Why Hemp Seed Oil Is The Best Ever Skin Care For Acne

Why Hemp Seed Oil Is The Best Ever Skin Care For Acne

Hi after so long!!!!!!!!! I’ve had a good excuse, I’ve been busy researching and creating grand new things for High on Health. And part of that was trialling using hemp seed oil as my cleanser and moisturizer for the last month. It was sooooooooo hard to keep it a secret for the month so I’m ecstatic that I can finally tell you about it.

I am in love with hemp seed oil as a cleanser and moisturizer. It feels great on the skin, has a comedogenic rating of 0 (so will NOT clog your pores), is green in color so great at hiding any redness in your skin, and is 57% linoleic acid. When our sebum is deficient in linoleic acid it become very hard and dry and easily gets stuck in the skin causing comedonal acne. By adding linoleic acid to our skin (and to our diet) then we are creating softer and smoother sebum that will more easily come out. It’s that easy and that awesome. More in the video… and go here to check hemp seed oil out in my store.

You can get hemp seed oil here from the High on Health store.

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  • Rebecca Tomlin

    Hey Fran, I could have sworn I read somewhere that you recommended using lavender oil as a spot treatment but now I can’t find where that was started. Is that true? They told me at the store I would need to dilute the oil to not burn my skin. If that is so, what is the ratio? Thanks!

  • lori639
  • m0nchichi

    What about grapeseed oil? Theres something in it, what claims to unclogg
    pores like vitamin A or tretinoin !

  • Howlin Sweet

    I am currently making soap,I would like to use hemp seed oil but I,m not
    sure how w much hemp seed oil to use should I just replace one of the other
    oils with hemp seed oil. can you help me? I love your video!

  • kingrage8976

    So what kind of treatment (if any) would you recommend for someone who had
    chicken pox when they were four, continuously scratch their face until they
    were a teenager, and has signs of severe hyperpigmentation and/or scarring
    and acne? Is it already too late to fix the damage or would it take a long

  • Harry The Force

    Other great sources of linoleic acid (omega 6) are safflower oil and
    sunflower oil. Both contain very little omega 3. There is no omega 3 in
    skin so you don’t need hemp seed oil for skin. Sunflower oil is far tastier
    than hemp seed oil. It is harder to find safflower oil high in linoleic
    acid and non-processed than sunflower oil. Be sure to eat a teaspoon or 2 a
    day too. You can prevent cancer and heart disease and improve a lot of
    bodily functions. If you have joint pain run some sunflower oil in the
    area. Omega 6 is a powerful ANTI-inflammatory. I capitalized anti because
    many people believe it is only pro-inflammatory but it actually is far
    better than omega 3. That’s where the pain killing comes in. It is also a
    master hormone regulator. It is great for hair skin and nails. It will
    sharpen you brain. It will cut cravings for sweets. It will reduce
    cellulite. Google Brian Peskin for all of this and more.

  • David Nestler

    I is a great sexually gives better orgaisms

  • David Nestler

    makes great salad dressing have great rescipes

  • Hemp OutTV

    #highonhealth we absolutely loved your video!!! You covered a ton of
    great information on the benefits of hempseed oil for skin!! Brilliant!

  • Gary

    Hi Fran,
    I have read that this can be a “drying” oil. Is this true? If so, would you recommend combining it with another oil, and if so, which one?

    Much thanks.

  • RogueCrockett

    Bosie321 try ingesting it instead of applying it also there is doctor
    bonners soap which has hemp oil

  • LightworkerAds

    She gives specific reasons other than the comedogenic factor as to why she
    feels hemp seed oil might be better. Not sure why someone ask that if they
    had watch the video…

  • Judy Garbutt

    Bo’s Own Hemp Oil Cosmetic oil .. HEAL AND SEAL .
    Choose Healthy choose Hemp

  • Tori

    Hi Fran :)

    I was just looking at our Youtube and saw you talk about Hempseed Oil. I have a question, would you say it is good for sensitive skin? I am very sensitive to fragrances even natural ones. I do know my skin loves Olive and Grapeseed Oil, I was also looking at Apricot Kernel Oil, heard that is real good for skin but love how Hempseed Oil will not clog pores :) but just curious to know it think it is good for sensitive skin, like does it have a strong odor?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Tori,

      Yes I absolutely love hemp seed oil :) It’s excellent for sensitive skin. I have super sensitive skin and it works really well with me. It doesn’t seem to have much of a fragrance, maybe a very subtle nutty smell from the hemp seeds. If your skin is fine with olive oil, then the hemp seed will be fine with you.

      I hope this helps! x

      • Tori

        Okay Great! My skin does like Olive Oil, I use it at night a lot. My skin is sensitive to like Coconut Castor and Jojoba Oil, so I am glad to hear Hempseed Oil is great for sensitive skin, I also use raw Shea Butter and that has a light nutty smell to it too and my skin is fine with it.

        Thank you :)

  • Ieva a

    Hi there (:
    Argan oil has a comedogenic factor of 0 also. So why is hemp seed oil
    better for acne, than argan?
    I will be waiting for Your response. Thank You (:

    • Hi leva a, for me it’s the fact that is has super high levels of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid … both of these if missing in our skin and sebum can cause sebum to get dried and hard and then get stuck. So it’s helping the health of our skin in this way too :)

  • Benice Lee

    so i pour it on my face for 2 mins and then wash it?

    • No, just use it in exactly the same way you would any “normal” cleanser.

  • Benice Lee

    I have a lot of red acne or so called scars i guess will hemp seed oil cure

  • Sumi

    Is Nutiva not a good brand for hemp seed oil? It is organic but is about a third the price of the HHH one. I’m wondering if the premium is worth the quality! Thanks!

    • Hi Sumi, the thing with hemp seed oil is where the hemp seed product was sourced from. Growing hemp is illegal in the United States so it all has to be imported. In Australia we can grow it so I know where the original material is coming from. I also work closely with Hemp Hemp Hooray who have a good relationship with the farmers. I hope this helps!

  • NoKturnalX7

    3:48 Mrow

  • Little Ren

    Hi Fran!

    Do you recommend mixing lavender oil with the hempseed oil? Wasn’t that what you recommended with the jojoba?

  • Hempmehempyou.com
  • Elena

    well maybe I have found the answer!
    Hemp seed oil has also alpha linoleic acid, while safflower oil has ZERO. :-)

  • Elena

    Hi Fran,
    I have bought today your ebook “how to clear acne scars”.
    I’ve also looked at this video on hemp seed oil and I have been wondering: why have you preferred hemp seed oil over safflower oil?
    Safflower oil has comedogenic rating of 0 and has a higher contect of linoleic acid (70%)

  • melisa h

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  • Steph

    Hi Fran,
    I have been using hempseed oil as a moisturizer for about 2 weeks on only the lower half of my face. I am noticing that my skin is becoming very flaky and dry, is this normal? Do you have any suggestions? I use honey as my cleanser. I have very oily skin in general, literally becomes oily 10 minutes after cleansing, so I was hoping the hempseed would help balance this out. I am scared to try any other oils, the reason i tried hempseed is because it has a comdogenic rating of 0. I have used other oils in the past (extra virgin olive and castor) and they broke me out really bad!.

    • Hi Steph, if honey and hemp seed oil are not balancing your skin out then the oil will be coming from an internal balance.

      If your skin is very dry and flaky you also may not be using enough of the hemp seed oil. It absorbs in so I actually use quite a lot!

      • Steph

        Thanks :), I will try using more. One more question, is it best to use twice a day, in the morning and night? I cleanse most mornings with honey (sometimes I do not cleanse at all) and wash my makeup off at night with a wash cloth. Should I be moisturizing with the oil after both types of cleansing?
        Thanks again.

  • Kiera

    Last one.. (for now).. I purchased your 3 ebooks for $15. How can I access them now?

    • You will have been sent a download link Kiera, if you haven’t, check your junk/spam folders. If it’s not in there then please use the store email – shop@highonhealth.org

  • Kiera

    Sorry to ask so many questions, Fran.

    I ordered the hemp oil yesterday.. do you have a video showing how to use it? We should store it in the fridge?
    And, how do we take it orally?

    • Hi Kiera, you use it in exactly the same way as you would any “normal” cleanser. If your live in a hot climate then store it in the fridge. To take it orally use it as you would any other oil, put it in a smoothie, dribble it on your salad, etc.

  • Kiera

    Hi Fran.
    So I’ve been hearing all about your love for jojoba oil, and now discovered this page. Which do you recommend I try first?

    • Yes, why on earth didn’t I discover hemp seed oil earlier!!?? I absolutely recommend hemp seed oil over jojoba oil UNLESS you live in a hot climate and have no way of refrigerate it, or you travel a lot.

      • marie

        i got ur hemp seed oil about 3 weeks ago. i live in a hot climate and have not put it in the fridge. is it still ok?

        • Hi Marie, it may be okay, smell the contents, if it’s kind of nutty then it’s good, you’ll be able to smell if it’s rancid.

  • IntoBlackHouse

    I don’t wear makeup, so…nope.

  • Gabriela Nicol

    Also do not use products that contain Parabens, Sulfates, etc. Always check the ingredients of every skin product you use before buying it! The more natural a product is and with less ingredients, the better!

  • Gabriela Nicol

    Maybe it’s all the make-up you use daily… it is not recommended to use foundation or powder every day as it causes breakouts to sensitive skin! I use BB cream instead and cleanse my face 2-3 times a day so all the dirt washes off and THEN use the oils! Good luck!
    P.S. I have an extremely sensitive and allergies-prone skin, and a mild hormonal acne

  • krizzy

    Is hemp oil the same as hemp seed oil?

    • Hemp seed oil and canabis oil are different, sometimes both are called hemp oils. Canabis oil however is illegal in most parts of the world so if you find a “hemp oil” in the health store then it’s more that likely a hemp seed oil.

  • sandra t

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  • marie

    hi fran. is there a difference between hemp oil and hemp seed oil? thanks.

    • Marie, yes there is a difference but sometimes the labelling is confusing. Check the ingredients, it’ll likely say “hemp seed oil”. Hemp oil is often cannabis oil which is the illegal in my countries around the world.

  • Dsm

    Hey Fran,

    recently bumped into your website & videos through youtube. I began trying out the estroblock about 3 weeks ago & about a week ago I also tried the sulfur pills from NOW foods brand. Do you think it’s okay to continue taking both at same time? I’ve noticed some change in my acne, but I’m still getting a few cystic ones. Is it the purging stage? Or you recommend only taking one? I’ve tried to stick to natural stuff & have been cleansing my face with black soap, but no big improvements. Do you recommend I try out the hemp oil? I have combination skin. Quite dry, red, around my nose area.

    • Hi Dsm, Sulfur pills as in MSM? If you are talking about MSM then yes, they are okay to take together – I do that.

      Give them both some time, 3 weeks is not very long.

      If you’d like to talk more in depth about it we can do a consultation.

  • Tracey

    Hi Fran,
    I tried jojoba oil as a cleanser/moisturizer for about 2 weeks and it gave me a lot of clogged pores(the bottle was only about ten dollars so that may be the reason). Following that, for the last 2 weeks, I have been washing my face with Cerave and then not using a moisturizer. It has cleared my skin up a lot, but my face isn’t as moisturized as I would like it to be on a regular basis. I want to buy a cleanser/moisturizer from you but wanted your recommendation. Should I try the jojoba oil you have, try hemp seed oil, or try the hemp seed set that is specifically for acne? Or honey maybe? Thank you!

    • Hi Tracey, be careful of that long term because the excessively dry skin can cause clogged pores and therefore a breakout.

      I definitely recommend the hemp seed oil over the jojoba oil. I hope this helps!

  • IntoBlackHouse

    yes. It does nothing but cause irritation and redness for my skin. It doesn’t compensate for/mitigate the clogging properties of most oils on my skin.

  • Megan

    Hi Fran!

    I was just wondering how you clean cloths/washcloths that you use to exfoliate with oil? I find oil is so difficult to rinse out of cloths and don’t want to reuse cloths that may have residue on them.


    • Hi Megan, I put them in the washing machine with my towels!

  • DaydreamDayz

    I did not have success with jojoba either. I use argan oil with tea tree oil in very very amounts and they seem to balance each other out. sea buckthorn seed oil is great too, but very very minimal and not as often.

  • DaydreamDayz

    I use sea buckthorn seed oil and argan oil. I found jojoba oil to be too oily. I have not tried hemp seed oil yet.

  • DaydreamDayz

    Have you tried adding tea tree oil? Many of these oils people recommended felt like they were causing pimples for me and tea tree oil can have a drying effect for me, but together they balance each other out. My skin is moisturized now but smooth and not overly oily.

  • BOSIE321

    Have tired this method for a week now and i’m not sure it’s helping my skin (and I paid a lot of money for the nutvia brand which isn’t available in the UK). I’m breaking out in little red spots and I don’t think it’s a ‘purging’ effect. I will keep going but this looks like another dead end for a guy who is 27 and still fighting acne :-(

  • Brittany

    Hi Fran, I was wondering, what made you start to use hemp seed oil?

    I want to start using either hemp or jojoba oil to unclog my forehead congestion and to use as a cleanser as well (can hemp oil be used as cleanser)…I want to be able to do all in one to keep it simple.

    Does hemp seed oil do the same thing as jojoba? Which do you recommend?

    Why do some peoples skin purge after using jojoba oil at first?

    • Hi Brittany, actually I wish I remember who it was that I did a consultation with, she told me about an article she read from a woman that had discovered how good it was to heal her comedonal acne. So I did the research, trialled it on myself and it was wonderful.

      I recommend hemp seed oil because of it’s 0 comedogenic rating and high linoleic acid content.

      Jojoba oil can make you purge if you have a lot of congestion. As it starts to make its way out, if it’s having trouble getting dislodged bacteria can get in there to try and push the sebum plug out.

  • Natalie

    Hey Fran!

    I’ve been using the hemp oil on my face and having 2 tablespoons a day morning and night internally for around 1 month. Man I must be going through some crazy hormonal purging stage! The quality of my skin is a lot better but I’ve broken out on my neck, which is bizarre as i never have before and also break outs on my chin, which i know are also hormonal. Do you think that the Vitamin E in hemp oil may be working on my liver detox pathways and just getting the toxins out? I’m all booked in for your seminar tomorrow, REALLY looking forward to it! I’m studying naturopathy atm and feel like such a fraud as my skin isn’t great at ALL and I’m the healthiest person i know!
    Is it normal to purge on hemp oil? I’m determined! I feel like it’s working, just hate showing the effects on my face :-(

    Thanks Fran, absolutely love your work


    • Hi Nat,

      Did you take a look at my new website? I hope that helped a bit. I’m still gearing up to make a better recording of the webinar x

  • Hello Fran! I plan on trying the Hemp seed oil if I find one that is organic, right one I can find only one that is not labeled as organic in my local health food store.. But i wanted to ask, since i did not find any info online, what is comedogenic rating on Argan oil?


    • Hi Maja, I don’t know.. keep looking on Google I guess!

  • Lauren

    Hi Fran,

    I came across your site about a week ago and I can’t get off it, I love everything about it and have ordered DIM and hemp seed oil to help my skin as well as stopping my habit of picking which I think is a big cause of my acne. I wear make up still (hoping that soon I won’t have to) and wondered how to use hemp seed oil as a make-up remover? I hate the thought of not doing it properly and ending up having make-up left on my skin.

    Thanks and I can’t wait for the webinar!

    P.S I love the spiritual side of your site, I am on a bit of a spiritual journey myself and it makes a lot of sense to me. In fact, I am heading to Australia in November for 6 months and then possibly Bali! So excited!

    Lauren :-) x

    • Hi Lauren,

      I’m glad you love the site :)

      Honestly, if you’re using a natural and very simple brand of mineral powder foundation (such as Bella Pierre), then don’t worry if some is still left on your skin. I used it heaps when I was healing my skin, and didn’t worry if I left it on over night or residue was left on, and my skin still healed.

      If it does make you feel uncomfortable then use a hemp or organic cotton face washer to help get it off.

  • Tom

    Hello, is it ok to mix Hemp seed oil with Tea Tree Oil like you can with Jojoba oil?
    Thank you :)

  • Dan

    After watching your video i am quite excited to try out Hempseed oil. My only concern (might be a stupid question) is whether there is a difference in using ‘Hemp Oil’ and ‘Hempseed Oil’?

    • There’s a difference between “hemp seed oil” and “cannabis oil”. Please make sure you’re getting the hemp seed oil. Cannabis oil (which can sometimes be called hemp oil) is a great oil for cancer treating and a range of other illnesses, but it’s illegal for consumption in most parts of the world. Hemp seed oil does not contain any of the chemicals that “get you high” so it’s the legal one.

      • Dan

        Thank you Fran, stay wonderful :)

  • Konica

    soo excited about the new website….clear skin for life… go Fran

  • CassieAnna C

    That you’re selling on your blog :\ Next week you’ll be saying “I hate oils” like you did in 2009.

  • IntoBlackHouse

    I am, however, still willing to try avocado oil, as it is touted as very moisturizing and has pretty good ratings on makeupalley. So well see how that goes!

  • IntoBlackHouse

    it’s just sad though that every oil I have applied topically has broken me out. I think a lot of advocates of natural health who push facial oils should take into consideration that for many of us, even “safe” oils like jojoba CLOG our pores! Now I do use a lotion on my face which I guess is a mixture of some oils, herbs, and aquaeous ingredients like aloe vera, but STRAIGHT oil does seem to always clog my pores and cause irritation a day or two later.

    • It really depends on the oil. Jojoba oil has a comedogenic rating of 2 which means that while it’s unlikely to clog the pores it still can. Hemp seed oil has a rating of 0, I haven’t found many oils at 0.

  • IntoBlackHouse

    I had incredibly oily skin as a freshman in high school, when my acne was at its most severe: big cystic pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and bumps the same color as my skin. I took accutane and it cleared up the cystic acne. Now, I get whiteheads and the occasional pimple. It is no doubt that acne is caused by clogged pores with dead skin and hard oil, as even when I am eating poorly and getting little sleep, my skin stays pretty clear as long as I use retin A which exfoliates my skin.

  • BOSIE321

    What kind of acne do you generally have and how did it make your acne worse? The reason I ask Is that my acne is usually caused be REALLY clogged pores which become infected over time and then scar. I have a theory that cystic acne is to do with food allergies and that topical products probably wont work.

  • Casey Smith

    Hi Fran! :)

    wanted to ask if hemp seed oil will be fine for me to use in summer time as well as winter time?? I’m not 100% sure what type of skin i have as i have never been to a dermatologist, but I think at the moment its winter and It’s dry, sensitive and acne-prone…will hemp seed oil help all these types? and did you breakout the first time you used it? If so how long did it last for? Thanks so much! :)

    • Hi there Casey, yes definitely fine to use in all environments and temperatures :)

      And no, I did not break out the first time I used it, in fact it helped my skin improve. I was dealing with some clogged up skin from getting too many massages with bad oils in Bali and the hemp seed oil helped calm my skin down and gently soften up the clogged sebum.

  • Steph

    Hi Fran,

    I am anxiously awaiting your new website and all the info on hormonal acne :). Unfortunately since I have been experiencing this acne I have been left with hyperpigmentation scars to remind me of the pimples I once had :(. Is there anything you know of that I can use to help get rid of these red marks with success. I am so frustrated with trying things that do not work.


    • Steph I finally have a date! I’ll be holding a free webinar on hormonal acne and launching the site on the evening of Thursday the 5th of September. I’ll be sending an email out about it soon, hopefully tomorrow.

      Ahh those pigmentation scars will definitely go away.. actually you’re lucky.. the raised lumps or deep impressions are the ones to worry about, these ones are fine and you can easily cover them with makeup in the meantime :)

      To get rid of them a little faster, make sure you are regularly exfoliating.

      I hope this helps!

      • Steph

        Hi Fran,

        I am so excited about your webinar on hormonal acne. I am literally counting down the days till this coming Thursday. I have not received word about it in my e-mail, I was wondering if you sent anything out yet, I definitely don’t want to miss it!!! BTW, thanks for the exfoliating tip, will do! :)

  • Julia

    Hey Fran!

    What kind of mineral makeup do you use nowadays? Or if you don’t use any, do you have anything to recommend?

    I have hormonal acne. I’ve been on vacation now for five days where I didn’t use any makeup. My skin became so much better, but yesterday I put some on to cover my acne and this morning I have some red bumps and some tiny whiteheads. Don’t know if it was the makeup or the traveling that caused it though.

    I use Nvey Eco foundation, have you ever tried that one? How could I tell if it has some bad ingredients in it?
    Thank you for an awesome blog! Looking forward to the free webinar (fingers crossed) :)

    • You know what Julia, it has been so long since I’ve worn foundation, I tried to use it a couple of months ago for a photo shoot I was having for my new website and it felt weird and I don’t think the color matches me anymore after all of this time!! So I took it off. I do however still use it every now and again as a concealer if I need to cover anything. I have always loved Belle Pierre and still recommend it because it only has 4 ingredients that all check in good with the Chemical Maze.

      Powdered makeup doesn’t help acne but it shouldn’t make it too much worse either.

      I hope this helps…..

      • Julia

        Thank you so much!
        I’ll look for Belle Pierre right away!

  • Chandan Pujapanda

    Hi Fran,
    would you recommend mixing lavender oil with Hemp oil? If so, what amount?

    • I feel that the hemp seed oil is great on its own, but of course you can make it more awesome by adding in lavender oil! For oils I like to mix in about 4 drops for every 10ml.

  • Bear

    Hi Fran,

    Been using Hemp seed oil for 2 days straight. However, it is giving me bad results. My skin always feel very tight after cleansing when using hemp seed oil as a moisturiser, few pimples are erupting, skin does not feel as smooth as before and I think my clogged pores have increased a little. Not sure why this is happening. By the way, jojoba oil does not agree with my skin either. Maybe these oils are not for me because they are drying oil??

    • Hi Bear.. I have no idea what is happening. I have dry skin and live in a harsh, dry environment and the hemp oil leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I’m guessing if your skin is feeling so dry and tight after cleansing and moisturizing that your skin is badly damaged an/or dehydrated. Also what are you using to cleanse and what have you used in the past? If it was harsh then you may be experiencing that “balancing out” stage where your skin takes time to get back to its natural health.

      Also please make sure you’re eating plenty of good, healthy fats and drinking plenty of water.

      • Bear

        Hi Fran,

        I am not sure if my skin is damaged. However when I use other moisturisers, some of the bumps immediately subside and my skin is not that tight. I am using gamila secret soap and I ‘think’ it is healing my skin. But I might be wrong. Do you think it is harsh?

        • Bear

          I was using jojoba oil a year ago and it damaged my skin badly. My skin was normal before but after using jojoba oil, my face was full of clogged pores, pimples, scars and it was severely dehydrated. I regretted using jojoba oil as a cleanser and moisturiser and I swore to myself never to use it again. My skin looked a lot better after I stopped jojoba oil. I am not sure if my skin is healing or it is already damaged. I feel that it is healing but I might be wrong. I am still not sure whether I should use hemp seed oil neat on my face. Its effect on my skin for the first few days was disappointing. I have read that this is a normal reaction for the skin to adapt to a new product. On the other hand, it can be a sign that my skin does not like it.

        • No, it is not a normal reaction for beginning a new product, you should not get any irritation, redness, dryness or breakouts when beginning any good new product and especially not hemp seed oil. If your inner and outer skin is healthy then this should not happen unless you have an intolerance or an allergy. I cannot tell you what’s going on because I don’t know what you’re doing holistically to cause this.

        • Bear

          Hi Fran,

          I don’t know what is causing this too. However, if my skin is dehydrated, should I use oil on my skin? I have read that oil is only for dry skin. Dehydrated skin requires water hence shouldn’t I be using something like glycerin or hyaluronic acid?

  • Shuh

    Hi Fran,

    What if you wear makeup and want to use it to remove makeup? Do you not follow with a warm washcloth or somethiing? I don’t mind oil stayng on my face but am not sure if I’m removing makeup properly without following up with the washcloth!

    On the other hand, been wearing makeup a lot more these days due to work (and removing makeup by rubbing off with a washcloth after jojoba oil) and my skin’s gone all patchy and flaky and sometimes even pus-y! It used to work great- but that was when I only wore makeup maybe a couple of times a week. Help!


    • Hi Shuh, yep definitely use a warm wash cloth for makeup. Try using the warm wash cloth with the oil as well, that may prevent your skin from becoming so irritated. Water is drying to the skin so you may just be being a little too harsh. I hope this helps!

      • Shuh

        Thank you Fran!

        Actually if I’m only wearing minimal mineral makeup, do you think I should use the washcloth? My skin is breaking out in a rash and it’s soooo itchy! I use aloe vera on top of the oil but somehow instead of soothing it, it’s making it itch even more and there’s clear pus coming out from red hard patches on my skin! I’m so confused! I’ve always had oily skin and this is a first for me.

  • Bear

    Hi fran,

    How long do I need to use the oil before i can see the pores unclog?

    • Hi Bear, it’s very important that you’re working on your skin holistically. While hemp seed oil will help to lessen your clogged up skin, if you still have the root cause then your skin will still be producing sebum in excess. So it all depends on what you are doing holistically to treat it. I’m sorry that I don’t have an easier answer!

  • marie

    Hey Fran. thank you as always for what you do. I spend my days outside growing food which means that i get super dirty all the time and dirt is flying in my face constantly. Is this going to be enough of a cleanser you think? Right now I use Simply Divine Botanicals’ face wash, exfoliator, and toner every night. Probably a little overboard but i LOVE her products they make me feel so good. Thanks again luv looking forward to new site

    • That’s awesome Marie, I love being outside gardening too :) I LOVE it that you’re out there every day growing food, good for you (and the planet). As I mentioned I only shower once every 4 days and I’m in the garden every other day.. and here it’s so dry that great big dust clouds are blowing around often. And my skin is fine for it. I don’t feel that dirt (from a garden) is what will cause our skin to clog and/or break out. So yeh, I do feel that the hemp oil will be enough for you. If you’re worried then use a face washer every time you cleanse after gardening x

  • IntoBlackHouse

    I don’t think so. I used it for quite some time and my skin got more and more congested and broken. Even with jojoba oil, something touted by Fran as completely non-comedogenic, caused me to have acne. Some acne prone people just cannot use emollient, oily and waxy things and have to be very careful of what they do use on their skin,

  • ChantsalinaDollface

    It was probably the goodness in the hemp seed oil pushing the crap out of yor skin that caused the initial breakout – if your continued with it it would no doubt have cleared up and healed your skin so that your breakouts stopped. Hope this helps x

  • ohyummyitspauly

    Fran, do you still take Estroblock?

    • Not always. I’m just at the end of a “maintenance dose” after my skin broke out from Bali. I’m going to be working with a natural progesterone cream soon instead. I’ll be talking about this in a webinar I’ll be doing shortly for hormonal acne in adult women.

  • katelynne

    Thanks Fran! One more question, do you use it once or twice a day??

    • Use it whenever you normally cleanse. Here in Peru because the climate is so cold and dry I actually only shower once every 4 days (otherwise my skin gets extremely dry), so I only cleanse my face once every 4 day!! But in Bali and Australia I cleanse twice a day. I hope this helps! x

  • Ray Harkness

    I have a question. Is it okay to mix hemp seed oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil? it has anti-inflammatory properties and I love the smell, but im not sure if its a good match to it.

    • Hi Ray, absolutely that’s okay.. in fact it’s an awesome thing to do :)

  • Bear

    normal *reactions* for starters?

  • Bear

    I have started using hemp seed oil yesterday. However, I have realised that after putting it on as a moisturiser, my face would become a little red. After cleansing, there was scaly skin on my face and I felt very dehydrated as well. I am not sure whether the scaly skin is an indication of skin peeling or healing. Just wondering are these normal signs for starters?

    • Hi Bear, it sounds like your skin is super duper dry. The redness and scaly skin, along with the dehydration all point to excessive dryness. What were you using before? I have typically dry skin and live in a harsh and dry environment and the hemp seed oil adequately moisuturizes my skin so it won’t be the hemp seed oil that’s drying you out, unless you’re scrubbing it all off.

      If you were using something harsh before then I’d say this is your skin working towards healing and balancing itself. Drink plenty of water, add good oils to your diet and use a hydrating mask every day like honey and avocado.

      If you don’t feel like this is it then I’d recommend you do a patch test to check that you don’t have an allergy to it. Also make sure that you’re using a good quality, pure and organic brand.

      • Bear

        Dear Fran

        Thanks for your response. I don’t think I am allergy to hemp seed oil because when I put it on my other parts of the body, they don’t react the same way as my face.

        Also, may I ask whether hemp seed oil help with dehydrated skin as opposed to dry skin.

  • Dana

    you do look so beautiful and happy, you really radiate excitement, peace and vitality, like you’re super high on health! :) is “pukka” a good brand of hemp seed oil? i’m in Israel and that’s the only organic one I found so far.

    • There’s a new man in my life right now, that helps too huh ;)

      I haven’t heard of pukka so I don’t know sorry…

  • Olivia

    I have been using hemp seed oil for about 2 months now and while I agree at it being the best oil ever, I do not thinking cleansing with it is for everybody. My skin is VERY oily and I have used many oils that gave me cystic acne. When I switched over to hemp the bumps died down but then I was getting very clogged pores (whiteheads) that would not go away until I stopped cleansing with the hemp. I pat it on now as a moisturizer and that seems to be ok. Just a heads up to everyone!

  • Ruth

    Hi Fran,
    Before you posted this about hemp seed oil I had been thinking of trying argan oil for my skin as it also has a comedogenic rating of 0.
    Can you tell me if one of these two oils has more benefits over the other?

    • Hi Ruth, I love hemp seed oil for its linoleic acid content, it seems to help those who are getting clogged up skin x

  • Tekla T

    Great, does it works on activ acne too?

    • Not directly, but indirectly sure. By being super gentle on the skin and providing it with all of the beautiful nutrients in the oil, you are helping your active acne as well.

  • Hello Fran!
    I emailed you about a month ago telling you that, with your help, my acne was fairly under control with the jojoba oil. I still have blackheads like crazy though and just bought a bottle of organic hemp seed oil. I’ve been using it for two days and nights (cleansing in the morn and night and moisturizing under my eyes/upper cheeks where I’ve had bad dry spots for some time). I can already see a difference and look forward to how much better it will become in the near future.
    My question:
    You recommended exfoliating 2-3 times a week to another person in these comments. I saw a lot about exfoliating with a hemp cloth. I have been using a very small amount of baking soda, exfoliating lightly- not pushing very hard into my skin. Is baking soda a good idea? I only use it a few times a week and am gentle with it, however, I don’t know if it will cause problems later?

    • Please keep posted on my information coming in about a week on hormonal acne, I might run a free webinar to talk about it (LOTS of info about hormonal acne). Your blackheads and whiteheads will likely be hormonal.

      Baking soda is good and I used to promote it, but since I discovered hemp/organic cotton cloths I’ve preferred them instead because they’re much more gentle and you don’t need to try and get the right amount. If you use too much baking soda then it’s way too harsh on the skin.

      I’m excited for your progress with the hemp oil :) x

      • Okay I will! I’d love to attend that seminar, if I’m not working at that time:(
        I am loving the hemp oil though! My skin looks so even and fresh. Scaring is fading and my dry spots are improving.

        Okay thank you! I might have to look into getting a hemp cloth. I used it last night and was still gentle, but my skin looked quite red afterwards; the cloth might be well worth the purchase.

        Thanks again Fran!

  • AmericanDownsize

    Wow you look healthier and more beautiful in this video than I’ve ever seen you. You look happy too. I like it. Have fun!

  • orla

    Thanks fran, looking forward to the new website especially interested in the area of hormonal acne! best wishes with it xx

    • I’ll likely be running a free webinar very soon on hormonal acne, look out for that.

  • Georgia

    Hi, Fran!

    I’ve been using hemp oil to moisturize for about 6 months now and I ADORE it. It’s made my skin lovely and so soft! Early on, i actually tried cleansing with it as well, just the way you suggest, using it as you would a regular cleanser. For a few days my skin looked glowy and perfect — then on day 5 or so, my skin erupted in a terrible breakout. These weren’t tiny clogged pores — they were big inflamed spots. Any thoughts on why? My skin loves it as a moisturizer, but as a cleanser….? Not so much. I eventually returned to my honey cleansing & hemp oil moisturizing regime, but i’d love to give the hemp oil cleansing another go at some point. I just love the idea of using JUST one product for all my skin care needs! (I also love the idea of using a product that doesn’t make the hair around my face sticky! Oh, honey :))

    • I’m 99.9% sure that what you experienced was a coincidence, meaning that something else triggered that acne, now you BELIEVE that it did so you’ll need to dissolve that mindset before you can try using it again, otherwise you could just create the same thing (we are very powerful creative beings that unfortunately seem to find it easier to create bad things rather than good things, because we often believe them to be true more!!)

      The fact that you can moisturize with it and your skin is doing great, to me shows that it was not the hemp oil that caused your breakout.

      And yes, using just one product is the best ever :)

      • Georgia

        Many thanks for the fast reply, Fran. & yes! Such true words re: bad beliefs and our power to manifest them! I’ll work on that then give the hemp cleansing another go. Adore your blog, by the way. Looking forward to all things beauty w/ the new website. :)

  • Steph

    Hi Fran,
    Is hempseed oil okay to use on active hormonal acne or will it cause it worsen? I know my acne around my chin and mouth is definitely hormonal because its cystic and painful, but I also have a lot of clogged pores (whiteheads and blackheads) will hempseed oil help clear those out?

    • Yes it’s excellent to use on hormonal acne but take it internally too. I have LOTS of information about hormonal acne in my new website sister.. so keep your eyes open for that being release in about a week. We’ll get you clear in no time.

      ps- clogged pores are either too high levels of progesterone or anderons, anderon skin sensitivity and/or a liver that needs cleansing. You WILL need to address these issues before your skin stops producing so much sebum and getting clogged.

      • Steph

        I actually had my hormones tested and all are high; however, my progesterone is VERY HIGH as well as my androgens! Any suggestions on how to lower them?
        Thanks, I appreciate the quick reply :)

        • Steph

          PS: I recently learned about estroblock and just purchased it, still waiting to receive it

        • Hi Steph, I’d work on lowering your anderons first because you’ll likely have the most relief with that and there are little to no “side effects” of elevated progesterone. Your acne may be caused by the high anderons alone and you may find that taking estroblock and lowering your anderons just balances out your progesterone too. The best way to lower anderons in the body is to cut out simple carbohydrates (including milk) and sugars from the diet. The okay sugars to have are stevia, yacon syrup and xylitol.. basically anything very low GI. AND work on making your liver healthier.

  • katelynne

    Hi Fran! I’m just curious if you use it to cleanse and moisturize do you cleanse, use a toner, then use some more for a moisturizer or do you just use it once and its cleanses/moisturizes at the same time? I still have a fair vit of my hemp hemp hooray soothing cream as well , could I continue to use that with the oil?


    • Actually I haven’t used a toner in years and years, I like to do everything super simple.. and my skin seems happy for it. I use it twice IF my skin needs it – to cleanse in the shower and then to moisturize after I towel dry. In humid places like Bali I only cleanse.

      You could definitely use the hemp cream with the oil, that’s a great combo :)

  • Nabs

    Hi Fran! Will you be shipping this to Malaysia ?

  • IntoBlackHouse

    Hemp seed oil caused me to break out. I think some people are just very, very sensitive to oils.

    • Hi, you may have had an intollerance or allergy to it.

  • Andrew

    What happened to bee yummy???

    • The guilt of shipping boxes of it from the US to Australia, then most of the time shipping it back to the US individually felt silly and bad for the environment. If I manage to one day base my online store in the US then I will stock it again..

  • wendie

    hi Fran, can you tell me i think i have hormonal acne. I know hemp seed oil can be good for balancing hormones, if i decide to take it in capsule form orally would it be ok to use it on the face as cleanser and moisturizer as well? or would this be too much, would i be best doing one or the other but not both?
    also if i got the capsules (http://www.nzhempoil.co.nz/) these are the ones i am looking at, would i be able to take the oil from the capsules to use on my face?
    so many questions! sorry
    thank you :)

    • Oh you’re gonna love reading the information on my new website when it’s out. hmm… maybe next week???? Yes you can take it in capsule form… but it will be a huge pain taking the oil out of the capsule for your skin so I highly recommend you getting a bottle of hemp seed oil too. I just use the bottled hemp seed oil in smoothies and salads.

  • Stephanie

    Hi Fran, wondering how you store your hemp oil to prolong the shelf life, i didn’t get anywhere near a month out of my bottle, i still have it is it anygood, in the bath maybe? :) x

    • In the fridge!! Actually here in Peru it’s cold all the time so it’s fine leaving it out.. but in most places the fridge is better.

  • Amanda

    Will it purge your skin or cause any kind of initial breakout when you start to use it?

    • I have not found hemp seed oil to purge like jojoba oil does.

  • Anj

    Hempseed oil sounds amazing. I definitely have issues with sebum becoming hard and thus difficult to expel easily from my pores. I would love to try this, thanks for the recommendation. You mentioned in the video about exfoliating after a cleanse. How would I go about doing that? Do you just use a cloth in circular motion around the face (avoiding any active pimples, presumably) and then rinse? For how long, etc.? Thank you!

    • Yes that’s exactly right… that motion and for as long as you feel. I actually have some beautiful hemp and organic cotton exfoliation cloths that I had made on their way from the US to Australia right now… they’ll be in the store after the weekend.

      • Julia

        How often do you exfoliate? What happens if you don’t?

        I’ve started to cleanse with honey and moisturize with jojobaoil since two weeks ago and it seems to be good! But I don’t exfoliate because I don’t know how to do it and with what. And I’m scared that exfoliating will cause more acne where I’m acne prone (below my mouth)…

        • IF you don’t have any inflammations that can be broken when you exfoliate, then exfoliate 2-3 times per week. It helps to prevent dead skin cells from not shedding properly and getting stuck in your pores.

  • ree shanti

    Hemp Hemp Hooray!!

  • charseptember

    Hi Fran! What product do you use for exfoliation?

    • I use a hemp face cloth, I’ll be selling them in my store next week, I just had them made :)

  • highonhealth

    No, the hemp oil is fine. Usually cleansing once is enough for mineral makeup, but if it’s not then you can cleanse twice and/or use a washcloth (I use a hemp wash cloth).

  • TrulyBlessed87

    I wear mineral makeup everyday. Do I need to cleanse my face with something else before using the hemp seed oil for cleansing and moisturizing?

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