The BEST Natural Way To Treat Sunburn

The BEST Natural Way To Treat Sunburn

I made the stupidest mistake for a red-headed Australian yesterday – I sat in the sun for a few hours during the highest UV danger time of the day. So of course by the time I headed home I was feeling dopey, my head was sore and my nose and cheeks were pink with sunburn.

I don’t know why I did it, peer pressure maybe, or perhaps I’m just too used to the gentle sun in Canada and Europe. But sunburn feels horrible, it ages the skin like you would not believe and it encourages acne so you won’t catch me out in the sun like that again.

Here is a video I just recorded about my sunburn!

Aloe vera truly is a magical plant. If you don’t have one in a pot or your back garden, I highly recommend to ask your friends and family if they have one that you can take a cutting from, or purchase one from a garden store.

The gel out of the leaf is amazing to use on sunburn. When you need it, just cut off a leaf and put it into the freezer. After a while it will be nice and cold and feel amazing on your sunburn. You’ll also most likely find the redness has disappeared by the next day.

This is what aloe vera looks like. And what the gel looks like inside the leaf-
aloe vera inside an aloe vera leaf

Here is a link to the packaged aloe vera gel I bought from Thursday Plantation. I actually just bought this from my local grocery store (Coles), but I’m sure better options are available at all good health stores.

And lastly, here is an example of a UV graph. They have them for most cities around the world so just do a search for your local area. Here is the link to the graph in my city, Brisbane. As you can see, yesterday in the middle of the day was a stupid time for me to be out in the sun because the UV was very high.


Enjoy the sun everyone but don’t let it bite you!

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  • amy b

    hi Fran.
    i have pretty bad acne on my face and break out on my back once in a while.
    i enjoy a lot of activities out side and i enjoy the beach and the warm sun. i do always wear (natural) sunblock and do not use and harsh chemicals or acne wash on my face. i use all organic or almost all %100 natural products on my skin but i read where you said that sun does promote acne. can you explain?

  • Hi Zack, the same thing happens to a friend of mine, you really need to watch out for the allergies!

    I don’t have a favorite sunblock at the moment. But I did just receive a sample of the Live-Live sunblock from NYC, I’ll have to trial it and let you know how it goes :)

  • Zack

    Hi Fran How are you? I am glad that you found something to help with your sunburn but there is only one thing wrong with the aloe vera gel, it’s the aloe vera I am allergic to it! Yes its true. Thats why out of the thoundsands of products ive tried nothing would work. Now my face is million of times better since ive started using the shiseido mens line. Now I know why when my family and I would come home after the beach and put aloe vera all over ourselves I would get these bumps everywhere almost like a rash then a couple days later it would just suddenly go away. PS now on the razors I use i rip off the lubercating strip because it has aloe on it and guess what? what I though was ingrown hairs or razorburn are now suddenly gone! Also Fran since you are back in Australia what sunscreen are you using?

  • Hi! Love your videos! I just wanted to comment on this one because I heard you say that your aloe is only 97.4% pure. I wanted to let you know of a fantastic product that I use as a hair gel and skin moisturizer. I use Lily of the Desert aloe and it’s 99.5% pure. It is paraben free, no animal testing, no fake coloring, no fake scenting. You can order it online if you can find a place that ships to you and it’s extremely cheap in terms of base price. I buy mine at a chain of stores called Whole Foods in the states so on your next trip to the states you should definitely try and find one. It’s a large grocery store that prides itself on having natural and organic foods, personal care stuff, and all sorts of fun things like that. So check out Lily of the Desert aloe online and Whole Foods stores when you’re in the states :)

  • Jon

    Aloe Vera is GREAT!!!! I find the plant itself works better but leaves a sticky residue or a green tint on my face do to the naturalness. I use a brand in the bottle Fruit of the earth. It works the same and i’m loving it. The plant it a better choice as all you need is one leaflet of this stuff and put it your pot and it grows and grows.Just keep cutting pieces off and it regenerates itself and grows so your never out of supply. That’s what Ilove about Aloe Vera. I don’t only use this on sunburns, but as well mix it in my moisturizer, spot treat blemishes, hairgel, dry skin patches, Theres just too many uses for Aloe Vera to list!!

  • Hey Marta, I meant put a leaf in the freezer just before you use it! Very soothing on burns.

  • Hi, Fran!
    I love aloe vera.
    But-don’t put it into freezer or fridge if you don’t need the coldness.
    Aloe Vera-as a dessert plant should be in warm temperature and it still lives once cut ( I keep mines like so for many many months), so just put aloe on a side somewhere.
    Great for sunburn is angstrom zinc plus DMSO applied topically.


  • Hi John, I hate the cold but you’re so lucky to be in snow fall!! I’m jealous of that :)

  • john

    Hey Fran! hope u had a absolutely fantastic new years what did you do lol :) You really scare me one day i was thinking to my safe drinking green tea is there actually caffeine in here is that good for me or bad then i go on your website and you do a blog on it haha and i use aloe vera this morning and it really done well in dealing my dry flakey skin … (im currently using 10%bp) i think its working tho im a teenager n have oily skin i shall stop using it when my acne clears up and just use a salicylic acid wash then tea tree oil or honey or sumthing then i will start exfoliating twice a week , i dnt exfoliate now because i broke out doing it… (it spreads bacteria~) i feel really sorry for you i live in london and sun is just not a problem here at all i have never wore sun screen in my entire life and i have never got sunburn before even in the summer in 30* but its winter now and snowed alot this morning woop woop lol! speak to u soon Write back!

  • kevin

    You know that you’re hotter than most of the caribbean right now and that’s really hot.What do people do in australia or more specifically brisbane if they want to get a tan? I don’t think you guys can lay on some long chair for hours and get some rays.

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