Why We Aren’t Getting Enough MSM & Why It’s So Good For Our Skin!

Why We Aren’t Getting Enough MSM & Why It’s So Good For Our Skin!

msmI’ve been taking MSM over the last month or two without thinking too much about it. I first learned about MSM while I was in Canada, but never really bothered to try taking it myself until I starte watching a friend of mine take it almost daily in their home made lemonade or smoothies.

Since I’ve been supplementing my diet with MSM powder, I have to say that the results are noticeable. My skin and hair have definitely improved. I want to try using MSM topically so that will be the next experiment. In the meantime, I’d like to continue using MSM daily as an addition to my diet…

Just to recap in the video, the foods naturally high on MSM include (as long as the food source gets direct rain water from the sky):

  • Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, watercress)
  • Durian
  • Hot chili/peppers
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Hemp seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Bee pollen (the most complete food on the planet)
  • Blue-green algae
  • Spirulina
  • Maca

If you are considering adding MSM to your diet, start with taking around 1/4 of a teaspoon twice per day in water or a homemade lemonade. You can build up to a maximum of around 3 tablespoons twice daily but most of us see benefits way before this dosage so don’t need to go so high.

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  • Cherubs

    Is everyone still getting great results taking MSM to treat Acne and heal Acne scars?

  • I’ve been taking MSM for a year now, and it does brighten up your skin. However, it is important to start with small doses and slowly work up. Otherwise, the detox from it can make you dizzy.

  • Hi Fran

    Thanks for this video and bringing MSM to people’s attention. It is fantastic for the body in so many ways.

    MSM creams and gels are available from http://www.mismo.com.au MSM gel is great for taking the inflammation away from pimples and healing them faster.

    Moisturisers containing MSM really soften the skin well.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Amy

    I’m looking on on website and they have MSM tabs( guess that tablets) I would prefer powder. They also have MSM crystals but no description on the crystals as to how it is different from powder…. is it the same?.. or does anyone know the difference I googled it not much luck

  • Hey Fran!

    I really want to try the MSM, but I can only find MSM in a pill form (of 2,5 by 2,5 centimeters).. is that alright as well?

  • Lauren

    Hi Fran!

    I was wondering, is it more effective to consume MSM through the powder, or through a natural food? I find it very easy to find bee pollen in a store and adding it to my foods. Would that be effective? Or would the powder be more effective?

  • m72

    the girl with acne should start out buying some Sulfur soap,it works really good on acne.You could also buy this pink stuff called Bye Bye blemish it works very well!

  • ben

    missed a word out – “who really did need this medicine”

  • ben

    Dear fran

    I am currently taking roaccutane (for good reason – i am one of these people who really did this “medicine” – sounds like the wrong word – “pherapy”). Im on 30mg a day, can i take msm whilst taking roaccutane – to help it along a bit. BTW thnx fior aloe vera tip has taken erythema right down.

  • melanie

    hi fran i was wondering have you or anyone tryed this product called msm cream moisturiser and was it any good?

  • Veronika

    @ Fitzgibbon: Download Fran’s “7 Easy Steps To Acne-Free Skin” for a good start. It’s in the upper right hand corner of the page and it’s free.

  • Fitzgibbon

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m sorry if I’m off topic but, I have really bad acne and I don’t have a single clue on where to start. I mean I’m one year from entering my twenties and I’m still struggling in this battle with acne. I need some help and guidance on getting rid of acne both on my face and my ears. Yes my ears!!! Please your help would be very much appreciated.

  • Jenny


    I’ve been using MSM for almost a year now, and I did see improvements almost immediately with my hair, nails and ofcourse my skin! It turned clear and fresh. And it still is. I also got more energy and felt great! And ofcourse, I still do ^^

    I highly recommend everyone to try it. It’s good for so much! If you google it, you will find a page (or aleast i do, here in Sweden) who’s telling all the good things MSM do for your body and health.

    Love, Jenny

  • Chrissi chrissi1981

    ohhhhhhhh no hot and spicy doesn’t work for me at all ! i am flushed and drained after if i eat anything to spicy … i have to cool things down usually with tons of coconut milk… x

  • fatima- Most online health stores should stock it. Otherwise look at online stores that specifically sell raw foods :) You COULD get it from sun foods, but it will be cheaper buying locally.

    chrissi1981- I’m quite sure pitta is a moderate one with the fats thing. Vatas need most and kaphas the least ..you’re kind of in the middle! Just be careful of those hot and spicy foods!!

    Maria- Yeh kind of expensive but it will last a while.

    Zinat- I have no idea! I haven’t experimented with it yet. Might need to Google search that one :)

  • Linda

    Oh nevermind, I already found the answer, haha ;)

  • Linda

    Hi Fran,
    I was wondering, do you still use the Oil Cleansing Methode? I just found the article about it, but it was such an old article that I just wondered if you are still so positive about it and still using it?

  • Zinat

    Sorry i meant how long can you keep it on for?


  • Zinat

    hi Fran,

    you know when u said we can make paste out of it, is it like face mask? How can you keep it on for? 10 – 15 min?

    tc xx

  • Maria B.

    I can’t wait to buy some today from the health food store!
    Is it expensive ladies and gentlemen???

    Peace and love to you.

  • Chrissi chrissi1981

    In Ayurvedic terms .. forgot about that ! I am Pitta constitution do they have to consume alot of fats? I crave fats alot and feel satisfied when i eat them ! x

  • fatima

    hi fran!
    do u know where i can get msm powder on the internet? im living in france and definetely lookingfor a website where i cand find it!


  • Diana & Zinat- Topical MSM is supposed to be awesome for scars. I’d love to experiment with it myself. You can just buy the MSM powder and make your own paste out of it.

    Julie- The onion isn’t just under the ground, the plant has a stem which comes out of the ground which reacts with the sun and rain. It couldn’t grow without both!

    chrissi1981- Good fats are awesome! But every constitution is different ..a vata body type can’t really get enough good fats, but a kapha will need not so much. Healing scars is also another holistic thing.

    Michelle- Raw garlic can be a little dangerous for those of us who get acne from too much heat in our body! Raw garlic can make the problem a lot worse so sources of sulfur from MSM are much safer. Also it DOES come down to the rainfall thing too.

  • Janine

    You know,that’s kind of funny,I just bought some MSM capsules 4 days ago…lol ,I got a book from my mom,it’;s a book about MSM it basiclly tells you how good MSM is for your body. :)

    Love ya!. :D

  • ‘MSM’ stands for: Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (But it’s known by many other names aswell).

    According to wiki Stanley W. Jacob claims ‘MSM’ can be used for 18,000+ ailments.

    Some studies have suggested benefits for Osteoarthritis, but these studies didn’t address long term safety or usefulness of the supplement. There are also no studies which address the long term effects in humans.

    There is a great objective view of ‘MSM’ here: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/DSH/msm.html

    Sulfur though is really great for concentration & memory and a source of it is raw garlic. So if you’re studying try snacking on some raw garlic (maybe have some in cheese or fruit so it wont burn)!

  • I use MSM nearly every day. I just put half a tablespoon to a tablespoon in my smoothies which I have daily. I also brush my teeth with it sometimes too.

    MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) assimilates into the body better when it is taken with foods that are high in Vitamin C. it is good mixed with Orange Juice and I usually have Goji Berries in my smoothies so it works well there too. Camu Camu is also a good food to mix it with.

    It is a great natural source of Sulphur, which is great for healing scar tissue, internally and externally. :-)

  • Olivia

    no wonder your look fablous. does MSM stand for something?

  • Chrissi chrissi1981

    i haven’t tried msm but have it on order ! I am a firm believer in natural foods and have seen success whilst trying to heal my own skin. it’s a little tricky to explain things on here but if you were to email me i’ll try and help you as much as i can xx

  • Angela

    @chrissi1981 where did you obtain this information??…have you tried it yourself…do you suffer the same problem with acne scars??…Tell us what you use!!…besides diet of course..I have already done allergy testing done and have avoided meats and processed foods recently and my skin is better than ever… just a couple of scars…but yea what do you use???

  • Chrissi chrissi1981

    internally msm is good for inflammation … topically msm maybe good for healing scars, but personally i haven’t tried …

    If i were you i would get more good fats into your diet … like coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds and drink lots of water. As long as you are looking after yourself diet wise then your skin should start to lose the redness from old scars and even out.

    Silicon is said to fill in the wrinkles … my mom uses it under her eyes i can’t see why this wouldn’t help will fill in acne dents if you have those …

    love Chrissi x

  • Zinat

    Hi Fran,

    I’ve been taking MSM for 2 month now, I buy it from rawgaia.com, it’s 100% natural and organic, they sell every raw and organic in their shop, u should check it out.

    All I wanted to know if msm works for healing acne scars??

    Tc xx

  • Chrissi chrissi1981

    i look spirulina for the first time this morning … good heavens i was sooooo high ! lol i was shopping at the time and was thinking what do i look like a junkie probably … i was all wobbly and giggly … it was great !

  • Julie

    Hi! I was wondering, I thought onions grew in the soil? So how can the rainwater react with it? Also, would the MSM only be on the outer-most layer, or would it be absorbed into the whole onion?
    Ok, so a response to this is really non-vital, but I’m just a curious person… ;D

  • Nico

    I’ve tried MSM too, took them for a few months. Though it did nothing for me, neither got my hair or nails more bautyful nor did it help my skin.
    I guess I just have enough sulfar in my system already since it is said that you only get “better” if you have a lack of it.

    Oh and I found it really bad tasting.

  • Chrissi chrissi1981

    Hi !

    I was just reading about that last night in Eating for Beauty and now it’s on my monthly shopping list..

    Diana sulphur has been shown to reduce inflammation and topically you can use it to heal scars. But please remember that just using MSM alone will not cure your acne. You need to change your diet to reduce inflammation in the body as a whole !


  • Diana

    Hi Fran,

    I was wondering if MSM is good for inflammation from your scars…or scars in general….??? Would it help it heal faster?? Also would you recommend it in capsule form or just powder??? Well Thanks Again =)

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