saturday , so,i was stressing about it being there .
    i put alcohol then peroxide then more alcohol then acne mosterrizer on it cause im,not sure what i,need to do to,it or put on it , the alhole the first time,i think,is what made the skin peel away now theres a kinda yellow sorta my skin pigmatation,just,lighter scab thing like its not bumpy or brown,like, normal one its just different . im not sure if i want to dry it out or mosterize,it so it doesnt leave a big gross sca b and i can just put,makeup on,it tomarow and it wont be so noticable . please help me (: im on,my phone so,its hard to type alll this sorry bout the words . ooh and when i,put,makeup, on,it it,looked brown around the edge so,it,looked like a circe then it was covered , you could so tell there was something grosser and,nastier than it appered i need help with rhat not happening ;(

  • Cass

    Hey so three days ago I picked a pimple and now have this huge scab:( I’m at the beach on vacation and it’s such a hassle having to worry bout this! Unfortunately the scab won’t turn hard and flaky, it’s just whitish (probably from swimming) I started using the aloe yesterday and I can’t tell if it’s helping! It’s aloe Vera gel used for sunburns. My scab still won’t harden and fall off! Please please help I need it off asap it’s ruining vacation :(

  • Yasmin

    Hi Fran, I have 2 hugeee scabs on my face right now because I was dumb enough to pick 1 deep blackhead and the other was huge inflamed acne I was resisting to pick on.
    I’ve had past experiences with these scabs if I squeezed so hard but I still failed to squeeze out the ‘root’ or comedo of the acne/blackhead. And I end up having an open wound on my face with the root of the acne still in it. The wound later form a scab but it took forever to heal. It will heal quite fast IF I did eliminate the root. I don’t have severe cystic acne like I used to, but I do have a lot of deep,deep blackheads and acne scars/large pores due to picking.
    What do you think about scab-root thing? :( I hope to find aloe vera gel ASAP, although it’d be tough here.
    And what do you think about super deep blackheads? :( They are usually on my cheeks.
    LOVE ur website! Thanks!


    I made the mistake (as I often do) of messing with a pimple that probably would have been gone in a few days. Instead, I poked, prodded and squeazed this zit trying to get rid of it. What was left was a massive wound. Normally, after I’ve done this in the past, I put Clearasil on it and it takes maybe 2 weeks to completely flake off. In the meantime, it looks horrible and is nearly impossible to cover up (when will I ever learn!). Anyway, I was scouring the internet to find a way to heal this “scab” quicker. I found this thread. I ran, not walked, to Whole Foods looking for Papaw, Aloe and Calendula. I found Aloe gel and Calendula ointment. I put them on yesterday afternoon under a bandaid and then overnight without. In the morning, sure enough, the scab was peeling off. I gently peeled it off and washed up and applied some more and then put on some light cover up to cover the redness. The good thing about this aloe is I don’t have that excessive dryness that usually surrounds this type of wound. I was prepared to be a prisoner in my home for the next week., in which I would have had to miss a couple important events. Now it looks like it might be nearly undetectable in a couple days. I can’t thank you enough Fran! Do not mess with zits. I added a week of senseless misery to my life. Aloe and calendula literally saved the day! Believe it!

  • jenny

    Fran hey

    i hade the exact same thing but i have a question at my house i have the plant but when i put it on it made it worse and it burnt it should i try aloe vera gel or what can i do help

  • Dash

    WELL –
    A couple days ago, I was in the exact situation – tried something new on a stubborn zit, ..too harsh, and ended up with a burn which resulted in the worst ‘burnt-looking’ scab about the size of a penny on my cheek. Covering that up was plain ridiculous. I also thought drying it out as fast as possible would be the way to go. Then I found this website and quickly bought some aloe vera gel!
    Next afternoon, gone! I’m still amazed.

  • Natalia

    Hi Fran!
    Thank you so much for posting this! My High School’s Homecoming dance is coming up next week, and I have the worst acne scabs. So, I’ve been searching online for cures like a crazy person! Thank you!

  • I watch’ed your video and ohh man your a blessing.. i have just what you where talking about a scab(small) right between my eyes was a pimple and i picked and picked at it and you cant help it since its “right there” and i have low self esteem about it which makes me wanna wear my glasses all the time..haha but i’m ganna try the aloe vera i’v been using neosporine which makes it shiney and no way can i put make up on it cause it makes it worse so i just have to stick with what i got and hope for the best..No more picking my face!! Thank you so much:)

  • Mel

    thank you so much for making this video! i’m having the same problem with salt, it made the swelling of the pimple go away but now i have this ugly scab on my nose :( and of course i have stuff to do and cant hide at home. thanks for the tip Fran!

  • Kate

    Hey Fran,
    I’ve been following your site for awhile and i love it!
    This is random but I’m obsessed with this health drink called VIbe, made by Eniva. I was just wondering if you have ever heard of it. It’s supposedly just a bunch of fruits and vegetables. I feel like I’m addicted to it, over time my skin has cleared up and it makes me feel better/ healthier after i drink it.

    If you haven’t heard of it you should definitely look into it, it would make a great experiment to try it!


  • SimplyMe
  • SimplyMe

    They are a New Zealand company!!!They base their skincare on active manuka honey(+16)…i wasnt trying to advertise i just found them and wanted you to know and maybe check them out:)Its worth a peak…
    Love Sue

  • Yes, I have tried this Aloe Vera gel before. It works well for my skin. My Japanese friend also recommended me Squalene Oil for acne scar/scab treatment and it really worked. I think it helped healing a lot faster than Aloe Vera gel. Unfortunately I don’t see many Squalene oil here in Australia….

  • vloweer- The dry skin is a healing process. You can pick it off but you’re risking leaving a scar. It is best to leave it and use an exfoliant to buff off the dead peeling skin.

    Sikander- I have a video about acne scars in so check that out :) I’m also experimenting with a few new things before I (finally) release my acne scars ebook.

    Christina- Great idea!

    Alain- That’s a loaded question! I really can’t way without getting a full history from you. Start with the holistic approach as listed in my blog here and then maybe we’ll get a change to talk in a broadcast, coaching program, call or webinar!

    SimplyMe- Sorry I haven’t heard of them :) It’s best to get a product from New Zealand because I hear that it’s illegal to produce manuka honey anywhere else in the world (but ..I’m wondering if that’s just a rumor?)

    Joanne- Wow you lucky thing! Aloe everywhere :) Unfortunately it’s just one piece of the puzzle, so while it is unlikely to preform miracles on the skin or heal your acne completely, it will help spots heal faster.

  • Joanne

    Hi Fran!

    Well we have I think 6 aloe vera plants in our garden. I’ve tried using it as a topical for 4-5 days straight after cleansing my face for several times. I feel that it rids of oils easily and makes the skin a little softer and maybe even smoother. But my acne is still about the same. Maybe I should use it longer for up to 2 weeks … I’m just saying that I don’t get the same effects from aloe vera gel that the majority of people get :(

    By the way, I was walking home a few days ago and I noticed that a few doors away from where I live, there are like 20 alow vera plants lining the footpath in front of a neighbour’s hedge! Maybe even more, one after the other! I couldn’t believe my eyes :P

  • SimplyMe

    Hey Fran!
    I just searched for manuka honey on the web and i found this company named (www.)apicare(.net) who base all their products on manuka honey.Have you heard of them?I know the simple honey is the best way it just cought my interest and wanted to share…Love,Sue

  • Alain

    Hey Fran,
    Could you recommend how to heal the acne on my neck? I have hormonal acne that just has been exploding on my neck & even behind my ears & the bumps seem to be there for weeks. They seem to linger & linger. I’m trying not to pick them, but it seems like anything on the neck area can stay for months & leave bad dark marks! It’s making me CRAZY! Please help…

  • Asiya Ansdersen

    Hey Fran

    I got some Aloe vera gel yesterday. I have had some very troubled skin this days and i have ended op with some very ugly red areas on my face. aNY WAY since yesterday I have put Aleo gel on it and im telling you my skin looks almost normal agin.

  • fatima

    i can’t see the video do u have the link?


  • Carley Parsons

    Hey Fran!

    For those times I lapse into picking and I get those scabs where I wait for them to flake off, I use Nelson’s Cuts & Scrapes cream with Hypericum and Calendula. I believe some of the ingredients are slightly comedogenic, but I make sure to only dab a little bit on the area only. It has been wonderful for speeding up the healing process, and I continue to put it on after the scab comes off (and the skin is a little rawish/pinkish) and I am left with virtually no red marks! I used to have so many red marks on my forehead and chin from old spots, but now they are gone within a few days/half a week of the pimple itself dying. Just thought I’d throw that in here :)

  • Ashley

    thank you so much Fran!! i use to pick at my face so much and have scars ALL the time then i kind of stopped over picking so much but the last few days i have been picking SO bad! there is So many scars right in the middle of my forehead! and i have been really stressed about it! Im So glad you made this video!!! thank you!!!

  • Christina

    Maria B.’s comment made me think about the forum… Since the forum allowed for feedback about skin care, is there any way you can allow members to leave comments/reviews(or a star grading system) for the items sold in your shop? It would be nice to read about various experiences.

  • Polyx

    Looks good! Got some Dr Organic Aloe Vera Gel so I’ll be sure to try this tonight.

    Have you ever used the Burts Bees Acne skincare? I just bought the gel Cleanser recently and it’s doing wonders for my skin. :D Thanks to youI’ve been looking at companies who use more natural ingrediants and it’s reflecting well on my skin.

  • Maria B.

    What happened to your forum?

  • MAry

    HI Fran,
    I think coconut oil works amazingly to reduce inflammation and keep the skin moist. It has to be unrefined virgin coconut oil. Sometimes I mix the coconut oil with manuka honey and use it as a spot treatment over night. Seems to work pretty well. I also use half apple cider vinegar mixed with half water as a toner…it’s awesome! By the way, I love your videos! you have such beautiful skin, I have a hard time believing you could ever have an acne problem…you’re an inspiration to us all that clear skin is possible! Thanks

  • Linda

    The same thing happened to me a few days back too! but mine was caused by my skin-picking.

    Aloe vera really works! i also did a honey mask morning and night (i smeared honey over the spot for about half an hour and washed it off). I find that the honey moisturised my skin really well, allowing me to put on makeup! (i can’t leave the house without makeup)

    the scab then came off 2 days after, leaving very minimal pigmentation. woots!

    thanks for the video Fran!

  • Therese

    Fran, I cannot thank you enough. I stumbled on your website whilst googling green tea, so it was quite by chance! I’ve been struggling with acne for quite some time now, and this is the best kind of help I’ve gotten so far. Your website is incredible. Really, really great job :)

  • Sikander

    Hi fran
    i just wanted to ask about acne scars… i’m one of those really self conscious teenagers and i do have some really bad acne scarring, can you help me?
    thanks :)

  • Jackie

    I need to go get myself an aloe plant! I’ve been making lists as I watch your videos so I can have my “acne arsenal” :) The bottled aloe I have is from when my husband and I got really badly sunburned and it has lidocaine in it. And it dries kind of blue. So my face would be numb and blue. What fun! haha!

  • vloweer

    Hey Fran,
    I wanted to ask, because i can’t find the answer anywhere:
    Why often around the pimple skin is dry?
    And why the new skin is growing OVER pimples?
    is it better to peel it off? or to leave it be? :-|

    Thanks for the video :D

  • Nabila, I did try it actually, because manuka is my fav spot treatment. Unfortunately it was no where near as powerful as the aloe gel. I was suprised by that considering how popular manuka honey is as a wound treatment. I think what it does is allows the wound to heal better without scarring, not necessarily heal it faster (which is what I was after).

  • Nabilla

    I’m surprised you didn’t try manuka honey it considering it is antiseptic and healing too right? or have you tried it before but with not much result?

  • oOh salt, cathy I love that! My skin is quite clogged after my detox (stuff making its way out) so I’m going to try that one :) I have to be careful though, salty things are what caused my burn!!

  • Cathy

    This same thing happened to me two days ago. so horrible and I am going to the beach soon so that makes it even worse. Speaking of beaches, I have been putting home made salt water on my face lately and that really helped the forehead to feel a lot more smooth and get rid of those little bumps. I just mix 2 tsp of sea salt with a big glass of water and then use my hands to rub it really well on my forehead. I would say that its the only thing thats helped so far for those little bumps (more than salycyclic acid). Ill try putting some aloe vera on this one. Also, I feel like i always get this pimple in the same spot. I read that its because since I picked it once, the skin is more prone to getting clogged. yuck anyways, thanks for the video!

  • AndreaJuliet

    Hi Fran, It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels that bit of depression when I get an unfortunate big one (and pick at in). When it happens, I do feel that low self esteem start to creep in like I’m worth less than when I have nice clear skin.
    But I must say, when I started to stop picking, it got easier and easier to not pick because you see how fast that zit goes away and its not even a quarter as noticable. Have a blessed day!

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