Who Is Nassim Haramein?

Who Is Nassim Haramein?

There are very interesting times up ahead! I’m about to embark on a journey to the US to learn and experience as much as I can fit into the duration of my trip. I didn’t expect my “journey” to begin until I left Australian shores but I guess the Universe had alternative plans for me. Over the last two weeks I’ve found myself slowing right down and shifting a little sideways from my usual daily routine. And I’ve been presented with beautiful new teachers and new experiences. It has been a wonderful slow warm up to my impending soul journey.

While I’m traveling I’ll be sharing with you my experiences, teachers, lessons and of course the great food I’ll be eating. So don’t worry, you won’t miss out!

The first of many that I want to share with you is a lecture I attended last week in Byron Bay. The lecture was by Nassim Haramein who is an incredibly spiritual and intelligent physicist. I’m not going to be able to do a very good job at explaining his teachings so I recommend you check them out for yourself. A great place to start is a radio interview on KKCR in May this year. You can listen to the interview with Nassim by clicking here.

Nassim talks a lot of big numbers and a lot about the universe and space. I followed a couple of friends along to his lecture now knowing who he was or what it was all about. As soon as the lecture begun I was mesmerized by his speech and his theories on life, the universe and all the stuff we’re often curious about. I even found myself fascinated by the technical discussions even when I had trouble following them! Somehow Nassim’s big heart and spark of intelligence for some of the great mysteries in life has turned science into a topic that is exceptionally entertaining and even enlightening.

I guess one of the biggest teachings that stood out for me was the concept that there would be no time without memory. And how we’re constantly creating and changing the past through our own memory of events.

Think about it. If we could truly only live in the moment, in this absolute second AND without any memory of a past or of a projection into the future .. time would be irrelevant wouldn’t it. There would be no concept of yesterday or last week because we’d have no recollection of it. And I doubt we’d be scheduling in or even stressing about future plans. Because as one true moment passed it would dissolve into the absolute. We’d be completely present.

So our minds eye creates time. It creates a past and it projects a future. It makes everything “appear” linear, as if we’re traveling along an invisible line from point A to point B. When really, perhaps it’s a lot more fluid than that.

But I’m not a physicist or a spiritual teacher, so if you’d like to hear Nassim’s own explanations, here is the link to his radio interview, enjoy!

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  • Nice posting. I really like you article. Nassim Haramein (born November 20, 1962) is a Swiss-born self-trained scientist who claims to have developed a unified field theory together with physicist Elizabeth Rauscher which he calls the Haramein-Rauscher metric. Haramein claims his theory explains the origin of spin, which he defines as a “spacetime torque. In June 2008, Haramein announced that the Resonance Project has lost its funding, and would be vacating its headquarters in Hawaii. In a letter to his supporters, Haramein appealed for donations, and encouraged his supporters to promo his DVD set, saying “This work is for humanity and should be supported by humanity.”

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