I Finally Actually Started Using MSM Every Day & My Skin Loves It

I Finally Actually Started Using MSM Every Day & My Skin Loves It

I’ve been taking MSM every day now for close to three months and my skin is looking and feeling amazing. I’ve known about MSM for a long time but was never disciplined enough until now to take it every day. Wow why didn’t I do this sooner? More in the video…

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  • Amun Maqtal

    I am also from Australia, where can I purchase msm?

  • Morgan Kerr

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth will eliminate parasites completely, Google
    it love!!

  • Amy

    Do you know much about the MSM from China vs America. I know the American one is better as it’s pure and from trees where as the chinese is from petroleum and can have heavy metals etc in it.. i unfortunately bought the chinese one without knowing and was wondering how refined and pure it might be after being made and if there was much difference?

    • Hi Amy, I don’t know about this I’m sorry.. but usually herbs and minerals that aren’t from China are better. Maybe you could use this one for an external lotion and then buy a better quality one for internal use. x

  • amy

    can you add it to hot water, like in a herbal tea in the morning?

    • Yes that’s what I do :) But add in a lemon and a little honey or stevia too, otherwise it will taste terrible.

  • marie

    Aloha Fran! So I was wondering if I can use the powder msm topically? I know it comes in creams but what about just putting the powder I bought to take internally directly on my face. I have quite a lot of scaring. Also, seemingly out of nowhere, I developed a condition that looks like melasma. do you know anything about this? I am not pregnant and have never been. Its quite awful but a good lesson in letting go : ) because I cant seem to do anything to help it. Thanks luv.

  • Konica

    when is your new website coming out

    • Hi Knoica, I launched it two nights ago! Those who are on the High on Health mailing list received the notification. There will be more and more about it in the upcoming week (I’m having a little rest this weekend). Go here to check it out: http://highonclearskin.com

  • Amanda

    Just here to say that I can’t wait to see the new website!

  • Jo

    I was wondering if you were taking the MSM in combination with EstroBlock?

    • Hi Jo, yes I am, but I’m about to go off the estroblock to trial a natural progesterone cream.

      • Tara

        I’m very interested in this, are you going to make a video discussing your reasons for trying this?? Is it skin related?

  • Elena

    I am looking info about msm and found on mua that someone report liver dammage after years taking msm and another lady report a lot of hair loss …
    It will be safe to take one tablet of 1.000mg per day??
    Don’t know if try or not.
    How much are you taking?

    • Are you sure that was msm and not mms? Sometimes they get mixed up. I haven’t heard of either of those things sorry but I haven’t done that much research. For me, it has made my body feel better and my skin look and feel better.

      I don’t know how much in mg I’m taking, but I have about 1/2 teaspoon of the powder. I have heard of people taking a lot more.

      • Elena

        Thank you! I will start with 1 tablet of 1.000mg. I am taking too hot water with lemmon in the morning and it seems my skin is purging a little bit, so I’m planning to introduce the msm to help with detox but the question is, If I never stop purging? If I always wake up with new blemishes?
        Maybe is better not to take anything that detox?
        I’m upset today. I am eating good (no gluten, no sugar), doing exercice everyday, taking O3 (600mg of DHA+EPA everyday) and still breaking out a little on my chin … at my 38!! I’m tired. Very tired.
        I was breastfeading until jan/feb, taking O3 and spirulina and my skin, hair and everything was great. Now I spent like 7-8 months fighting with my skin and nothing seems to work. Stopped spirulina but no improve. Don’t know if start with spirulina again (my hair and back are great with it) or try msm instead.
        I am tired!!!
        One more thing, I am doing my own bread with buckwheat to avoid gluten, and I am taking a little for breakfast. Do you think it can produce acne??
        Thank you so much, Fran.

  • tyronebiggums3

    Parasites and Coconut Oil:
    Medium Chain Fats:
    Dr. Bruce Fife, the author of “The Coconut Oil Miracle,” explains that the medium chain acids fulfill a unique role in the human body. Named because of the length of their carbon spines, these compounds can diffuse into the cell membranes of various organisms, causing death by dissolving this structure. Fife notes that these medium chain fats work against bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses and parasites.

    • hah! I have tonnes of coconut oil in my diet and still have parasites.. perhaps it would need a coconut fast.

  • Grace Hollow

    *SO WEIRD* – I just started taking MSM again after being off it for a while. Thanks, fantastic video!

  • Debbie Grezik

    There is a brand that is NON-Petroleum derived called “Omica” it is in crystal form that is supposed to be one of the best. It’s what I take.

  • nicip79

    I’d never had this kind of experience w/ supplements and constantly recommend it to ppl with aches/arthritis etc… Anymore i take it here and there when my foot aches act up but I never noticed a difference in my skin. Now I will try to take it every day and see what happens. If you find a brand you like plz share. I have tried several and definitely think I at least once bought something that may have had ‘fillers’. Thanks so much for sharing and I cant wait for the new website!!

  • nicip79

    Just a comment on how it helped me years ago when I started taking it per your recommendation….I was taking it very shortly after a bad foot injury that was causing a lot of aching and discomfort….after a couple of weeks I realized my foot didnt ache at all and after some thought I linked it to the msm. I did an experiment and went off of it for about a week and sure enough the pain came back. When I started back up w/in ~2 wks the ache was gone again! tbc…

  • burningitx

    is there a difference between the pill form or powder form?

    • If you get a good brand of either they’re just the same, I just like the powder better.

  • bijouxzane

    the crystal powder form is disgusting!!!! pills r sooo much better!!!

    • I mix it with lemon juice, salt, water and a little honey and it tastes really good.

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