Inika Mineral Cosmetics

Inika Mineral Cosmetics

press-3.jpgI find it really hard to choose a mineral makeup brand because there are just so many available. Bel wrote a tip in the acne & makeup page about a great new line called Inika, which she thinks is the best mineral makeup she’s tried yet.

Sorry Bel, but I was thinking ‘Oh yeah, another one’. But they do have a very convincing website. I LOVE it how they say their products are vegan friendly …although to be honest, I kind of thought all cruelty free makeup brands where? What they put milk and eggs in them? Here’s some text from their website:

It is our mission to introduce the world to a new era in cosmetics, one where you don’t have to compromise color or performance, to be kind to your skin and gentle to the earth.
We have created pure and natural mineral cosmetics that are 100% certified Vegan and Cruelty Free and many of our ingredients are certified 100% Organic. Inika do not use potentially harmful chemicals, toxins, talc, bismuth oxychloride, parabens or GM ingredients.
Inika cosmetics are made of Australia – quite literaly made from the very rocks that form our land. Inika is so pure that it is actually good for your skin.

Australian made too, yay!

inika.jpgThis concept of the makeup being good for your skin tripped me out a bit. How is it possible that a makeup is actually good for your skin? Everybody knows that your skin is better off without it, especially if you’re prone to acne. I’d love to get to the bottom of that.

This text on their website kind of made me want to buy the product. I love it when a business is so green and good to the environment like this. Especially when it’s a quality natural product.

Inika is committed to being kind to the earth. As part of this commitment, our boxes, paper stock and brochures are all recycled or from sustainable forestry. We also buy back all our carbon emissions whenever we transport our staff or our products overseas. This money is used to plant trees and fund environmental projects, in particular renewable energy sources.

I hope you keep that up Inika, because that is just AWESOME!

bronzer.jpg inika-makeup1.jpg

Inika has a great ‘starters pack’ which includes more than AUD$220 worth of product – including Inika’s organic primer, two mineral foundations (a summer and a winter shade), a mineral bronzer and a vegan Kabuki brush. Only problem is, this pack is quite expensive at AUD$124.95, although, I did pay around AUD$80 for my last mineral foundation alone so it’s probably not that expensive at all.

I had a little chuckle when I saw the ‘troubleshooting’ link on their website. But it’s actually quite useful, click here to take a look.

If you want to buy Inika, click here for a retailer. Or you can buy directly from their website.


Not sure what color to buy? Inika sends out sample colors from their website (which you have to pay for), but when you decide which color you want and go and buy the product, they refund the cost of the sample. This is okay, as long as you’re happy with the sample and want to purchase the product. It would be better if you only had to pay for postage though – each sample costs $2.50. To be honest, I’m at a complete loss when I look at colors online like that, even though I have very pale skin so I usually just get the lightest color. Although sometimes I don’t so it’s kind of annoying how I have to pay for a few to find the right color match.

Does anybody have any tips about color matching from an online source like this? I’d love to know your secret.


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  • Great products. I have already order Inika cosmetic and I can say only good words for them.

  • Hi Maggie and other readers

    You can order Inika products as well as many other top beauty brands at The Skin Care Shop.

    Have a great day!

    Kind Regards

  • magie

    Where can u purchase inika cosmetics starter kits/sets?? which shop?? i live in sydney australia :) thanxs please answer x

  • Lolita

    I have eczema and can only use Inika cosmetics, because it doesn’t irritate my skin. I don’t care what size women they support: 8, 10, 14, 18….we all are different sizes and shapes. My friend is size 8, she would like to be bigger, but can’t – for her it’s genetic thing. I agree with Megan Inika is expensive and not all of their products I like ( eye shadows – nice colours, but hard to blend, mascara hasn’t got staying power and it’s brush is too big), but powder foundation, blush, lip and eye pencils are brilliant, but the most important thing their products are genuinly natural, help improve skin condition and doesn’t aggravate the skin especially around eye and eyebrow areas. I would like to find better brand, but others just don’t deliver what they promise. Has anyone tried LAVERA or maybe something better?

  • Jess

    No, these products are actually vegan so they do not contain any animal products. This is a superior brand of cosmetics; I’ve been using the powder foundation, blush, mascara, eyeshadows and lipsticks for a couple of years and am very happy. My skin has improved and the makeup is very natural-looking and comfortable to wear.

  • Megan

    Here here Carla !!!!!! Inika was the least favourite and most expensive of all the mineral foundations I have tried. It just doesn’t have any staying power and changes color very quickly when you are outdoors or perspire. I also found their eye shadows very hard to blend and their kabuki brush snapped after only a few uses and they refused to replace it. Terrible products and even worse service from Inika :(

  • Carla

    Why would you even consider any Body Shop products Anna when their parent company continues to test on animals! Until recently I used Inika, however, they have changed their formulations over the past year and really do cater more to 18 to 30 year olds with far too much glitter or mica in their products. My other bug bear is that the shade finder on their website only caters to young women and last year they were one of the sponsors of the Miss Earth Australia contest where one of the requirements is that entrants must be between size 8 and 10. Quite shocking when Inika was founded by 2 women, one apparently a good size 14-16, who should not be supporting anything that upholds the myth that you have to be tiny to be beautiful. This is hardly a Miss Universe contest and I personally have decided not to support a make-up companies that encourages this misconception, particularly at a time when body image is causing so many problems for young women everywhere!!

  • anna

    hey fran (and everybody)
    has anyone tried the body shop’s new mineral make up? i just bought some, never tried any others…. i used to not wear any make up because i didn’t want to upset my skin any further. this stuff seems really good and doesn’t irritate at all. just wondering if anyone has any opinions on it, or comparisons with other brands. fran – great site!! i am in brisbane, australia!
    love anna

  • The reason they say mineral make-up is good for your skin is because the zinc can calm irritated, red skin. Good quality mineral make-up protects the skin from UV rays too. That is much better than chemical laden sun screens that only last a few hours.
    Keep away from brands that contain talc and bismuth if you have acne.

  • Laura

    Not all mineral makeup brands use a clay like kaolin. Some use mainly zinc, others mainly titanium, bismuth or talc. Inika and Musq don’t have clay. And if your skin is dry try mineral foundation by Musq in the creme or liquid, or Jane Iredale’s liquid.

  • JO- Yes, they are a little drying ..but it’s very slight. Just make sure you moisturize before you put it on, and wash it off before you go to bed.

    I loved Minerelle when I tried it so I’ve stuck to it so I can’t give my opinion on the others. You could try looking up and see if they have reviews :)

  • JO

    hey fran i’ve been looking up on the internet for the “best” mineral makeup that doesn’t irritate or clog pores.but then i realised all mineral makeups are made of clay which means they can be drying for the skin!and i’ve got dry skin!even white clay(the mildest clay) is a little harsh for my skin(unless i mix it with with aloe vera and manuka honey)! so what do u suggest?mineral makeups(afterglow,youngblood,inika)or otherwise?

    ps:what are some of the brands that you’ve tried that you think are good? thks so much for your help! :)

  • Ali

    RE: Amy

    I’ve been wanting to get mineral makeup but am always stumped after getting talked into buying things that i rarely use!
    This time round though I want to try before I buy and would luv to find out where you got ur trial application from without having to pay for the trial. Was it somewhere in melbourne>?

  • Amy

    I found this makeup at a local health food store today and one of the ladies did a trial application on me. It looks quite ‘sparkly’ in the jar but it goes on kind of luminescent and ‘glowy’. It looks and feels very silky on the face.
    While it was being applied another staff member said it was the best makeup she’s ever bought, and it stays on all day.
    I’m going to buy some next week when my colour comes in stock!

  • Wow, so it’s true. Slaughterhouse by-products and crushed beetles is so gross!!

  • Jasmin

    Thanks for the great review of Inika products. It is really hard to choose a brand as there are so many. I like to rely on word of mouth.
    Fran, you’re right. They do put animal ingredients in some cruelty free products. These could include beeswax, lanolin, honey, milk, casein and eggs. I read in Choose Cruelty Free’s preferred products list that some could also contain slaughterhouse by-products of a commercially insignificant value and therefore may not be suitable for vegetarians.

  • Tracy

    “Cruelty-free” just means the product wasn’t tested on animals.

    Some makeup, I believe, is made with ground beetles. The ingredient is called carmine and is used for coloring. So obviously that wouldn’t be vegan.

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