Will Constipation Cause Acne?

Will Constipation Cause Acne?

washroomI was wondering this morning why I hadn’t written about this topic before because it’s one of the biggest causes of acne. In fact, it’s more common than you think. Oh, and I know it’s a little bit of a squeamish topic for some, but hey, it’s really important!

I can’t really comment from personal experience here because I’ve never had this problem in my life (honest!), but I’ve read so much about it in the past year or so and how many, many people have completely cleared their acne through getting rid of their constipation and getting regular.

How chronic constipation causes acne is really simple. Waste that is not eliminated by your bowels then enters your bloodstream. These toxins now in your bloodstream need to come out somehow, so some will come out of your skin when you sweat. So of course, the end result is blocked pores and a possible acne breakout.

Honestly, don’t underestimate the importance or removing toxins through your bowel. I once read an article that said every time you go and do a poop you should celebrate because you’re removing all those toxins from your body. This made me laugh and I’ve remembered it ever since.

Now this doesn’t mean that if you have acne you have a problem with constipation (I don’t). And it also doesn’t mean that anyone that has constipation will get acne because everybody’s body works differently. What it does mean is that if you have a problem with acne AND you have a problem with constipation, then getting yourself regular just may be the answer to clearing your skin.

That’s me! What do I do now?

If you have a problem with constipation, it’s best to visit a doctor or natural therapist for advice. You don’t even need to tell them about your skin, you can just go to fix the bowel movement problem if you want. A natural therapist in particular may be a great option because I’ve heard that taking laxatives can weaken the colon and in the long run they can precipitate constipation. So modifying your diet and taking herbs and supplements is a much better option that using conventional medicine.

I could list a ton of natural remedies that sound quite good that I’ve found on the net, but I’m going to leave that to the professionals because I’ve never tried them before and I don’t know which sources are dodgy (dodgy means sketchy in Canadian).

Remember to celebrate next time you poop!


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  • lee

    hey guys thanks a million oh my god… wow…. im so happy that I went in that website .I learn a lot today everything said in there is so true .I will never thought constipation was the key of acne ..now I have been like that for years, im 50 years old I be so shame walking in public with acne in my face some time they go away sometime they come back ..rite now im constipated a little bit I saw a few coming
    wow…wow….thank you for the free info.
    im going to eat lot of fiber,fruit and vegetable for now

  • Deepti

    Hey guys the best remedy for relieving constipation have two tablespoons of indian gooseberry powder mixed with sufficient water first thing in the morning . It’s tastes like hell but trust me it not only is natural its instant to relieve constipation it works wonders on ur hair and skin and keeps u looking young forever …. Oh it also aids in weight loss too .

  • Ananda

    Hey guys! I just popped by to share with you my experience. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have acne all the time. However, I tend to suffer from pimple outbursts once in a while. I noticed that whenever i have these pimples its usually on a hot afternoon when i’m extremely dehydrated after school and hence constipated. I also noticed that after pooping my pimples which were like extremely oily and swollen became much softer and drier. I feel cooler as well. It’s almost like a magical cure. I recommend those with pimples to hydrate themselves not just with water but also with fruits with both fiber and water such as papayas and pink dragon fruit. These fruits are awesome for bowel movement.

  • prolog

    I suffer from constipation currently, and I have acne too. I’m considering a colonic irrigation to clean out my bowels, so I guess you could consider following my route, or however, you could have a lot of fibre intake as well as plenty of water daily. Fruit would help too.

  • Debbie

    yeah ifyou dont shit u get zits

  • nvs

    friends i have done more than u can think for the removal of acne but unfortunately from 3to 4 uears finally i succeeded.however i was thinking i remove.as we know water intake is quite good as it kills bacyeria i had taken about 2 months regular 2.5 big glasses of water and finally from full of zits i m having 2,3 pimples right know.and my scares are also removed to a wide extent.u can follow this for just 1 month and see the result

  • Hary Pandher

    i also suffered for constipation for long time (4 years to be exact), and had acne on face. By taking a well-balanced diet. My constipation is gone, and so is my acne.

    Sometime when i loose control loose over my diet and have constipation for days. My acne just returns back..

    And cycle goes on/off…. depending on my diet habits.

  • Ashley

    I struggle with constipation – I have it under control – but here are a couple tips I’ve learned along the way (don’t get stuck on fiber pills and laxatives like Fran said, it will cause a sluggish system).

    - Drink LOTS of water (more than the 6-8 glasses a day if you are already doing that) if you are constipated, you’re body needs the liquid to have good bowel movements, this could make your problem go away alone.
    - Eat foods high in fiber vs. pills. I eat tons of veggies and fruit with the skin (apples) as it scrapes. Cut out white breads, choose whole wheat options or go gluten free.
    - Watch your dairy intake, higher % of fat get stuck in your system. Cheese is a real sticker haha
    - Magnesium supplements from a health food store (or food source) help me a lot. I take one capsule before bed (try to take at night because it relaxes muscles and can make you sleepy).

    Acne and constipation go hand in hand – I didn’t realize this for along time.

    Hooray for poop!

  • farah

    i think it’s true lately i had constipation and my face is FULL of zits!!! omg i think i know how to deal with my face finally!!

  • jade

    this is so true! eating a well-balanced, fiber rich diet has helped me so much and my skin is so clear because of it. =]

  • Celenia

    People who always have suffered from constipation, actually get stressed because they can’t poop therefore causes to stress even more and.. TADAH!! You get acne. But seriously, that’s really a message your body is telling you that you need to do something very important for it.

  • Constipation definitely affects my acne. Unfortunately, I suffer from it quite a bit and the result is usually boil-like acne around my jawline and sometimes on my cheeks.

    If I eat plenty of fibre I can keep it at bay, but digressing for even a day or two allows it to return.

  • dv

    I used to have a lot of constipation cause I didn’t eat right. For those with constipation, make sure that you have fibre in your diets. Oatmeals and breads for example.

    In an extreme case where you can’t go, try FibreSmart (I don’t know about other Fibre product, but this is the one I tried).

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