What Helped Me To Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

What Helped Me To Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

New years 2014 was a challenging one for me – my 10 month old puppy was hit by a car on new years eve and was under intensive observation at the vet in the nearest city one hour away from my home village. Dubi passed on the 2nd of January which was heartbreaking, but a relief to see an end to his suffering.

I feel very blessed to live in an extremely supportive community of medicine and healers. I had a group of friends gather around me to help with a beautiful ceremonial burial when his body was brought back to my home town. And in the days after I received a lot of support, cranial sacral therapy to heal the trauma of witnessing the accident, and energy release massage to help shift the grief. I talk more about what I did in the video…

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  • Eleanor Hammond

    hope you will upload more videos soon x

  • Maddie Viall

    Sorry for your loss… my dog is sick and we are giving her medicine and
    stuff but i just know shes gonna die :(…

  • Maggie

    how are u Fran? didn’t hear u for a long time.

  • mcrayne27

    Where have you gone my friend?! I miss you! I hope all is well!

  • natatattful

    So sorry for your loss, but thank you for making this video.

  • Carole Pagan

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Its good that you took the time you needed, and
    that you have taken care of yourself as well. I hope the new year goes
    better from here on out.

  • Sorry for your loss, Fran. xx

  • Amanda

    So terribly sorry for you loss, Fran. Sending much love and positivity your way.

  • Michele DeGeorge

    I’m so sorry for your loss. This is helpful since I recently lost one of
    my cats. I like to light candles for him.

  • Emerald Skye

    Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing

  • High on Health

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