Pretty Pictures Of The Raw Food I’ve Been Uncooking

Pretty Pictures Of The Raw Food I’ve Been Uncooking

I’ve been having a great time “uncooking” up some raw food over the past couple of weeks. I even managed to host a raw food dinner party last weekend which after much stress turned out to be amazing!

And before you start getting all nervous and thinking that you need to eat raw food to get clear skin – you definitely don’t. In fact, I wouldn’t advise that at all. However, incorporating raw foods into your diet is a great way to make sure you’re eating plenty of vegetables (and getting those vibrant nutrients). And raw cakes are a wonderful way to enjoy guilt free desserts.

So here are some not-so-glamorous photos of dishes I’ve recently been uncooking up …

strawberry cakeThis is a beautiful strawberry and lime cheesecake I made up last night from the Just Desserts eBook by the Raw Goddess Heathy. Yes, it tasted as divine as it looks. And although a little too limey and not as strawberry as I would have liked, I can’t really make that a critique considering it is a strawberry LIME cheesecake.

The only problem with this recipe is the expense, you will need a LOT of strawberries and limes to make it up, and both of those are a bit expensive when organic.

This is a gorgeous Tomato & Macadamia Mozzarella Linguine from Russel James’s The Raw Chef blog that we uncooked together at our dinner party. Ours didn’t look quite as stunning as Russel James’s but hey, at least we had a go and it tasted awesome!!

raw pasta

And this cake gets the prize for being the yummiest raw creation yet. I’m a recipe follower but my house mate is definitely not. She threw together this cake from three different recipes that I have in my coaching program ..added a few berries then magic! She made the most amazing chocolate berry raw vegan cake I’ve tried.

raw chocolate berry cake

Lastly, this is my raw granola that I’ll probably never make again because it was too much effort. It’s made out of oat groats which is great, but I made HEAPS of oat milk while making this recipe.

Unfortunately I didn’t like the taste of the oat milk so it went to waste. And I was left with only a tiny bit of solid oat groat fibre so I only had enough granola for two mornings. But, I worked with what I had, beefed it up with lots of raw goodies – coconut, seeds, nuts and honey – and made a VERY delicious breakfast.

raw granola

Yes I know, it looks absolutely nothing like the picture!

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  • agnei

    Kevin, I think it would be best to buy used blender. I bought mine for about 500$ and it is a commercial version that in the US costs 800$ (and where I live it is much more, about 1700$)
    So if you look at ebay or something like that you may find it in a good price. (And mine is in perfect condition!)

  • Clearly Beautiful Blog – Well for a couple of reasons. First – according to traditional Chinese medicine acne is caused by too much dampness and heat in the body. Raw food diets are known to increase the dampness so for us this is not good, we want to reduce it. Also raw food diets often mean a lot of natural sugars and nuts – sugars being not good if we have a big overgrowth of candida and LOTS of nuts not being good if our liver has a tough time processing fats (even good fats).

    Kevin- my blender (as used by my raw food chef friends) costs AU$250 which is not a lot in comparison to the vitamix.

    Joanne- Yep! It’s an awesome hobby, and my house mates and friends who drop by really appreciate it too :)

  • Joanne

    That berry cake looks divine!! Raw cooking would be such a great hobby!

  • Kevin

    thanks everyone. I will check out the Blendtec and Sunbeam blenders. But Fran, is there anythign else that functions as a food processor and other things? You’re right about the price, the vitamix is pretty pricey, it’s well over $3,000 in my currency.

  • agnei

    Kevin, I’ve got a Blendtec and I do recommend it I can’t even compare it with my previous blender. This is SOOO powerful it makes ice cubes like a snow :)

  • Interesting article. Looks like raw food is a lotta work! How come you wouldn’t recommend a raw diet to reduce acne?

  • You don’t have to be jealous Kyle, you can make these yourself!

    Kevin, I used to want a vita mix but I’ve since learned from my raw food friends that the sunbeam cafe series blender that I already own is definitely powerful enough and a portion of the price! You do however need a food processor as well.

  • Kyle

    Wow, I’m soooo jealous.

    I’ve heard of vita-mixes Kevin. I don’t want to buy one yet though, but I love throwing vegetables in a blender. You can get so many in there, but it takes some practice. And there more easily digestible.

  • Kevin

    Hi Fran,

    If I ever meet you I want some cake, :) ,seriously …..put a slice in the freezer for me. Have you heard about the vita-mix blender? I was wondering if you would recommend it if you had one.

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