Natural Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes And Eye Bags

Natural Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes And Eye Bags

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night because I was out rollerblading with my skating group until really late …then when I finally made it to bed I tossed and turned for hours. Exercise always does this to me, it makes my mind so restless. We went for a two hour skate which was pretty intense, so I’m thinking that maybe since the Christmas break I’m not so used doing cardio exercise anymore. The yoga I do every day has opposite effect, it relaxes me!

So I decided to do an experiment while I had the puffy eyes. I tried the two most common puffy eye bag remedies – cucumber and tea bags. I felt REALLY silly doing the experiment …and yes, I even laugh every time I watch the video, but hey, at least I’ve tried it so I can pass the information onto you :)


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  • Lauren

    Hi, Fran! I was wondering, I know how one of the techniques is using steeped green tea bags. Could I rub the extract on my puffy, dark circles, though? We have green tea extract, so I was curious if it would work just as well, if not better by putting it directly on with the extract. Thank you so much, Fran!

  • Vip

    Thanks for the feedback! I got a eye lotion cream from Garnier.$17. So we’ll see how that goes after a few weeks. It says to rub under eye lids in circular motion 2 times a day. Day n night.
    Fingers x.

  • You know, I had this problem in Vegas when I was there for a week. I was actually sleeping really well, but my eyes were SOOO puffy for the first couple of hours in the morning. For me, I get puffy eyes when I sleep a lot. At the moment I’m only getting about 6 hours and they’re not puffy at all.

    You can get natural lotions that help. Simply Divine Botanicals sells one called “Pack the bags I’m leaving” which I’m tried and it’s quite good.

  • Vip

    Hi Fran I did a google search and this site popped up in regards to puffy eyes and how to rectify the situation. Well I’ll try these methods and see how I go.
    Last thing I want to do is to spend $$$ on like going to a beauty therapist.

    I average 7.5 hours sleep a night. In photos it looks as if I haven’t slept in days and I can’t stand to see that. I have a party in 3 weeks and I hope things will get better. Until then.

  • Hi Lynn, yeah that’d be great I’ll have a look. The link to your blog is broken though …

  • Hi Fran,
    Perhaps doing them in the evening will be an early prevention for the next A.M. I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to attempt the green tea bags. I’ll be very happy if that is a long time off — means I’m sleeping well.

    If you’re interested in a really great certified organic (but commercial) product for relief, I’ve just posted a suggestion on my blog. My clients who’ve experienced it have given rave reviews. I believe it does work quite well.

    Have an awesome weekend.

  • Hi Lynn, that’s really interesting! I guess I must have the perfect combination because I do shoulder stands every day :)

    But usually I do yoga in the evening when it’s too late to get rid of the puffy eyes, so maybe I need to start doing it in the morning …

  • It struck me as really funny (it a very good sort of way) that I had just visited a blog last night that was promoting the yoga shoulder stand position as a remedy for puffy eyes and eye bags. So, you must have the perfect combination going.

    I’m fairly new at the leaving comments part of blogging, but I’m having a great time meeting lots of new folks, and learning so much along the way.

  • Yi Xin

    I don’t think you could every look hideous. Altho you did look hilarious with the two tea bags over your eyes. Definetely worth watching : ).

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