Learn Why Raw Cacao Beans Are One Of The Most Amazing Superfoods You Could Ever Eat

Learn Why Raw Cacao Beans Are One Of The Most Amazing Superfoods You Could Ever Eat

cacao beansOn the topic of chocolate (sorry I know …again), I have recently discovered raw cacao beans and of course how ridiculously healthy they are for you. If you can handle the bitter taste, then these little beans are definitely something awesome to incorporate into your daily diet.

Not only are they absolutely amazingly fantastic for our body, but they contain an unbelievable amount of:

  • Anti-oxidants – way more than any other food, and which are very powerful at healing the skin.
  • Magnesium – more than any other food and which happens to be the number one mineral deficiency in the US.
  • Chromium – again more than any other food and which also happens to be the number one trace mineral deficiency in the US
  • Incredibly high levels of Vitamin C

So if you eat one of these little beans, you are getting a concentrated source of anti-oxidants, magnesium, chromium and vitamin C. More than any other food around and way better than popping a synthetic supplement or pill.

The word ‘cacao’ actually means ‘cocoa’. Apparantly the Brittish couldn’t pronounce the word cacao, so they called it cocoa instead. Seems strange to me, it’s not hard to say, you kind of pronounce it like: ka-cow. You can watch my video below for the proper pronunciation.

This food is so special, that a long time ago in Mexico City they even used it as currency. That’s how amazing and valuable the cacao bean was considered to be. Now you can just pick up a giant bag for around US$15. I guess we’re really lucky now how affordable and accessible this food is.

But what exactly are anti-oxidants?

So apart from anti-oxidants protecting us from free-radical damage of the skin, they are really just a measure of the color pigment in a food. So essentially, the darker the color of the food, the more anti-oxidants it contains. You’ll notice in the video when I crack open the cacao bean that it’s a black or deep purplish color. This just shows how many anti-oxidants are present in the bean.

Now blueberries are quite dark too, and they’re often thought of as being fantastic for our skin. But while blueberries contain 32 antioxidants, and wild blueberries contain 61 ..cacao beans contain an unbelievable 621 anti-oxidants!!! That is an insanely high amount. Now you know why I’m putting up with the bitter taste of these little things, because I know how GREAT they are for my skin.

Here is a video I recorded which shows the actual cacao bean, and some chocolate I bought from a farmers market that was made out of these beans.


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  • I have been eating them for a couple of years now and yes they are awesome. I normaly chew them with no sweetener. Unfortunetaly the last few weeks I have had a couple of teeth hurting bad when I chew anything. Because of that I have been been swollowing them whole as they sre fairly soft I find that they still start working quickly.

  • Chocolate lovers, rejoice: Cacao nibs- bits of the same cacao beans that go into candy bars– health benefits of Raw Cacao Nibs powder contain healthy antioxidants that can boost your health and possibly even help you live longer.

  • esi

    Hey Fran,

    thanks for your info. i have been eating a lot of this bitter cocoa powder for a while now. I only stopped because i thot i could get some sort of cancer from eating too much. i am not sure how valuably nutritious it is. all i know is that it taste great in its bitter state. i also know that it contain lecithin. could you provide more info on its nutrition, pls. i live in Ghana and the type i eat is produced locally. it just tastes great!! waiting for your response. thanx again.

  • Paul

    Well, yesterday my mom purchased cocoa beans. I was familiar with the 99% Lindt Dark and I can tell you, cocoa beans share the taste with the Lindt bar. I really enjoy the bitter taste.

  • Rob

    “The word ‘cacao’ actually means ‘cocoa’. Apparantly the Brittish couldn’t pronounce the word cacao, so they called it cocoa instead. Seems strange to me, it’s not hard to say, you kind of pronounce it like: ka-cow. You can watch my video below for the proper pronunciation.”


  • Ken

    Great info thanks. Sad that so many posters have to ask ridiculous questions that a simple google search will answer.

    I roast my own and eat them like candy…LOVE the bitterness!

  • travis

    your wrong , cocoa is dirived from cacao , its totally differnt nutritionally, please dont state things your not sure of. cocoa is proccessed to much , so now people are taking your word for it going out and buying cocoa and not getting the nutritional benifit of cacao.

    great advice, isnt it ? not

  • nut

    @ Celia,
    you probably referring to a raw cocoa bean which is covered with white jellyish stuff. If the inside of that raw bean is white [very white] its either not matured, or could be a griollo bean. If its the latter, it should never taste bitter. Thats why griollo beans are the best for chocolate. Even if you roast that bean, it will never taste bitter or have any put-offs. All other varieties may have the sour or bitter taste, not the griollo.

  • nut

    There are a few questions relating to the different colours inside each bean. Different variety and species produces different colours. What I gathered is, inside of the raw griollo bean is white, it could be the only variety thats white on the inside [Im not so sure about this] while all others vary but not as white as the griollo.
    I helped my family with the cocoa business and if you want to know more about cocoa or anything related you are more than welcome to send me an email on straus_tim@yahoo.com

  • Celia

    Hi I was wondering why my cocoa beans are white on the inside they were covered in white jelly which I ate but then when I actually eat the seed it is white not dark as shown on the video! Is it because they have been roasted!? Can I eat it if it is white and will it have the same benefits?

  • tom

    hi ewerione ..forgot the chocolate from store 70procent or whatewer its roasted so its become stimulant nothing to do with row just fermented beans…its not beater so much when fermented and i eat one by one biting well and pealing the some time its just delicious and nourishing (i liv in costarica we haw cacao here ) blesings

  • matt

    great read :)
    one thing to keep in mind is using heat when cooking cacao beans, or anything for that matter. heat kills nutrients, so eat them (and your veggies) raw. even when eating dark chocolate, a lot of the nutrients have been destroyed as heat is used to process the cacao. absorb your nutrients and eat raw! (don’t eat raw meat, of course… unless it’s something like raw fish in sushi, for example). sometimes we have to sacrifice taste for nutrition :)

  • felipe

    great article, in my country (Brazil) we have the best cacao in the world, you are very welcome to come over whenever you want!

  • Andrew

    Why not just eat cocoa nibs ?

  • Nifae Sita

    HI Fran and all,

    Great information is contained in this motivated site – I would agree with you Fran with everything you shared on your site except one and that is what Steve B has mentioned in relation to Cocoa not containing vitamin C in it. I too was searching all the health benefit of cocoa and found the exact information that Steve is referring to. But my focus on your site is the positive out come Cocoa has.

    I was born in the Islands and remembered growing up and as people in the western world drink tea & coffee, my family and throughout the island would gather around to play the gitar/singing songs and drinking coco. Cocoa is known in the island as a caffeine to keep you awake and also good to drink after a heavy meal.
    Elderly people in Samoa love to drink cocoa & make banan or taro and that keeps them going. My grandma is 89 living in Sydney and she drinks cocoa everyday so you can say its pretty addictive once you get into it.
    I supposed its not a bad thing to be addicted to somthing as healthy as cocoa. Grandma never go to a doctor never has heart problem.. but i can only speculate that cocoa could be what’s contributed to her healty life. (i have no signtific evidence to prove this) but i know its a drink we drank since 3000 years ago.
    From all this I now sell Raw Organic Cocoa Beans as a job and loving the fact that I get to share it with others. I can explain how we prepare it so you don’t have the bitter taste.

    If any intersted can email me on: callme@samoacointernational.com

  • barbie

    I’m having a tough time eating them because they are sooo bitter. Can you just swallow the bean and still wreak the health benefits of cacao beans?

  • Steve B

    Hi Fran,

    Your article is misinforming readers and I think you should revise it. There is no vitamin C in cocoa beans/nibs/powder.

    Here is an excerpt from navitasnaturals.com

    “The Truth About Vitamin C In Cacao:

    Despite the popular reports circulating the internet, the honest truth remains: even when processed at low temperatures (i.e. “raw”), there is no vitamin C (ascorbic acid) present in cacao.

    Recently, highly trafficked websites such as TodayShow.com and MSNBC.com have highlighted the misinformation of cacao’s supposed vitamin C content. Included in these reports are claims that raw cacao is “extraordinarily high in vitamin C.”

    Back in 2004, our Navitas Naturals lab tests directly looked for vitamin C content in raw cacao, but came up negative. Despite these results, the current media blitz brought us back again for another round of lab testing of our best-selling raw cacao products (beans, nibs and powder) for vitamin C. This time, we used two different laboratories instead of one, and utilized three different analytical methods: High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Capilary Electrophoresis (CE) with UV detection, and Titration.

    Though all three methods have their place in the scientific community, Titration is the most commonly used method in the food industry when determining vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content. However, there is a critical detail within the Titration method many companies miss when testing raw cacao. The method of Titration is unable to differentiate the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) from the vitamin’s analogs. The result is what is known as a “false positive.”

    This is why, at Navitas Naturals, we use HPLC when testing raw cacao’s vitamin C content. The HPLC method looks directly for vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and not just the analogs. Additionally, after sending samples of our products to another lab to test using the CE method, the reports returned consistent the HPLC results.

    We have now also tested one of the largest raw cacao brands in the United States using the Titration and HPLC methods. And yet again the results confirm our previous conclusion that raw cacao has no vitamin C (ascorbic acid) present.

    Cacao is a tremendously beneficial superfood, containing a wide spectrum of minerals and phytonutrients. It is important to be clear however, vitamin C is not amongst these nutrients. ”

    Your article is in direct conflict with the claims of navitas naturals. Please correct your article so others are not misinformed or backup your claims regarding vitamin C with proven facts.

  • Katherine Stewart

    Hi Fran! I have been wanting to try cacao nibs for awhile. I eat a plant based diet and love dark chocolate but its loaded with coco butter and sugar(not a great plant based food item). So I finally picked up a bag of these from my local health food store. When I first tasted them my mind was telling me it will taste like dark chocolate but my taste buds said YUCK! But…when you eat clean you eventually grow to like things you might not have at first so I kept trying them. I’ve been making a delicious avocado banana ice cream…looks like mint ice cream…I thought hmmmm…what would the nibs taste like in this…OH MY GOODNESS…the perfect combo. Sweet ice cream/pudding and the very slightly bitter crunch cacao nibs was a perfect combo! Now I love these little things! I will try them in pancakes and muffins next to see if heat effects texture or taste. Ohhh I bet they would taste great in almond yogurt too! Thanks for the back ground info of these powerful little yummies!

  • Ford

    I would like to know if swallowing the nibs whole reduces the over all effect? Do they have to be chewed or ground up in order to get the full benifits. Please let me know.

  • We are currently in Bolivia and could buy a fresh cocoa fruit. The lady selling it to us told us not to eat the seats and just to suck of the flesh.

    Now, I was wondering if I could eat the fresh cacoa beans or should we dry them first.

    • Lucky you! Totally fine to eat them fresh, I’ve done it plenty of times before.. it’s actually the BEST way to eat them.

  • Raj

    Hi for all those living in the GTA looking for Raw Cacao Powder – I buy them at Noah’s Natural Foods. Found really good quality of Cacao Powder that I take about 2-3 spoons to mix it with my Protein Shake for about 2-3 days a week!

    Also for those who like to train their taste buds – I would recommend trying Lindt’s Excellence Series – goes upto 99% ;).

    Really awesome! Thx

  • I love this girl!!! Keep it up!!!

  • Careforhealth

    Hi Fran i have the whole fresh cacao seeds including pulp mixed with milk then keep cold in fridge for some hours. bitter taste dissappears. Is it healthy?

  • jan

    Is it a good idea to soak the cocoa beans? if i do soak them should i take the skin off? are the nutrients in the skin?

    Thank you so much. all this health business can be overwhelming on knowing what to do!

    • Hi Jan, you don’t need to soak them but it does help to get the skin off!

  • Jojo


    I just ordered my cacao beans for the first time and eat them together with dried goji berries. Amazing!

  • Jaudat

    Hey fran, i recently moved to toronto, and i am guessing you live here as well,and i was just wondering where do you go to buy the cacao beans and other superfoods in toronto, is there a special shop or a number of them, an address would be nice. Thanks :)

  • Eric

    Does it has to be Cacao but not cocoa? After heated it has no nutritional value at all?

  • Chris Y

    Most beans – including cacao- possess health benefits. (unprocessed soy is inedible, so is an exception.)
    So I would not be surprised if eating roasted cacao is beneficial.
    Chocolate contains caffeine, which has some anti-nutritional properties, whatever its benefits to mood may be.
    Commercial chocolate always has additives, incuding sugar and milk products. You may never benefit from the calcium in milk chocolate, as caffeine stops its absorption.
    It is more than likely that the inflammatory effects often blamed on chocolate are a result of such additives- including sugar.

  • david

    suveran near about life wildfoods bondi junction on oxford st sydney sell them nibs and beans

  • Roberto

    I ordered Cacao beans on http://www.nutsonline.com and got them in a few days. They also have a ton of other nuts and fruits. If you don’t have a farmers market near you, or are having a hard time finding Cacao beans or other nuts, try that website.

  • I too just purchased some Cocao Beans (Power brand) in Brisbane after watching the Health Matters DVD.

    I was just wondering how many to take per day?

    I don’t have a problem with the bitter taste and have been eating about a handful a day. Too many?

  • Wes

    Hey guys I just got turned onto the Cacao beans and Goji Berries. I found this site for myself and it seems to have super beans and low prices.


  • I started eating cocoa beans a wile ago and i feel great! thank you for the help

  • Matt

    I just started eating the raw beans. I crush them and mix them with goji berries. A very nice way to start the day. Thanks for the enthusiastic informative post.

  • Ric

    We consume these alot in my native country of Nicaragua. We toast them and grind them to our desired texture. We mix it with milk, cinnamon, ginger root, sugar, and a hint of salt for flavor. It is a raw form of a cacao drink or “chocolate milk”. So you don’t have to eat the bitter bean itself.

  • Elena Manrique

    Hi Fran and everyone, can anyone tell me about the shell you removed? What are the properties of it? why did you remove it in the first place? shouldn´t we eat it?, why yes, why not? – does anyone know also if toasting (light toasting) is actually good or bad? does it activate lignants like in sesame seeds? or do we kill some antioxidants with that? – Please shed some light on this. From Mexico and more than that I live two blocks from Merced Market in Mexico City, you can get cacao beans for less than 10 dollars 1 kilogram….wish I knew what is cocoa too, I have heard it is precisely the cover of the seed.Some others say it is not good. See I am very confused on the topic, any light, any links. I also knew it has lots of magnesium. I got dark chocolate 90% cacao and 10% sugar from a local manufacturer. This preparation like 35 grams a day for 8 days plus a little bit of fish oil, a tiny bite on a 500 mg aspirin and whey made my breast lumps (which I assume were either fibrocystic mastopathy or pre-cancerous ones) really feel shrunk……loooooots of confusion on the topic..I know I took anti-oxidants, magnesium, anti-inflammatory….so chocolate , dark chocolate by itself or the synergy helped, only God knows I suppose….. Greetings from Mexico (the most polluted city but at least the best market around ha!) .Thank you. Love, Elena.

  • Nicole

    I have started taking organic raw cocoa nibs about 4 weeks ago, only a teaspoon full for a week increasing to a tablespoon full per day. I am grinding the nibs and eat the powder in 2 spoon full of yogurt.
    My energy level has increased drastically and I sleep like a baby… My skin is starting to show some improvements. Also I am not experiencing any mood swings like other people seems to have. I strongly believe that you must limit the daily intake.
    I was very doubtful at 1st but now I have my husband and my daughter on the cocoa nibs.
    Last thing, I am not rushing into any new trends ever, but I have to admit that introducing the raw cocoa inot my daily diet was a success.

  • Mix them with roasted pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, goji berries and bee pollen…a Super Food trail mix!!

  • Anna

    Mostly right abt cocoa beans (Iam a great fan of them too) though as far as antioxidants are concerned…Cocoa Seeds have 13200 (on an ORAC scale) and Goji Berries 25300….

  • Does cocao beans contain caffiene

  • Hey everyone!

    Quick question. I tried to grind my nibs up into powder using an Omega 8004 but it came out pretty crappy! Instead of powder I just got pebbles! hehe I tried running it through again but it just turns them into mini stones!

    Can anyone suggest a gizmo that really turns them into a fine powder? I throw them in shakes and half of them in pebble form winds up sticking to the glass or tastes pretty off when you drink it with the consistency!

    Thanks all!


  • I’ve been eating raw cacao for over a year now. A month ago I got another kilo and it’s already gone. Some days I eat probably about 30 raw beans. It’s simply fantastic! When I travel I snack on it constantly, along with dates and almonds. I eat it all day long and must say that I just keep feeling younger and younger all the time. I also mix it with oatmeal. I hope that more people will discover this amazing food and appreciate it’s nutritional potency.

  • jaimie

    I love cacao its the best I just get them in the none and ground them up in a food processor but better grounded in blender or coffee grinder then I add other superfoods and make a raw chocolate with two bags of none three teaspoons of organic coconut oil a bag of cashews and raw honey or raw agave nectar and I blend it all together until its combined and store it and its the best!

  • hikmah

    Interesting website (goodness.com.au). I will be checking them out the next time I am in sydney. Thanks for the tip.

  • Orawan – goodness.com.au sells the nibs, they are based in Sydney and they deliver. They also sell heaps of other organic foods at great prices, try the popcorn!

  • Newfieguy

    WHat is the average intake of these things in a day for optimum health? Has anyone ever gone over board with it and if so what are the down sides?

  • Newfieguy

    I ground up a bunch in the Omega and it did a good job! I have been throwing them into shakes so far. Bit crunchy but not bad I have to say. Has anyone actually attempted to turn them into chocolate in any way? I bet somewhere out there there has to be a site that has 101 recipes on how to turn them into some kind of half decent tasting food! Any recommendations?

  • ZEN-ski

    I put a teaspoon of cacao nibs and blueberries or raspberries in a yogurt. You can also add some granola….and it makes a great breakfast

  • OK, I have 5 big bags in hand! It tastes like death and feet but i can handle that! How do you grind up these things to turn it into powder? Could you use the Omega juicer or do you use a coffee grinder?

    ANyone have any suggestions on how to get these things into you other than just eating them raw?

    Thanks all!

    great forum!

  • Best to visit your local health food store, they will stock them for sure :)

  • Has anyone else out there managed to find a few links? How much did you pay for that bag in the video and how much did it weigh?

    I have gone to a number of web sites and they all have screwed up names like cacaothis or that.com and then of course a bunch of pop up ads come so I just do not trust anything like that so if anyone has done the homework on this I would be curious to know where to order them.

    I have friends in YYZ too and I could go get them where you did if you thought that was the best. i could not get the link to work on where you got them for some reason.

    Thanks for responding!


  • Ha! You should read my latest article on Cacao, meh ..I started having on average three HEAPED spoonfuls a day and found that perhaps that was little too much. It’s a very amazing food and since posting up this video I’ve had a rocky journey with it, full of extreme highs and a few little lows. Really, the complexity of this food is absolutely mind blowing.

    There are many places online where you should be able to purchase cacao. Most health food stores stock it to. In fact, I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

  • OK I am dying over here already! I am sold! Where do I sign up!!?!?!

    Can anyone send 4-5 links to where exactly you buy them and how much they are and the like? What is a good price per pound. I have done a quick google search but you never know what you are buying by just throwing a dart at a board.

    Can someone post some direct links so newbies like me can purchase some beans, nibs, powder whatever!



  • jad

    yes that is really true.. do somebody can give me a link of a site who are selling raw cacao? and how much is this?

  • Natural Selection

    Cacao beans do not need to be sweetened. They are absolutely delicious. If you can’t eat this without adding sugar – you probably have a sweetener addiction that seriously needs to be addressed. Im surprised to see people working in holistic health encouraging the ‘spoon full of sugar’ mentality.

    The flavour is complex but tuning into and accepting the taste of the food is an important aspect of integrating it’s nutritional properties into your body. You tastebuds prepare your digestive organs for what is coming and actually tasting food is important.

  • David

    Hey all you fellow Cacao enthusiasts! A great way I’ve found to eat the raw bean or nib is with a spoonful of natural peanut butter. Very quick and easy, and tastes great!

  • Susie

    I am from the island of Grenada, we grew up eating raw cocoa bean, we roasted it, grind and formed into balls, we added water and milk and drank it daily. i never knew that it was such an amazing product. We export cocoa bean to other countries. Whenever I vist the Island I will nibble on one or two sometines. Now that I know how good is is for the body, I will have a meal. Thanks

  • Cat

    Are the nibs raw or roasted? and do they do something to them before they cover them with chocolate?


  • james

    Fran the information provided and enthusiasm expressed on your website is amazing. I am very interested in cacao and I am growing it myself. Our trees are not old enough to harvest yet. What do you know about the ‘fruit’ of the chocolate plant. The white flesh surrounding the seed is really delicious. It is a little hard to eat as you have to kind of ‘suck’ it off the seed pod. The first time I ate it I expected something really bitter like the (cocao) seed but the flesh is quite succulent and sweet. Do you know anything about the nutritional properties of the ‘flesh’ as it tastes great. I hope it is not anti-chocolate:)

  • HI angelina, it really depends on what country you live in! Here in Australia my fav brand is Power Superfoods :) Loving Earth is another good one. x

  • angelina

    can you post a picture of a product that sell raw cacao beans? i had trouble looking.

  • I buy raw cacao beans in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. They are fresh and very inexpensive. I recently was down there and payed about US$2.10 per pound! I eat about 10 raw beans a day and swear by them. I take no pills. I workout all the time and get great results. Cacao for life!

  • Hi TIna, no, COCOA is always different to CACAO ..you need to look for CACAO …essentially they’re the same thing but it’s just a way for us to distinguish between the raw and the heated.

  • tina

    1.Is raw cocoa powder the same thing as raw cacao beans? like this picture:http://healthychocolateinfosite.com/Cacao_Powder_000007275750Small.jpg

  • Dereck

    Thanks for the information it was great.I am a chef in a “Health Farm Getaway” and we love using C in a nice raw food vegan cheese-cake base,it rocks and is certainly a major benifit in anyones health,cheers and keep me posted on your reasearch.

  • zel

    hi fran,


    yesterday i bought this cadbury’s cocoa powder from the supermarket.theres nothing added to it . its just cocoa powder.is dis same as cacao powder or is dis somthing different?should i use it ?

  • Joe

    Thanks for sharing. I just started eating the beans recently. I took them to work to spread the good word of their superpowers. No one was open to them, and I live in Hollywood aka the twilight zone. They complained of the smell being to overwhelming, disgusting and gross. Their loss, one fella who ate them claimed he vomited a bit. Theyre not that bad and who cares what they taste like, they are extraordinarily healthy and enhance my mood. I wont let them bring me down. Thank you and thanks cacao! Oh and how many beans are too many to eat in one setting? I ate 15 or so at once and was pretty high!

  • My mother-in-law sent me some raw cacao beans from Mexico. I had no idea how to use them so I ate a few beans raw, skin and all. I felt an increase in energy and slept incredibly well, better than I had in recent days. The following morning I got up, had my usual pre-workout snack consisting of a banana and a few almonds but this time I ate a few cacao beans too. The results in the gym were incredible. My energy levels were higher and I was able to workout more intensely. I felt more alert as well. I snacked on the beans throughout the day and simply felt strong and alert. I called a few friends to ask them what they know about cacao beans but all of them were unfamiliar with the health benefits. So, I’ve been reading many conflicting sources of information on the web. I will continue to use it regularly and note the results over time. Labeled a stimulant or not I can honestly say any food to me is a stimulant in some way. A green salad with fish gives me a great energy boost as well. Lots of oatmeal causes frequent bowel movements and gas. A glass of water with fresh-squeezed lime juice and honey cures me of a headache caused by over-exhaustion. Intense exercise removes toxins from my body and seems to balance everthing out. I firmly believe the intense exercise is an equalizer. It helps your body maximize the benefits of all the healthy foods we eat. I also love eating grasshoppers from Oaxaca. Anyways, best wishes to everyone.

  • Fran! I’d love to get you to try some of my chocolate… you seem to have alot of knowledge surrounding cocoa… would you like to try Xocai? We have hundreds of amazing health stories d/t the power in this chocolate. Things like BP normalized, Blood sugar normalized, water retention gone, energy, sleeping better, decreased PMS, WT LOSS, IBS symptoms gone! LDL cholesterol normalized and much relief from fibramyalgia and arthritis… etc..etc… amazed!!!!! I knew there was a reason 9/10 people love and crave it!!

  • Here you go Kelly: http://www.highonhealth.org/ive-finally-found-the-ultimate-healthiest-chocolate-chocolate-that-wont-break-you-out/

    It’s my most popular product!

    And of course you can link to my web site ..you don’t need to ask :) and thank you for the compliment.

  • Where do I find the video you did about that had the new chocolate you found that is totally good for you?
    I want some!!

    Also, can I put a link to you on my web sit? You rock and I don’t cover this area of health. Besides I don’t know of anyone who has covered the subject of acne as well as you and it’s such a needed service that you provide!

    Thank You!
    Kelly Lynch Ring

  • Hi Jeanna, there are a lot of rumors going around. I think cacao is great, the only legit argument against cacao is from Kevin from Health Renegade – http://renegadehealth.com/blog/my-personal-cacao-incident/

    I think it’s good to listen to your own body and see how you respond to it.

  • jeanna

    I hope you respond because I am confused!
    I have read how raw cacao is actually poisonous and the reason you get a jolt from it is because your body is trying to get rid of it.
    What do you think of that?

  • Hey Fran

    Oh I really hope you don’t think I’m posting on trying to sell Xocai.. lol… I just feel so excited and passionate about what I’ve found!! I too wanted to health benefits of the raw cocao beans… it was just so bitter… I’m a chocolate freak! Always have been! then I found this… its amazing…do some “googling”
    100% of the nutrients remain from the raw cocoa in the finished chocolate. They don’t heat the chocolate… they cold-press it!! and leave it very pure… no refined sugars.. no fillers…. wow… just read about hun.. hope it sounds wonderful.
    I figured since I KNEW I’d be sharing the wonderful health stories with everyone… so I did join as a REP for the company.. so of course I can get you some to try… even a day’s worth… you won’t believe it!! I work in Toronto as a Nurse so I could drop some off to you or you can always get some via my website or call.. : )
    I LOVE your site.

    Heather xx

  • Hey Fran

    New to “blogs” lol…. learning ASAP.. just got your response.. thanks.

    I’d love to teach you more about Xocai’s ingredients (if your interested) lol ….

    I’m a registered nurse and am blown away. I also have my own holistic health center in Rockwood and together with my Mom and Sister in Milton.

    You seem to be so excited about cocoas benefits… I’d love to have your opinion on this superfood Xocai.

    Check out my webpage… ignore the beginning of the video (cheeeesy) it gets better.. check out the links (on RT side of page) I have LOTS more I want to add.

    Thanks Fran!

  • kane

    FRAN! i think u are kool i need your help an i am trying to improve my skin i am mentally strong and believe i can withstand the bitterness so the beans sound kool i live in england would they sell them here also?

  • Hey David, you need to look out for refined sugar. Do a search in my blog or check the archives – click on “acne” at the top of the page – for chocolate articles, I’ve written heaps about chocolate, including an article on what soy lecithin is.

  • David

    hey fran…i was giving up chocolate for a long time..and now found bitter chocolate 70% cacao, but it´s just bought in the supermarket.. i thought it doesn´t contain so much sugar…so shouldn´t be so bad for me… but i´m nto sure, do you know about it?
    maybe it helps if i write the ingredients:cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier, soya lecithin..may contain nuts, peanuts, gluten and milk solids.

    thx!!! and congratulations for helping all of us.^^

  • Heather- Yes, I’ve heard of it ..haven’t tried it or looked closely at the ingredients though :)

  • Heather Patten

    Hi Fran

    I just watched your blog video… very fun…curious if you had ever heard of Xocai?

  • Cacao nibs are just crushed up cacao beans. You can eat as many each day as you like :)

  • Fran, I would just like to ask you what is the difference between cacao beans and cacao nibs? How many beans per day do you have?

  • Orawan, just keep checking health food stores.

  • Orawan

    hi fran, im in aussie and live in sydney. ive been having a real hard time trying to find these cacao bean or powder. Would you know any place where i can buy it?
    thanks soo much!!!

  • CJ in Seattle

    Theo Chocolates, here in Seattle, is Organic and Free Trade. I learned some of what you said on their tour. Isn’t it amazing??

  • Jamie & Andrea- Yes, cacao nibs are great too. Usually they’re just crushed beans with the husks removed so there’s no processing involved.

    I guess the advantage of the nibs is there’s no husk (which can be annoying to remove), and they’re easy to cook with. And the beans are kind of special because they’re in their absolute natural form :)

    Andrea, I have no idea what the unit of measurement is for antioxidants, I just know that there’s HEAPS more in cacao beans than any other food.

  • Thanks for the video it was great. I don’t suffer from Acne or anything but came across David Wolfe and I love the idea of eating all of these delicious foods that are so good for you.

    I ordered some cacao nibs, goji berries and some bee pollen yesterday to try out.

    I just want to know if the cacao nibs are just as good for you as the beans? I beleive they are the same but just been taken out of their shells is their any disadvantages from this?

  • thanks, i’ve been trying to find out for a long time. i adore your blog.

    i checked Whole Foods the other day for raw beans but all they had was nibs. do you have any suggestions on how to eat those, if not by themselves? and what is the unit of measure for the anti-oxidants? like, 32 per ounce, per cup, per blueberry?

  • andrea- anti oxidants are a pigment of color so they don’t expire. However, the older a fruit or vegetable is, the less nutrients it has, so it’s better to buy as fresh as possible. This is why farmers markets are awesome, or better still – growing in your own garden!

    The cacao beans I buy are sun dried so last a long time, anti oxidants in tact :)

  • do anti oxidants expire at all?

  • Jon

    Thanks Fran, I’ll look into the Pre curshed up cacao nibs it sounds better than peeling the beans.

  • Hi Jon, I actually bought that massive bag at the brick works farmers market for about $10 (or it may have been $13).

    But I think most health store probably sell them, so you could try there. If you can’t get the actual beans you could probably get the cacao nibs which are just good, they’re just pre crushed up.

  • Jon

    Fran do you know where else in Toronto they sell the raw cacao beans? There’s that place in farmers market they were selling 2kg at $38. I just wanna try it out anywhere you know sell it in bulk form where i choose how much I get or somewhere that sells it in the $10 range?

  • Hi Renee, I think I gave you the farmers market address in this post a while ago: http://www.highonhealth.org/high-on-health-readers-i-need-your-help/

    If the chocolate contains a type of sugar and/or chemicals then don’t eat a lot of it ..just use it as a treat. If however you’re eating cacao beans then go for it, have as many as you want!

    I learned about how amazing cacao beans are from David Wolfe: http://davidwolfe.com/

    Honestly I don’t think you could fine anyone that eats healthier than him. He eats 15-20 cacao beans a day.

  • Renee

    And also, how often would you eat dark chocolate? Can you eat too much that it can actually be bad for your skin?

  • Renee

    Hey Fran! I live in Toronto too, do you think you can tell me the exact address of the farmer’s market you went to? And also, which store in Toronto did you buy the Cacao Powder from?

  • Jon- You can get them from most health stores. There’s no formula on how many you should eat. So just snack on them every now and again, add them into smoothies, cook with them … etc.

  • Susie- There may be one, check the health stores. What you can do is buy the cacao power product like I showed. And use that exactly how you use regular cocoa, because it’s actually the same thing but only WAY better for you. So use it in your baking, add it to smoothies, make hot and cold chocolates with it, etc.

    I’ll be posting a couple of recipes soon that you can make at home using the cacao power.

    Leira- Tastes buds can definitely be different. I actually used to hate dark chocolate ..and then I started eating it ..and the more I ate the more I liked it! Now I prefer dark chocolate and think milk chocolate doesn’t have enough flavor. Although there’s no way I could eat 100%! I’ve tried that before and it’s extremely bitter.

  • leira

    That cacao circle looks really delicious! A few months ago I bought an 85% dark chocolate bar from the store to try. It actually didn’t taste quite bad, though my mom thought it was way too bitter. Our taste buds must have different preferences! :)

  • susie

    hey fran I dont know if I can handle the bitter taste of cocoa beans. do you know if they come in a supplement form (in pills) that i can buy from the health store? Thanks!

  • jon

    Where can get I cacao beans? Also how many should I eat each day (Raw)?

  • Hi Mishal, yes you can mix the cacao powder with warm or cold milk. It does need a sweetener added to it though, like honey, agave, stevia or xyliol.

    • anthony

      I have just been eating baker’s unsweetened cooking chocolate squares, they are 100% cacao, not sure if they are raw, is that basically giving me the same benefit? just curious, thanks?

  • mishal

    ok yeh i really like those cacoa beans which you hsowed they look shealthy thansk alot for giving nice information about healthy food. buh i m sure they must be too bitter,,i will be waiting for you to post any info about how to make them abit sweet,,and that cacoa powder which you showed can we mix it into warm milk and have it as well,,,or any idea to use it? also can honey be used as a sweetner or not

    • juan

      The cacao bean can be (about 15 to 2 of them) in the microwave until the pod containing them opens. Then put them in the blender, together with hot milk one stick of cinnamon and 2 spoonful of sugar (or more to get rid of the bitterness); then blend it until it gets sticky… take it out and dip your fingers in and smear your face (a facial)… let it run until it starts to dry. it smooths your skin and eliminates your crow eyes… from Puerto Rico with love

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