What You Need To Know About Treating Acne With The Contraceptive Pill

What You Need To Know About Treating Acne With The Contraceptive Pill

birth control pillThe contraceptive pill would have to be one of the most common prescribed medications for acne in women. I know of quite a few cases where young girls have been prescribed the pill even before they’re sexually active, just to clear their skin.

I’m in two minds about using the pill as a treatment option. I know from personal experience that the pill can have a lot of nasty side effects, and it can in some cases make it a little more difficult to conceive a child later on in life. I also think the pill is over prescribed, especially for non-cystic acne which can quite easily be treated without the use of medications.

However, if the acne is very severe and cystic, I realize that the frustration and depression of the condition can make the pill a desirable option. And perhaps in the short term it’s okay. It certainly helped me twice in my life when I did take it for short periods. BUT, you must keep in mind that it’s very, very important to treat your acne holistically even if you’re taking the pill. Because you don’t want the condition to come back after you stop taking it. And you definitely don’t want to take the pill over many years for all the reasons I listed above and in this video-

As with antibiotics, taking the pill can make an overgrowth of Candida worse which in turn can make acne worse, or can make acne easily aggravated by simple foods such as natural sugars. So that’s something to keep in mind. I know for a fact that I still have a Candida problem from a history of antibiotic and contraceptive pill use, and a diet high in sugars and carbs.

For me getting off the pill was the best thing I ever did – and that goes for both times I was on it. The symptoms I experience are always way worse than the actual acne. The depression, brain fog and severe insomnia were definitely the worst symptoms last time, and enough to make me never, ever want to go on it again.

ladycompAnd if you’re worried about actual contraception and preventing babies, then there are other things you can do. There’s a little device that I’ll be purchasing soon which takes either a reading of your temperature or a urine test each morning. The device then tells you if you’re fertile or not that day, and therefore if it’s safe or not to have sex. Yes this means there will be days where you can’t “go all the way” but quite frankly it’s better than putting unnatural hormones into your body.

As always, if you have any questions please let me know. As I said, I have done this treatment option twice so I know a bit about it. And if you’ve had a different experience to me, write a comment and let everybody know about it :)

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    You Need To Know About Treating Acne With The Contraceptive Pill – High on
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    it’s allright. Is it just me or does it look like some of these responses come across like they are written by brain dead people? :-P And, if you are posting at additional social sites, I would like to follow everything new you have to post. Would you list of all of your social networking sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  • Elena

    Dee, there are a lot of studies that confirms the correlation between gut & skin disorders. Zinc works fine but try a good probiotic too.
    Your history is very similar to mine and after stop contraceptive pills I found Omega 3, probiotics and spirulina work wonders on my skin, hair and nails.

  • Dee

    Not sure if this will help anyone, but I had acne from the age of about 12, was placed on various antibiotics without much success including roaccutane, until a dermatologist put me on diane 35 when I was 22. I am now 35 and have only had the occasional break out during this time. It worked wonders for me without any side effects. The problem now is that I am married and have been off the pill the last 4 months and my acne has come back. I am seeing two doctors, one holistic and one GP to get to the root cause of the problem. Both doctors are really good and want to get to the root cause and not just treat the symptoms. The holistic one has made me take a heap of tests, we suspect it may either be a food intolerance or gut problem. I have a terrible problem with opening my bowels, generally once every 10 days or even up to 14 days!! It’s not painful for me and I didn’t think it unusual as it’s been like this all my life. But the problem is that my body is not getting rid of the toxins in my body and we suspect that it’s coming out through my skin instead. My GP has also had me take a heap of tests including an ultra sound to rule out cystic ovaries. I have read in a couple of posts above about terrible cramps and irregular periods. You should definitely get yourself tested for issues with ovaries, it’s just a simple 10 minute ultra sound. If you are looking at getting pregnant they also look for any fertility issues. Whilst these tests come back I have been taking zinc picolinate which has 30mg zinc and 150ml vitamin c as advised by my holistic doctor. This has really helped to reduce the oiliness and therefore the acne. Prior to taking zinc after coming off the pill my face felt like someone had poured a litre of oil on my face by the end of the day. I have also been religious about keeping my pores clean as I also started getting blackheads which I have never experienced before and they are gross as they leave horrible large pores behind. Mine were usually large inflamed acne or whiteheads in my teens. My GP prescribed antibiotics but I won’t be taking them as they have been pretty pointless for me in the past and I’d rather treat the problem naturally. To test if it’s a food sensitivity/intolerance I have started eliminating certain foods out of my diet, starting with the most common ones – refined sugars, dairy, wheat/gluten etc. I have just started this so I’ll see how I go. I truly would not be surprised if my acne is food/gut related. This has been the case for so many people.

  • dolly

    hey Fran!i don’t know whether someone still checks the posts or not…but anyways…i am 21 now and i had been having acne since i was 17(5 years)…have tried everything including accutane …everything worked but my stubborn acne just kept coming back….and i had been recently diagnosed with bilateral polycystic ovaries…so my gyneacologist put me on diane 35…its just been 3days…but after reading the reviews that people break out even worse when they stop it…i really want to stop it after a month…thinking of going to a ayurvedic doctor….is that a good decision?

  • Samantha

    I have been working with a naturopath she’s pretty good, just started seeing her though so i guess its only early days yet. She uses homeopathic drops and little tablets. She uses like an energy system i forget what its called but it honestly picks up every inbalance in your system. She’s working with my lungs and nervous system at the moment as i’ve had a fair few run ins with pneumonia this year, so hopefully she’ll get to the hormone/skin next. Is there any natural dietry supplements i should be including in my daily intake. I drink plenty of water. I was a little sick of looking like a pizza the other day so i mixed up one part bi-carb soda and water and applyed it to my chin for 20 mins. It worked miracles except my skin now feels extremely dry around the surrounding area. I’ve applyed some bi oil to it but will that only flair and worsen my acne????

  • Ooh yes Samantha I know how you feel, have been there plenty of times. Sounds like working with a natural therapist like a naturopath is exactly what you need.

  • Samantha

    Hey Fran thanks so much for the article, I’ve found it very helpful along with all the above comments. I’m 18 years old and started the pill when i was 16 as well as a short course of doxycillin purely for skin and hormonal purposes. I had absolutely shocking skin from around the age of 15 and still bear a few reminding scars on my cheeks. My skin however cleared up amazingly in the last two years and i felt around 3 months ago i no longer needed to be on it. I went of it just before my hsc and felt no effects until the past 2 weeks. I’ve been unable to sleep, my skin particularly my chin region had flaired up dramatically, I’ve had a period pretty much on and off 8 times in the past month and a half and i just feel absolutely ragged, tired and frustrated. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO OR TAKE?????? i have an extremely good diet and fairly regular exercise plan. its driving me insane

  • Rachel

    Hi I have been on the pill for 2 years already and I didn’t go on for acne I went on because my period lasted for 8 sometimes 9 days which was causing me to have a lot less iron in my blood, especially since I don’t eat red meat. When I started the pill I was 17 and they gave me what they said was a low dose kind. It caused terrible headaches every day so I changed my pill to an even lower dose and now I get a lot more acne than I used too. At first it was just like 2 pimples a month but they were the pressure kind, so big and red and right on my chin. This went on for a couple of months.

    But just a few days ago I woke up with little red pimples all over my right cheek, like 5 of them and I’ve never had acne before. I think it may also have to do with the fact that I’m a stressed college student who just stopped using my face wash that had salicylic acid in it. What should I do because I don’t think my insurance will cover a trip to the dermatologist.

  • Stephanie

    I have been taking Ortho Tri Cyclen for 8 months in attempts to diminish my cystic acne (I usually have approximately 3-4 cysts at a time), but alas, it has been futile…My skin has not improved at all or even changed, which is quite astonishing. As you, Fran, I believe it has caused unpleasant and even severe side effects: depression/anxiety, excessive hair shedding, weight gain especially around the thigh area, perhaps even a worsening of acne, and worst of all, insomnia. I have decided to stop it and I am deathly afraid that my acne will come back with a vengeance, especially after anti-biotics and Accutane. Fran, how long did you have insomnia and what did you do about it? Which birth control caused this? My doctor’s want to give me Lunesta or Lorazepam but that means they will be giving me medication to alleviate the side effects of other medication! Do you have any tips for sleeplessness in general?

  • Danielle

    Out of curiosity, will a detox interfere with the pill? Like, if I eat nothing but organic apples for a few days, will it knock a bunch of the hormones out of my system? I’m on it for my skin and my mom wants me to stay on it because she believes that it’s working, but I don’t want to clean myself out with real food and render the pills useless. Of course, I’d rather get off of the synthetic hormones entirely, but I think my mom’s plan is to pay for them till I’m out of the house this summer, and I really don’t want to waste her money. ;(

  • Kaitlin

    Just wanted to share, that I went off the pill about 1 month and a half ago and have noticed a world of difference not only in my appearance, but the lessened pain level of the cysts I was suffering from. After 10 years of cystic acne and being on the pill, I’m not sure I could ever go back on it!

  • Sarah

    Hi I just watched the video and read your report, and to cut a long story short, came off the pill 1 year ago, lost loads of weight and felt great. However, acne came back waaaaay worse than EVER before, infact the “acne” i went on the pill for, like you said, I don’t think was actually acne. I have gone back on the pill three weeks ago, and put half a stone on already, i feel teary all the time and know that I am only masking the problems which will come back when I come back off the pill. They also said to go back on the pill because had did not have a period for a year, which to me seems silly as it is not a true period anyway. However, I just wnat to know what your deit and treatment entailed instead of the pill?? help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

  • Kaitlin

    omg, I soooo feel for all of you girls! I have a weird situation. I am almost 25 and have been on birth control since I was 15!! I have hardly taken ANY breaks, maybe a few, a month at a time and that is it. I have been suffering from increasingly worsening cystic acne up to this point. Although my diet the past 2 years is the best it has EVER been, lately, my skin is the WORST its ever been. I don’t have health insurance so I heavily rely on online resources to somewhat diagnose myself. I think I have the Candida, as a result of the birth control, and also being on and off Minocycline for my skin problems, and other various antibiotics from my college years. Not only is my skin bad, but I have had other typical Candida symptoms such as night sweats, headaches, new food allergies, random hives, body odor, yeast infections, etc. I have decided its been too long since I have been on BC. I am on my last few days and then Im off of it, possibly for good if my acne and symptoms start to go away. In addition, I have been following FRans blogs and this website and learning so much about holistically healing skin. It all makes so much sense. I see hundreds of teenagers with way worse skin than me and I can’t help but wonder….if a lot of it is the typical American diet? (Im in the US) Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck, hopefully I will be back on this blog to tell you getting off the pill was the best thing I ever did for my skin and health!! Now heres to not getting pregnant!! lol

  • Claire

    Hi Ash. I feel for you- know exactly how you feel! I came off the pill 3 months ago and feel sooo much better. On your point about diet- I too thought I was eating well (lots of fruit, low fat dairy etc- a typical girly diet!). What I didn’t realise is how too much sugar affects your skin and acne. I’ve cut back on the fruit, no longer drink juice or soft drink. I also switched back to full fat yoghurt. I lost 3kgs from these simple changes :-) Basically, I try and eat things in their natural, unprocessed form- oats, nuts, jalna yoghurt, fish, brown rice, organic veggies…..
    I know how frustrating the Doctors can be “try this for 6 months and see how you go”… you want to scream back “i can’t wait 6 months- that’s an eternity”!! My advice is to read widely and do what feels right for you- if this pill has given you cystic acne, try another one, or come off it and see what happens. Remember that the pill isnt going to fix the underlying problem that’s giving you the acne (diet, hormone imbalance etc). It might stop the pimples appearing on your skin, but when you stop the pill, it’ll just come back….Need to fix the real problem! Good luck- you’re certainly not alone!!

  • ash

    help!!!! i am 20yrs old and ever since i was about 12, i have sufffered from pimples and bad skin. i had, had enough of having bad skin and went to the doctor less then a month ago to see what they could prescribe me to help treat my acne. it has been about 2.5 weeks and since i started on juliet35 and it has been the worst my skin has ever been! my face has broken out with very sore cysts all over my cheeks and jaw line. the doctor said it would take up to 2 months till my skin would become clear..im just not sure if i can wait 2 months, going through this pain, to see if the pill is actually going to work? not only is my face looking terrible, but my body is feeling the side effects too. i feel so depressed, tired and lazy. ive put on weight and my confidence has dropped dramatically. im so embarased to go to work and want to stay home all day, which is deffinetly NOT me. i am very fit and healthy so i know its not my diet contributing to my skin problems.
    what should i do?? please help!! im desperate!!

  • Hey there, it’s best to consult your doctor about your options with the pill. The question about Candida is a complicated one. There are many resources online or visit a naturopath.

  • Acne sufferer for too long

    I don’t know if anyone is checking this post, but you had mentioned certain bc pills are good for acne and some are not. Which are the good ones?

    I used to get terrible cramps, with nausea/vomiting and (sorry if this is TMI) diarrhea. It would last for 7 days and the flow would be pretty heavy. It sucked! I was given prescription naproxen but that only helped with the pain somewhat, not so much the other symptoms.

    My first try with ortho-tricyclen resulted in persistent nausea, and I said screw that, so they gave me the ortho evra patch. My vomiting, diarrhea and nausea went away, which was great. It also made my flow a lot lighter. Although I hate the idea of being on the pill. I don’t really think it helped with my acne though. Then the whole blood clot/patch scare came about and I switched to aviane/lutera.

    I’m 27 and have been on the bill for a continued period of 7 years. I already have depression and feel the pill makes it worse. And I’m pretty sure it has killed my sex drive. I would really like to stop taking it. I don’t think it helped with my acne and within the past couple years I’ve been having cystic issues on my chin. But at the same time I have no desire for a child right now and fear my major cramps will return.

    I have heard yasmin can help…would this be a better choice?

    And can you take probiotics to cure/treat/prevent a candida overgrowth?

    I did ask a GYN about endometriosis and she said there is no way to tell if you have it and the treatment is birth control anyway.

  • Paula

    Just wanted to update you that after i stopped taking the pill, my face cleared up. I shouldnt have taken it in the first place! :) It started all my cystic pimples when in fact mild acne was the reason i went on it. never again!

  • Claire, I do agree that excessive exercise can in fact make the skin worse. It’s also not that great on your body, it’s stressful and can increase the Ayurvedic dosha Vata which is not necessarily a good thing. Really it’s just too stimulating.

    Yoga and walking are two of the best methods of exercising you can do :) Every day I heard somebody else is doing more yoga and that’s just wonderful!

    And by the way, that’s a fantastic new path you’re on to clear your skin! And I’m so happy you’re seeing results and happy you’ve got rid of those not so nice side effects after going off the pill.

  • Claire

    Hi Fran,
    Just stumbled upon your excellent site! I have been on and off the pill and antibiotics for nearly 10 years (I’m now 28) to sort my (often cystic) acne out. Admittedly, I get good results when I’m on the medication, but was getting terrible migraine headaches. I went to a new Doctor who works with a naturopath and was told to stop all the medication immediately because of the potential impact on my liver. I’ve now been off the medication for 6 weeks. I feel like a different person- no headaches, no moodiness :-) I am being pretty strict with my diet- no refined sugar and even limited fruit because of the sugar content (2 pieces a day, down from my usual 4!). Eating lots of protein (mainly fish) and lots veg, nuts and brown rice etc. So far, so good. Also taking a hebal tonic from the naturopath, fish oil, zinc and I use dermalogica skin care. It takes a bit of effort, but i think it’s worth it. My skin isn’t perfect, but I’m pretty damn happy with it considering I am controlling it with diet alone :-)
    Now, a question! I’ve been reading that strenuous exercise can make acne worse because it triggers stress hormones. I used to be a gym junkie but haven’t been going since I started the new diet. Still exercising, but low impact like walking and yoga. Do you think aerobics etc is bad for acne? Sorry for the long post! Thanks, Claire

  • Paula, every woman is different so side effects will fade in their own time :) Just keep healthy and they’ll go away faster.

    Of course I recommend Bee Yummy Skinfood as a moisturizer – http://www.highonhealth.org/shop/

    Have you signed up to my mini-course? I have plenty of tips in there on how to buy cleansers and moisturizers.

  • Paula

    Thanks Fran!
    Since I only took it for 3 months, is it right for me to expect the sideeffects to fade sooner or not be as worse as the long time pill users? Cause i know that some people breakout a lot when they stop, but i broke out when i started!
    I just got acne because of the sudden change of weather. i come from a tropical country and now i’m in canada bearing the cold and somehow it really doesnt have a good effect on my skin. I’ve tried neturogena SPF15 day moisturizer and it just made my skin oilier.. any moisturizer you could recommend? are neostrata or biore good as well? or any top of the line neutrogena moisturizer?
    Keep up the good job, i love the very informative website you have.
    Again thanks a lot, I truly appreciate your speedy response. :)

  • Yeah Paula, some brands of the pill can make acne worse ..it’s mucking around with your hormones so I think cystic acne can be a normal side effect. It’s very likely that your skin will clear up once you stop taking it.

    I found that my side effects from the pill cleared up within a couple of weeks.

  • Paula

    Ive been on the pill for 3 months and got cystic acne instead! I decided to stop today (cause it’s my pill-break time) and will not continue to take it anymore. I just have a question, since I only took it for 3 months, can i expect my skin/body to function normally again as opposed to those who took it for 6 months and more? I would appreciate a response. Thanks so muchh!!

  • Just to comment, there is no evidence whatsoever that birth controls affect your future ability to get pregnant. However, I have seen and experienced myself some of the other side effects you mentioned which can often make them an undesirable method.

    Fran, great that you are trying out the fertility awareness method (FAM)! You certainly don’t need a fancy device to do it, just a thermometer a little time and effort to be in touch with your body. But i’ve no doubt that the ladycomp makes it easier. For everybody that’s interested, FAM is an extremely effective method if used correctly, not to be confused with the “rhythm method” which is much less effective. I strongly recommend the book “Taking Charge of your Fertility” to learn more about this natural method of birth control.

  • Hanna- It’s good you stopped taking it. It sounds like the pill had the opposite reaction for you and gave you the cysts. You’ll probably find that the cysts will go now that you’ve stopped taking it. And your other inflammations should clear with a holistic routine. Diet and the right skin care are two good things for you I think.

    Jac- Diane35, generic brands. It’s VERY strong which is why I had all of those side effects.

  • Jac

    Hi, which brand BCP were you taking?

  • Hanna

    Hey Fran, this post has really helped me out! I was on the pill for my skin a few months ago, but I really don’t know what went wrong there because before I started the pill I had bad acne but afterwards my acne got exceptionally worse. I don’t think I ever had cystic acne before going on the pill, my acne was usually just a mass amount of smaller pimples but after going on the pill I started getting large cysts. Since it wasn’t working at all I stopped after three months. I don’t know if I should have waited it out for a bit longer to see if it would eventually work or not. It really confused me.

  • Adelaide- It can cause skin pigmentation, similar to if you were pregnant (because on the pill your body kind of thinks you are)

  • Julie

    Fran, your absolutely right about the negative side affects on using the contraceptive pill. I have used in the past I think three different times! First time I was also around 18, but I used it with accutane. BIG MISTAKE THERE! I was on Accutane for about six months, the doctors encourged me to go on birth control. They didn’t want me to take any risks, on getting pregant. My acne cleared up, but as soon as I went off Accutane and the bith control pill, my acne came back. I have tried the pill again a few times, sometimes it made my skin better sometimes it made it worse. Now I know from all the drugs that I have been taking from the past, that my liver is under a lot of stress and filled with toxons. I strongly believe that I have developed candidas. I must say that candidas is very hard to treat! Specially in serve caces! To all those readers out there I highly, strongly encourge girls not to take the contraceptive pill in treating acne! In the end, it will do more harm then good.

  • Nikki

    Thanks Fran. I’ll remember that so when I do decide to go off the pill, I’ll make to to get tested for it if those symptoms return.

  • Illeyad

    thank you, THANK YOU! I have been contemplating for a long time on whether I should go on the pill or not (even though, I currently don’t NEED it). I am so glad you have written this article because it has helped me determine that I am certainly not a candidate for the prescription. I will continue down the route of healthy eating, and mild product use in the mean time :)

  • Adelaide

    After reading this post I’m going to talk to my derm (luckily i have an appointment tommorow) And tell her I wanan get off it, and just continue with my accutane, since its my last month.
    Fran, is it true that birth control pills can cause discoloration to the skin?

  • Hey Nikki, the pill shrinks it so if you even had it, it probably won’t be a problem anymore. If you’re worried, talk to your doctor.

    Ana- It’s not as reliable as the pill but more reliable than condoms. They have the stats on their website.

  • Nikki

    I have never heard of endometrosis or endometrioma cysts so I doubt I was ever tested for it. Should I still get tested for it or would I probably not have it anymore Iassuming that’s what it was) since being on the pill for so long?

  • Ana

    Hmm that device is interesting but I wonder how effective it is at birth control? Surely not 99% like bc…. I don’t know, I have a feeling that if that is your only method of birth control you are bound to get pregnant… those things can be off and just because you’re not ovulating that day doesn’t mean you can’t have an egg become fertilized the next day.

  • Elena- Have you been working on your skin care products as well? It makes a big difference. Supplements are only one piece of the puzzle.

    Nikki- Did they test you for endometrosis and endometrioma cysts? Two of my sisters had very bad PMT pain like yours and it took them years to be properly diagnosed.

    Sarah- Yes it was the same for me! The mood disorders I had were definitely not worth it.

    Van- I’m glad my blog is helping you :) Exercising does help with acne but more because it helps release stress. Sweating the toxins out can be good too but make sure you wash your face when you get home so the sweat doesn’t spread bacteria.

    Susie- It’s expensive but worth the investment. You also don’t want to muck around with these things so you want to make sure you get a good one. I can’t remember how much it costs, check the website – http://ladycomp-babycomp.com/show.php/en/contraception

    Raven- Unfortunately I don’t have a man in my life at the moment to test it with :) so you might need to wait a while ..

  • Raven

    i am PUMPED that you are going to try out lady comp!!! i’ve been reading about it and i’ve been seriously considering it for future use. i’ve talked to my boyfriend about it, but he thinks it’s just a ridiculous hippy idea that will end up getting me pregnant [ha, he already thinks i'm hippy enough with all my "natural" eating ways]. BUT, i hope you buy it soon and tell me how wonderfully accurate it is because i feel like i trust you [mainly because everything you talk about on this website is so so so similar to my thoughts and to how i try to live out my life.

  • susie

    wow that natural device is so cool how much is it?

  • Van

    Hey Fran thanks for the post! I’ve been thinking to go to my doctor and ask her about taking the pill. But over the past two months I’ve noticed a huge difference that my acne is way better. My periods are lighter/shorter. I don’t get the bad cramps where I couldn’t get up and go anywhere.. I would just cry and take Tylenol. Eversince I’ve been drinking tons of water and started using Cetaphil and just moisturizing after my skin feels less inflamed. I havn’t been getting those cyst anymore just regular pimples that doesn’t hurt if you know what I mean.

    I really don’t want to go on the pill because it’s already hard for me deal with my own moodswings and I do not want it to mess me up. I think natural is the way to go.

    Btw, does excersing help with acne because you’re sweating your pores out. Does that mean all the gunk will go too?

    Your videos and post are really helpful. It motivates me to do something about my acne rather than just sit here and cry about it. You’re great thankyou for all the work you’ve done, <3.

  • Thanyou for this post! I’ve been thinking alot lately about the pill again. I’ve actually been on it a couple of different times. I took Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo, which now I understand isn’t really for acne. I was mainly on it to regulate my cycle, but clearing any acne I had would have been nice. Anyway, I’ve been thinking of asking for birth control made specifically for acne, but I’m a little wary because of the side effects I had on the other. I just wasn’t the same person on the pill. I would get depressed and upset so easily, and that was nothing like my personality. I’ve heard that different brands and dosages affect people differently though, and sometimes you just have to experiment to find the one right for you. I’m not sure if it’s worth it though…

  • Nikki

    I’ve been on the pill for about 4 or 5 years. I Originally, my reason for it was because my cramps were so bad that I was in the hospital every month thinking something else was wrong with me because it was too much to bare. Anyway, the pill fixed that problem and another plus was that it’s supposed to help with acne as well, although I’m not sure if I did anything for me or not. I’d like to stop using it but I’m afraid that if I do, my skin will become worse and/or I will be back to dealing with the excruciating pain every month. But I do wonder if this would still be the case because it’s been so long since I’ve had those problems..

  • Elena

    The first one who prescribes you the contraceptive pill is the dermatologist. I’ve been in several dermatologist and all gave me the pill to control my hormonal acne. With the last one I said that I wanted to control my acne hollystically and he said it was impossible … After that I’ve tried DIM, Primrose, Zinc & O3 with no luck until I read about flaxseed and found this site. Now this is what I’m doing, trying to control it with natural methods (flaxseed) but I recognize that pill is a very easy & effective way for me …

  • jeanna

    I am so glad I went on birth control. I’ve been on orthotricyclen for 2 years now and it has helped stop the huge cystic hormonal zits i would get on my chin. I can skip my period too which is convenient and my doctor said was fine to do. It took months to get results but it was worth it.
    That gadget is nifty but I’d rather use condoms anyways.

  • Ana

    Great post, Fran! I have often considered going on the pill for no reason other than to clear my skin (I don’t need it for contraceptive purposes) … but luckily I always come to my sense and realize that taking medication is a very serious step that can affect your whole body mentally and physically, so it’s probably not the best option for my non-cystic acne.

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