My Psoriasis Is Almost Gone! How To Tune In With Your Body

My Psoriasis Is Almost Gone! How To Tune In With Your Body

Yes! It’s leaving!

I’ll offer some before and after pictures just as soon as it has left altogether :)

As I journey through this chapter of my healing I feel inspired. When I feel inspired I listen to my body. And I’ve been listening so hard I found cavities in my teeth that I didn’t even notice were there! Yikes!

I’m on the research train to heal my teeth. Just searching ‘cavities’ turns up five posts here on High On Health that have helped me immensely.

So this is a reminder to you of how great a resource this site is when you’re looking for natural cures!!

There’s no better way to learn and grow then by sharing our experiences with each other, and I am so grateful Fran has shared hers with us. As I write my own eBook on psoriasis (coming soon!) I’ve been really inspired by Fran’s eBook, Clear Skin For Life. While it’s aimed at acne-sufferer’s, it is a holistic enough approach that anyone looking to improve their skin health can benefit from it. Check it out at

Until next time, sweet creatures.

Sending you love!

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  • wraith7777x

    I love redheads…keep em coming

  • Claudeeffxi

    hey Ally :) umm .. I just started watching your videos and I noticed that
    you’re not active on this channel so I was wondering if you have a new
    channel cause I like your videos and I really like you :p

  • So how long does it or did it take to see an improvment or clearing? And does it clear all the way? just curious.

  • Ooh, cavities freak me out for some reason. Anything to do with my teeth is scary, and reading the information out there is even scarier. I have had some success healing my teeth by getting my vitamin D levels up and by taking a butter oil mix supplement from Green Pastures.

    I had a cavity form on one tooth, which stung a bit when I ate something sweet, but it seems to have healed because my dentist said there’s a beginning to a cavity there but it’s okay for now.

    Interesting it is.

  • Amanda


    Give up those organic poptarts, girl! When I cut out refined sugars (including the “organic” ones) my health improved significantly. Now I just use raw honey and high quality maple syrup.

    Also, keep these videos coming. I love the positivity that you radiate!


    • Amanda

      Just re-read my comment. The quotations around organic shouldn’t be there! Don’t know why I added them. There are many certified organic sweeteners, just few that do any good in the body.

  • plantdevotion

    Hi, Debbie. Ally here! I’m not very active on my own accounts at the moment but I’m working to change that. To keep up to date you can hop on my site: plant devotion (dot com) or follow me here or on twitter: plantdevotion. Looking forward to connecting with you more!

  • Debbie Grezik

    Ally do you have your own You tube or blog if so wjats the address ? Enjoy listening to your journeys (;

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