My Coconut Oil Face Cleansing Nightmare

My Coconut Oil Face Cleansing Nightmare

coconut.jpgOkay, so I’ve had enough of coconut oil. It appears as though coconut oil is not as miraculous as I thought it was.

When I first started using virgin coconut oil (VCO) in my Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) routine, it felt fantastic. My skin was getting smoother and I loved the smell of it. It also felt a lot lighter on my skin.

Around five days into using the VCO twice a day (morning and evening), my skin started to flare up really badly. Now, I had noticed after a day or two of using the oil that after I washed my face my cheeks were looking a little splotchy. I was just ignoring this and putting it down to old acne scares showing up from massaging my skin ..or whatever ..I wasn’t really worried about it. Until, yesterday when it all came crashing down. It was strange. Two days ago I was looking in the mirror thinking about how great my skin was looking and how I didn’t need to wear make up anymore (I’m putting up a mineral makeup video soon that I recorded two days ago, you can see how great my skin was), but by the next day my skin was red, inflamed and covered in little pimples. How did this happen!?

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve either had a bad reaction to the coconut oil, the coconut oil was doing a really good job at removing built up toxins in my skin, or coconut oil is just not a good oil to use for acne prone skin. Either way, I’ve discontinued my use of the oil and would not recommend it for acne prone skin. Honestly, I haven’t had a break out like this in a very long time. In fact, when my skin was bad I didn’t have this kind of breakout. This reaction feels a lot like a response to what I was putting on my face. So it’s one of those ‘what I put on the outside’ things which I think is kind of rare. Usually acne is caused by something internal.

I’ve spent hours and hours scouring the Internet looking for possible causes, and other peoples experiences. I’m so surprised at the lack of information out there about a possible bad reaction to coconut oil and other people’s experiences. I did find one source last night, which made up my mind to discontinue using the oil:

Why late sleepers complain of pimples when they started taking VCO

and these pimples increased for weeks and so they stopped taking it. VCO generally increases basic metabolic functions in the body when applied topically in the skin. It also increases the activities of the sebaceous gland which is a halocline gland, meaning, it is the whole gland itself that is extruded out and burst to produce the sebum. Since it is closely associated with the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles is also clogged up and in time the sebum is to come out, that is the time that pimples developed, secondary to clogged up hair follicles. If you apply the VCO , and you stimulate the glands activity to be extruded, especially at night, when the hair follicles too is clogged up with sweat, and secretions, this aggravates the condition. It is best to apply the VCO after thoroughly cleaning the face with soap and water. I hope I have given you a basic understanding of how the VCO works on the skin in relation with pimples.

Naomi, M.D. 


Well, I guess that’s what happened to me!

I’m in super recovery mode now. I’ve stopped the OCM altogether for a while because I feel as though I don’t want any more oils on my skin. I’m using a very gentle cleanser and a moisturiser that I used for years which I know for a fact never made me break out. Once the redness and inflammations go down, I’ll ease back into the OCM, because I do have great results using the OCM. This time around I might do a lot of research and find the most gentle oil combination which is best for acne prone and sensitive skin. I’ve also used a clay mask once today (with crushed cucumber added, thanks for the tip Bel!), and will continue to do so every other day until my skin recovers. I’m also making sure I drink plenty of water.

One thing this experience has done is remind me of how it feels like to have acne. I’d been clear for long enough to forget what it was like to have an acne problem (the good news is, you do forget quite easily). I’ve been reminded of the frustration and depression and self esteem issues that comes with having spots on your face. It’s something that nobody can understand unless they’re in this situation. It’s so unfair that ‘pimples’ and ‘acne’ are seen almost as if it’s a dirty disease and we have to put up with the embarrassment when it’s on our face, even if we are one of the healthiest people out there!

It’s also made me realise that there is not a lot that you can say to an acne sufferer that will make them feel better. Even when I know that this is a temporary flare up for me and that I will recover within a few days – the impatience is still quite overwhelming, and reassurance from myself, friends and family will not make a lot of difference.

So, all I can say out of this experience is perhaps coconut oil is not a good oil to apply on acne prone skin! and if you get stung by the acne blues, then take comfort in the fact that there are many, many, other people out there with the same thoughts and feelings as you. You’re not alone :)

Take care,


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  • Carla

    Recently I bought Spring Valley’s Organic and Extra Virgin coconut oil; just two days using the product, I broke out. It was awful. It seems like coconut oil might only work for those with excessively dry skin or normal skin, and it did not react well with me because of my oily skin. Who knows?

  • Erick

    I had the same experience as you fran

  • Valerie

    This exact thing happened to me!!! My skin has been looking awesome this last year or two and now it feels like I’m going through puberty all over again!! I hope it clears up with my regular skincare routine in about a week or so..
    I read so many great things about using oils so I thought, what the heck might as well give it a try. It might clear up my oily-ness. Nope. Oh well.

  • I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing issues with your blog.
    It appears like some of the text in your posts are running off the screen.
    Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This might be a issue with my browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Many thanks

  • Little ol' me

    Hi, i just thought that I would share my experience with you about coconut oil. While it really does wonders for some, it causes a nightmare for others. I have a horrible issue with anything even remotely related to coconut oil, even saponified coconut oil. I discovered this while testing my own soaps and creams which worked amazingly well for everyone that tried them but me. Ah the irony, I make soap that everyone loves but I can not use.

  • gina

    hi there.. I am now going through the dry scaly horrible mess after using coconut oil on my face. I took your advice and got some hemp oil. When did the dryness clear up? thanks so much!

  • Cynthia

    Okay, now that that’s out of my system, Charity, I’ll reply in full to your ‘comment’.

    It’s been my experience that people on the internet often write gushing posts on multiple forums about a skin product and when the product turns on them – as VCO turned on Fran in the blog post that started this thread over 5 years ago – they don’t go back to all those forums and update everyone on their experience. So, as I’ve changed the products I’ve used, I’ve taken the time to post my experiences. So, no Hemp oil didn’t get handed to me by God. I wish that were so, because it would have saved me the time and effort of wading through all the garbage like VCO to get to Hemp. I’ve used Hemp oil for just over 2 years now and my skin has been perfect for just over 2 years. And excuse me if I don’t want everyone else to have to suffer like I’ve suffered, just as Fran suffered which is why she posted about her experience with VCO. People haven’t stopped commenting, either. In fact, just above is Jen thanking me for taking the time to respond to people on this thread. And, after all, IT’S BEEN 5 YEARS!

  • Cynthia

    Gee Charity, I’m happy that my life isn’t so empty that I would even bother to write such a nasty post. Did you ever stop to think that there may be a reason why I say such great things about Hemp oil? I’ve given Hemp oil to all my friends and they’ve thanked me for their beautiful skin. In your warped world that makes me a horrible person. I feel sorry for you Charity. You are an awful person.

  • Charity

    Sorry Cynthia, but I hope never to meet you in person, because I would not be able to stand your self righteous attitude. Not only do you contradict every good thing about VCO and other oils that people have actually had success with, but you also uplift hemp oil as if it were handed to you personally in a pretty pink jar by God himself. No wonder people have stopped commenting… 50% of the comments have posted by your all-knowing OPINION/EXPERIENCE.

  • Mel

    Please research fractionated coconut oil. There is a difference.

  • I have been working with carrier oils and essential oils for over 17 years. My daughter has been suffering from some breakouts on her face this pass few months. I have been trying all the natural ways I can to help her. I have finally made up a personal moisturizer just for her and it is working wonderfully. It is a blend of Jojoba and kukui nut oil and using a teatree hydrosol and my soap for cleaning. I also took her to a Naturopathic Dr. who did a live blood test which showed she was look in B Vit. so she is taking some along with fish oils, things are starting to clear up. Don’t get discouraged there are many wonderful oils to help with skin care.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I think Hemp oil is better than Flaxseed. It’s also tastier and easier to work into salad dressing and other dishes, so a great all-around bottle of oil to have.

    =) Cynthia

  • Jen

    I purchased Flaxseed oil the other day (cold-pressed) but am now a bit hesitant to use it. Does it have the same effect as Hemp oil?

    A big thank you to Cynthia for taking the time to respond to everyone’s inquiries.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Anish,

    Nivea Cream is a cheap, synthetic, horror of preservatives in a pretty, well-marketed package that doesn’t do anything good for your skin or health.

    And it breaks me and millions of others out in acne.

    But thanks for the input,
    =) Cynthia

  • anish

    hi guys why dont u try nivea cream

  • Cynthia

    Hi Dara,

    That is fantastic news! I’m so happy for you!

    After massaging in the cleansing oil, I wash my hands with soap and water, which keeps the oil off of towels. Perhaps, if you do that, your family won’t be annoyed! ;)

    I hope it continues to work for you!
    =) Cynthia

  • Cynthia

    Hi Vanita,

    The Tanaka massage is great. I feel relaxed after doing it and I’ve read about a real difference in women who have done it for 12 weeks or more.

    Maybe a little turmeric in my Hemp oil might be good for my skin. I’m always interested in things that improve my health. Thanks!

    =) Cynthia

  • Dara

    Hello Cynthia,

    I just wanted to update.

    Recently, my forehead suddenly got a slight flush and spots “glowed” a dark red. I initially thought I developed a reaction to the flaxseed oil, but then I realised it was that time of the month, when I would break out! I think the breakout this time is much lighter and it’s most probably attributed to the flaxseed oil cleansing. So with confidence, I carried on and it’s been around three days since, and it looks almost as if I hadn’t broke out.

    Usually, the breakout would be disastrous and completely ruin whatever progress I had on clearing my skin.

    Recently I asked my sister if my skin’s improved, and she said that it’s “almost perfect”. So far so good!

    I think give me about one more month or so, and my skin should be completely cleared!

    Thank you so much. I’m so glad it’s literally foolproof but that’s only because you spent years of effort researching on it!

    Also as for the alkaline diet, I tried it and I’m still trying. It’s as you said like a “common sense” thing, but it’s become one more reason for me not to eat so much sugar, chocolate, etc, etc because I used to reason with myself that our bodies need sugar and fat, so it’s okay! I’ve begun putting more effort into eating more fruits and veggies too to hit the alkaline diet.

    The only con of the OCM is that my family has started to complain about the smell of oil in the bathroom and the bath towels. I just laugh them off. It doesn’t stink at all to me and over time I actually begin to like the smell. I like the moisturising effect of applying flax oil after I’ve misted my face so much so I began trying it on my body! I mist my body and then apply the jojoba oil leftover from the previous OCM trial. Ha ha!

    I also use natural soap now and I can recall one of my family scrunching her face up after smelling it, when I thought it smelt good! Now I can’t stand artificial fragrance smells (so strong and so fake most of the times), and when I use some generic hand soap, I am actually now aware of how drying it is. It just feels very uncomfortable.

    Okay, thanks once again and I hope you have a nice day! Perhaps you’ll strike lucky every now and then because of the good karma coming back to you! I really hope so!

  • Vanita

    Hi Cynthia,
    Glad its working well for you. Thanks for introducing me to the Tanaka massage. I just goggled it – found it pretty interesting and worth a try.

    Turmeric may not work for some complexions if left on the skin. However, if used in very small quantities, and removed after the massage is done, it is beneficial to the skin. I am of Indian origin, but extremely fair, and this has not affected my complexion adversely. It reverses affects of tanning, is a great anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial. I guess, some of the beauty related regimens are also somewhat cultural, so it makes great sense to me, while it may not work for others. :-)

  • Cynthia

    Hi Vanita,

    I do my version of OCM twice daily and my skin is perfect. I don’t have to do masks, peels, treatments, etc. I massage in Hemp oil with Tanaka massage and remove with spring water on cotton pads. It’s much gentler than the standard OCM, which, I agree, is too harsh.

    Turmeric is a yellow dye. If it is applied to skin, it will dye the skin yellow. For the very pale among us, this might not be the best option. However, Turmeric is highly effective as a dietary addition. I consume probably about a tablespoon a day just by adding it to things I eat. It’s delicious on salad and fish, for example.

    =) Cynthia

  • Vanita

    Warm up some coconut oil with a pinch of turmeric powder and apply to whole body. Really massage it in. Spend more time on your face. It should take you about 20-30 min to finish the entire massage/ It would help if you are in a slightly warm room and you work yourself up into a sweat as you give yourself a thorough massage.
    Jump into the shower and take a normal bath.

    I would recommend doing this once a week, not more. OCM seems to be good, but just as I would not apply a mask more than1-2 times a week, I fail to see why people are doing it everyday.

  • Patrick

    Hi Fran,

    This could sound a little crazy but ever since a partially insane holistic friend of mine recommended Tumeric – my acne has totally cleared up. You can buy it at any supermarket in America at the spice section and it’s usually pretty cheap. I mix a tablespoon in a small amount of water and shoot it down like a shot’a tequila. Then I chase it down with a cold glass of water. To be honest the tequila tastes WAY better but a few moments of blachyness is totally worth the results.

    I tried the expensive tablet versions from Whole Foods but they just didn’t seem to have the same effect.

    I’m sorry coconut oil failed your skin – that was a really sad story.



  • Cynthia

    Hi Dara,

    I’m so glad it’s working for you! Another thing that will help your skin along is diet. I stick quite closely to the Alkaline diet (also called the pH diet) – just Google it. It isn’t a weight loss diet, but a diet that restores your immunity. It’s common sense mostly, but there are also some great insights into health. I also take vitamins, minerals & supplements, which I list in my notepad at I also take 2 tablespoons (soup spoons) of Hemp oil per day and remove the ickiness of ‘taking oil’ with a tablespoon of blackstrap mollasses right after. I take Apple Cider Vinegar and I drink red vine tea.

    A few days ago I wondered if my strict spring water only thing was OTT. When I came up with the idea I was living in a flat with serious issues with poor quality tap water and mould growth. I moved into a nicer flat a year ago. I thought it may be okay to just dip my cotton pads in warm water and squeeze out excess. It’s been working for the past 3 days and it’s a lot faster. I still mist with the spring water before applying the Hemp oil as moisturiser. If you’ve got a good water supply, you may want to try that, especially since the warm water may speed things up on the detox. I still won’t use the washcloth method for oil removal because I don’t think it’s sanitary and I think it’s too rough. However, to loosen those blackheads, you could rest the hot cloth on your oily face and then use the cotton pads after. The chances of something growing on the cloth taking hold in that 30 seconds of contact are slim to none.

    Keep us posted on your progress!
    =) Cynthia

  • Dara

    Hi Cynthia,

    Hope you’ve been well!

    The OCM is good. It’s amazing how the oil can clean the skin properly and my dry skin is gone for good! For me, I think it will take a little longer for my skin to clear completely of pimples and blemishes which were there before the OCM. Weirdly, some of the bumps turn into pimples in the course of applying OCM.

    I think what I have a problem is that the blackheads and oil clots are firmly stuck in my skin… that is, I’ve massaged them, rubbed my hands and place it on them, and steamed my face, but they refuse to come off at one go. But they do come off eventually, after a few OCM applications.

    About three days ago, I steamed my face, then did OCM (it’s more effective when my face is drier and has more friction… shows how stubborn those dirt are… but I prefer not to be as rough with my skin, I believe they will come off eventually). After that I placed a cotton pad on the tip of my nose and gave a quick, hard squeeze and countless blackheads ended up on the cotton pad! It was amazing! Unfortunately I couldn’t do that for the rest of my face.

    Anyway, overall, the OCM is looking good. Thank you!

  • Cynthia

    Hi Dara,

    Yes, I do the OCM morning and night. In the evening, I’m careful to warm my face with my hands intermittently while massaging the oil in to cleanse. It takes everything off.

    That sunblock looks good. Titanium dioxide can be drying, so having the oil underneath would be beneficial. (I can’t use capric/caprylic triglycerides, glycerin or calendula, but that’s me!)

    Good luck and let me know how it goes!
    =) Cynthia

  • Dara

    Hi Cynthia,

    So should I use the OCM on my face with sunblock the same way I do when I wake up in the morning sans sunblock? It would be lovely to scrape the cost of an extra cleanser from my necessities.

    Alright, alright I guess I can’t be lazy! I shall follow the entire procedure to the letter.

    That said, I do believe my skin is already better.

    Also, my sunblock is this I think it should be okay for me since I’m not allergic to anything there.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Dara,

    I did warn against the whole ‘I just used a gentle cleanser’ thing. There’s no such thing as a surfactant gentle cleanser. It strips the skin of oil. That’s a surfactant’s job. My OCM gets sunblock off just fine. Also, after cleansing, your skin really does need the protection of a moisturiser. It may feel soft right after cleansing but it won’t last unless you mist with water and immediately apply the oil to lock it in. If the oil hasn’t been absorbed after 15 minutes after massaging it in with Tanaka Massage, I blot gently with one square of toilet tissue. Prior to using Hemp oil, my skin was pretty good because I’d been cleansing with my method for almost 2 years just with different oils, so I suspect it won’t be an immediate transformation. However, I will stress again that any ‘gentle cleanser’ must be eliminated. Also, what sunblock are you using? Can you list the ingredients here? I’m familiar with common problem ingredients.


  • Dara

    Hi Cynthia,

    Today is the fifth day of my using flaxseed oil. Some of the larger bumps have disappeared and there seems to be a lot that are shrinking, even though they refuse to disappear. I’ve got the most stubborn skin ever! On the other hand, I think I’ve got a few new pimples.

    I followed your instructions of putting on a thick layer of oil, showering as per normal and letting the steam open the pores, then get out and put another thin layer on and massage (sometimes I massage for up to four minutes though), and wipe the oil away with moist cotton pads.

    I actually skip the moisturising part though.

    I started to apply sunscreen again, and so when I come home, I remove it using a gentle cleanser before going through the OCM routine. I’ve noticed though that when I run my hands through my face with the cleanser, I can feel many tiny little bumps that aren’t obvious if my skin isn’t so slippery. I think they might be new.

    I also want to note that while I try my best to remove most of the oil with a cotton pad, I don’t think it’s possible to remove all. My skin isn’t oily anymore after cleansing but there is still the tiniest bit of oil left.

    Is my slow progress normal?

    Thanks again. I was hoping I’d be able to update you once more with a cheery message that my skin is now cleared, but I guess not. Sorry for the trouble!

  • Jennifer

    I use tamanu oil soap and then put the oil on after. It’s AMAZING stuff. For the first time in years I no longer break out. I tried EVERYTHING and tamanu is seriously a natural miracle for skin. I have combination skin and this balances my skin out while keeping it clear. It goes down several layers and has been used for years on burn victims to heal and repair skin and tissue. Google the AMAZING benefits.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Prachi,

    I’ve re-read your post. You said to scrub daily to get the Coconut oil off. Since the OCM is done in morning and evening, then that means scrubbing with hot washcloth TWICE A DAY not weekly as you state in your second post. Scrubbing twice daily will only make skin worse. Since you only scrub once a week, I think you will agree with me on that.

    Exfoliation is important, as I have stated many times, but there are far gentler ways to achieve it. My method, which is very gentle and good for the skin, exfoliates twice daily while removing the cleansing – i.e. dirty – oil completely.

    I then apply oil after a mist of water as a moisturiser. Oil is beneficial to skin if it’s an oil that doesn’t clog pores, has the right combination of fatty acids and has vitamins and minerals.

    Also, my point was that if you use an oil that cleans just as effectively as Coconut oil but can be removed gently, then that is better for skin and someone in their 20s may end up looking 25 when they’re in their 40s.

    Your intentions were no doubt altruistic. I didn’t think you were being nasty and I never called you names or insulted you. I pointed out problems with your advice as it was originally stated. I worry a great deal about the people who suffer from acne, Rosacea, dermatitis and will try ANYTHING they read online to stop it. It’s my responsibility to them to point these problems out and offer alternatives. My alternative to Coconut oil and hot washcloth and scrubbing is Hemp oil and cotton pads and room temperature spring water.


  • Prachi

    There’s a whole lot of difference between hot water and hot wash cloth. When I told you to scrub, I was sharing my personal experience. Its totally up to you. I always used to skip any type of exfoliation during cleansing with almond and coconut oil. I had a very serious bout of acne. A friend suggested to exfoliate once every week. I never had any acne after that.The oil that you use for cleansing sits in your pores and needs to get out which can be done by exfoliation. I had already read that you are 40 and did not advise for skin of a 25 year old. I would have much better things to do other then make a nasty suggestion to destroy someone’s skin..or whatever. It was a friendly advise and not the way you perceived it.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Dara,

    The Hemp seed oil I use is for eating. It is cold-pressed to preserve all of the goodness of the oil. It sounds like you’ve got the right oil.

    It’s fine for the water to get on your face. In fact, when I’m in the shower, I’ll warm my hands in the water and then hold them on my face. You can even massage your face while you’re in there.

    I use each cotton pad as 2 semi-circles: I remove one area with a semi-circle then I rotate the pad to use the other semi-circle (does that make sense?). So I split my face up in semi-circles: (1)Forehead, (2)nose, around lips and chin, (3) top of right cheek (4) bottom of right cheek (5-6) same for left cheek (7) left side of neck (8) right side of neck). So, that’s 4 pads in all.

    If you’ve got blackheads, then an initial steam can be very good to loosen them. I put a lot of oil on my face and put my head over a bowl of hot water with a towel over my head like a tent. While steaming I move my head around to make sure the steam isn’t just concentrating on the tip of my nose. I also ‘make silly faces’ to loosen the pores and make the muscles in my face give me a massage – it’s called Sobye Massage. Then after about 10 minutes, I remove the oil in the same way. I mist with spring water and moisturise right away.

    I too am not a fan of Jojoba. The fatty acid makeup of Hemp and Linseed is extremely different from Jojoba.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    =) Cynthia

  • Dara


    I’ve done the oil cleansing method as you’ve instructed with some flaxseed oil I purchased today! Was very excited.

    I have a few questions though:

    Is there a difference between edible flaxseed oil and the one for facial use? The one I bought seems to be for the purpose of eating it, but it also states that it’s unrefined, unfiltered, cold pressed, etc. So I was supposing it’s in its most natural form and should be okay to use for face.

    How do I know that my pores are opened? Should I try to keep the warm water off touching my face as much as possible even if I’ve protected it with a layer of oil? Or is it okay to have water touch my face?

    And I seem to be unable to tell when I should stop wiping my face with the cotton pad, especially when I see that there are still blackheads and the like.

    I was really nervous as well because of my previous horrible experience with jojoba oil, so I was super conscious of every step.


  • Cynthia

    I love Hemp seed oil, as I’ve gone on ad nauseum about above ;) No oil provides UV protection. A few websites have said that Hemp does, but, speaking as a biologist, I don’t see how that’s possible. For those that are reactive and sensitive, chemical blocks are irritants. I have a physical block (Zinc oxide/Titanium dioxide) for times when I can’t just wear a hat. It’s made by L’Occitane and it’s in their Shea butter range.

    If I did the things you advise to my skin, it would be destroyed. Acne is not a result of dirty skin and the antidote is to scrub with hot water. Hemp oil gets my skin very clean and I remove it with room temperature spring water on a cotton pad. It is unnecessary to put an oil that is a solid at room temperature like Coconut oil on skin and then torture it with hot – sorry, but you should NEVER put hot water on your face – water and scrubbing to get it off. As I’ve said many times, I’m in my 40s and I always get mistaken for 25.

    =) Cynthia

  • I think ur skin flared up because u are not scrubbing your skin and the oil that you are using daily is pushed deeper into your pores. Its very necessary to scrub your face with a scrub of even a hot, damp washcloth to remove the oil from your pores. Splash your face with cold water afterwards to close the pores.

  • Dori

    What oil absorbs nicely, doesn’t clog pores and can be put around the thin skin around the eyes and crows feet during the day and won’t react with the sun? Is any oil protective against UV rays? Someone may have answered this question in an above post but I don’t have time to go thru all of them so the advice would be appreciated.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Dara

    I’ve been taking ACV for years and it’s rid me of back pain! It’s all part of the alkaline diet.

    Be careful importing hemp oil. An Egyptian American was arrested for bringing hemp oil into Egypt because they translated the order manifest as ‘hash oil’ and this crime carries the death penalty!

    Similar oils to hemp are flaxseed and borage. Flaxseed is also called linseed. I used to use grapeseed, olive or macadamia oils before discovering hemp. I even used grapeseed with a drop or two of rosemary, so I know it works as a cleanser. As a moisturiser, I used to use grapeseed mixed with macadamia, which works well.

  • Dara

    Hi again, what do you think of perhaps using Grapeseed and Rosemary oil?

  • Dara

    Hi Cynthia, thanks for being so nice and helpful!

    I live in Singapore so hemp oil isn’t legally available in retail stores. This is just horrible, isn’t it, seeing as there are are so many health benefits of it. I will have to import it from overseas, and I will.

    Right now I think what I have is more of perioral dermatitis than rosacea. The bumps are kind of spread all over my face, save for the cheek area. There are all sorts of bumps and some of them are just brown spots; those are the most annoying because they don’t hurt or even have any texture, they just look like scars!

    So I actually tried some of the remedies recommended online for this PD, for example, not washing face with soap and applying yoghurt mask. I might not continue it because it doesn’t seem to work. My skin has changed a little but I don’t know if it’s for the better or worse.

    I’m now trying something new which is eating apple cider vinegar.

    Thanks again.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Dara,

    The reason I stress to use the Hemp oil as cleanser as well as moisturiser is that it thoroughly, yet gently cleans. Thorough cleansing and exfoliation – the action of massaging and removing with cotton pads is exfoliation – is essential for any moisturiser to sink in properly without taking dirt and debris with it. So, it’s the combo that works – not just pieces. I really hope you can find Hemp oil. It’s in health food stores. If you are in the UK, the product called ‘Good Oil’ is cold pressed Hemp oil found with all the cooking oils. Oils are not created equally. Coconut oil is very different from Olive and Olive is very different from Hemp (that was more of a response to Dori above).

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  • Dori

    I find a good oil to use that doesn’t clog pores is olive oil. I use the extra virgin olive oil.
    I think I gave up too soon with my experimental use of coconut oil. Back to the drawing board. I suffered with acne on my nose and chin for many years but now that I’m post menopausal the pores on the lobes of my nose have these little bumps under the skin. They won’t express no matter what I do. Since the coconut oil did bring out something questionable from under the tip of my chin, maybe just maybe if I keep at it, it will be able to move these little hard bumps. The last time I gave up because my pores looked enlarged and my complexion took on a blotchy look. I will start using it again tomorrow. Maybe it should look worse before it looks better. Wish me luck, again!

  • dara

    Hi Cynthia, thanks for leaving so much information.

    Yes indeed, my pimples look like either or both perioral dermatitis or Rosacea. There are even some flat brown spots which aren’t popping up or even feel painful.

    The instructions you give are very detailed and I think I might just take it slowly. First I got to find the hemp oil!

    I actually dare not use oil on my face anymore but I’m going to give this a try. I think I’ll first use it as a moisturiser and see if there are any improvements? Is that good?

    I don’t even dare rub anything on my face anymore, I just dab everything.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Dara,

    I used to have exactly what you have! It’s either perioral dermatitis or Rosacea or both. Jojoba is good but I only use it to mix with other oils for a body oil. This is how I use the Hemp seed oil:

    I slather on oil (1TBS) to dry face and neck before getting in the shower. It keeps the tap water off my face but the heat of the steam opens my pores. When I turn the water off, I apply about a teaspoon more of the oil just as a layer and massage about 30seconds to a minute and get out of the shower, wash and dry my hands. Then I spritz Spring drinking water (Volvic, Evian, etc.) on 4 cotton wool pads until they are not drenched but quite moist (10-14 sprays from a small spray bottle on each) and wipe the oil off my face and neck. I then moisturise by misting with the water and applying Hemp oil by dripping the oil into the palm of my hand to about the size of a dime/5p coin, quickly spread across hands and pat hands on face and neck, spread in upward motions and then thoroughly massage in with Tanaka Massage.

    At night, I remove my eye makeup then slather oil (1TBS) on my face and neck; alternate between holding my hands on my face to just warm the oil and gently massaging for about 2 min. Then remove the oil with cotton wool pads as in the morning. Moisturise by misting with the water and applying Hemp oil with Tanaka Massage. (It’s important to note that I keep the Hemp oil in the darkened glass bottle it came in and in the fridge)

    I’ve told people this method before and the response is often ‘I thought my skin wasn’t clean, so I washed the oil off with a mild soap’. I can’t stand this! You don’t need to do this and it defeats the purpose of cleansing with oil. My skin is very, very clean, my pores are tight, my skin is smooth and blemish-free. If it weren’t getting my skin clean, my skin wouldn’t look like this. So, please, follow this advice to the letter.

    I also have a good diet. I follow the Alkaline Diet. I take supplements. I drink lots of herbal teas. I don’t consume caffeine and I try to steer clear of processed foods. I also don’t use or consume things that contain Ragweed, which I have an allergy to. I list all of this in detail in my ‘notepad’ at, my username is nailbunny.

    Good luck!

  • dara

    Hi, Cynthia. I’ve actually been trying to get rid of my pimply state ever since I tried OCM with jojoba oil. It’s been close to a year and no results. My face still has many dull red, sometimes bright red spots and bumps. They don’t have pimple heads. Once one goes away, another appears again.

    I’m kind of thinking that I may have sort of damaged my skin in the process of OCM and now it might be clogged with oil and bacteria. Do you think it might be so? Before OCM, my skin rarely had pimples.

    I might try finding hemp oil after your recommendation. How should I use it? Do I simply dab a light layer over my face?

  • D4v3


    No didn’t really think you were yelling, just setting me straight LOL. I understand you are more of an expert on the OCMs as I’m just learning all the acronyms so I’m more a newbie. From reading the other forums you provided I can see the difference in using Hemp. So I may consider trying it out. So far VCO has been decent for me with just slightly redness not more than before when I was using mild soaps and non comodegenic moisturizers. If hemp can rid my bumps and redness I will definitely switch. I just would hate to quit VCO so soon. It already seems like things are getting better. One last thing……if I say I’m using Hemp as a moisturizer, that sounds more masculine than coconut oil. :)

  • Cynthia

    Hi D4v3 (fun way to say Dave, BTW)

    I hope I didn’t come off as yelling at you. I just didn’t see the point of suffering. I’ve tried all oils – really, all of them, in numerous combinations. I started using Hemp oil and in a week my skin looked much better. It’s been 4 weeks now of using it as cleanser and moisturiser and my skin is perfect. I went through no healing crisis and I don’t see why anyone should have to. I eat very well – Alkaline diet which is very similar if not identical to the diet to rid yourself of Candida overgrowth – and take supplements which I make sure are always yeast-free (very important for Candida). Hemp oil isn’t just another natural oil, VCO is just another natural oil. This is what Hemp oil contains:
    ‘Rich in Omega oils, Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), Gamma linolenic Acid, 25% Protein, Vitamin E, Niacin (B3), Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Pyroxidine (B6), Vitamin C, Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), Magnesium, Calcium (Ca), Iron (Fe), Sodium (Na), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu)’

    It’s no wonder it is just good for skin. Mine is not an isolated case, either:

    My skin used to be dry yet oily, bumpy and red from Rosacea and extremely acne-prone. Now it’s normal. Not dry, not oily, just soft, smooth and matte with no makeup. That’s not just me. Skin as an organ isn’t that different between people if it’s getting all the nourishment it needs through diet, water intake and what is put on it. That explains how I no longer have a skin type or prone to anything.

    Also, read this thread:
    Comedogenicity rating of 4 means it is highly pore-clogging and 0 means it doesn’t clog pores.

    =) Cynthia

  • D4v3


    This article was just one of a few complaints I’ve found regarding the effects of using VCO. The positive far out weight the negative, however the negative are mostly attributed to people’s fear of “breaking out” and running off scared to other methods. Others are truly an allergic reaction that is rare because VCO is supposed to be hypo allergenic. There is more technically proven reasons why coconut oil is great for many things, but I’ve read not one single oil is good for everyone. Some use hemp, some VCO, olive, castor, and jojoba (I’m sure there are others). The main thing is that these are all natural. I have used a lot of non natural products in my life and have only just started using the natural oils of coconut. As I said I’ll stick it out for now and see if things look better soon. Otherwise I’ll try other natural oils as recommended. A good thing to do would be to Google “Healing Crisis” in regards to coconut oil. Off topic but I may have some form of Candida that I’m dealing with as well that can cause skin issues.

  • Cynthia

    Hi D4v3,

    I don’t understand this: ‘after reading the many great reviews about it’. This is the comment section of a blogpost entitled ‘My Coconut Oil Face Cleansing Nightmare’. Is that a great review? No! Read what Fran went through again. Scroll up and read my entries on using Hemp seed oil. I’ll sum it up: I cleanse with Hemp seed oil and moisturise with it and my skin is – I can’t believe I’m actually saying this after 7 years of fighting acne, dermatitis & Rosacea – perfect. I have better skin now than I did when I was 20 and taking anti-biotics from a dermatologist. I’m 41 and I can count wrinkles at the edges of my eyes only when I smile. My oil cleansing method is different from the norm, so if you have questions please ask.

    =) Cynthia

  • D4v3

    I just started using VCO a couple days ago after reading the many great reviews about it. Like other people have stated, the first couple of days were good, smooth skin cleared up dry areas. Now I started to get more whiteheads showing up. I’m going to trust the theory that this is the detoxification phase and stick with it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Just a quick history. I’m 28, male and have had skin problems for over 10 years. Used too many chemicals to count to combat moderate acne without complete success and my skin shows it. I’m hoping this works because I’m running out of patience. If it fails, I’ll look into this “OCM” thing I guess.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Darren,

    As previously noted, I cleanse my facial skin really gently. I actually never ‘wash’ it, i.e. I never let tap water touch it unless there’s olive oil on it to protect it. Tap water is really harsh in most places in the UK. I use the ‘Olive Oil BP’ at Boots. It doesn’t smell and doesn’t burn my eyes like Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Even though I’m really gentle, my skin will dry out if I don’t apply some form of moisturiser. I used to use Macadamia Nut oil but I now prefer to use Green People No Scent Organic 24-hour cream. Green People have a few moisturisers, but this one doesn’t have any Ragweed (I’m allergic) or glycerin (makes my skin burn), which is tough to find, so I love it. It does have Aloe in it, which my skin can tolerate in small doses, apparently. You can find it at most health food stores and online. You might want to check out their new men’s range, if you don’t have as many weird issues as I have! (I don’t work for Green People, by the way) I find that if I spray my face with Witch Hazel (again, from Boots) before applying the moisturiser, it works best. My skin tends toward dryness and this moisturiser keeps my skin comfortable all day. In this cold weather, you might want to apply a little more, if needed. I wish Boots sold it, because I’ve got a lot of Boots points!

    =) Cynthia

  • Darren

    Hi Cynthia,
    I tried again this morning and rubbed about a teaspoon of virgin olive oil afterwards. Its been about 2 hours now and i can feel my skin starting to dry up again. What moisturizer do you suggest? I’m in the UK too (Hampshire)

  • Cynthia

    Hi Darren,

    First of all, E45 cream has petrochemicals like mineral oil and petrolatum in it, so don’t put that on your skin again. It’s rubbish. By steaming you are cleaning out your pores, which also means removing oils. It does have a drying effect, which should be counteracted with applying moisturiser or oil or oil+aloe. I can recommend some products, but it depends on what is available in your area. I’m in the UK. If you’re in the UK, then I can help with specific products. Where are you?

    =) Cynthia

  • Darren

    Hi cynthia,
    I did the steam thing last night, and it did seam to make a difference – a big difference in the look and feel of my skin, so i didn’t add a moisturizer, but after a few hours i could feel my face getting dry again so i put a bit of olive oil with on my skin, it was ok at first but I woke up in the night with my skin feeling really tight on my face and it felt dry. Athough it has still got a glow about it – (or is it a slight red rash that i’m getting?) This morning i just washed with warm water and put E45 moisturzing lotion on (didn’t want to put more oil on at moment) but within 5 minutes my skin is dry and tight again. – Its seems like i’m in vicious circle – Is this happening because my pores were still blocked or should i have put moisturizer on straight away after the steaming?

  • Cynthia

    Hi Darren,

    I like to put the oil on my face so that the oil in my pores has something to combine with (like with like). I also like to use the steam so that I can ‘make faces’. The ‘making faces’ thing is based on Sobye Massage which is to encourage lymphatic drainage and I find that it loosens dead skin as well as exercises the muscles in the face. Just Google Sobye Massage if you want to know more. It’s a lot messier to use a flannel and I’m not a fan of the standard ‘Oil Cleansing Method’ which is what you may have been reading about. What I posted before is my version of the OCM, which I find works much better because it’s gentler, so it can be done twice daily.

    =) Cynthia

  • Darren

    Hi Cynthia,
    Thanks for replying, I’m interested in the steam cleaning thing with the olive oil. You say use a bowl with a towel over your head to steam but I’ve also seen other sites that use the hot flannel on the face technique to draw the oil out. Which works best do you think and could i combine both ways?

  • Cynthia

    Hi Darren,

    What you’ve read so far is a mixture of negative effects of Coconut oil, positive effects after a long time of use and negative effects following positive initial effects. In my assessment, there are more negatives than positives considering just using a different oil can solve all the problems. I use Olive oil to cleanse my skin, tone with a spray of Witch Hazel and then apply a light moisturiser that does not contain Coconut oil. If you don’t want to use a light moisturiser then there are a few oils that many people use to moisturise: Macadamia Nut oil I think is the most quickly absorbed oil, followed by Sweet Almond or Camellia oil, then Apricot or Peach Kernel oil, then Olive oil. Grapeseed oil can be useful to thin out any of those oils. That is from personal experience. The moisturiser I use has Sunflower, Olive and Hemp oils in it. I’m almost 41 and I don’t have any wrinkles until I smile and then I can see them at the corners of my eyes. I also fight Eczema during winter on my hands, but by keeping the skin dry and applying a mixture of Grapeseed and Macadamia Nut oil, I do keep it at bay. In the past when I used something that had Coconut oil in it, I drew it out with a facial steam on a heavily Olive-oiled face. Steam over a bowl with a towel over the back of your head like a tent for about 10 minutes while ‘making faces’. Wipe off the oil with a mixture of 1 part Witch Hazel: 2 parts spring drinking water (like Volvic, Evian, Calistoga, etc.) on cotton pads, close the pores with a spray of Witch Hazel and apply an oil of your choosing that seems to sink in quickly. If you can use Aloe, then you can also take the advice of the owner of this blog and put a teaspoon of Aloe gel in your palm and dropper 2-3 drops of an oil of your choosing, mix well between your hands and slap it on. 100% Aloe turns my face beet red, so this is not an option for me, but I would do it if I could. As a twice daily cleanse I apply Olive oil to a dry face, make a series of goofy faces and then gently massage the oil with my fingertips for no more than 2 minutes, then remove with the 1WH+2water, spray with WH and apply moisturiser (for me a moisturiser, for you just oil or the Aloe+oil mix). Don’t worry you can work the bad out of your skin. If you have any questions, just ask. And please let us know how it goes.

    Take care,

  • Darren

    Hi, I feel so stupid.. I’m a 43 year old man and i’ve been putting on virgin coconut oil on my face because i get dry flakes on from eczema.. but now my face is dried out completly and feels so tight.. i’m also getting really big pores and loads of wrinkles – hundreds of them.. I dont know what to do.. I read all the answers on here but being a man I dont know what you are all talking about! can someone please tell me in layMAN terms what to do? Its so depressing. :-(

  • Tammy

    Thank you for this info! I just bought the coconut oil on Tues. Have been using it twice a day, and it has made my skin soft and is continuing to heal a new pimple I got on Monday. So far, love it, but after reading this blog, I am scared of what might happen. As far as purging my skin, I hope this has already been done, as I get facials every other month and use the extraction tool at home, almost daily (I have large pores).
    My skin care this week has been as follows: wash with Purpose or Cetaphil, then use the coconut oil. Last night, however, I gave myself a mini facial. Cleansed with Cetaphil and my face brush, rinsed then applied a Dermologica clay mask, then used a mild exfoliant with the buffing sponge. I put the coconut oil on before I began reading this blog. I got scared so I went up and gently washed it off with Cetaphil and applied a Stridex pad with 2% salicylic acid. The Beta hydroxys help to exfoliate the skin. I then applied benz. peroxide and a light trusted moisturizer. I will do this twice a week and hope for the best. Every other night I will use an alpha hydroxy lotion as well as my BP, then always applying a moisurizer, even on my oily/combo skin. Why does the skin have to be so complicated?!

  • Cynthia

    Hi Tammie,

    As I pointed out previously, people’s skin does not differ THAT much. And I detailed where those differences exist.

    Also, by pointing out that she erred in downgrading others experiences to rare occurrences is not forbidding Nora to share.

    I also explained the difference between ingesting an oil and applying it to skin for Nora erred also in logic. I also offered an alternative explanation for the chemistry, which Nora offered as a possibility where her knowledge was lacking.

    I also pointed out that for me it is not an allergic reaction and I made it clear that it was only me. Others are welcome to post on whether they have an allergy to Coconut or not to further the knowledge base. And I thank Nora for putting forward this possible explanation, even though my experience does not support it.

    I expressed uneasiness with her conclusion that people shouldn’t be ‘running scared’ because the damage that it caused many people’s skin, including the owner of this blog, took a long time to heal from. I still put forward the advice of caution instead of the ‘give it a try’ attitude because other’s experiences are so severe for Coconut oil – the original blog post described it as a ‘nightmare’.

    Everyone is encouraged to share their experiences. Nora did not state that she applies Coconut oil to her face, but she was drawing conclusions and completely ignoring the posts of others detailing severe problems with applying Coconut oil to their faces. If someone wants to put forward a theory, that’s fine, but they must be able to defend the facts and logic that their theory is based on. I was pointing out errors and arguing her points, and she and anyone else is free to counter what I’ve written. I wasn’t seeking to silence Nora nor am I seeking the same by writing this to you, Tammie. I cannot stress this enough: it isn’t personal.

    =) Cynthia

  • Cynthia,
    Nora makes a great point. Everyone’s skin is different. Your point is also clear. You and others have had “difficulties” or “disasters” with VCO.

    Thank you for being so helpful and thorough in submitting your findings. You have given us the opportunity to selectively “choose”, in an informed manner, how we would like to proceed. As we accept your findings that are good for you, you should also accept someone else’s findings that are good for them.

    This site is great because we have an abundance of information sharing. It can only improve if we allow all to share.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Nora,

    There are many complaints about VCO listed above by commenters and the original post, so I think your statement of ‘there are so few problems’ is erroneous. We are all unique, but we’re not THAT unique. The structure of epidermis, dermis and pores is going to differ slightly between races. Any other differences are going to be issues from a person’s first few years of life, any treatments or medications that may have caused permanent changes and their current diet.

    Allergies are one thing, but there is also the fatty acid percentages to think about. If I use anything with VCO, capric/caprylic triglycerides (fractionated CO) my skin looks great for one day and on the following day I have large white bumps just under the skin surface (I described them in detail above). If I steam my face with olive oil (BP grade), the bumps disappear. So, that’s not an allergic reaction, so what is it? What makes sense is that hardened constituents are in my pores and simple heating and massaging with olive oil is dissolving it. I will also point out that I’ve repeatedly written that I use oil to cleanse my face. Several oils work, but the best one for me is olive oil. I used this method along with changes in diet to rid my face of Rosacea and acne. I’m nearly 41 and I look 25. Unlike VCO, olive oil is a liquid at room temperature and at low temperatures, too. This is due to their differing fatty acid percentages.

    Ingesting VCO is different from applying it directly to the skin, because the stomach acids break our food down into components the body can use. I can eat VCO and coconut milk and meat. The epidermis is not equipped with powerful stomach acids, so we must be careful about what we apply to it.


  • Nora

    I’m wonering about the concerns with VCO and the fact that lauric acid doesn’t melt at room temperature. VCO is not pure lauric acid. I know the body can digest VCO into its component fatty acids but does that mean the skin breaks down VCO into fatty acids and then the lauric acid becomes a huge problem? I use VCO as a dietary supplement and, although it’s solid at room temperature in the winter, it melts quickly in my hands when I apply it to my skin. I find it hard to imagine that the VCO could somehow harden on the skin when it melts at below body temperature. Maybe there’s an aspect of chemistry I’m missing though.

    I second the idea of a healing crises. I’ve experienced them myself. Not pleasant but, when I was patient and worked through them, I came out the other side much healthier. Perhaps some of the flare ups of acne and such are healing crises. Massively unpleasant but also a sign that the body is getting strong enough to purge all the ick. Switching back to the old standbys may not really be taking care of the problem…likely it’s just suppressing it. Just like immunosuppressents don’t cure eczema or any other autoimmune problem…they just suppress the symptoms.

    On the other hand, some people may be having an allergic reaction. I’m pretty sure nearly anything can induce an allergic reaction in someone. We’re all unique individuals. A spot test should always be done when trying something new on the skin. An allergic reaction is very different than a healing crises and should show up very quickly.

    As for why there are so few discussions on problems with VCO…it may be that there are so few problems. Some people have a problem. That’s going to happen with anything but everybody else shouldn’t be running scared. My son is allergic to sesame oil but I don’t then think sesame is something to be generally avoided. I understand that the vast majority of other people are not allergic to sesame. Seems to me that the same thing applies to VCO.

  • Dori

    After only a few days into applying coconut oil the pores on my nose appeared enlarged and my skin tone took on a blotchy look so I quit using it. However I was wondering if I should continue to use it above my upper and lower lip? the coconut oil I use is virgin and it does melt at room temperature.

  • Angela

    I have very sensitive skin and have been looking for natural products that dont contain sulfates and other harsh/harmful ingredients. I was delighted to find a pure, natural and vegan soap called Kirks Coco Castile soap in a regular grocery store. However, when I used it it made my face red and splotchy and really painfully sensitive. It also triggered somewhat of a revelation – I get terrible flakes from regular shampoos (usually sulfates are derived from coconut), my cuticles swelled up when i used straight coconut oil as a skin-softening treatment for my hands, and even the most recent natural body wash I tried made my skin itchy. I checked the ingredients and the second ingredient was cocamidopropyl betaine derived from coconut. I am also a blood type O, in response to the person who mentioned the eat right for your blood type. I was also shocked to find how little information there is about negative topical reaction to coconut oil. Thank you so much for your post, and watch out for those hidden coconut derviatives in skincare products!

  • Marie

    On Dr. OZ show last week he had a shown on natural remedies with Joe Mercola (Natural herbs), suggested a skin cream with Vitamin A, also said coconut oil was good for the skin and hair, i just tried the coconut oil yesterday and so far my skin feels less dry, found the coconut oil online and Puritan’s Pride, will let you know if the coconut causes any skin problems. from a senior citizen..

  • Dori

    Hmm…drier, acne, wax?? I think if I get any of these I will give this experiment a few days only and move on to something else. I’ve been applying it as a moisturizer and not using it as a cleanser. The first time it did exfoliate some or so I thought. Sometimes my other products contain wax ingredients as well so it may seem like dead skin but all it could be is the wax lumping up on the skin. I would also like to mention that my oil is Virgin CO and not the copra coconut oil which is cheaper and apparently doesn’t have the same benefits according to the coconut people. I guess it would all depend on what it is being used for?

  • Cynthia

    Dori, I can speak for myself. If I apply VCO or anything that contains VCO or capric/caprylic triglycerides (fractionated coconut oil) I get white bumps. When I stop using the product and steam my face with olive oil on, the bumps go away in a couple of days. I don’t think Coconut oil is good for the skin as I’ve stated numerous times above. The major fatty acid in VCO is lauric acid which is a hardened wax at high temperatures – I put a bag of Lauric acid granules on a heating vent throughout winter and it never even softened let alone melted.

  • Dori

    Thanks, having aging skin I’m sure I have plenty of those dried up plugs hidden under my skin somewhere. I use to have an oily T-Zone so I will watch those areas. I have already noticed that the pores on my nose have enlarged so will avoid it when applying the VCO. The last thing I want is pimples mixed with wrinkles and from what I heard that can happen.

  • Dori

    Since I had some virgin coconut oil in my pantry I applied it twice since I wrote the above response (last night and this am. This evening I felt something burning directly under the tip of my chin. When I looked in the mirror, it looked like a white head, so I squeezed it ( I know I shouldn’t have but did) It popped but when I felt it, it was not like the contents of a whitehead. It was hard like a grain of sand which really confused me. At first I thought it was hardened coconut oil, but that oil usually melts at room temp, so don’t think that’s it, but could it be that the coconut oil softened the pore to bring out a milia (spelling) I have a few of those. It could be co incidental since this happened after only 2 applications of VCO, it could have been there before and the CO may have aggravated it, but normally my pores and skin are literally dried out, no pimples, no oil and no sebum left.
    I will keep applying coconut oil to see if there is any further reaction or if there is any improvement in the skin?

    • Hi Dora, this is in fact a dried up sebum plug in a whitehead, or a clogged up pore. Yes best not to squeeze but the good thing is it came out :)

  • Dori

    I wonder if the VCO plugs up the pores of young adults? I will give it a try, I am in my 50′s and my pores are dried out, my skin has thinned and I have developed lots of wrinkles in the past few months. Who better to experiment? It’s very probable that coconut oil increases sebum and acne in those prone to it.

    Castor oil use to be sold as a laxative in pharmacies. They may no longer sell it. I buy virgin castor oil in a Health Food Store.

  • Allison

    I have been washing my face with organic coconut oil and hot water twice a day for over two years now, and my complexion has never been better. My skin is the softest and clearest it has ever been in my life and at 50, I have very few wrinkles, just some slight crinkles at the corner of my eyes and none on my cheeks or forehead. I have very fair combination skin and have found that Organic coconut oil is the best for me.

  • Carlos

    people,first time I used coconut oil on my face I used it and I ahd not cleaned my face. I had some pimples next day. I thought it wasnt for me,I thought it was comedogenic.
    My mother saw it in the bathroom she used it she ahs dry skin,she said it was wonderful. So I gave it anotehr try,rubbing it,getting rid of dead cells,then rinsing with hot water and a towel. The next day I left it on my face all night.
    when I woke up my skin was glowing but a bit dry.
    From my experience,wash you face with hot water and open your pores before aplying. If you put too much coconut oil it will dry your skin.
    Dont drive your skin crazy,if you put too much fat the anwer of your skin will be get dry. Give it a week.wash your face with nothing but hot water and coconut oil.Very little is enough.Dead cells will be gone,new young skin will come out.
    The softest skin you ever had.Light skin and great texture

  • Unfortunately for me too the ocm method was disastrous, it left my combination skin sooo dry it was unbelievable. Also coconut oil for me on my face is a nightmare for my body/hair its wonderful but it cant go anywhere near my face.

  • connie

    A few years ago, I gave a close woman friend a welcome hug and noticed her face was so soft and smooth. she was in her 60′s. I mentioned it and asked her what she used to keep her skin so soft. she replied that she didn’t use anything but a wet washcloth. Apparently, the friction of the cloth exfoliated her skin everyday and also the massaging would bring the blood circulation to the surface like skin brushing does.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Justine,

    SOME compounds can be absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin. The only one that comes to mind right away is ethanol. If you submerge your hands in ethanol you will get drunk. That said, oleic acid (the major fatty acid in Olive and Almond oils) is absorbed through the epidermis and some studies have shown that it reaches the dermis making it a good candidate for a carrier of topical medications. Also, most research in dermatology is finding things that DO penetrate, indicating that it is a demanding job. I have issues more with petrochemicals like mineral oil, petrolatum and paraffin which DON’T penetrate and can’t be used by our skin, so they just sit there until you scrub them off with harsh soap.

    Evolutionarily speaking, if our blood could be readily contaminated by anything we put on our skin, we would have gone extinct ages ago – as in right when we lost most of our hair and had exposed skin.

    I agree that many chemicals can penetrate, most cannot thanks to the many layers of epidermis and dermis. The skin protects us from the environment, detoxifies with sweat and regulates sebum to maintain an oily barrier against toxins getting in.

    I just thought that a bit of expansion on what you wrote was needed so anyone reading it wouldn’t completely freak out. Using natural products is mostly fine, but for me I must avoid possible allergens in the form of proteins in natural oils. Also, several botanicals I am allergic to, such as Ragweed. Getting enough of the building blocks of sebum in your diet are important so that the sebum barrier is healthy.


  • justine

    be wary of what you put on your skin especially if it doesn’t contain natural ingredients in it as our skin can easily absorb this ingredients and mix it to our blood stream. faster than eating them….remember a good principle…if you can’t eat it, don’t put it in your skin!!!

  • justine

    read this…for those who haven’t tried detoxing before and then suddenly switched in using vco for the first time:

    i also experienced the same with garlic…eating garlic is not bad…yeah for the first few months it gave me huge breakouts together with vco…worse than before…but after completing series of detoxification, anti candida diet, colon cleanse, liver/gallblader flush…etc…my body get used to it…

  • Cynthia

    Hi Joyce,
    This is such wonderful news! Honey is great for skin – Manuka and just raw. Manuka honey works for any kind of abrasion or inflammation. I’ve got just Manuka, Bee Yummy Skin Food and Egyptian Magic (lots of honey products with olive oil) for all sorts of uses. My moisturiser has some Jojoba oil in it but I know if I use it ‘neat’ bad things happen. My moisturiser also has Aloe in it but if I apply Aloe gel ‘neat’ my face looks like a tomato in seconds – just like the Peppermint tea. I think the ingredients are important to recognise as triggers but also the AMOUNTS of those ingredients is very important. Witch Hazel is wonderful as a mist. If you want to avoid the ethanol and aloe in the Thayer’s there is a water extract of Witch Hazel at Garden of Wisdom. Baking Soda and ACV burned my skin, too. Your post is like reading about my own skin.

  • Joyce

    For the last two weeks, I have experimented with a new approach that has resulted, so far (!!!) in lovely skin. The redness and inflammation caused by washing with Dr. Bronner’s liquid peppermint soap and then moisturizing with jojoba oil has totally disappeared! I am convinced I am serverely allergic to jojoba oil. That oil also is in Dr. B’s liquid soaps. My routine now is as follows:
    l. Wash with Manouka honey (16+)–this is raw honey with an active enzyme level of 16+. I am using Wedderspoon, raw organic honey from New Zealand.
    2. Rinse off with warm water.
    3. Mist face with Thayer’s alcohol free witch hazel. This does have aloe vera which when I apply alone causes an immediate red patch. However, I have no reaction at the dilution level in this WH.
    4. Moisturize with a very light (just one-two drops) of pure, organic apricot kernel oil. I have not tried olive oil—will experiment with that, perhaps, in the future.
    5. Twice a week, I exfoliate with 1-2 teaspoons of super fine granulated sugar mixed with the Manouka honey.
    Baking soda burned my face, as did ACV.
    This, so far, has calmed my face completely. All redness has disappeared, as well as any break outs!
    I think my whole problem was caused by the jojoba oil. It can clog the pores. I had always had the loveliest skin until I started using essential oils (rose hips, carrot seed) mixed in with the jojoba oil as a carrier oil. Then, after my skin once more settled down—several months, –I went back to using what I had used previously. …and my face became totally red and inflamed. I’ve learned my lesson with jojoba oil. Yes it mimics the natural sebum in the skin. …and I think that just may be the source of the problem. Bacteria accumulate in that sebum and lead to inflammation.
    It is most comforting and encouraging to have found this site. I pray everyone finds what works best. The chemistry of our skin differs from person to person. Also, the sensitivity of the skin changes over time. what was once fine, might eventually prove the culprit causiing the inflammation. At least this was true for me. Ii used Dr. B’s soaps for about 4 decades and had no problem. I did not, however, start using jojoba oil as a moisturizer until about a year or two ago. At first it was excellent—then, perhaps, too much built up in my pores and there was total rebellion. …and I have always had what people termed “the loveliest skin”. …never even had a pimple before this! Now I completely commiserate with all sufferers!

  • Jen

    Well the coconut oil did not break me out but to be honest it totally dried my face out and now my face it always peeling like it does after a sunburn. So I guess I will have to find something else now. I was surprised it could do that though since it is oil. But for some people maybe it would work nice you just have to try it out.

  • Autumn

    Hi Fran!
    The same thing happened to me.. at first. However, my flawlessly-skinned friends reassured me that breaking out is normal, so I kept using vco on my skin. Now, after about two weeks, my skin is almost completely clear. I did have to go through my worst case of acne ever, but it was worth it, because now all of those nasty toxins are gone! It’s just a necessary part of cleansing your skin. I know it’s hard to stick with something that seems to not be working, but you have to get worse before you can get better! Good luck.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Joyce,
    I appreciate your input, however, CeraVe has glycerin, which makes my skin burn, and the cream has petrolatum which creates an unhealthy film on skin and gives me and many people milia. I’ve been using oils to cleanse my face for years and I use Green People Organic Base 24 hour cream and my skin is fine. What happened in December that made your skin bad that you changed what you were using? Jojoba isn’t classed as an oil, by the way, since the carbon chains are so long it is classed as a wax. Jojoba dries out my skin something horrible. Peppermint makes my skin red, also, to the point that if I dip a cotton pad in peppermint tea and put it on my cheek I will get a red circle on it in a minute or two. You may have the same issues I have. I use purified – sediment and scent (proteins) taken out – olive oil as my cleanser and my skin is soft and smooth and my Rosacea – which flared in response to many of the ingredients of CeraVe – is under control. The emollient in CeraVe is capric/caprylic/stearic triglycerides which is fractionated coconut oil, so you are using oil. If I use fractionated coconut oil containing products I get lots of under the skin bumps that concentrate around my jawline and mouth (if I balloon my cheeks out I can see the bumps as being a light yellow – probably white, tinted with my skin pigment) which is why I believe using an oil mostly comprised of short chain fatty acids is very harmful and pore-clogging, which I’ve discussed in my other posts above.
    =) Cynthia

  • Joyce

    I googled coconut oil and came up with this blog. I am so very thankful that I did. I am 66 and never experienced acne or rosacea. My skin problems started in December of this year. I had been using Dr. Bronner’s pepperiment soap (which has all the oils mentioned on this site!) and jojoba oil as my moisturizer. After my skin cleared, I went back (after 7 months!) to using the same products. …and now acne rosacea has flared! I will never use oils on my skin again! Though I am a vegan and always opt for natural products, the best product I have found so far is CeraVe—the moisturizing lotion, PM lotion, and hydrating cleanser. It is available in CVS and other pharmacies.

  • Anchali

    I have used coconut oil for years and it is amazing. However I do use traditional coconut oil that has been prepared via fermentation. Not every product on the market, even virgin oil, is of great quality… that goes for all oils. In addition, oil is great for the skin but you should not apply it directly to the face; a few drops, in some toner, are plenty. Though if you do tend to break out a salt crystal, applied before bed, should keep your skin clear while holding in moisture.

  • Barbara

    I started using Kosher pharmaceutical coconut oil on my body that is supposed make your skin soft and after 3 days it gave me a rash of little flesh colored blisters all over my hands and stomach. This is a weird reaction that looks like some images of eczema I’ve seen on the web. Everything I read says coconut oil is a cure for rashes. I am staying away from it.
    I have never had any problem eating anything coconut.

  • JessiLune

    Thanks for ALL your info guys. I’m in my early 30s (yes acne all these yrs ugh), have always had fair skin, combo oiliness and am acne prone, with big breakouts 1 wk b4 my menstrual cycle that clear up mostly by 1 wk after.
    So I decided to try the OCM, and of course when do I start it? 1 wk before my cycle. What a wicked breakout. After day 4 my forehead was a war zone, so was my chin and then my cheekbones started getting involved. I waffled and threw in some of my old cleansers (proactiv solution) and now I’m clearing up 3 wks later. Sorta. Back to usual levels. I’ll modify my OCM useage, try to wear less makeup (I live for coverup), abstain completely from the chem stuff and see how it goes. If I have to switch to another oil I will and keep the CO for body butter instead.
    Keep posting ladies n gents, keep encouraging, keep searching for what works. ;p

  • Cynthia

    I’ve updated my notepad to include all the dietary changes I’ve made in the last few months.

    Thanks for your kind words. I can also recommend checking out the rest of High on Health. There is a lot of very good information here. Especially sign up for the newsletter and read the advice about diagnosing your skin problems. =)

  • W

    Also, Cynthia, thanks for what you said about OCM. Believe me I would’ve steered clear totally from any oil for the rest of my life. Now I’m interested in the OCM method you have described using Grapeseed oil as you have described. However I’m waiting until my skin had cleared and is no longer as sensitive as it is now.

  • W

    Hi Cynthia. Thank you for your generous advice! I looked up your makeupalley notepad, it was mind-blowing. I haven’t read entirely everything yet but I had no idea chemistry could be applied like this (makes me more interested in the organic chem exercises I’m actually doing right now). I won’t be able to do everything as you have advised because I guess it won’t be easy getting all the ingredients but I’ll follow your advice as much as I can. It’s great to have people like you are around on the Internet! I’ll
    update with results when my skin has cleared (: This site rocks!

  • Cynthia

    Jojoba alone made my skin dry, which lead to breakouts and bumps. My problem with the OCM as it is presented everywhere on the net is that it’s basically very harsh but because it’s ‘just oil’ it’s portrayed as something gentle that can’t hurt you. Well, I’ve got some theories born out of experience. If the fatty acids – which make up all oils – are very long chain they can give you enlarged pores that accept too much from the outside into your pores. The fatty acids that make up Coconut oil, conversely, but just as damaging, get into the pores and stay there. Also ‘natural’ cold-pressed oils are excellent for ingesting but that lovely scent of olive oil is caused by proteins. Proteins are potential allergens which for many, including me, means red bumps and burning eyes.

    So, you’d think that I’d be totally against OCM, right? Well, I oil cleanse in my own way with purified Olive oil from Boots which has the sediment and proteins taken out because it doesn’t smell at all. I apply it to dry face and neck and gently massage for a minute – no more – then I lightly (10 sprays per pad) moisten 4 cotton wool pads with a spray bottle filled with spring drinking water (I just get Volvic, etc. and pour into a spray bottle) and gently remove the oil, turning the pad when one semi-circle gets dirty. I used to use this method with Grapeseed oil, which works very well too, but it wasn’t as moisturising as the purified Olive oil. But I think both are great and they both come off with room temperature spring water.

    It sounds like your skin is clogged with Jojoba or the Jojoba has dried out your skin so that your sebaceous glands are working overtime, so get some purified Olive (if you can find it) or some Grapeseed (which is never cold pressed) and put a thin layer on your face and steam with filtered water for about 10 minutes and gently remove with spring water moistened cotton wool pads. Alternate the steaming with a calming mask of Calamine powder (Zinc oxide + Iron oxide) a low-drawing clay like Kaolin with some Montmorillonite which binds better with the Calamine powder and some filtered water, let dry and gently moisten the dried clay on your face with a soft cloth in warm filtered water. But don’t overdo with the mask or the steaming, give your face a day off between and just gently oil cleanse as I describe above and don’t let tap water on your face or soap or moisturisers that may exacerbate the problem. I use Green People Organic Base 24-hour Cream and I used to use Bee Yummy Skin Food (Fran elsewhere on this site has a recipe for a Hemp oil and Aloe moisturiser – Aloe alone makes my skin red, so I can’t use it, but you probably aren’t as allergic as I am).

    For now, while your skin recovers, get some mineral powder foundation and just apply to the spots and bumps (Everyday Minerals and Bella Pierre have the simplest ingredient list) with a little brush. It’s good to get out and away from the mirror where you will only obsess.

    My skin used to be bumpy and red and pimply but it recovered. And there was a time there when I really thought it was never ever going away. So don’t worry, be gentle and patient, drink plenty of water and herbal teas (I have to avoid Ragweed which also gives me bumps: Chamomile, Calendula, Milk Thistle, Yarrow, Dandelion, Echinacea). I could write a lot more, but go to and search for ‘nailbunny’ and just read my notepad.


  • W

    Hi I’m right now suffering from the ghastly pimples and bumps caused by OCM. I used jojoba oil. I really don’t know what to do because I’ve stopped using it, but the pimples are not getting any better. Some bumps have become smaller, but some of them still remain. The worse thing is the scarring on my cheeks where I used to “rub out” little oil seeds from. It’s been about a week since I stopped using the oils and my skin appears to be as sensitive as ever. What should I do? It’s also really upsetting for me not because I’ve had acne before, rather because my skin was often praised by my friends as “flawless” and “good”. Back then I didn’t use any products except for cleanser. Ive avoided some outings already because I didn’t want them to see my face in this state. You’re right, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to OCM and using natural oils, but so few which address it’s adverse effects and how to counter it. At best, they keep encouraging you to go on even after breaking out, which did nothing good for me. Can anyone help me?

  • Cynthia

    I’ve been using purified Olive Oil for a long time now for cleansing. I get it from the chemist (Boots). It has no sediment or smell of olive. It also doesn’t solidify at all at room temperature. I believe it is probably pure oleic and linoleic acids without the short saturated fatty acids which would be in extra virgin OO. I would never use Coconut oil – virgin or not – because it is almost entirely made of short chain saturated fatty acids (Lauric acid) which are too hard at room temperature. Too much of it could get deep in my pores and unless I applied hot water to my face and rubbed hard with a washcloth, it wouldn’t come out. I have sensitive skin and I can’t put hot washcloths on my face nor can I rub my skin that hard. The purified Olive Oil gets my skin very clean with just Spring drinking water on cotton wool pads (lightly moistened) to remove it. Nutrition is also extremely important. I hope this helps.

  • prema nair

    Thanks i have been using MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil its excellent for skin care.

  • leony

    don’t ever use vco on a sensitive and pimple prone skin. before using it, i’ve got one or two pimples but just after four days of using it, big, red pimples started showing up on my face. i kept using it thinking that it will be gone soon as it was just a temporary reaction of my skin to vco but as days goes, my pimples worsen. now i have a lot of “bumps” on my face. i feel so ugly and been missing school for days coz im too ashamed to face other people. my self steem really dropped to the lowest level.

  • Glennda

    The reason you are reacting to the coconut oil is because you are over cleansing!! Coconut oil is a very strong natural cleaning agent. You should (as with any product) be cleansing you face only once a day at maximum!!

  • prince

    using coconut oil twice a day….? you must be kidding me.. have you heard something called moderation.
    I use a mix of (slightly warm) coconut oil+olive oil+neem oil+castor oil once a week and it is doing wonders to my skin. May be you should try it

  • Kat

    All this information is very useful and informative..I found this website when googling if coconut oil will clog pores. I have always had acne but it when away when eating the raw diet. I thought my skin was just perfect so I threw all my commercial face washes/moisturizes away and just switched to VCO for everything. I got the worst cystic acne I have ever experienced EVER. It was literally shocking. I was so depressed and didn’t even want to go in public. It was all along my cheeks, jaw and neck. I broke down and went back to my dermatologist that I hadnt seen in over a year. She put me on topical creams and that is what Im currently using. Stopped the VCO. I now have scarring from the acne that is frustrating. The thing I noticed about VCO was when I started using it – the first 2 wks my skin was flawless and it got rid of every acne scar I had ever had. So I know for a fact it clears up scars beautifully. I dont know what to do now…

  • kay

    It may have been that u were using it too much and maybe u should have been using it once every two days… but coconut oil does its best against acne when you eat it and make it apart of your diet, as u said acne is caused from the inside out….so why would putting something on ur skin make it better?? its been working great for me and at night i use lemon juice to kill the bacteria on the outside while the coconut oil kills the bacteria on the inside..i havent had a break out for months. not even while on my cycle. but i also eat all organic foods. but i hope that this helped and that u find something that works great for u =]]

  • Jennifer

    Sorry I meant to add this link to the method my friends use. They actually say sunflower oil instead of olive oil has even better results.

    please google honey benefits if you are interested in the method I use! :) Also make sure it RAW honey and local of possible or at whole foods to retain more enzymes, vitamins and antibacterial properties. A spoon by mouth a day helps helps inside an out as well!

  • Jennifer

    I use Raw honey and it’s amazing! It is antibacterial and contains natural enzymes and vitamins that are perfect for cleansing, healing, and preventing acne (among a hundred other uses). I we my face with warm water then use a quarter size of honey like you would soap. Then I just rinse. At night I steam my face and put the honey on thicker and let stand 15-30 minutes depending on my time. It washes off perfectly. You can add brown sugar or if you want more exfoliation or just wash off lightly with a washcloth! It’s the best natural cleanser but others may still want to add a moisturizer. I have two friends that use the oil cleansing method with castor oil and olive oil and their skin is amazing. They use 20-30% castor oil to olive oil and claim using more castor will cause more drying out. So use less castor oil for dry skin. I’m thinking of trying that method at night for more moisture (I’m 35 now and can use more) and using honey in the mornings, but I’m really happy now with just the raw honey…guess we shall see!

  • Brianna

    I can relate to almost everyone. I found that I react differently to every type of oil. Grapeseed oil is light, but so astringent it clogs my already allergy-inflamed skin. Argan oil is great, but expensive. Almond and Olive oils are too heavy, but very clean, unlike jojoba – it’s actually a wax and can seal off pores. I’m searching for safflower and sunflower seed oils, which are supposed to be good for my skin type, as is sesame. At Wholefoods, they told me this is because the ph of everyone’s skin is different. As for cleansing, I learned to simply not use as much, and to have something with a bit of citrus. A couple drops of grapefruit seed extract in a handful of water is also great for me. But, everyone is unique. As for eczema, I found it is allergy related, and often responds well to alpha hydroxy. Beta hydroxy is asprin, and it ate through my skin. I still have a scar from it!! I recently found that apple cider vinegar has a mild amount of alpha hydroxy, and it removes freckles. It worked for me, but you need to dilute it.

  • Dimitra

    Hi! I am so happy I found your article cause I had a bad reaction to coconut oil too but when I looked it up I only found people swering by it…
    So…the same happened to my. At first my skin was fabioulous but after 3 days my face got very red and with many little pimples. Doctor said it’s exzema.
    So what oil can I use as moisturizer (leave on oil?) Maybe jojoba oil? please help!!

  • Ryan

    I have been using pure coconut oil for a few months now and just love it. I have Rosacea so at first I was a bit iffy about putting a foreign substance on my face but I think it helps. It doesn’t get rid of my redness but it makes my skin so smooth and I hardly ever get pimples now. Before I started using Coconut oil on my face I was getting pimples every few days. Now its like 1 every 2 weeks!

  • Lauren

    Coconut oil is a strong antifungal and antibacteria. The reason why your face gets worse when you initially use coconut oil is because it is releasing the toxins in your body. There is a reason you have acne and the coconut oil is getting rid of the bad stuff. Sometimes you get worse before you get better. Most medicines just suppress the symptoms, so thats why you feel better but you arent actually better. Coconut oil will actually make you better in the long run.

  • Cynthia

    My skin turned red and bumpy (like Eczema) when I used Coconut oil or anything with Coconut oil in it. I don’t have a problem with nuts, though, as I use Macadamia Nut oil as my oil cleanser with a thin layer to act as a serum under Bee Yummy Skin Food (thanks, Fran!).

    I’ve been meaning to respond to a few comments above about picking EVCO with the following link:

    Anish, if something makes your skin do that, don’t use it. Your skin is telling you to stop. I can recommend baby diaper cream (free of petrochemicals and preservatives) which has a lot of Zinc Oxide (main ingredient of Calamine lotion, too) in it to calm the redness and inflammation. I use Method Baby for the freak occurrence of an allergic or irritant rash. Interestingly, this diaper cream has Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride which is another name for fractionated Coconut oil – lauric acid is taken out. Lauric acid is what makes Coconut hard at room temperature. I avoid it completely (internally it may be good for you, but topically it isn’t).

    I also can wholeheartedly recommend Bee Yummy Skin Food as moisturiser.


  • Anish- Coconut oil definitely shouldn’t inflame the skin, you may be allergic to it. I suggest not using it and perhaps getting a kinesiology test done for coconut oil.

  • anish

    i too used coconut oil on my face,but i did not have an acne breakout,the problem was that my skin got inflamed (something like eczema).i suppose it is because i did not wash the oil away properly(i use only water to wash it off).now my skin is back to previous state .so can i use coconut oil again??pls pls reply…

  • Becky

    FYI. Unrefined, Organic Coconut Oil will not clog your pores. It actually opens them, releases, and cleanses your skin all of the toxins. Some of which has built up for years. Don’t take the advice of others, do your own research, and never apply any skin product all over your face before testing on the inside of your elbow area first. While you’re typing things into Google, type in “Healing Crisis” to understand why your skin has to get worse before it can get better when using unrefined VCO. It is simply healing, it is detoxifying, it is rejuvenating. But this is the part, as indicated in almost all previous comments, when people get scared and run back to commercial, store-bought products that will conceal, stifle, and continue storing and building up more toxins. I have acne-prone skin, i also suffer from Rosacea, and i, too, got plenty worse before getting to flawless youthful looking skin. But you have to be willing to go to the fire in order to get to the other side.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Kris,

    When I first started using the Bee Yummy Skin Food moisturiser, which is made from bee products such as pollen and propolis, I got a reaction of itchiness and red bumps. It seemed like an allergic rash, so I took a Claritin and it went away. For the first week of using the Bee Yummy I took a Claritin each day. I’ve been using it for almost a month and my skin is clear and, dare-I-jinx-it, perfect. So, yes, I think having anti-histamines handy when you try new things that are natural is a good idea. I only took the Claritin for that first week, because I stopped getting a reaction. I think my skin got used to the Bee Yummy.

    I use either Macadamia Nut oil mixed with Grapeseed oil or an ointment I make by melting Shea butter with a hair dryer and pouring 2 parts of it into 1 part Macadamia Nut oil and stirring it well; it solidifies to a translucent Vaseline like texture, which is great for very dry areas like lips, knees, elbows, heels & cuticles. All of these are natural and may contain proteins which may cause a histamine reaction, too.


  • Kris

    I found this blog while looking for information about allergic skin reaction to coconut oil. My mother always told me I had sensitive skin, like her. I was allowed to experiement with perfumes, soaps, and lotions while growing up, but I usually broke out from scented things. Which is why I thought pure coconut oil would be great! It doesn’t have a scent and it’s natural. I also tend to have really dry skin. So I tried it and the first day, the skin on my legs and arms felt so dry by the time I got to work, like there were about to split apart. I thought I didn’t put enough on so… I put more on.

    Well the next day I broke down and mixed it with another moisturizer…still painful and nothing would soothe it. I also started itching on my arms, legs, and neck and developed dry skin that felt like teeny little scabs on my outer thighs and buttocks. So I stopped using it figuring I had some type of reaction to it. The wiered thing is it works fine on my face and scalp (I’m African American and we use oils on our scalp).

    Finally, I noticed small bumps on the areas where I was itching. I called my mom and she said I probably needed an anti-histimine, like benadryl. I took some and within 30 minutes…Relief! Does anyone have any information or situations similar to that? I feel like somethign so pure should be easily recieved by your body, and I’m trying to cut out man made chemicals and things. Any suggestions on another type of body mostuirizer that works well fo rdry skin?

  • Cynthia

    Hi Vanessa,

    I can recommend the rest of Fran’s Blog and her free course. I think it would do a world of good for you. Even if EVCO ends up working for your skin like Maja’s there are many more factors involved in acne-prone skin, which the course opens your eyes to. A lot of the course I knew already from my own research, but some of it like picking at dry skin and hormones were really useful to me. Check it out!


  • vanessa

    I’ve been an acne sufferer for nearly 8 years now. Has mostly been an on and off acne deal for me, some days (after having put in a lot of effort) are good, most other days are largely crappy with loads of acne sitting right there on my face. I’ve tried almost everything, from benzoyl peroxide to salicyclic acid(you name it!) and for years subject my skin to harsh chemicals.

    EVCO was therefore something I was ready to give a shot to. I started applying the oil topically on my acne some 2 weeks back. First two days were great, but post that, all the hell broke loose. For nearly 10 days, I had really really horrible acne. Then in some time the acne subsided, but my skin looked red and blotchy. And now, phase three seems like this ‘drying’ up kind. My skin’s flaking out major time (though there’s not much acne, just the redness and the flakiness). I’ve been into the regime for sometime now, and not sure if I should give it up or continue for a while.

    Most of the comments here, don’t really support using EVCO for acne. Maja, however had a different story to tell. I was wondering if it’s really the initial purging phase and there is still some hope for a smoother skin, in a couple of weeks perhaps??

  • Cynthia

    Hi Kate,

    I’ve been using the mask that Fran recommends elsewhere on her blog made simply of honey and oatmeal. I use a mix of Macadamia nut oil and Grapeseed oil as moisturiser, so I put a generous amount of this on my dry face, then follow with honey (I use Manuka) and then spread oatbran (it’s finer and easier to spread, but you could just grind up oatmeal to get the same consistency) moistened with very warm filtered water on top of that. I leave this on my face for 20 minutes (or more) and rinse gently with warm water. This feels nice and it exfoliates gently. I also can recommend taking fish oils & borage oil to feed your skin from the inside. Also, Google the Alkaline diet for a detoxing list of foods to eat. Instead of just water which can get pretty boring, try drinking a big mug (I use a giant ‘City Mug’ from Starbucks) of Rooibos and Licorice tea. Don’t pick at the bumps and don’t squeeze just be patient. It’s horrible, I know, but they will go away.

    Take care,

  • Kate

    Hi Fran, I also had a HORRIBLE reaction to coconut oil, very similar to yours. Now, about 6 days after ending my coconut oil use, I still have bumps all over my face. They barely seem to be going away. I was hoping something somewhere on the web would give me a tip on speeding up the healing. I’m drinking tons of water, and exfoliating every other day. If anyone has any proven tips to make this go away, please share, this is the worst my skin has ever looked. Also: I do not have acne prone skin, so I’m not sure if this will effect how long this lasts, or what I need to do to get rid of the bumps.

  • Cynthia

    Virgin Coconut oil is 50% lauric acid which is as hard as plastic. I work in a lab and I’ve got a bag of lauric acid (it’s in pellets) which I put on the grating above a radiator for weeks and I’m still waiting for it to liquify! Coconut Fatty Acids also come in a bag and will eventually melt but once removed from very intense heat will harden again. Since I use Macadamia Nut oil which has a low percentage of trans fatty acids like lauric, stearic & palmitic acids and I don’t have the problems I had with VCO, I agree with Stephanie’s theory.

    I’ve just ordered some Bee Yummy Skinfood, which the author now recommends highly. It has loads of vitamins and antibacterial agents, which is supposed to purge your skin so an initial breakout is highly possible. I would rather try the Bee Yummy than give VCO another chance.


  • liz

    the way it works it that it brings all the infection to the surface to really get rid of the acne so it gets a little worse before it gets better. It is pushing all the oil and dirt to the surface but after ur skin will be clear. Virgib coconut oil is noncomedogenic and that means it does not clog pores. I have been using it for about a week and the pores on my nose are clear now and less visible.

  • stephanie

    i have tried coconut oil before, the real deal, virgin, organic, coconut oil just to be clear..i love the smell of coconut oil and after readind and reading about benefit of it i tried it but every time i tried it, no matter how i used it, i broke out and had lots of NEW blackheads. i think because it is a saturated fat it just smothers and clogs like you would THINK it does, because, IT DOES! haha I have used it in a oil cleansing method way and also in a lotion way. coconut oil feels velvety on the skin not greasy but despite that ‘feeling’ i dont think it realy penetrates your skin as well or even hydrates as well as other oils such as sunflower/olive/avocado/sesame/almond/etc. those really sink in! and also don’t clog pores so for those who are wondering if it helps with acne, no, it’s a soothing oil but will make acne worse!

  • Liz

    It seems there is some confusion b/t Coconut oil (refined) and Virgin Coconut Oil.

    Refined coconut oil WILL clog your pores

    VIRGIN coconut oil is non-comedogenic which means it will NOT clog your pores.

    This blog post explains how to properly use the virgin coconut oil topically:

    Also, here is a product from amazon that is certified non-comedogenic:

    Also, most packages say “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” but there is no such thing – just Virgin. It is a marketing ploy.

    ” What is “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?”

    Some retailers and manufacturers of Virgin Coconut Oils, referring to one of the processes mentioned above, call their coconut oil “Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.” But there are no other processes used to make coconut oil other than the ones mentioned above, so this classification is simply arbitrary. There is no official classification or difference between “virgin” and “extra virgin” as there is in the olive oil industry, since the two oils are completely different in fatty acid composition, harvesting procedures, and terminology. ”


  • Sue

    I never had acne as a teenager, but after having my third child at 34 I started getting acne. I think it was hormonal and allergic combined. Anyway, after much trial and error I found gentle cleansing of the skin twice a day (Cetaphyl works for me and has done for 5 years now), gentle drying of the face with a clean towel and gentle moisturerising (like Simple etc, I use Nutrimetics). As a night cream I use Macros Vitamin E cream… I find using those harsh, drying or exfoliating products just cause more harm. Also, eating alot of tomato based foods and orange juice cause allergic flare ups!!! How many teenagers love to drink orange juice and have acne?

  • Cynthia

    Although I appreciate that Coconut oil, Baking soda and ACV are working for Qiana, I feel I should speak up for those of us with Rosacea-prone, very sensitive skin like Fran’s. I’ve used all three. Coconut oil gave me cystic acne – worse than I’ve ever had in my life and messed my skin up for months. Baking soda burned my skin to a high shine before making it so dry that it took a few weeks to get it back to okay. ACV did the same thing in addition to turning my face beet red and bumpy.

    In summer, I gentle massage my face and neck with Macadamia Nut oil, mist with spring drinking water and remove with cotton wool pads. In winter I do the same except it’s with Macadamia Nut oil + Vitamin E (dl-tocopherol acetate) oil (1part:1part). After wiping off, I mist with water and apply the same oil (either MNO or MNO+VitE) to any dry spots such as where crows feet may develop or sides of mouth. This works great.


  • Qiana


    I just started using virgin coconut oil on my skin 4 days ago and have seen great results. I haven’t had one new pimple since I’ve started using it. I would also like to mention two other products I use that I think make a huge difference: baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I use the baking soda as a face wash by pouring some in the palm of my hand and adding a little water to make a paste. I massage the paste all over my face. Baking soda is a little abrasive, so be gentle because it feels like a scrub. After washing my face with baking soda I use apple cider vinegar as an astringent. I shake the bottle and pour a little on a cotton square and rub it over my face. Afterward, I let my face air dry and apply the coconut oil. I repeat the steps above morning and night.

    I hope this is helpful!

  • I love the idea but I don’t want to try it :\ I’m scared

  • Sheena

    hi there..
    can you help me what are those things that may remove wrinkles?especially about the coconut…
    for i’ve hardly find some procedure on how to put in on your face..if it is safe or not?can you help do the procedure before putting the VCO or virgin coconut oil on the face?plz do help me…i really need it..

  • Maja

    The same thing happened to me with coconut oil. Started out with immediate improvement and then got terrible acne for about 4 weeks. I stuck with it and my skin is getting better every single day. I think I just had so much crap underneath my skin that it took a long time to purge it out. Now my pores are smaller than they’ve ever been and for the past 2 weeks I haven’t had any new pimples and the ones I had are going away quickly.

  • The problem with coconut oil (and mineral oil) – they don’t allow skin to “breathe”. Instead, they seal toxins and natural wastes and oils completely in – which has the devastating effects you describe.

    Gentle exfoliation and then moisturizing with a really good non-oily product is the key – after the redness settles down – to getting rid of those horribly plugged pores. (Try mashed, ripe avocado as a soothing face mask – try a little first on the inside of your elbow to make sure you’re not allergic to avocado, of course. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off thoroughly with tepid water.)

  • Cynthia

    Hi Fran,

    I wanted to update you on two things I will now never be without! Microfibre cloths and Baby Diaper cream!

    Every few days, to exfolaite I wipe off my cleansing milk with a microfibre cloth instead of just rinsing with warm water, then I follow with a splash of lukewarm water to get any residue and pat dry with a microfibre cloth intended for window cleaning. I diagnosed my rashes of red bumps and acne as Dermatitis (Perioral, which may just be a form of Rosacea, no one knows the cause of either). The topical treatment is Zinc Oxide and Diaper Cream’s active ingredient is Zinc Oxide. Now I just put diaper cream on top of my moisturiser when I get a spot and it’s gone in the morning or if it’s a giant hormonal spot, 2 nights of treatment. I’ve also discovered the triggers for PD/Rosacea are:
    Petroleum products (mineral oil, paraffin, petrolatum)
    Isopropyl Myristate (Myristyl Alcohol)
    Cinnamon Flavouring
    Fluoride & Tartar control ingredients in toothpaste

    I’ve successfully removed all of these triggers from my life. I’m using Baby Bubble Bath as my shower gel/shampoo and Phyto Shield toothpaste. My skin is looking fabulous and it feels comfortable.


  • Ann

    I have acne prone skin as well..And i would recommend to apply a thin layer of jojoba oil after cleansing. It doesn’t make me break out at all. But i could not cleanse with oils as it seem to clog my pores and make it worse.

    I now cleanse with cetaphil mixed with over the counter pure honey in the morning. And in the evening i cleanse with honey and jurlique exfoliating cream. I create a paste and leave it on my face for a few minutes, then rinse it off. It does wonders for my skin so far.

  • Sounds like an allergic reaction Marilole! You could try aloe vera but you may have a sensitivity to that too. Just be gentle with your skin, nothing harsh on it for a while until it gets better.

  • Marilole

    I started using Organic Virgin coconut oil on my face 2 days ago and now, everywhere I had put it is all red and swollen. and it feels like the badest sunburn I have had in my life. My question is.. how long will it take to clear? I had stopped the coconut oil but my face is on fire! please help! What can I use for relief?

  • Cynthia

    Hi Fran,

    I haven’t updated for a long time because I wanted to be sure I wasn’t recommending something I hadn’t used for several months. I stopped using Purity Made Simple because even it was too harsh for me. I’ve been using Avalon Organics Lavender Cleansing Milk (organic, vegan & cruelty-free), followed with 4 drops of Hazelnut oil massaged very well as moisturiser followed with Orange Flower hydrosol (actually I’ve got a Frankincense, Rose Otto & Geranium hydrosols, too, I haven’t decided which one I like best). But I’m makeup free! Hurray!


  • Jade

    aw, crap. now I’m scared, lol. err.. I bought some organic castile soap recently online (saponified coconut oil included) I wish I would have known about this earlier. I have noticed a few tiny little white heads (i rarely EVER get white heads at all) popping up after using it but I guess that’s normal like you said, ha. I’ve only been trying it for a few days and for the most part, I haven’t really been breaking out otherwise. atleast.. not yet. oh well. right now I’m just experimenting with all of the completely organic, 100% natural products out there. so.. if it breaks me out, or causes a bad reaction, I’ll just continue my quest for the perfect skin care regimen once again! it’s sooo much better than any of the chemical crap out there though, and I’m so glad I’ve decided to get away from that. I will never, ever go back to buying drug store brands again. anyway, thanks for the warning about this. I just ended up reading it a little too late. oh well. =|

  • janice

    i’m a devotee to coconut oil, but it sounds to me like you’re putting on much more than i do. after a nice hot shower, i make sure my face is damp with water, and i rub two drops of coconut oil in my hands before gently patting my face with it. so it’s used very sparingly and diluted!

    12 years later, this is all i do, after washing with castile soap. people tell me i have perfect skin and marvel at my age… but i also exercise religiously, so i guess your skin is really only as healthy as you are! good luck with the skin regimen, sorry you’re breaking out– stay healthy

  • Cynthia

    Hi Fran,

    I’m back with an update about Purity Made Simple (Philosophy) and Afterlife (Lush). I’ve scrapped both after the build-up of oil and dead skin became too much. There was a foray with Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Aloe moisturiser, then the oil-free moisturiser (both have an SPF, which I’ve been searching for as I’m a very fair skinned redhead). I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m allergic to Aloe! I thought ‘there’s no way I’m allergic to the most universally aclaimed ingredient for sensitive skin on earth’, but I bought pure Aloe juice (no additives) and put a disk of cotton wool moistened with it on my cheek. The result was a perfectly red circle on my cheek. I could have matched it on the other cheek and looked like a little doll! A very unhappy, spotty, little doll.

    This is what I’ve been using for about 10 days and each morning I’ve woken to better skin. This morning my skin had just a hint of the red (from the broken capillaries of the zits that had gone away) on one cheek the rest of my face and neck are clear. My skin is as fair as my neck, not red which it always has been even when my skin is clear. My pores are microscopic and the texture of my skin is completely smooth (you know when you catch your cheek in the light just right and you see its surface like your looking at the surface of the moon? Mine has usually looked from bumpy to cratered). It’s soft and comfortable, too. Here goes:
    1. On dry skin, massage for 1-2 minutes with Rosehip Seed Oil like you would do with OCM. Don’t massage too much because it is rubbing which can irritate.
    2. Splash once with warm water to open the pores.
    3. Massage for about 30sec-1 min.
    4. Splash with warm water
    5. Onto oily, moist face liberally mist with 100% Witch Hazel with absolutely no alcohol and not diluted (this is used in eye drops to ‘get the red out’, if it’s free of alcohol it is extremely benign despite the smell which seems too strong to be gentle).
    6. Gently wipe with 1-2 cotton wool pads to dry off your face and start the cleansing process.
    7. Liberally mist again with Witch Hazel
    8. Gently remove with one cotton wool pad
    9. Apply Avene Cleanance Emulsion (not Cleanance K which is too harsh) in daytime and Avene Eluage Cream at night

    I’m still seeking an SPF. I just got Avene SPF 20 Emulsion for normal to oily, sensitive skin. It has very similar ingredients to Cleanance, so I’m hopeful.


  • Hi Kelli, nope I’m not O. I seem to be okay with stuff that has coconut oil hidden in it, but massaging the coconut oil into my skin was way too aggravating.

    I love miessence too and I’ve used their range a lot. Because my pores were so clogged though, and nothing natural was helping purge my skin AND I had a constant stream of mild cosmetic acne, I’ve given the nautral products a break for a while until my pores heal. So far I’ve made great progress by using products that I check ingredients for to make sure they WILL NOT clog pores. I’m also using a small amount of Paula’s Choice 2% BHA at night, which is working miracles on my comemdonal acne and clogged pores.

  • Kelli

    Hi Fran, also had a nightmare with coconut oil. Loved it at first than eczema developed everywhere I had been using it. A friend mentioned that blood type O’s are sensitive to coconut and products containing coconut. She read it in a nutrition book, “Eat Right for Your Blood Type.” I wondered if you might be an “O”. It’s been annoying trying to find personal care products that do not contain coconut or a version thereof. Love the Miessence certified organic skin care line at http://www.organicheadtotoe. However, need to find a shampoo. Let me know what’s working for you.

  • Hi Cynthia, I’m in love with the purity made simple cleanser too! I don’t think I ever want to use anything else.

    I like your brown sugar idea. I like to mix in baking-soda, it’s does the same thing :)

    Keep up updated!

  • Cynthia

    Hi Fran,

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using just Purity Made Simple followed by Afterlife from Lush since Thursday evening (it’s Sunday evening), so only a few days, but I’ve had no new spots, oil-slicks, dryness and my skin is clearing up at a pace that I really can’t believe! There’s no redness or discomfort and it’s fast and easy unlike OCM.

    I remembered the reason I stopped using Purity the last time. It was that after a few days I could feel a layer of dead skin on my face that I could actually roll off. I would use a scrub but then my skin would react. I think I blamed the reaction on the Purity, but I shouldn’t have. Now, I had a lightbulb moment: if you get the layer of dead skin after washing with Purity, then when your skin is still moist, put a teaspoon of brown sugar (not white or demerara because the granules are too large!) and put a little Purity on top and make a paste quickly before the sugar dissolves, massage onto your face quickly just to get that dead skin layer off, so literally 15 seconds, and rinse off. It works beautifully and you don’t have to buy a scrub that contains ingredients that you might have a reaction to!

    My fingers are crossed that this good fortune continues. I promise to let you know if it makes a turn for the worse!


  • Hi Cynthia,

    I’ve recently discovered Philosophies Purity Made Simple and I LOVE it!!! It’s definitely the best cleanser I’ve ever used by far, and yeah, it does beat the OCM.

    I’ve been checking all ingredients on products now, and looking up to check reviews, and although the products aren’t natural, my skin is loving it. Natural products are always better but my skin was so damaged and clogged up from me using too many products on it that this new skin routine I’m using is working wonders.

    I’ll look forward to hear how the Afterlife goes :)

  • Cynthia

    Hi Fran,

    My experiences are very similar to yours in general. I tried the OCM. And I mean I really tried it. I initially had good results thinking ‘I may never have to wear makeup again!’. Then it rebelled against me with red rash all over my face and the dryest skin I’ve ever had in my life at the same time pimples all over my face amongst the dryness. My skin has NEVER been worse in my entire life. I wasn’t using a lot of Castor Oil, but then I took it down to very little and then down to none. I tried Olive, Sunflower, Rosehip Seed, Flaxseed, before finally giving up. I finally conquered the dryness by digging up products I’d shelved: intense moisturising with Cosmetic Lad from Lush (I know, Lush, I couldn’t believe it, the only time I hate my girlfriends is when they buy a moisturiser at Lush entirely based on how nice it smells, perfume being something I run screaming away from! They have such easy lives!), and Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser.

    Looking at the ingredients of Purity Made Simple, I realised that it was almost entirely made of oils mentioned in all the OCM sites. It’s really just an easy-to-use wash-off OCM. It really is working and now I’m on the search for the right moisturiser because Cosmetic Lad is very heavy. I’ve tried Neal’s Yard but I get a reaction from Jojoba which is in all their moisturisers except Yarrow & Comfrey, which is great in the summer but horrid in the winter, and Olive Leaf, which is so heavy in Beeswax that I can actually scratch it off my face. I think Beeswax is the worst pore-clogger on earth, but it’s supposed to be non-comedogenic so it’s in EVERYTHING!

    I’ve embarked into the world of Lush because they don’t use beeswax, and I’ve found Enzymion to be quite nice, but I worry about the Cocoa Butter. There’s one that doesn’t have Cocoa Butter, but has Coconut Oil (‘Afterlife’). I found your blog whilst searching for any bad press on Coconut Oil. I found a few sites gushing about how great Coconut Oil is for the treatment of acne! I will probably try Afterlife and I will let you know how it goes. I really need to stress that my skin looks very, very good right now, not perfect, but infinitely better than with the OCM.

    Thanks for the great site!

  • Hi Tashina, what was your reaction like?

    It’s been 4 weeks after I reacted to the oil and I’m STILL suffering from it. Clogged pores and comedonal acne are damn hard to get rid of and I also seem to have constant mild acne from it while the comedones make their way out. I’m never going to touch that oil again that’s for sure.

  • Tashina

    Coconut oil clogs pores – I had a really bad reaction to it and now use virgin olive oil which seems to work.

  • Not licensed for use in the UK! That’s amazing. I thought it was just normally used as a laxative. Oh well, I learnt something today.

    I ended up buying some organic castor oil online from a business in Australia. They have it in the pharmacies here but I wanted to get some certified organic stuff.

  • Hi Fran,

    You wouldn’t believe the difficulty I’ve had finding castor oil in any stores today. I eventually found somewhere that ordered it in for me, but I went through five pharmacies this afternoon and none of them stocked it.

    One pharmacy said it wasn’t licensed for use in the UK, the others didn’t give any reason for not having it. It’s really quite odd, but I believe it has something to do with the fact that castor oil is often used by women wanting to induce labour.

    You’d have thought other countries would be experiencing this problem if that was the case though. Oh well, I’ll make sure to order it online if I like the OCM.

  • I found castor oil at a pharmacy, it’s strange that they don’t stock it where you looked.

    I used the OCM with olive and castor oils for almost 2 months with great results. I only had problems when I switched to coconut oil. The only thing is – I found my pores looked a little different and I had more blackheads. But I was trying SO many different things at once that who knows what it was from. I’m now just being as natural and gentle with everything I do and not doing the mistake again for a heap of different ‘quick skin fixes’ at once. My skin is thanking me for it.

    Really annoying about the dermatologist thing!

  • Hi Fran,

    I’m glad to hear your skin is good at the moment and I hope you’re able to go back on the OCM without any problems. I wanted to give it a try today, but couldn’t find a single place that sold castor oil, can you believe it? I tried 4 supermarkets and a large pharmacy. Guess I’m going to have to go into town at some point and find a health food store.

    I decided to try anyway with some walnut oil I had in the kitchen. Not sure if it’s done any good, but it doesn’t appear to have done anything bad which is a good sign. I think one of my blackheads is looking a little more prominent now – could that be a sign that the gunk is coming out?

    We have to wait ages to see a specialist here too BTW. I think it was about a three month wait last time I saw a dermatologist. The annoying thing is, whatever condition you’re going in for has usually cleared up by the time your appointment arrives making the whole thing a bit of a pointless exercise.

  • Hi Becky, thanks for reading :) I had a good look through your blog yesterday too – your story is really interesting.

    My skin is quite good at the moment but I’ve got an appointment with a dermatologist in April (that’s how long you have to wait to get in here) because I’m concerned the OCM did something strange to my pores, filled them with oil, clogged them with sebum, I don’t know. This should not happen, but certain oils can have different reactions for different people so it’ll be interesting to hear what the dermatologist has to say.

    I loved doing the OCM though and I’d like to be able to go back to it confidently. Interestingly I ONLY developed this problem when I started using the coconut oil. I know I’m not allergic to it so maybe it’s just too aggravating to the skin?

  • Hi Fran,

    I mentioned your experiences in my blog yesterday as I’ve been unsure about coconut oil too. I find it really lovely to use, but on both occasions that I’ve tried it, new pimples have developed very soon afterwards.

    I’ve now switched to using a mix of Camellia Kissi oil and Copaiba balsam which is also very deeply penetrating but doesn’t seem to cause any nasty reaction. I’ve only been using it for a few days though, so it may work, it may not. Time will tell.

    I’m actually quite keen to try the OCM, which I’d never heard of before I found your blog. I did try it with just coconut oil yesterday – I didn’t have any castor oil handy so I don’t think it really worked though. I’m going to nip out to the shop and buy the proper recipe in a little bit.

    Love your website BTW, I must have spent a good couple of hours perusing it yesterday. :D

  • Hi Michelle,

    I’m taking a break from the OCM for now, but I’ve been using a fantastic brand of skin care from my friend Bel who comments a lot in this blog. There are oils in her moisturizers which I was scared to use but it feels so good on my skin, and my skin seems to be really loving it. It’s also full of heaps of stuff that’s really healing to the skin. You can take a look at her range here:

    I find it really difficult to figure out what skin care to use, because I’m always so scared that I’ll get a break out!

  • michelle

    The same thing happened to me when I put coconut oil ( all organic and everything) on my skin….My skin got inflamed which is why I`m scared of all oils now but hopefully I will just find a milder one..Thanks for your website!!

  • Virgin coconut oil doesn’t suit every type of skin and there are all chances of clogging of the pores by using it. My favorite for keeping my skin soft, nourished and moisturized is skin care products from zenmed which are the best I have ever used.

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