My Psoriasis Makes A Comeback After 10 YEARS! Join Me On My Re-Journey To Healthy Skin

My Psoriasis Makes A Comeback After 10 YEARS! Join Me On My Re-Journey To Healthy Skin

Yep. There it is.

10 years ago, almost to the day, I was covered nearly head-to-toe with large plaques of unsightly and itchy, dry red skin.

I saw my symptoms completely disappear by adopting a clean, whole foods diet! 

After a year of big changes in my life, my diet has changed a little, too. For a decade I haven’t seen more than an inch of psoriasis. It’s the slow re-introduction and infiltration of refined foods, wheat, and nightshade vegetables into my diet that has finally incited a relapse of my symptoms. But I’m not upset, laying blame, or cursing my luck! I am happy because I know a clean, whole foods diet is the answer, that it works, and now I can share my new journey to recovery with you! I have learned so many things along the way, including why I’ve had short term bouts of acne, too. 

Today you’ll learn about my story. In the future you can expect tailored plant-based recipes, tips on positive lifestyle practices, and information on inflammatory states according to Ayurveda. As the story progresses we’ll begin to connect digestive problems and emotional stress with skin health! And you better believe that includes acne. 

Until next time, Happy Ostara! Make Spring your personal planting season and start sewing positive seeds for positive futures.

With Love.

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  • Mackenzie Rene

    I feel disgusted as the former Psoriasis sufferer assumed I would
    undoubtedly die with Psoriasis


    use lemongrass oil on your psorisis or pepper mint oil.

  • umer satti

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    if we use this cream for 3 weeks we have ah awesome result, +924235733309,
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    the probio plus and vitamin C, thanks Buddy, God help you for ah very happy
    life, ammen

  • umer satti

    hy dears i am also have this fucking psoriasis problem since 2003, now i
    get married, and i have cute baby girl, i just use once time in life
    solocartif injection, azomax cap, lorina NSA, kelrisid antibiotic250 mg,
    cac-1000 vitaminc, pro bio plus tablets,perfectial Plus+perfectial palzma.
    a cream colobi dearm for tow month, after log time its trun back. i used
    these thing back, without solocartif injection, am happy, i love my life

  • Evelynn McCoy

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  • Leo Ramirez

    I had psoriasis really bad on my hands, elbows and knees I started using
    Doo Gro, hair growth stimulant oil (its in the hair section) on my affected
    areas 3 to 5 times a day, it has a really nice very light smell and the
    skin absorbs it within 5 minutes, its only like $7 at Walmart, CVS. It
    literally took my Psoriasis away to the point were its barely noticeable
    within 2 to 3 weeks of using it. People did not want to shake my hand
    that’s how bad it was and now they can barely tell. It worked for me, and
    I hope it works for you, however keep in mind as soon as you stop applying
    this to the parts affected it returns.

  • Daja Elum

    I’m a college student who relies on cafeteria food. I have no job or car…
    How am I supposed to clear my psoriasis? All the food in my caf is
    basically starch

  • Sophia Caton

    I’ve had psoriasis for as long as i can remember. the older i get, the
    worse it gets. And im a teenager so imagine how hard it is to be in high
    school trying to hide every inch of your skin below the neck and trying to
    act like everything is great.

  • PsoriasisDiary

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    those links

  • Himu Jabu

    I have lived with psoriasis for decades until discovered a excellent

  • Maxx Ammo

    got dammit i fucking hate this shit my 7 year old son has it and i fucking
    cant stand seeing him in pain and these got damn creams ! OMG THESE GOT
    you can see im desperate now trying to find a better solution .please
    anyone share some tips.

  • Eloise Kaur

    I have lived with psoriasis for years until learned a very effective

  • equiwomanthorn13

    my psoriasis cleared dramatically after i did my body a favor by eating
    clean. basically to allow my digestive health heal on it’s own. it may have
    been a slow process but now i am able to eat what i want and not react to
    it. detoxing toxin’s from my body also played a huge role as well.

  • J Marshall

    I would like to see some science on this because Psoriasis is a genetic
    issue, it’s not caused by bad diet or lifestyle. I am sure a healthy
    lifestyle can *Help* some of the symptoms but you still have psoriasis. It
    doesn’t go away.

  • Vlado S

    wholefoods powder? Now I’ve heard it all. Anyways, check out the pelax
    cream that is a real natural solution for psoriasis made out of essential

  • Mary Eappy

    I have endure for psoriasis for 15 years. Fortunately, I’ve found a
    successful working treatment & get rid of my skin psoriasis completely. In
    only 2 weeks, irritation and redness began to go away

  • Pat Miass

    use nizaral shampoo. get it at walmart for $15. but i can tell you this.
    avoid pork, sugar, caffeine and vitamin c for example orange juice, tomato
    juice etc. this means no more soda drinks. no more junk food. pork is a
    garbage meat that cause inflamation. i gotta use betamethazone . but be
    careful. this shit will give you headaches and eye pains. take a bath in
    hot water with hand full of water softener pellets in tub and half bottle
    of rubbin alcohol. wash with provon gel… do this and you will see results
    but it will burn until its heeled.

  • Shari Andecone

    I’ve experience for psoriasis for 15 years. Luckily, I have discovered a
    successful working treatment & get rid of my skin psoriasis completely.
    Within 14 days, redness and irritation began to disappear

  • Gabe S

    Psoriasis has nothing to do with diet. It is a genetic problem. Your body
    thinks you are injured in the areas of psoriasis and it goes to work
    healing the area. Problem is, it never gives up, or comes in waves. Saying
    you can cure psoriasis with diet is like saying you can prevent brain
    cancer with diet. Modern medicine will eventually figure it out, but until
    then, you just have to live with it as best you can.

  • Nikia Grosch

    I notice many people keep on talking about Psoritolax Remedy (look on
    google search engine). But I’m uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried
    using this popular psoriasis home remedy?

  • SirSly420

    I don’t have psoriasis but my girlfriend does , she’s on all the usual crap
    doctors prescribe but it’s not really working I suggested hemp oil but she
    looked at me like I was a newb . we used to live at an apt complex and
    spent most of our free time at the pool lounging in the sun, during this
    time she never had psoriasis problems so I’m thinking natural remedies
    might be the best choice … Any who your cool calm demeanor was very
    soothing and I wish you best in your journey to once again cure your skin
    from this problem . Peace

  • sam crassus

    Are you even listening to what she says? Shes full of shit, comon i dont
    give a fuck about what you did last year or how you felt when you got it,
    we all did freak out and feel like freaks of nature since then, next time
    call your video “my life with psoriasis, it would be better then the one u
    used know cause honestly it makes me mad listening to you telling your
    story. I think you dont even have it!!!! If you do show us bitch …

  • MadMike1251

    Okay here’s my psoriasis story… I developed a pretty severe case of
    psoriasis some years back, it pretty much ended my career in the military.
    I barely had any sleep, the itching and bleeding and burning and the joint
    pain made my life a living Hell. I did some research like some people here
    claim they have and tried a Pagano style diet for over 18 months… I got
    some wickedly bad blood tests that came back after finally going to the
    doctor, and I was almost 15 pounds under weight. I was recommended to a
    dermatologist by my doctor. I saw ol’ Dr Lee and he put me on oral
    Methotrexate and Clobetasol cream. 10 months later I was all but cleared
    up on my skin, and my joints didn’t hurt and my feet stopped swelling. I
    now very much enjoy a slice of pizza every once and a while. I eat a nice
    medium well Ribeye steak on saturday evenings, and I even eat black forest
    ham and roast beef sandwiches with pepperjack cheese and mustard on toasted
    wheat bread. I’m also a very healthy 190 pounds (I’m almost 6’2″).

  • realoun

    one of the causes of psoriasis is leaky gut or problems with digestive
    system, BT CORN is know to rupture the intestines of insects and is known
    to make holes in the intestines of humans.

  • crzywitboy3

    I’m very interested in trying the water fast and moving into the
    elimination diet with the meal replacement powder. Does anyone have any
    information on how to go about doing this or what the website is that Ally
    talked about?

  • professorfoxtrot

    If you go on the psoriasis diet you will starve to death. Seriously. No
    meat, no vegetables, no nuts, no grains, no junk food, no dairy… what
    does that leave exactly?

  • Nikita Davitt

    Hey i was just wondering if i was to go vegan for my psoriasis could i eat
    any meat or would i have to cut it out completely??

  • nakedmanifest

    i made a video talking about skin and health also. you might like it and it
    might help you.

  • lifebeginsat190

    Even though there really wasn’t a remedy provided I was in a complete
    trance listening to you speak. You’re so well spoken and your voice is sooo
    sexxy… Love it…:)

  • lifebeginsat190


  • baz wilshaw

    Psoriasis can’t be cured!!!! You just learn to control it, you will always
    have it.

  • paol505

    Hi, i also have psoriasis, had a serious outbreak about 3 months ago,
    started doing some research (leaky gut is the problem). So i started a diet
    called Paleo and began seeing results in just a week. Now 2.5 month later i
    am almost clean and i want the people to know that (wheat) gluten can be a
    very big problem if you have psoriasis. I did it with the paleo diet and
    >>>no medicines<<< !!!!!!!!!!!
    GOOD HEALTH YOU TO ALL (if you have any questions feel free to ask)

  • Susie Porter

    a man who was ll I think with heart problems said his psoriasis after 50
    years is finally gone after eating walnuts for his heart condition,walnuts
    contain special essential oils and vitamins and minerals I read supposed to
    help against cancer and greying of hair aging and also cure prostrate
    cancer preventative against it a healing nut so I am going to go nuts as
    they very good walnuts for you any way as stated.

  • Stephen W

    There has to be a root cause for every illness, just like there is for cancer. I have come across people who claim to have cured their eczema, but different treatments work different for other people. It’s about finding the root cause. But to say it cannot be cured is just big pharma language.

  • FutureLine Roy

    So a genetic disease is something you can cure. You should have a talk with my dermatologist and you can make millions. There are very good solutions to ease and relieve the release skin flakes. There is no cure. Desperate people try everything but only to discover that it only temporally helps. It helps to relax and avoid stress.

    And you calling me a dumb fuck.

  • wachingdocs

    This is a diary, not a solution. Blabbity blah blah.

  • johnnieb7100

    can psoriasis be helped by using your own urine, I have been told cures for most skin disorders comes from within your own body,hence own urine might help.

  • FutureLine Roy

    Let me be clear. There is NO cure for psoriasis. Its genetically determent and therefor not to be cured. Its only temporarily relief. Stop misleading people.

  • PsoriasisFreeForGood

    It definitely helps what you are saying. I found great website with all the recipes and meal plans prepared for such cases and I discovered new world of food. My Psoriasis is gone and I feel healthier now.

  • Riley Plays Games

    Yeah, that’s bad but try it on your full scalp its horrible.

  • valkor73

    witch hazel helps

  • valkor73

    I have it on my hands elbows knees it sucks makes me not wanna go in public whats that ya know

  • Gay Allah

    You can never cure psoriasis, it just lays dormant.

  • darlene b.trowbridge

    Hello! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Psoritolax Remedy (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you considered home remedy called Psoritolax Remedy? I’ve heard many great things about it and my friend completely cure his psoriasis naturally with this remedy.

  • nineshikamaru

    no bullshit.
    i cured my psoriasis with l-arginine supplement.
    i then learned, to get some l-lysine along with it.
    i hope someone read this and get well. i understand, every psoriasis is unique and different.

  • Troy White

    What medicines work for plague psoriasis

  • john smith

    Hi.. Please Where to get that?
    Is it sold in Pharmacy?

  • gypsykatcher30

    Such an unclear video.
    You should make yourself and your steps much more clear.

    This is frustrating to watch with no answers, just confusion.

  • Will7282


  • Will7282

    I have psoriasis..I’m 22 and u started having breakouts when I was 19..Sometimes I get really frustrated because I just don’t know what to do with this skin condition anymore.Its really embarrassing to me..I look forward to your vids

  • Jeffrey Winger

    It’s amazing how fast you can eliminate embarrassing, frustrating, and painful dry scalp 100% naturally with these surprising natural remedies —> dryitchyscalpremedies[dot]com

  • robi sladoljev

    Just read your story, good on you for taking the initiative to try an beat this terrible skin condition. I have a mild case of it ,and notice that some times it flares up . I think your on to something with the diet ,reason being I notice it gets worse when I eat the wrong foods .Medications only do so much , but are not the answer. So good luck and keep on the food elimination, just remember to eat healthy.

  • mikeyo1234

    Homeopathy has also been disproven.

  • Lynn Loder

    Guys, completely cure your psoriasis doesn’t have to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search remedy called Psoritolax Remedy (do a google search). Seriously, I finally eliminated my pain & embarrassment caused by psoriasis for good by using Psoritolax Remedy.

  • EtreTocsin

    FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous earth may help to keep your symptoms at bay when / if you have strayed too far from your clean food diet.
    God bless and stay well!

  • lostandrunningduo

    Hi, my skin is good now, there is some pigmentation type scarring left from the worst perst but they are slowly fading away. Castor oil is also really good for the skin and vit D sup helps as well as magnesium and hydrogen peroxide foot soaks. Check out Dr ali on skin disorders on youtube. All the best :)

  • itfelldown

    Thank you for sharing! Also, please monitor your vitamin D levels through blood tests, that’s very important for everyone but especially important for any who has a history of psoriasis

  • plantdevotion

    Hi, love! This is Ally. You can follow my journey at High On Health, as well as a new website I’m developing called Plant Devotion (dot com).

  • thebluestofpeas

    Lovely story, really. That’s pretty cool what you were able to do. But where can we follow your journey?

    • Hi, love! You can follow me here, on High On Health. I’ll be posting regularly as I move through my new journey to clear skin. I’m also developing my own website, which you can certainly check out, too. (: Thankyou for your sweetness!

  • Dear Ally, Please study ASEA. It is a recent health science breakthrough that goes beyond nutrition and yet has the potential to impact your health at a depth that no other supplement or dietary changes have ever been able to achieve. It supports your 75 trillion cells to function optimally and heal your tissues by restoring their molecular balance. This may very likely end your quest! If you will email me I’ll direct to the information that you’ll need. Love Dane

    • Thanks, Dane! I checked out the website. I try to use food as my medicine, rely on my intuition for most things in life, and peruse a little science every now and then to keep my feet on the earth. Just not feeling it, but I wish you all the best with your endeavours!

  • plantdevotion

    Isn’t it beautiful, northernSars, how our bodies respond to our emotional and mental environments? Love your story! I think my continued healing has had a lot to do with cleaning up the clutter inside my mind and living with more love, tolerance, and compassion in my heart. Nightshades trigger inflammatory conditions for many people, and psoriasis often responds well to eliminating them. Try a month without eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers just to see where it takes you! Be well!

  • northernSars

    Hello, I have gutate(sp?) psoriasis and I also got it at 16. Mine was never huge patches but stubborn small patches. I found when I was smoking and very stressed it wouldnt go away no matter what creams I used. When I got to a peaceful place in my life, where I could eat healthy, not rely on smoking I noticed it just went away, except a couple small places. I dont eat eggplant but I still do tomatoes and potatoes. I might kick these for a while and see if it helps. thanks for the video!

  • plantdevotion

    Hi! This is Ally.
    Kefir! Yes! You’re totally right about pro-biotics, and I’m definitely adding them to my stepped-up regimen. Thanks so much for this reminder, and for sharing with everyone.
    If you don’t mind me asking, how’s your skin these days? I hope you are well.

  • tanncou

    You’re adorable!

  • holistichabits

    Thank you for sharing xo

  • Farangis

    I’d like to know more about this website you found and the how to start with such a diet. (And of cause what to eat and what not.) I find i really difficult in our modern world to stay to a healthy diet: I never have time to make a real breakfast just buy a sandwich from the shop next to my working place. Similar for lunch – I can’t drive home to make it myself and the shops that are near by I don’t know what exactly is in their food. So how to manage that when you work full time NOT at home?

    • Hi, Farangis!

      You know, it’s been a decade so I actually couldn’t tell you what the website is, because I can’t remember! The important thing I wanted to emphasize was that a simple, whole foods diet is what has kept my skin healthy all these years. That means no refined foods like white bread and white sugar—instead choosing foods that are unprocessed, whole, fresh, and organic wherever possible.

      Even if I knew the site, I wouldn’t 100% recommend it because the diet is extremely limited and hence very difficult for most people to adhere to. I was lucky enough to be a teenager with a very supportive father when I did it.

      So, I don’t have any simple answers but I can tell you that little steps make the biggest difference in the long run. I’m in the process of creating a whole foods diet program for my own site, which you can check back for in the next couple months at

      As an experiment you could start replacing white bread with an extra serving of vegetables. Also, start looking into the grain quinoa, and try cooking it! It is important to soak it first, so before you go to bed, put 1 cup of quinoa in a small pot with 3 cups water and 1 tbsp. lemon juice. In the morning, to make a quick porridge, drain the quinoa and rinse really, really well (it has a bitter coating you need to wash off). Put it back in the pot with 1 cup fresh water and 1/2 tsp. sea salt, bring to boil and simmer on low for 10-12 minutes, until you can see little ‘tails’ on the grain. Drizzle with a little maple syrup and coconut oil and you’re ready to go! I think everyone can make the extra 15 minutes in their morning routine to do this, and once you get the hang of it, it’ll be fast and easy.

  • lostandrunningduo

    Hey I found kefir helped me a lot when I had psoriasis. I practically lived on it for a few weeks and was 90% better in that time. I had a severe case. The probiotics are a vital part of the GI tract and when the balance is out, skin conditions flare up due to allergic reactions to undigested proteins in the bloodstream and an over-active immune system.

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