Watch This Video Before Taking Maca To Cure Your Acne

Watch This Video Before Taking Maca To Cure Your Acne

I’ve been taking the supplement Maca to try and balance my hormonal acne. You can get hormonal acne for two reasons (I had both):

  1. For women – during PMT time
  2. For men and women – from stress

I took the maca for almost two months before I was confident with my conclusion. So were the results good or bad? You’ll have to watch to find out …


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  • Di2416

    Hi everybody,

    I have been taken MacaHarmony for 10 days. I started from 1 capsule a day for the first week and then doubled the dosage. My acne became so much worse. Nutritionists recommended me this product: it supposed to increase levels of progesterone and estrogen. I had my blood work done which showed low levels of progesterone and estrogen. However, Macaharmony made my acne worse. I stopped taking it and my face cleared within one week. Now Im taking calcuim D clucorate and Saw Palmetto. Seems to be working very well)

  • mira

    hey girls,

    i just want to say that for me macca really helped me. i am 26, and for the past 3-4 yrs i have had adult acne, mostly around chin area, then it started on the sides of my cheeks. i did not do any better when i was squeezing them all the time… tried so many things, BCP, all kinds of dermatologist prescribed topical creams, diets, excersise…you name it. the pst month has been life changing. Oh i forgot to mention that for the past year i m taking B100 complex vitamins, because they are supposed to help with digestion. before i used to go only like once a week to the washroom, and people told me thats why i might have acne..bad metabolism and all that. also reduces helps with stress, so i though if less stress-less breakouts. anyway, the Bvitamins helped me with digestion, but not much acne. I use Tea tree leaves…boil 2 tbspoons in 200ml of water for 20 mins, and use this on my face morning and before bed. Its a miracle. Oh and for the maca, i started taking it recently, a month ago.. 500mg a day, and my skin is 90% clearer than before. i dont get the terrible breakouts before my period as usually. I dont know if its true that regulates hormones or whatnot, but for me it is working…
    Good luck to everyone! :)

  • Muondrt

    I never got pimples when I was young. After 26 every month before my cycle I get a break out. However when I would live out west in the mountains my skin was clear as day and radiated. Even just last summer out west.
    When I got home in Michigan again, I started breaking out along my chin again. Within two weeks.
    I am sick of breaking out and have tried different remedies. Including Maca but am going off of this because my skin was looking great on this and then boom this month my chin, OMG. I cannot do vitex or evening primerose, I get bad reaction to these. I like some of the results of Maca, but wondering if it is aggravating somethings.

    The thing about it being a warming remedy, I am very warm I can tell. Should I just try fish oil?

  • Darlene

    I have been feeling really sick for the past three weeks thinking I was pregnant which turns out I AM NOT. I started taking maca powder 3 weeks ago for its nutritional value and will discontinue as of today. I believe my symptoms are a result of maca and not pregnancy since that has been ruled out. My period was a week and a half late. Have had period pains for 2 weeks, extreme moodiness, night sweats, feel so nauseas all the time, have an eczema breakout that i only get when pregnant. The only advantage has been my period lasted only 2 days instead of my normal 5 days. I believe this is the result of maca as my body was fine and never have had these problems before.

  • Amy

    Hey Fran- Amy, from Texas here! I came across your blog when googling “Can too much maca cause acne?” I found your video and thoughts very interesting. I am 41 and have had acne all my life. In fact, I remember the very few times that my skin was clear and they are few indeed. I eat a very clean diet and was turned on to Maca by my Nutritional Counselor as something that might help my acne. A month into it, I was amazed by the results. It felt that it had really worked on whatever it was that was producing so much oil and my skin was clear. It stayed clear for several months and my sense of well being really improved. I am a Type A, high stress person, and I was waking up in such a great mood! At night, I didn’t want to sleep because I was so pumped about the following day…amazing. So, I was telling everyone about the results and encouraging them to use it, which I am now regretting. After several months of great skin, my skin is very oily and breaking out again. I am also battling my moods….certainly not depressed, but not really happy as I was before.

    This is strange to me, but it supports your message. Wonder why the Maca would do that? Have you received any additional information on this?

    Thanks! Amy

  • Mitzi

    i have been taking maca and i have noticed my skin getting worse. i have been taking 1/4 tsp, then suggested i take 1 tsp. i’m breaking out all the time,
    chin, cheeks around my hair line, some forehead. i also
    have noticed some extra hair growth on my face. could
    that also cause that? i’m 56 and have had adult acne since i was in my early 20′s. but this has been the worse.
    i’ve never been a natural beauty, but i don’t want to even
    go outside or be with people in the daylight. my pores
    i have noticed have gotton larger around my nose area.
    i wear a non oily face makeup. i sure could use your

  • Sara


    I was wondering if you could tell me more about the Chinese hot/cold diagnosis?

  • Mae

    I agree with Fran when she said it’s a case by case basis. Many people know they have a hormone imbalance but they don’t know if they have more testosterone, more or less progesterone or estrogen. I have been tested twice when I went through ivf and I know that I had excess estrogen. I’m in my 30′s and I want children so I stopped drinking soymilk which I think probably worsened by PCOS in my early 20s along with soy vegetable oils and soy burgers. I only take 1 capsule 500mg Mon, Wed, Fridays only and this works for me. Maca cleared up my acne. Plus with me increasing my water intake to 1 gallon each day(I’m 215 lbs) I don’t crave any cakes or pies like I used to. I’m also now about 98% soy free in my diet. I’m having my ovulation checked in about 2 weeks but I would say to anyone if your going to try anything without talking to a doctor or herbalogist Go Extremely slow and Learn to Listen to your own body especially if you find your Allergic to Maca which is a Peruvian turnip. I say this because I’m allergic to greenpeas, avocados, fish, and snowpeas, along with anybean in the snow pea family.

  • Jay

    I decided to stop taking agnus castus and started maca right away. Cause after taking agnus for almost two years without really a solution, I didn’t think it would help me. considering maca would be good to help your body make the hormones by itself instead of suplementing, I was willing to try it after all. I must say I started slowly and with capsules. I started with one capsule in the morning and one in the evening (500mg each capsule) so 1gr in total. after a week I didn’t notice anything really, so I started taking two capsules in the morning and two in the evening, now after a week again I’m at three in the morning, three in the evening. I don’t really notice a lot of difference, I still have a little acne (which I think is hormonal, cause I don’t know what it would be related to else, considering I’ve tried almost anything) but I must say my skin does look better. I must also say that I take other stuff: I take evening primrose oil again, two capsules of each 1000mg (which has 12% GLA, because it’s mixed with starflower oil) one in the morning and one in the evening, and I’ve been taking a B vitamine 100 complex since a while, and St. John’s wort aswel (with 3% hyperforin, 333mg twice a day) and since a few days I’m alsot aking twice a day of 1gr of MSM powder. and since a month or two three I’m taking a bachflower mix aswel.

    I haven’t had any moodswings really lately, if anything I think I feel more stable than before, less irritable and I can take it better to get up early and work all day. but I’m not sure why, since I take a lot of things, but the only really new things I’ve been taking this month is the maca and the MSM. I’m also not starting my period, so I must wait till that comes to see how the PMS will be and how the period itself will be (I also bought some anti-spas herbal formula, that’s composed of cramp bark, valerian and wild yam, that would help with the cramps in a natural way, cause I hate taking all that ibuprofen every time, the two first days of my period), I’m also going to take maca a few months to see if it helps after all or not at all. I wonder if the acne will dissapear in the end or that I’m going to need to do something else. I also drink kefir every now and then (home made) for the extra probiotics and I drink a LOT of herbal teas, so I’m thinking if it’s due to something, it should be taken care of this way. My generalist doesnt know how to help me and good luck finding a herbalist in this country (I’m studying for being a healthcare counselant, but I don’t know everything, like everybody, still trying to find a way to help myself)

    So still on my way to find a solution to my problems, but hopefully one day I’ll finnaly find a solution as wel.

  • Regina

    I just started taking maca powder four days ago. I am in my early 40′s and trying to balance my hormones and get my fertility back and a visit to the health food store lead me to maca. I had a shake with a spoonful of maca for the last four days and another product that has a blend of many herbs including maca for fertility. WELL I have been in such a bad mood swing for four days. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was until I found you video. I also just got a cystic blemish on my jawline yesterday. I think I will take a few days off and reduce the amount and try again but thanks for the information. I thought I was going crazy! I’M never in a bad mood like this. I have been so cranky and snappy and pissed off at everyone!



  • Jay

    hm, I took agnus castus for PMS, acne (hormonal in my opinion I don’t see why else) that’s not too bad but bad enough, I get regularly a few pimples, can’t tell if it’s only at period time, cause it doesn’t seem to be exclusivly at the time of my period, it varies, and for irriegular and painful periods) a four to six months or so course of agnus castus (1000mg standardized a day) until I didn’t get my cycle, it litteraly skipped a month, a herbalist on the internet told me I had to stop the agnus castus cause it was working too well according her, I had too much progesterone. I did feel less tired and better at the time. So I stopped, and I immidiatly seemed to have felt it, and after seven weeks they came back, like before, nothing had changed, they would still make me feel pretty ill. I tried another course, doing that now, and it’s been 4 months again I think. I also took evening primrose for a good while, didn’t help me really either, still got acne and such. I’m taking it again now, trying it another time along with borage oil. I was thinking of trying maca instead of agnus castus, eventhough I’m now taking half of the dose so 500mg instead of 1000mg, I still have acne, still the same problems, and my doctor can’t help me, so I was wondering, if maca normalises the hormonelevels if it would actually stimulate my own body to do it on it’s own. Your experience isnt really much encouraging though, I’l hesitating again, though it sounded good from other information sources. Gah, it’s really difficult to find a cure for oneself.

  • Nickie W

    Dear Fran,
    Hello there! I just want to point out that recommended dosages on supplements are configured for 150lb individual. I just wanted to let you know that this could be a possible reason as to why you had such negative effects while taking maca.

    I have not tried maca but am highly considering due to some multiple health issues I am undergoing. It seems that this supplement would address a few issues.

    I thank you for your post & letting all of us become aware of potential issues with this herb. I am interested in knowing whether you did well on the maca at lower doses or not. Would love to hear back from you & can also let you know how this supplement works for me in the future.

    Best Regards,

  • Joolzy

    Hey Fran,

    For hormonal acne, can EPO and Vitex be taken together?

    I’ve been taking EPO, fish oil and ground flaxseed in my food for 2mths and haven’t noticed any benefits as yet, but I’m wondering if I should omit either the fish oil or flaxseed as they’re both sources of Omega 3 and I probably don’t need both at the same time, right…?

    Thanks :-)

  • Kylie

    Good to know about Macca, as I was considering to take it as I see it so much in the Nutrition shops.

    I need to find myself a Chinese Herbalist. I once had a family doctor in Brisbane and he was the best and he got involved with the herbal side of medicine. I cannot remember why I never saw him again. If I find him then i will be happy, he was the best family doctor I had. Doctors who listen take time to understand their patients.


  • Rachel- PLEASE go and visit a doctor. Two of my sisters had symptoms similar to yours with PMT and they both had bad cases of endometriosis and cysts on their ovaries. They had to visit a few doctors before they got a proper diagnosis. Honestly, I’d start there. You should not be getting those symptoms.

    Let me know how it goes x

  • Rachel

    Hi Fran–thanks for all your great videos! I am struggling with my adult acne as well as severe dysmenorrhea. I noticed someone else posted about this and I have to add that it’s terrible! I have severe cramps, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, lightheadedness, and sometimes I feel like I’m about to pass out. I’m sure they’re related, but my allopathic doctor/NP just wants to stick me on oral contraceptives instead of trying to help find alternate solutions. I already take evening primrose oil and fish oil, I eat a diet that’s mostly raw (~60-70 %), no refined sugar, etc. I sleep 7-8 hrs a night, practice yoga and meditation, get a bit of sun exposure daily, use absolutely no makeup or chemicals on my face, hair, or body, and use all natural (Evan Healy) skin care products on my face. I just started taking maca two days ago, but I’m not sure I should continue after finding your site. I’m going to look into the Premular, too. Do you have any other advice? I honestly feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing has even lessened the acne severity. I want to hide under a paper bag most days. I am so opposed to topical or ingested conventional acne meds, but I don’t even know what to do anymore..

  • Hi Su, I got a lot of symptoms from taking maca but I don’t remember insomnia being one of them unless I talked about it in the video.

  • Su

    im 14. And One of my friends tmom ake Maca root and she said it was amazing. She is a makeup artist and she loves it. her Skin feels better and she Physically feel better.
    I havnt talked to my parents about it yet. But i was thinking of trying it. the problem with that is that i kinda have insomnia and i hope it wont make me not go to sleep even more. Any Comments? I really would like to try it tho..Thank you

  • Hi Marianna, I don’t actually have a list of foods. My herbalist used to always tell me to just avoid all spicy foods, and foods that felt hot. When I asked him what that meant, he said you can tell when you put a bit on your tongue if it’s a hot food. Cinnamon for instance is a hot food.

    Otherwise you can find a book. One of the best books that I own (back at home) is “Healing with Whole Foods” –

  • marianna

    Hi Fran,
    Thanks for a great video, I just happened upon it searching for maca info. I am an adult woman suffering from hormonal acne – and I have also been told I have too much dampness/heat in my body. I see you said that raw cacao is good to cool & dry, but I find cacao a bit stimulating. I can’t afford the chinese supplements/consultations but wondered if you could recommend any other foods or supplements to cool & dry me out a bit?!

  • Hi Tanya, what you need to do is find a good Chinese Herbalist. I was just lucky with mine because he’s my family doctor so I’ve known him for about 20 years.

    What you could do is ask your friends and family to see if they know of a good one. Or you could contact a natural medicine college if there is one in your city. I’m sure they’ll be able to refer you to someone good. If not, just take a gamble I guess :)

    There was a Chinese herbalist in Brisbane that worked specifically with women’s hormones. He actually helped women get pregnant but he worked with any hormone realted ‘illness’ too, which include the skin. So you could also do a google search for someone like that in your area.

    My herbalist has been great for giving me chinese herbs and tablets to help ‘cool’ and ‘dry’ me out I guess. They’ve worked very well. You can also do a little research on the types of foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. Spicy foods for example just increase the heat in our bodies. Raw cacao on the other hand is very cooling and drying to the body.

    Good luck and thanks for the comment ..

  • Tanya

    Hi Fran really enjoyed this vid it was an eye opener for me. It clarified a few things about my body that I suspected but didn’t understand the reason why.

    I’ve suffered from acne since I was a teen, had bouts of cystic in the past and get some from time to time now. My skin is very oily and I sweat profusely even in the winter sometimes. My body retains lots of heat didn’t make the connection to acne. Light Bulb Moment!! :))

    Fran can you please provide me more info on the Chinese and Indian Medicine response to acne treatments. This site had been such an eye opener for me. I have gotten more info here than I have in the yrs of going to countless dermatologist. What a waste of money. Thank You so much.

  • Ironman

    Hi, I came across this video and just wanted to let people know that taking maca in capsule form DOES NOT WORK. The extracts of maca are missing key components for it to work its magic. Take any one component out and you can be sure it will not work the same or maybe not at all. Maca powder (Lepidium Peruvian Chacon) 3-6 tablespoons a day.

  • Diana

    Hi everyone,
    I have to admit that I have never heard of Maca before (the first time on this site). But I can say that I also suffer from hormonal acne and I also have other hormonal problems. But what really annoyed me was that all the dermatologists I went to always gave me all that chemical stuff which does not really help a lot and demages the skin totally. No one ever got the idea to give me something natural. So one doctor gave me Benzoyl Peroxyd and that is so agresive, my skin got so dry and very red, but it did not help me with my acne. So another doctor gave me a creme with antibiotica in it. Well this helped after a while, but you can’t take it all the time, so I got resistent to that antibiotica and the acne got worse than ever. So the third doctor wanted to give me Roaccutan. And when I read all the stuff that it could cause, I refused to take it. Cause I thought in the end it would be more damage than help. My gynecologist gave me the pill (it was one extra for acne), but my skin got totally different and my mood also changed. I was depressed and all that. I got totally dry skin, which I have even now, even though it was about 4 months ago that I took the pill the last time. Well I am 20 years old, and you can not say that i have this typical teenager skin. So I was looking for other things to help. I tried Neutrogena Visibily Clear 2 in 1, and I have to say that it worked a little. It works almost for the pimples, but my skin got totally dry then. And it does not really help for the whiteheads and blackheads which I have all over my face. So then I found a very good stuff, it is the oil of “Nigella Sativa” (I don’t know how this is called in english exactly). But this oil really changed a lot. My skin got better, not so dry anymore and it also helped with the blackheads. I put it on my face every night before I go to bed and I dake one tablespoon of it once a day (it tastes disgusting, but it’s also good for your immune system). So I think I’ll also try your tip with the olive oil and castor oil, cause I think that you can do more with the natural stuff than with all this useless chemical stuff from the doctor.


  • Vicky

    Hi there,
    I am writing in response to Page’s message – I have also taken a hormone test and been told that I basically have oestrogen dominance, although in my case I have high levels of progesterone, but even higher levels of oestrogen throughout my cycle (basically a real mess), it was explained to me that the oestrogen should trail off in the second half of the cycle, whislt the progesterone counterbalances it.

    I think this is probably as a result of being on the pill for so many years (8 years on dianette). My main symptoms apart from carrying extra weight around my middle, bloating and a very low libido, are pretty bad jawline acne, and most bizarrely, very bad bowel cramps for the second half of my cycle. The cramps only took on an obvious pattern once I had stopped the pill (6 months ago), but have actually been bothering me for around 8 years. They have got so bad recently that I am woken in the night / pass out / nausea etc as a result – unbearable.

    I am seeing an endocrinologist who is perscribing me progesterone supplements for the latter 2 weeks of the cycle. They definitely help a little: am no longer being woken up by the cramps and libido is getting back to normal, although my skin is still not good.

    I will continue to take them for another couple of months, and then re-do the blood test to see where the hormones are.

    I have also got a couple of Dr Lee’s books on natural progesterone, but have not yet found a good answer to the problem – would be great to hear from you PAGE, exactly which of his recommendations worked for you…?


  • If Proactiv is making you that dry, I’d cut down to using it just every other day or mabe not even at all. The active ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide, is quite harsh and can dry out skin excessively.

    Maca is okay. If you do decide to take it, only take it on days 1-14 of your cycle, and start off with a very low dose then gradually increase it.

    Jaw line acne is often hormonal so it’s probably a good idea to visit a naturopath or health store for a recommendation of supplements to take.

  • Diana

    Hi Fran-

    I’ve been using proactiv and it’s made my face really really dry that my moisturizer doesn’t even work anymore. I also get lots of acne around my jaw line. Do you think it’s a good idea for me to take maca supplements?


  • Hi Jodi, I’ve taken courses of those 3 supplements on and off for years, and they always work well. Because my acne was at its worst this time around, they didn’t clear it up 100%, but they definitely made a significant difference. Unfortunately it did take a while, at least 3 months. But it’s worked a lot faster for me in the past.

  • Jodi

    Hi Fran,

    I just discovered your site, it’s wonderful! I was wondering, now that a few months have passed, how has the daily Evening Primrose, premular and fish oil going?


  • Page


    Thank you for your informational post. I’ve recently purchased Maca to help with PMT symptoms and although, I am currently dealing with adult acne, I did not purchase it to help with the acne.

    That being said, I thought I would share with you what I have discovered. I went to a Naturopath and had a Saliva test done. The saliva test measures your hormone levels as well as cortisol levels (stress hormone). What I learned was fascinating. My Progesterone level is “below range” meaning I don’t have enough progesterone to counter the effects of the estrogen in my body. Even if my Estrogen level is normal, the low progesterone is not there to balance it. I have what is referred to as “Estrogen dominance”.
    I was thinking that this was not a common occurrance and that I must be one of the only ones who suffers from it. So I began to research low progesterone. Turns out, this is an epidemic that is affecting women 30+ starting as early as in their 20′s. I read the most AMAZING book that is helping me to “fix” my body and my get my hormone levels back to normal and in sync.

    Creams and tinctures will only mask the problem. I’ve always believed in treating the “cause” not the effect so I wanted to get to the bottom of things and believe me, I am 35yrs old, healthy, exercise, eat right etc etc. this should not be happening to me.

    Dr. John R Lee has written a book called:

    “What your doctor May NOT tell you about pre-menopause”

    Pre-menopause is basically low Progesterone and you will be amazed at how many symptoms are caused and directly related to this and probably the number one reason for PMS, Acne, Water retention/Bloating (we all love that one), depression, mood swings etc, the list goes on and on.

    A simple saliva test (done just after ovulation) will give an accurate reading of your hormones. It is a more accurate representation of your hormone levels because it represents how much of the hormones that were in your bloodstream actually made it into your tissues to do their job.

    I started on my quest because of my Acne and wanted to be RID of it, it was driving me crazy. What I discovered about Progesterone and how a lack of it can affect your body is unbelievable. Women need to know this information!!

    It is a wealth of knowledge and has changed my life for the better! I hope you too, will find it helpful, and if you do, please share the information with women around the world!

    We are all in this together.

    Sincere regards,


  • Hi Fran,

    My name is Augusto Ellacuriaga, Founder/CEO of Global Fusion Natural Products from Denver, Colorado, USA.

    Glad to hear you found my post informative. I too have found your blog posts interesting and informative. So, it is a pleasure chatting with you.

    I am doing some research on Maca and that’s how I run into your site. Once done, I will share my findings with you.

    Meanwhile, keep up the good work.



  • Hi person behind global fusion, and thank you for your response, it’s very informative :)

    You’re totally right. I’m actually a little annoyed that maca is advertised for balancing hormones in women and a treatment for acne, because it’s a lot more complicated than that.

    I’m learning more and more every day about the complexities with particular herbs such as maca and how my body may react in a completely different way to somebody else’s. There are so many holistic factors to keep in mind.

    Thanks again for your post.

  • Hi Fran,

    We’ve been using, distributing and learning about Maca for many years, but never heard that it will be good for acne. Even us, the native people of Peru, do not use Maca Root for this kind of treatments.

    Unscrupulous companies are promoting Maca as the panacea for all cures. And that’s not right. Ask them for technical information and studies that sustain their claims.

    Even though this root may balance your hormones, folks have to be careful about peaks of high energy that can easily be achieved by ingesting too many capsules or consuming too much powder of this powerful carbohydrate. From a personal experience, I will equal one teaspoon of maca powder to one small cup of espresso, (of course without the caffeine) that will get you an energy rush.

    Some of our skin care products are manufactured using Maca extract, but the main purpose was not to achieve positive results on acne. There are other properties for which Maca is used. Our represented Rais Vida is the pioneer in the development of skin and body care products based on Maca and other Rainforest plants.

    You can watch the Maca Manufacturing Video or read more on our Maca Information page.


  • Hi :) No, I’ve never heard of Schuessler Tissue Salts – what are they?

  • Ma

    Hi – watched with interest – I have just had Schuessler Tissue Salts for skin disorders recommended. Have you ever tried this?

  • Hi Clara, you’re totally right. Benzoyl Peroxide in particular is a lot harder on your skin than the acne, for sure! I personally don’t think Benzoyl Peroxide is for anybody. But it’s especially not good for those with dry and/or sensitive skin.

  • Hi Chrystine. The same supplement won’t necessary work for everyone and that’s great that you monitored your body to see what impact the fish oil had.

    Fish oil actually isn’t necessarily the BEST good fat for your skin and acne. You can try cod liver oil or flaxseed (linseed) oil. You might want to try the flaxseed oil because cod liver oil is still fish (and maybe you have an intolerance to the the fish oils).

    The reason why we want to take these oils is because they contain good fats and high omega 3 and omega 6 which are very good for our skin and important for healthy skin and reducing inflammation.

    You can find flaxseed oil in the fridge section at health food stores or you could try looking for it in capsule form.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it though, out of all the supplements I’ve tried, fish oil has been good but hasn’t worked miracles. I get much better results with the evening primrose oil and vitex. It also depends on why you’re getting acne.

    I think stopping the fish oil is probably a good idea if you’ve noticed that it’s making your hair and skin oily. Try having the flaxseed instead, or you can just make sure you eat plenty of good fats, which are found in flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sea vegetables, fish and avocados.

    Does this help?

  • Chrystine

    Hi Fran. You mentioned on your video that you take Fish Oil everyday. My naturopathic doctor told me to take that, too, and it made my hair and skin oily. I’m convinced it made my skin WORSE, but she doesn’t know if it did or not. I know fish oil has so many benefits, but do you think it could actually make acne worse?

  • Sometimes acne cures can be harder on the skin than acne. Benzoyl Peroxide is not one for people with sensitive skin.

  • Wow, Benzoyl Peroxide is definitely not for you. I get a bit annoyed with actually, how they claim that they will cure acne for everyone, it’s so not true!

    Your dry skin will take a few days, even a week to clear up, but it will get better. After I stopped using Benzoyl Peroxide my skin was still sore and flakey for at least 4 days after.

    You need to also be careful with foam cleanser, I find that the foaming dries my skin out too.

    I haven’t tried Clarins before, but I’ve heard it’s a good brand. Let me know how that goes if you keep using it.

    I have hormonal problems too, which is why I get acne. Try visiting a natural therapist – preferably a naturopath and asking them to recommend some supplements to help balance your hormones. I find that eating well and relaxation helps me a lot too :)

    thanks for reading my blog!

  • Nora


    Thanks for all the advices. I was another stupid to follow the recommendations. Mainly because even my dermatologist told me it was ok.

    only 7 days. SEVEN-DAYS. And my skin is peeling off and i wake up at night because the contact of the skin in the pillow hurts and burns. My mom was scared on how my skin got soooooo red. It was like if i received a boiling water splash and got my skin burned. 7 days ago…i have a nice, luminous, glowing smooth skin. Yes…with some pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, but this is worse. Dry skin is much worse. I look older. And as a make up artist…it depresses me that i cant apply make up. It looks like if i did on purpose to look old.

    I knew my skin was sensitive to water…but i wanted to give a 100% try on regimen. they say a water based cleanser. So i bought a foam for sensitive skin. Gosh…my skin looks like a cardboard. Even after applying jojoba oil and special moisturizer with shea butter, my skin is not satisfied…and feels tight. It has completely ate my skin.

    Previous to that, i used Clarins. Which uses natural ingredients.

    So im going back to Clarins. Except that now i’ll need for extra dry skin care. Plus a 99% plant extract S.O.S serum (for extremely damaged skins).

    Anyway…i’ll be following closely your blog. I used lots of methods, and my acne is probably hormonal (i have many hormonal problems).

    Anyway…keep up the great job

    Thanks a lot


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