When Was The Last Time You Gave To Yourself?

When Was The Last Time You Gave To Yourself?

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Actually gave yourself some kind of a lovely experience or a gift? Many of us are really good at giving to others but not so great at giving to ourselves.

I reflected on this today and I thought… “Well what would happen if we only gave to ourselves?“. And the answer that came back was that it’s impossible. The more we give to ourselves the more we build our self love. And the more we feel love then the more we want to share that love and give to others. So as you can see, giving really begins with giving to yourself. More in the video…

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  • Karola Clark

    Nice. Thank you.

  • frontvegetablegarden

    Be aware that one day you may turn into Gillian McKeith.

  • Kyle

    Hi Fran,

    I just finished your 7 day course and had some questions about skin with psoriasis. I have been dealing with traumatic psoriasis when I cracked my rib over 4 months ago. I used the prescription lotion 5-6 times daily and took oatmeal baths. The prescription caused me to break out. I am vegan and have been for over a year now. I am currently using olive oil with some essential oils to heal the breakouts. It seems to be helping the breakouts but my psoriasis is coming back. Do you have any experience dealing with this? I am currently also doing light therapy. Any guidance from your experience would be extremely helpful!


    • Hi Kyle, I don’t know a lot about psoriasis but it seems to me like reducing stress and working on your liver would help immensely. I see a lot of psoriasis sufferers get relief through a strict diet… to me that says their liver needs some love and support. Maybe give that go on top of all the wonderful things you’re already doing x

  • MiMiMelonTea

    Thank you for this video. I am one of those people that feels guilty about
    giving to myself…your message helped me to remember again the truth that
    the more love I feel for myself, the more I can’t help but share it with
    everyone. In this state it comes out so naturally. It can’t be helped – in
    the best of ways!! :) ~*Peace*

  • Freaky timing, i watched this just as i put a clay face mask on and lathered my body in delicious massage and essential oil blend !! It was well over due! Def in sync and vibing this post / message lovely! keep up the vids love them x

  • theorganicfreak


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