I’m 100% Live Food Vegan Again!

I’m 100% Live Food Vegan Again!

Rainbow Green Live Food CuisineWow, this is day four of my super strict 100% raw anti-candida cleanse, and it feels like the easiest cleanse I’ve done so far. I don’t even feel like I’m on one to be honest.

It feels kind of strange because I launched myself into this without knowing much about it, and with very little preparation. It’s almost like I was gently pushed into the cleanse by some external force! I guess something bigger than me knew what they were doing because two days into the cleanse as I was skating along the river thinking about what I’d got myself in to, I realized that every part of my body, every little physical and energetic cell was screaming “This is right!!!”. And so here I am, on another detox :)

This is a three month Candida, fungus, yeast and mold cleanse. I’ll be following the raw food guidelines in Dr Gabriel Cousens Phase 1 of the Rainbow Green detox, or cleanse, or diet (whatever you want to call it really). And to make it even more powerful I’ll be taking homeopathic and herbal treatments to get rid of that Candida overgrowth.

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  • Chelsy Maria

    Hi Fran! 

    I just started watching your videos today and they are awesome. I’m finally feeling like there’s an end in sight to my years of suffering from Candida. I just ordered the Gabriel Cousens book you were talking about but I really would like to know what herbs you were taking. I’ve tried everything and I’m just ready to get feeling better. Hope you have a great day and thank you!!

  • Ashwin

    Hey Fran!
    I just started GC’s phase 1 and I am looking for some guidance. How did it go for you? Were you able to stick to it for 90 days? I’ve seen both of your videos.

    Any updates are appreciated!
    thanks (and I found your vid through a google search for “GC phase 1″ )

  • George the amount of fats in that diet made me feel a little sick, I’m not used to eating THAT many fats!! Had soooooo much coconut pulp, avocado, oils and nuts (but not cashews)

  • Oh gosh, when I read ‘anti Candida diet’ i’m immediately worried – most anti candida diets don’t work! They’re usually good on the low carb side but don’t put emphasis on the high healthy fat part of fixing candida overgrowth.

    Please let me know how this went for you!

  • julsruls

    I came across this page randomly while I was looking into the Oil-Cleansing Method. I read it and watch the video and couldn’t help but think about the Gerson Therapy and how similar it sounds to this. I don’t know too much about the Gerson Therapy, I’ve gotten all my information about it from their two documentaries “The Beautiful Truth” and “The Gerson Miracle.” I suggest you check them out. They talk about how in 1928 Max Gerson cured cancer with this all live organic vegan diet. Apparently it’s cured cancer, diabetes, migraines, and other diseases. I have no idea how real it is though but I think you’d find it interesting. They talk about if you eat the foods your body has naturally evolved to eat it will use them to flush all toxins in your system to your liver. For people will serious illnesses like cancer, however, doing this risks shocking the liver. So they use organic coffee enemas to stimulate the liver into moving the toxins to the colon so they can be flushed out of the body. Thought you’d find this interesting.

  • Andrea

    I’ve got a bit of a Candida issue going on. I’m in. This will be a really extreme diet for me. Wish me luck.

  • Chrissi chrissi holt

    You go girl and good luck ! I am doing a candida cleanse too but not 100% raw wow hard core or what ! Please do post some yummy desserts mmmmmmmmm xx

  • Mugdha

    Hi Fran,

    I am joining a week long raw challenge at http://www.rawradianthealth.com/7daychallenge.html , and Natasha there, who does videos on youtube everyday about raw food diet, is creating a no sugar plan for some of us. She will have a meal plan and shopping list ready for 7 days, lots of recipes to choose from, and a support forum too.

    Since I am beginner with raw foods, I would love to have some one lay out a balanced diet plan for me, at least in the beginning.

    If you like the idea, come join us in!

  • Hi Diana, absolutely! There’s always a super fast improvement in the first week on raw. Most of the redness and irritation disappears. Also on THIS cleanse my forehead rash like acne that I’ve been stuck with since my last detox has just about completely gone, in only 5 days!! It’s amazing.

  • Diana

    Hi Fran, have you notived improvement in your skin by being raw or vegan for that matter?? They say you see more results by being raw foodist than vegan?? I have no idea what to do!!!

  • Oh, by the way, one MORE THING! Would you happen to know that BEST and FASTEST way to balance magnesium and calcium in the body NATURALLY! I believe I have an imbalance right now, don’t know the quickest way to relieve the problem. Appreciate any comments you have on THAT subject as well.

    http://www.MySpace.com/SunshineNThunder ~~~~~Peace, and health, …..Sunshine

  • Hello there! Very nice site you have. My husband and I are musicians. We write songs, sing, play, perform and do lots of recording. We are BOTH into health as well.

    Listen, I think you have a really great site here. Keep up the good work. Do you know a several links that are really great on RAW food recipes? Though I am into health and have been for quite a long time, I have to say that I have not really tried the RAW FOOD thing. I am really interested and intrigued by it though and want to get started right away. SEND ME ANY COOL LINKS YOU HAVE ON RAW FOODS AND RAW FOOD RECIPES~~~~~Thanks, Sunshine. Visit us at http://www.MySpace.com/SunshineNThunder CHOW!!!

  • Mugdha

    You’re right :) I haven’t yet bought Dr Cussen’s book, but I have with me the Rainbow green cuisine phase chart, I’m really looking forward to your recipes, if you could update us on what you ate during the day for at least the beginning week, and intermittently later on, that’d be awesome!

  • Hey Mugdha, the good thing about being raw in summer is you’re not craving steaming hot foods, pros and cons! Great you’re starting this too, lets support each other :)

  • Here is a published 2007 paper (click my name) on the health report of raw foodists.

    If I go on a sugar-binge and also eat dairy I get breakouts.

  • katie

    I too will try to do this with you! Summer though, eep!!! I’m not sure if I’ll go on the raw vegan path though, but definately no sugars…

  • Keep on going strong and keep us posted! We’ll supporting you through this. Can’t wait to hear your results!

  • Mugdha

    I’m in! I’m following along with you on this diet. I’m not too sure whether this is the perfect timing, as summer will bring an abundance of lovely fruit. However, I’m gonna do this for at least a month. :) I’ve been watching your videos for so long, and it is really a good coincidence that you decided to do this at the same time as I did. :)

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