Win A Bottle Of EstroBlock & A Wellness Travel Pack!

Win A Bottle Of EstroBlock & A Wellness Travel Pack!

Great news! Roam Products has very generously donated two bottles of EstroBlock and two Wellness Travel Packs to gift to two High on Health and High on Clear Skin readers.

As many of you already know, I’m a huge promoter of EstroBlock for healing hormonal acne (which is the problem for most adults with chronic acne).

EstroBlockWellness Travel PackAnd the Wellness Travel Pack is a cute little travel bag that makes traveling with supplements a lot easier. Marnie from Roam Products created this travel pack after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and getting frustrated with carrying around so many bulky bottles of supplements. So she created this pack to make it easier for her to carry around her supplements. It’s a great way to carry around your acne treatment supplements too!

And vegans, this travel pack is not leather, it’s a leather-like material.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is answer the following question in the comments box below: What is your biggest frustration with healing your acne?

This contest will also be open to High on Health readers. Entries close on the 31st of January at midnight US EST. The winner will be randomly selected by automatic number generator and announced via the High on Health Facebook page here and notified via Email.

And when you have a moment, go on over to Roam Products and check out their website. Good luck!

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  • My biggest acne frustration is how it feels like it will never go away and how it makes me feel ugly on the outside. At least in the areas where I have a decent amount of ache, anyway, like on my face and back. I would love to find something that would help make it go away. I have a feeling if I just change my diet a bit that will help as I’ve read and heard from several people/sources, but I’m not sure.

  • Melissa Spoth

    My biggest frustration with my acne is it controls all of my decisions. I’m afraid to look into mirrors. It is the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to bed. It’s hard to smile when you can feel itchy little plugs and bumps all over your face. I just want to feel in control of my life again, and I don’t feel like I can do that until my skin is clear.

  • Caitlin

    It’s hard to choose just one frustration. I’m only 23, but I’ve been suffering with acne for 12 years already. I get extremely discouraged trying to sift through all the treatments and products available. It’s an endless cycle of researching, buying new products, getting excited at the possibility of FINALLY having clear skin, and then being disappointed when it once again doesn’t work. It’s also discouraging to be surrounded by your peers who all have clear skin and complain when they have one tiny pimple, and you would give ANYTHING to have only ONE pimple. I hate having to feel embarrassed about my skin whenever I go out, and I hope that one day, I might finally be able to go out with no makeup on and still feel beautiful.

  • Rebecca Tomlin

    I am most frustrated that I have not had a “clear” face in over 10 years…..for any period of time. I just want to have soft smooth skin!

  • Ea

    My biggest frustration is probably that I can’t help but pick my acne. I try not to, but it’s really difficult.

  • Caitlin

    The most frustrating aspect of healing my acne has been the constant “wait and see” mentality I’ve been living with. I’ve dealt with acne for nearly 10 years and I feel as if I am always in transition toward better skin, toward the beautiful skin I’ve always wanted and feel I deserve. It’s the emotional roller coaster of waking up in the morning hoping to see if the skin looks smoother, clearer, less red, but dealing with the fact that it keeps coming back. When will this end!

    BTW Fran, your work at addressing the problem of adult women acne, all aspects, has been the most encouraging and effective approach I’ve ever come across. I mean that in both conventional and alternative healthcare. Love you!

  • Rachel

    I would have to say knowing that eating carbs and sugar is my problem but finding it difficult to find filling, suitable food on the go with long, busy work days and lack of cooking skills/creativity so I continue to break out.

  • Lilly

    Trying to stay positive despite the acne

  • Elizabeth

    My biggest frustration is knowing that my acne isn’t as bad as it has been, in fact I’m very close to clear skin, yet whenever I get a little breakout here or there, I still feel how I felt when my whole face would break out. I feel that people only see the acne, even though they usually don’t even notice. But I do. And my self-consciousness crushes my fragile self-esteem.

  • Ash

    The thing that is the most frustrating to me, is feeling as though I’ve lost all hope, and my skin will be this way forever. Like many others, I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes, and without seeing any change in my skin.. I am at a loss of what to do next. I would love to try estroblock, as it’s one of the one things I have yet to try.

    Thanks for all you do XO

  • Katiuska

    The stress it causes me.

  • Erica

    My biggest frustration with healing my acne is the fear that I experience when a get yet another zit! The emotional impact has been the most frustrating and difficult aspect of healing.

  • Catie

    My biggest frustration is trying so many different things, having them work for a few days and then making it all worse again

  • Shannon

    My biggest frustration is the insecure need I feel to wear makeup all the time, and I wish I never had to — I don’t like makeup!

  • Angela

    As SOON as one or two pimples begin to disappear, another one comes right up! There is literally no time when it is clear!

  • Brian

    Spending so much money, cutting out so many foods, and doing everything possible but still no clear skin.

  • Lee Spell

    The zit only lasts a week but I hate having a scar for months!

  • Bianca

    My biggest frustration is getting rid of my acne for good. As I get into my 20′s I thought my face would get clearer. I try really hard to eat right and use natural products but I’ll still get those few pesky pimples, that will leave scars on my face, which I dislike because ill cover them with makeup which is another frustration because if I didn’t have acne or scars I wouldn’t wear makeup at all. This is why I would Like to win your free Estroblock and see for myself if it works :)

  • My biggest frustration is being 32 years old, having suffered from acne for the last 17 years, and having no sign of the cycle ending . It may lesson from time to time depending on what treatment I’m trying, but it’s never gone, and when I get my hopes up that something is working it will inevitably be crushed when a new wave comes on. There are always spots and scars, always something to cover. The fact that it is there every day reminding me that I don’t look like the person I want to be, that’s the biggest frustration.

  • Morgan

    My biggest frustration is not being able (after all these years) to determine the exact cause of my acne. A close second is not being methodical enough to figure out which remedy would work (if done diligently) and which is just a waste of time (from diet to face mask and everything in between).

  • Iga

    My biggest frustration with acne is feeling that I don’t deserve to be loved. Love is truth, love makes you feel safe and only by love can you be truly happy. It’s sad.

  • Ella Turlak

    My biggest frustration is that I always have to use makeup knowing it ruins your skin and I love using oils on my face, my skin loves it however I do get whatever heads and clogged pores :(

  • Ella Turlak

    My biggest frustration about acne is that it doesn’t go away completely! I don’t have a severe acne but constantly have one or two that way spots and scarring never heal and I have to wear makeup which makes me fell very guilty as I know makeup ruins skin. Also since I try to use more natural products I love using oils on my face and I see that my skin loves it, no wrinkles (I am 28) and the skin glows however I do get white heads and my pores clog ;(((

  • Sarah C.

    Estroblock is truly helping my acne! My frustration comes in with the rather high cost of Estroblock. I bet if I took more than one Estroblock a day, my acne would be completely gone, but I can’t justify the cost of more than one per day. Thanks so much to you for your work!

  • Sophia

    For me it was the feeling of not being good enough! I know that sounds a bit strange, but I have found a deep seeded connection between self worth/self image and my skin. My acne didnt start until my late teens early 20s and I am now 23. I found that as I stepped into the world as an “adult” more was at stake and I questioned my self image and worth in the world and as my self esteem lowered my skin became worse, but of course this is all in hind sight. As I have become more confident in who I am now and who I wish to become I can see it has had an impact on my skin. I was told once that skin problems and specifically acne is a reflection of self image (which makes sense) so to begin I am asking myself what is the view that I have of myself how positive is it, and what are my core believes about who I am, and are they hurting me and how is my skin reflecting that?

  • Cristina

    My biggest frustration with healing my acne is the permanent scarring. The hyperpigmentation, (brown and red spots) and the ice pick scars. I have to wear makeup to hide my face and I dont like wearing makeup b/c I think I’m just creating more clogged pores that lead to more zits and MORE scars. A never ending cycle. I miss my even looking skin.

  • Birgit

    My biggest frustration with my acne is feeling dissapointment about what a big meditations I am doing, itś like I´m having some kind of deep karma from my last life??? because I´m 25 years old and I dont eat meat and bad fats and white sugar and overall the typical market food but eco and fresh raw food. Yes my thinking is full of emotions and it´s much stronger then any suppliment what i am taking. So I scare myself. Sorry about bad english.

  • Lee Spell

    I know my zit will go away, but having a nasty scar really frustrates me!

  • My biggest problem is having acne and feeling like it is a forever issue. Having never suffered from acne to now having it at 23 it has been a huge emotional and self-esteem issue that is beginning to take its toll. I feel like no matter what I use, what I do, what I eat, what I think it is just there and isnt getting any better. Trying to come to terms that this is my new face and image has been the hardest.

  • I think mine would be when pores seem to be so clogged by the use of cosmetics [and petroleum based products] that it is nearly impossible for the face to sweat, even while working out. It just feels like the face is overheating and all it does is become red while the rest of the body is sweating after a workout at the gym. How long is the process of unclogging it after stopping mineral oil use and how else can I help the healing process?

  • Christina Knittel

    My biggest frustration with acne is not knowing what I’m doing wrong… I have read so many different articles blaming eating habits, genetics, etc but I never know who is correct & what I need to change about my lifestyle.

  • Christy

    Biggest frustration…..healing seems like such a guessing and waiting game. It would be so nice to know something is working right away! Oh well, life is about the journey not the destination

  • Clarissa

    My biggest frustration with having acne is the emotional battle with it. Excepting the fact that just less than a year and a half ago, I didn’t have acne, or any trace of acne once being there. But now, still dealing with moderate hormonal acne and having permanent scarring, my face will always reflect that I once had severe acne. The emotional battle of having scars will always be a reminder. Even though one day, my acne will (hopefully) be completely gone, its ghost will always remain.

  • Melissa

    My biggest frustration is finding a balance. My skin is always either oily with acne or dry and peeling. I can never seem to find a nice balance.

  • Nicole Lela

    My biggest frustration is when I make a mistake knowing that is caused my acne to worsen. I have a bad habit of picking my face and recently I’ve been getting better and better at not touching it. But when I do fall I get so down on myself its really hard to start from square one again.

  • Emily Miller

    My biggest frustration is listening to everyone’s “suggestions” some people know that I have continuously struggled with acne and like to tell me about new face products or treatments I should try. I avoid these suggestions because I’ve either tried them or they are just harsh chemicals that I don’t want on my face because I know it won’t help in the long run.

  • JayC

    My biggest frustration is managing my stress, which I believe is directly related to my outbreaks. Plus, on top of already being stressed there is the added stress/frustration/sadness of dealing with the acne.

  • M

    My biggest frustration with acne is how insecure it makes me feel. It feels like it’s taking over my personality and turning me into this sad, shy and insecure person. I think about it all day, everyday – and that makes me feel real superficial and shallow too. I try to do all the “right things” and when things finally seems to clear up, I’ll have the worst break out ever. The whole process is very exhausting and I wish acne didn’t control my mood as much as it does. I’m looking forward to the day I’ll say: acne is a real blessing in disguise – I have learnt so much about my body…

  • Veronika

    My biggest frustration is hormonal acne, and finding a great liquid foundation that doesn’t make my acne worse.

  • Joanne

    Biggest frustration is letting the process happen without being impatient! It involves a lot of love even when it seems to go backwards.

  • Sarah

    It’s frustrating to feel like you’re doing everything right and yet seeing no improvement. I also hate feeling like I have to wear makeup- I’m more of an “all-natural” girl so I’d like to feel confident going bare-faced!

  • Susan

    My biggest problem is learning to be ok with my face. I still struggle with inspecting it too closely in the mirror, and picking and squeezing, and ultimately making it worse. It’s always better when I leave it alone, but I have such a hard time doing that.

  • Amanda

    The biggest frustration for me is that lots of things can contribute to acne: hormones, diet, stress, etc. So eliminating it becomes a really big challenge (as if we didn’t have enough to do!). You have to research and try different things, sometimes in different combinations. It becomes a really long process…I’ve been dealing with mine since I was about 12 years old, maybe younger. That’s why HoH is such a huge help, because it provides a lot of resources in one place and makes it a little easier!

  • Claire Spence

    My biggest frustration is that it never seems to end. As soon as one lot starts to go another few pop up elsewhere for seemingly no reason at all :/

  • Ka

    My biggest frustration is trying to keep from touching/fussing with my face I know its best to just leave your skin alone and let it heal but for some reason thats incredibly difficult for me and leaves me feeling so powerless.

  • Timay

    The biggest frustration with my acne was how it affected the way I thought about social activities. I would dread going to a party because I knew that I would think about my skin and all the time feel conscious of my skin when talking to other people. I know that people have never seen me as a person with acne, even if I talk to someone now about how I felt when I had it, they go “what, you’ve always had such beautiful skin!”, so I’m guessing it all looked much worse inside my head. The other thing in the same category is that I didn’t feel very attractive when speaking to guys and when I did get a boyfriend, I was scared at first to let him see me without makeup, but that fear quickly went away. So to sum up, it always had to do with the emotional aspect of it and the questions “why me?” when looking at people with terrible diets and beautiful skin, I could wonder why I was struck with acne.
    I healed it through visualisation which lead me to information about a raw food or at least a “clean” diet. I came upon websites and people like high on health, the love vitamin, Dan The Liferegenerator, Yuri Elkaim and other people who know what they’re talking about

  • Maria

    My biggest frustration has to be having ugly acne, trying to cover it up with make-up, and feeling like the make-up is making it worse. But I just can’t bring myself to go out in public without make-up on…

  • Ashlee

    My biggest frustration is the self conscience feeling that keeps me from enjoying life or even going out with friends and family. It has been crippling at times.

  • RB

    My biggest frustration, at this point, is remembering that sometimes the letting go of trying to “make it happen” can do more damage than good with this kind of issue. But that’s an overall issue in my life really! : )

  • jLynn

    My biggest frustration is the way it effects my enjoyment of food. There is always worry and shame attached.

  • Suu

    My biggest frustration with acne is it never goes away whatever I tried with natural remedies, medicines, diet or lifestyles changed for both inside or outside of the skin and I really sad and shamed of having acne when people look at me or saying “you still have acne”. The old acne and scars doesn’t go away quickly and very hard to clear up while the new ones are showing up. This effect negatively on my personality and value of life. I spent lots and lots and time, money and emotional devastation for 10+ years and it still exists. I am afraid that it will still exit until menopause or old. After child birth, my body doesn’t sound like changing hormonal imbalances and those stubborn acne still exist. Only one thing left to try is plastic surgery!! My hb encourages me not to try anything else since my stubborn acne does not appear to clear up with anything…. Currently try to cover them up with makeup which I don’t like to do. I will be a millionaire if I save money spent for acne or one pimple value 1$. I wish I can stay acne free life in my life before I died!

  • Lexie

    My biggest frustration is the negative emotional impact – the daily deluge of negative self-talk and anger that I’m doing something “wrong”: eating the wrong foods, using the wrong products, making the wrong choices. My skin is a reflection of what I’m putting in my body and my lifestyle – so as a whole-foods, mostly raw, organic, ethical vegan and athlete it easily becomes overwhelming to look in the mirror daily, see acne, and think to myself, “what am I doing wrong?!”

  • Amy

    Just one? lol….Well I get most frustrated when my acne just doesn’t seem to respond to whether I eat an awesome diet (including some supplements like probiotics, cod liver oil, etc…), or slack off a bit to really enjoy myself… it seems I always have pimples on my face everyday, and most of the time a new one(s) will surface each day. I do have to admit I get really stressed out when this happens because I am confused and at the same time scared about whether the “new” pimples are going to go away fairly quickly, or turn into something much harder to treat and not go away for weeks. I believe my hormones are still imbalanced even though I have done certain things to try to balance them. The only thing I haven’t tried is estroblock, which I will be trying soon. Thanks for everything Fran!

  • Geori

    I am most frustrated with the fact that I am constantly aware of my acne! And it influences my behaviour.

  • Julia

    My biggest frustration with healing my acne is that I get so stressed and sad and feel ugly when new pimples shows up – everything feels hopeless.. And when you have better days with almost clear skin you totally forget about it! Until it comes back again…

  • casie

    Acne makes me feel like i am not enough, that I have some defect which prevents me from reaching out to the world more. The health of your skin has such a profound impact on your self confidence and self esteem so when it’s someway impaired it really erodes feelings of self worth which people who don’t suffer from the condition can never understand.

  • Chloe

    My biggest frustration? Actually, my biggest ‘frustration-turned-life-lesson’ was finally accepting the fact that the acne on my face was a lucky sign from my body telling me that something was wrong. So, it was a positive frustration! (Yes it’s some weird paradox I know). I’m sure most of the people here are frustrated about all the negative aspects acne brings, and I too was like that. We need to think we are lucky – our acne is telling us something – something we need to add, reduce or change within our lifestyles. I too suffered after coming of the BCP for 10 years and tried every cream, procedure, diet and supplement known to the acne world. Finally I cracked my acne code, and strangely enough it was a Vitamin B deficiency (caused by too much emotional stress and years of BCP abuse ) which was then dealt with by a job change, loads of yoga, music and smiling :) Every body is different, and you just need patience and positivity to find the one thing that works for you, never give up! It took me a good few years to find my ‘cure’ and with that came a lot of experimentation, for which I am grateful of – because nobody knows MY body like I do now. Good luck to everyone!

  • Manisha

    My biggest frustration use to be lack of knowledge about acne and how our body works,but thanks to Fran Kerr and natural products from her store , I am on my way to having a flawless skin.They say it is often the darkest before dawn,so to all the people suffering from acne,do not give up and consider a holistic approach.One day your frustrations shall be transformed into smiles ….smiles for radiant health…:)

  • Evelyn

    Hi Fran,
    I’ve had acne for over 18 years. The length of my battle is very frustrating of its own. I had a very few miraculous periods when my skin was completely clear. The external skin care regime only works to a certain extend. Each spot likest to stay with me for weeks if not months later leaving a mark or indentation that stay for years if not forever. If anything could help permanently my life would be so positively transformed…

  • Alessandra

    Hi Fran,
    For me my biggest frustration with acne would be when I have long spells of clear skin then out of nowhere I’ll get a huge breakout. I still need to do the liver cleanse and I’m determined to do so as soon as possible! Thank you for all your help! xx

  • Renata

    Hi Fran,

    I am struggling with my facial acne for around 10+ years. Have tried tons of remedies and natural cures. Best of it if can name that way (always looking for the brightest side of aspect) is what I’m always conscious what I’m eat or drink or put on my skin. Worst is… When my skin cleares out and there is no sign of new acne just old scars… I think that’s it! I finally won a battle and my new remedy (combination of them) finally worked its magic – new break outs appearing on my face. It is really disappointing.

  • Marian

    My biggest frustration with acne is the way it makes me feel about myself. When I am breaking out I want to cover it with makeup and I feel like others are judging me.

  • Kazza

    My biggest frustration is that my acne controls my life. If I’m having a good acne day (and that’s where I can cover it up with makeup), then my mood is good but if I’m having a bad day, nothing can cheer me up and I’ll do anything not to meet people. At 42 I certainly didn’t think I’d be worrying about acne, I should be worrying about wrinkles!

  • Tanya F

    My biggest frustration is that when you think your acne is starting to clear up, suddenly it flares up once again and makes you feel horrible all over again! Any hope seems to disappear!!

  • Jorune

    My biggest frustration with acne is that my skin makes my self esteem very low at some moment. I do know that people do not judge (probably) on the way I look, or do not even see the the few bumps, but still it makes me feel very nervous.. Besides, my biggest wish is to feel free go out without make up, so i hope to reach this goal one day.

  • Pip

    It takes ages & they keep coming back. So when I already think I’m making progress and my skin is healing, I’ll have a breakout and have to start all over again. It’s very frustrating.

  • Fatima

    I am so fund ip witj my acne it s never going sometimes it is ok during few months nd.then it is coming back i have tried everything i have socmany scars i feel ashame when ne spot appears , i have to wear make up all the time , evryone since 5years is telling me that i should do this or that so annoying

  • Christy

    My biggest frustration with acne is how time consuming it is. I just want to wake up brush my hair and be done! I would love to let the rain fall on my face or go swimming without worrying about the coverup coming off.

  • MM

    My biggest frustration with healing my acne is most doctors, even naturopath doctors do not have a clear cut answer. I also do not want to simply heal one symptom of a larger (hormonal or anything else I may have) problem that’s going on but I want to be completely healthy and balanced.

  • Alie

    My biggest frustration is the fact that it takes soooo long to see results! I just wish i could click my fingers and magically have beautiful skin. However, it all works out in the end, we just need to work hard and be patient. I also get frustrated when i have to explain to others why i’m avoiding gluten as I know that gluten breaks me out big time. xx

  • Alie

    My biggest frustration is the fact that it takes soooo long to see results! I just wish i could click my fingers and magically have beautiful skin. However, it all works out in the end, we just need to work hard and be patient. I also get frustrated when i have to explain to others why i’m avoiding gluten as I know that gluten breaks me out big time.

  • Sophie

    That would be that it would still happen if I would be insanely healthy! Even though I would be doing everything ‘perfectly’ sometimes I would still break out :/…

  • Tash

    The most frustrating thing about my acne is not knowing where to begin. When i think I’ve figured it out, my current treatment stops working….ARG!! I would looooove to crack the acne code!

  • ioana voicu

    My problem is that the constant flare-ups of acne leave scars + blackheads on my nose I cant get rid of+ oiliness. I don’t want scars, I hate them a lot. Thats why I would like to win this, to see if it works for prevention of my hormonal acne – at that time of the month leaves its mark way too long-. I will reccomend the heck out of this pills if they do, like when the products when my face was full of acne. My self-esteem was so low, but I smoothed my creams even if skn bumps hurt or I wanted to go to bed.I kept telling myself someday prople would compliment my great skin, sk I worked hard toward th at day. Thank you! xo

  • Shawna Baynton

    My biggest frustration on healing my acne is that I can never seem to fully get rid of it, I can only get it to lessen some. I probably haven’t found the solution yet, but it is frustrating. I have had a problem with acne on my face, chest, and back since puberty (I am 20 now), and I want to get rid of it! It hurts and makes me feel less beautiful.

  • Esther Voluck

    Acne is frustrating, is there anything good about it except that toxins are being released??? I got hormones balanced, then liver kidney pimples started popping up, I think I have some candida acne too…I just want to be done with it, 42 years is good time to be clear!

  • Kayla

    Biggest frustration is the time-consuming nature of adult acne. The washing, the treatments, the makeup, the greasiness after a few hours, the blotting, paying for it the next day when said makeup was not washed off just so. How lovely it would be to be able to have a care-free attitude about your appearance, to wake up fresh-faced, naturally.

  • Lou

    My biggest frustration would have to be the emotional tie I have to feeling inadequate in my own skin. The fact that acne can dictate my personal worth is pretty sad and something that I struggle to change. And with a feeling of low personal worth, it’s tough to get out of my comfort zone and live life to the fullest.

  • Shawna

    My biggest frustration with acne is when I feeling like I’ve finally cracked the code, only to be stumped again in a week with new spots. Just when I find the right essential oil, and it’s working, then all of a sudden it stops working. Just when I find the perfect makeup to hide it, and I stock up on it, it randomly stops doing the job. Just when I find the right diet, and I’m riding high on it, I get a bad breakout and feel like I’m back at square one. My biggest frustration is wondering whether I’ll ever really kick it.

  • Kiersten

    My biggest frustration is the feeling like the acne always has to be kept “at bay” and that one wrong move and it will return with a vengeance.

  • Lauren

    My biggest frustration is when I try really hard to “do everything right” to get to the bottom of my acne, I continue to get new ones. It’s especially frustrating if my skin is looking better than it has in a while, for a couple weeks at a time, and then it all comes back again when I was sure I’ve been keeping away from anything that could cause problems. This wreaks havoc on my self-esteem and I’ve been dealing with it for so long it makes me want to break down and give up forever. I also am very frustrated that every single day, I have to cover up my skin with makeup or tinted skin creams in order to feel comfortable even around my boyfriend. It’s just exhausting.

  • Mel

    Lacking confidence. I am embarrassed about it, especially when someone points it out in public.

  • Katrin

    My biggest frustration was the funny look in other peoples eyes when they noticed my acne; the embarrassment and my own deeper worry what’s wrong with me, why do I have acne. But: I learned to love myself, despite how I looked at the moment and started to focus on things that I liked about myself. And little by little the acne was getting better.
    I also stopped to brood negative things about myself or others and found something to do where I’m good at. In a way, acne forced me to focus more, so I call it “blessed skin condition” now. And I take it as an indicator; if I get some spots, I know I’m not focusing on something that my inner being wants to and I should take better care of myself. And I don’t get stressed over it, but I try to soothe myself.
    Now my blessed skin condition is much better, thanks to focusing my mind, DIM (Estroblock) and healthier life-style.
    “High on Health” & “The Love Vitamin” have helped a lot! Thank you, you amazing, beautiful ladies!

  • Chrystal

    So many frustrations! My biggest, like most of you, is when you start to be optimistic about your acne clearing up.. Something happens, seemingly overnight, and you wake up with a full on break out! That cycle is brutal. And I’m still circling around trying to be positive about it.

  • My biggest frustration when it comes to acne is it’s ability to make me feel like a delicate flower. I feel suffocated by the limits I’m suppressed by. It’s too easy to suffer consequences as far as acne goes. Just about anything can set it off. I’m tired of walking on eggshells. I wanna enjoy all of life’s offerings without feeling like I have to be careful 24/7. I wanna be free.

    • Lauren

      I resonate with exactly this. Perfectly-said. Good luck to you<3

  • Micaela

    My Biggest frustration with healing my acne is feeling like I don’t have control. I have hormonal and occasional acne breakouts. It seems like no matter how hard I try to eat right and not stress I still get acne.

  • Fauve Chayer

    My biggest frustration is having to deal with my desire to be 100% into healing my acne, watching everything that i eat, do everything perfectly, etc., and at the same time trying to do it right but without the obsession of it, because stress is worst than any inflamatory food. It’s hard because a part of me wants it to be gone as fast as possible, and at the same time i’m trying just to accept it as it is, accepting me with it.

  • Yasmine

    I have hormonal acne and nothing I do seems to help, I have very sensitive (oily) skin and I can only use natural skin care products but they never seem to help. My acne greatly diminishes my confidence even though I know my skin is not who I am, it is still what the world sees of me. I’m a girl that would rather go for the ‘no make-up natural look’ but find myself putting on more make-up to cover up. I am open to trying new things and would love to try your EstroBlock.

  • Jwolf

    The most frustrating part is…the plateau. I feel like I’m doing all the right things (taking care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally) and I have seen a large improvement overall, but I just can’t seem to get ‘clear’ skin. I have little ups and little downs but overall I’m stuck in the same place and don’t know where to go or what to do, from here.

  • Christina

    My biggest frustration with acne is, well, keeping it away. Seems as soon as I get a spot to heal another one pops up somewhere else. Not to mention the monthly outbreaks around ovulation. Then there is also the frustration in finding natural based, effective products.

  • DM Sutton

    my biggest frustration is that I always have to do something to maintain my acne. I don’t have that life where I can forget about it. I am always monitoring my skin texture and trying to prevent a breakout.

  • Diana

    Oh the frustration! Years and years of frustration. Trying everything under the sun and still no success. So finally resorting to medication just to get a break, to feel confident in my skin for a moment. Then to carry the guilt of taking the easy way out and knowing that this is only a temporary fix and it will come back.

  • Brigid Cisek

    My Biggest struggle with acne has been finding out what exactly was making me break out, once I figured out that it was my hormones and started taking estroblock and a liver supplement, my current struggle is fading acne hyper pigmentation. There’s so many great websites that have helped me get to the place I’m at, I’m truly greatful for all th resources and sites that people have put together.

  • Biggest frustration- once the pregnancy hormones wear off (my skin is perfection during pregnancy) my skin is worse than ever. And I struggle with picking which frustrates me that I can’t seem to kick the habit. Thankful for the reprieves during pregnancy though. :)

  • Ri

    My biggest frustration with acne is the self hatred it causes. I feel so completely ugly and feel so much hatred towards my body for not responding to me doing “everything right” to heal my skin.

  • danielle

    The ultimate frustration that I have found is that in the allopathic medical community, they actually tell you food and supplementation has nothing to do with it and, “here try accutane.” I have done two courses of accutane, when I was younger, and didn’t know any better. This left me with half my hair density, for all the hair I lost, and acne returning a few years later. This is so disheartening for me, but at least now I know how to deal with the acne in a healthier way.

  • Johnetta Turner

    My biggest frustration is that I can’t ever feel comfortable without makeup. It’s depressing. I’m 37 and I’ve been suffering since I was 13.

  • Anna

    My biggest frustration is also post-breakout red marks. Every time I break out I try to take a deep breath and tell myself it’ll go away, but after each breakout heals, because of the marks left behind, I feel like I have more and more to hide!

  • My biggest frustration is that acne is so darn frustrating! Just when it starts to clear and look great, a whole other bout appears. Also when diet is clean and perfect,(tick) exercising daily, (tick) visualisation and affirmation, (tick) having fun, great lifestyle, (tick) 8 hours sleep (tick) and still acne. Very frustrating..

  • marie

    the greatest frustration has also been the greatest blessing. self hatred. as a result of the acne i struggled with deep self hatred. which has proven to be an extremely challenging thing to go through. thanks to acne i have learned and am learning to love mySelf. not love my physical self or this material body, but love my Divine self, my true self, God. thanks to acne i have found myself on this path of awakening and consciousness. i am so grateful.

  • Vanessa

    What is your biggest frustration with healing your acne?

    My biggest frustration is how I judge myself.
    Yes, I do judge my appearance of course. I mean, I obsess with the breakouts and I’m always focusing on those flaws. However, it goes further than that. I judge myself for even judging my appearance. It makes me feel superficial and shallow.. I should be loving myself no matter how I look. But anytime I develop a breakout, I am still so hard on myself and my skin.
    This is a struggle I am trying so hard to over-come but it is terribly hard!

  • Alie Gensheimer

    My biggest frustration is not having a solution and the fact that my wedding is coming up this year and I feel very insecure!

  • Tina

    Probably the biggest frustration is the fact that You often feel Like you’ve tried everything and You try sooo hard but nothing works :( Sometimes I even feel Like I would Like Just one day, only one day break from having to put make up on and not Just that but from feeling so exposed and volnurable! But the worst is definitely those people that want to help so You can’t hate them but they say something Like – why don’t You try ***(usually something I tried billion years ago)… Also I had a situation where my bf wanted to kiss me on my neck and I had a hunger breakout so I pushed him away – Like he didn’t see it already LOL!
    I don’t Know, there’s a lit of bad stuff related to my hormonal acne, but still… It’s important to Know that behind that frustration there is still a very nice and positive person!

  • Jenny

    My biggest frustration is having acne for so long. I have tried the trial and error process, accutane, over the counter products and almost every prescription that YOU can name. Each year I make a promise to myself.. “this year I will cure my acne”. But it always seems like a never-ending cycle! I nearly lost hope until I have realized acne is due to a combination of things (e.g., hygiene, hormones, diet, genetics..etc). So I am trying a more holistic approach to heal my acne and help others.

  • Courtney

    I believe Acne is such an emotional experience, because it robs us of presenting an outward looking vitality, even when new positive vitality is simmering on the inside of our beings; Simply, our outer worlds and efforts often don’t match the internal worlds. When we are trying hard to foster values of self compassion,new positive health routines and eat endless piles of dark leafy greens, we want it to show. Our external selves don’t often show all the growth taking place- emotional, physical and even spiritual. Naturally healing acne takes sweet sweet patience. We want to know when our next “downward facing dog” is truly going to bring us peace from this experience. Further, It is frustrating realizing my childhood was encouraged to be laden with years of microwave mac n’ cheese and afternoon pop-tarts. As an adult in my mid 20′s, I am now needing to completely uproot my ideas of health, wellness, and truly seek a new world view. All during a time period of important swiftly approaching first time career interviews. (I hope to be an Elementary art teacher!) Acne has been a spring board for me- a window- a telegram from my body, telling me to look into the entire world of natural health. I still struggle with frustrating feelings of comparisons, mainly to others in the health-minded-co-op shopping, earthly women sphere, who exude health and grace. My partner of years hurt me very deeply during my journey (by leaving for an organic farmer, who teaches yoga, has a baby bottom complexion, and is a millionare). In retrospect, It is very cosmically comical and ironic to type and re-read. I know without a doubt, through this battle of years with my severe acne, good lessons are coming. Humility, humor, and kindness are some of what I’ve learned so far.

  • Basha

    My biggest frustration is that it exists.

  • Ang

    The biggest frustration is being ashamed of how I look. I wish it wasn’t such a part of my life- this worrying about my looks so much!

  • Lauren

    The biggest frustration for me is the never ending cycle. As soon as my skin is clear, I get another set of breakouts. A cycle that appears doomed to repeat itself.

  • My biggest frustration is the painfulness of blemishes. When they hurt it is especially hard to not think about them.

    Thank for all you do Fran! I love you! xxoo

  • Mcampbell

    The biggest frustration is dealing with the elimination process! No one ever told me how much birth control alone makes the problem worse in the end. Before getting on the pill I was getting a period every 10 days and the rest were severe PMS. I was young and clueless about how my body worked. So now here I am, 4 years later trying to solve my hormone imbalances from two steps back. I want to detox and cure my imbalances naturally, the way people did it a long time ago, with herbs, food, nature, meditation, esotericly and etc. I feel that estroblock may be the start of this process I’ve been scared to face.

  • Faryal

    My biggest frustration with healing acne is that it comes back! I try to keep my skin acne free. For a while I go on a cleanse and the acne goes away but just one day when I decide to eat chocolate, it comes back. Acne does not let me live my life.

  • Felix

    My biggest frustration is that even when my skin is at its clearest it never looks totally clear. I guess I’m still trying to figure out what exactly is causing my acne. Whether it’s hormonal, diet or stress. Or maybe a combination of the three?

  • Natalie

    Sometimes it makes me not want to wake up in the morning and go out. I’ve been so close to breaking up with my boy friend because I can’t take the amount of time and effort it takes to cover it up and hide it. I’ve on occasions been distant with my family and canceled plans because of the sadness my skin can give me. it’s made me not follow up on jobs and decline amazing opportunities because I just can’t deal with people staring at it and judging my health. I’ve been in heartbroken bind about my skin and the way I look for years now. At this point I’ve practically given up. X

  • Kara Jolly

    My biggest frustration with acne is acne marks/scarring. When my face is actually clear of breakouts, I still have to deal with what has been left behind.

  • Lin

    My biggest frustration is trying to find the root cause, since is already very healthy and I’ve tried various natural means of getting rid of acne!

  • Mel

    My biggest frustration is the trial an error process that is inevitable since we are all unique and need to go on our own journey to find results. Luckily estroblock works quite well for me :) I think the key is also to listen to your own inner being as to what might work . The answers are within!

  • Jennifer E

    My biggest frustration with acne has been stress. I’ve finally got my hormones a little better figured out, due largely in part to progesterone cream, vitex, and estroblock, but I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom to three, and the stress doesn’t help my hormones. I’d love to win this since I’ve been using estroblock for about 4 months and I travel quite a bit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jo.

    My biggest frustration is that I’m 24. I’ve had acne since 12. It was all over my back, chest and face. Antibiotics cured my back. My face still persists even after 9 years of 2 prescription creams+5 years of antibiotics(and creams)…. Now I’m going the holllistic route with no dairy/gluten. Its been about a year and my acne is still bad. Next I’m considering eliminating grains even more and going crazy with the vegetables… I started to eat fermented foods. I have run into bad stomach burning I think might be an infection. So vegggies are making it much worse at the moment. I also have a disability and dont like myself for it so I’m not sure if my acne that still persists is in part emotional. I follow you and Tracy at the Lovevitamin and also David from Acne Erasing Secrets. I’m just losing hope 100% at this point. My acne that still persists is lower jawline and around my mouth and on my forehead (prob from the stomach issue I’m dealing with, thats kinda going away even though my stomach BURNS). I’m somewhat considering bierth control but I’d rather try something that detoxes the estrogens OUT I’m just so broke after buying omega 3s, primrose, probiotics, a multi…. and tired. Very tired. Considering giving up. I could use a try at this. I also work in a school and the kids I work with point out my acne and its just terrible..ugh. Ive done tea tree oil, switched my products to nautral. I also have terrible scaring and tons of blackheads.

  • ali

    having to wear makeup, clogged pores and not feeling like seeing people

  • haz

    the biggest fustration is when i have ‘a bad skin day’ i feel stressed out about it when i know stressing out is just gonna make it no more :)

  • Farah

    The biggest frustration is the seeming impossibility of landing on a solution. So many factors come together to influence it, that I haven’t yet been able to figure out what the main aggressor is–a food, stress, inflammation, humidity, type of water, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol…what is it? It’s like trying to find reliable results in an experiment with no constants. But luckily, Fran’s basic advice of no touching, plenty of jojoba and lavender, and emphasizing certain foods is solid and definitely takes the edge off.

  • Kricket

    My biggest frustration currently, is that I have side effects from the estroblock and thus feel stuck and like i can’t move forward with healing my hormones. I realize i have to start with my liver first. Patience <3

  • Lori Huber

    My biggest frustration with acne is that I am over 50 and still
    have regular breakouts. I didn’t really have acne is my teens.
    I have had a bad time trying to control it for the last 10 years.
    It’s very hard to treat as you get older…Your skin gets thinner and
    if you pick you will pull off healthy skin …Don’t pick! It’s hard as well but I have learned that it’s better to leave it alone…Finding products that aren’t too harsh is tricky also. I found dairy will produce an breakout and sometimes meat..probably the hormones…Good luck to everyone !!!

  • That would have to be the picking! Or rather, not picking! I used to be really bad and I can still have really obsessive picking sessions, and it’ll only make the skin worse and it’s a vicious circle- it just feels so damn good when you do it ;D

  • Carmen Bingaman

    One of my biggest frustrations in dealing with acne is that it never seems to truly go away. I’m finally as clear as I’ve been in a long time, and I’m still dealing with scars. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation along with a few indentation scars.

    I began to get clear skin once I completely eliminated dairy from my diet, drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning, drinking green smoothies, and really trying to adopt an overall healthier lifestyle. I am not as obsessed about my acne, because I finally have clear skin which is a miracle in itself.

    I broke out extremely bad all over my face back in 2012, and I was very depressed, because of my severe acne. I was jobless, and I gained a lot of weight. I researched the causes, and discovered stress, hormones, and dairy were my culprits. I really started to clear once I started taking Estroblock. It is truly amazing. I still break out, however, my acne is not severe. Thankfully, it’s mild. I still have scars though! After all, I have been
    dealing with acne for over ten years.

    For those of you who are struggling to get clear skin, I feel your pain. Don’t give up. Try hot lemon water along with Estroblock and eliminating dairy. Hopefully one, or two, or all of the above will help you. I would also like to add that I use an organic gentle skincare line from Sweden. I don’t like using heavy, harsh chemicals on my skin.

    I suppose we all still deal with the emotional and physical scars of acne. Just don’t give up hope.

  • Kevin

    The biggest frustration for me has to be that fact that there’s no good way of predicting when it might happen or its duration. Which makes it particularly tricky if you want to lay off using any products for some time.

  • Brooke McIntosh

    Biggest frustration of many? The lack of availability of brands in Canada. Creates a lot of additional research to try to find a similar product!

  • Tade oyeilumi

    My biggest frustration is figuring out the root of the issue as opposed to just trying to treat that symptoms that really don’t work in the long term.

  • Alexia

    I’ve been battling with acne since I was 15 when it was at it’s worse and now I’m 21. I have followed high on health when I was at my lowest point of self esteem with my spots. I bought the jojoba oil and the neem neem extract and that’s all I use now and it has helped tremendously. The only thing is I have noticed when I go back home to Greece as I now love in the UK, especially during the summer period I would break out and have full blown acne within a day. It’s frustrating because I always think I have passed my stage of breakouts completely and then out of nowhere they re-emerge. I’ve always heard that the sun and the sea should help my skin, but for me it is the opposite. I also never ever squeeze my spots after reading an article on high on health. But I find it extremely embarrassing when a gigantic spot appears in the middle of my forehead and I try so hard to resist as well as get teased by friends who can’t understand the emotions behind getting spots. I have always been very emotional about my break outs and I am always most confident when I have clear skin.

  • Ada

    As soon as one patch is healed, a new patch develops!

  • Patricia Palermo

    Dealing with the scarring and red marks after my acne clears is frustrating. Also, my biggest issue is blackheads, something I’ve never been able to conquer and has resulted in large pores all over my face now that I’m pushing 40.

  • Amber

    Hmmmm let’s see…for me I get frustrated because it’s a bunch of little pieces that you need to get just right or you keep getting constant flare ups. My back has almost completely cleared, but my face this month is terrible! I’ve cut things out of my diet like coffee, dairy, lowered my sugar intake, etc…and I’ve been taking burdock root, milk thistle, DIM, natures way estrogen block (which I don’t think is working) and changed my washing retiming to mostly a light exfoliant and tee tree oil and still getting break outs! Just haven’t found all the right pieces yet, I guess…

  • Emelyn

    My biggest frustration was my general non-acne plagued family and friends’ ignorance. They think I have acne because I was eating wrong, not being hygienic and washing enough, using the wrong products, doing this wrong, doing that wrong… I had a lot of well-meaning but thoughtless advice and comments thrown my way over the years, which was really frustrating because I was doing everything “right” just like they said, and yet nothing was clearing my acne.

  • Anteya

    The biggest frustration for me is balancing everything – down to the hormones! Diet, lifestyle, activities I partake in and trying not to get discouraged when I’m not seeing immediate results ever since I switched to natural remedies.

  • H.

    My biggest frustration with healing acne is finding things that aggravate my acne. Does this food cause it or not? Will I be dealing with this well into my adult years?

  • Manisha Varma

    My biggest frustation was knowledge n mindless use of products, but thanks to Fran n her store, im now armed with the right information. ….n very close to having a flawless complexion….thank u again Fran….

  • Tina

    My biggest frustration is how difficult it is to break the habit of obsession. It seems like everything revolves around acne- food, sleep, where I go, what exercises I do, what I have to wear, etc. The obsession with trying to heal it makes it seem like that’s one of the biggest parts of my life, which I wish it wasn’t.

  • Clare

    I came off my pill last year as I wanted to get to the cause rather than treating the symptoms my skin errupted, back, chest, face. I eat healthy, exercise etc so the frustration was doing all the right things and still having acne. I got desperate and went back on the pill for a month and then read on here about half dosing so I did 2 months of half dosing then stopped again completely. Last month my skin appeared to be clearing no new break outs althought I am left with the dark pigmentation scars but this week my back has started a break out again, chest and face :( so the frustrating thing for me is the not knowing what to do. Trying to understand what you are doing that is causing this. I have read that it is to do with how you feel about yourself. But I work a lot with that. Hmmm I guess its just a work in progress.

  • Maria

    My biggest frustration with healing acne is remembering not to overdo anything which my perfectionist self struggles with constantly. It’s all about balance. That’s the tough part – finding that sweet balance. :)

  • Kimberly

    My biggest frustration with acne healing is that no solution seems to work long-term. I have tried many treatments that seem promising at first, but weeks or months later, seem to lose effectiveness.

  • Phoebe

    My biggest frustration with acne is all the trial and error. I feel like I’m doing everything right. Healthy diet (Paleo), natural skin care, seeing a naturopath and taking hormonal herbs. You name it, I’ve tried it. My skin is doing better but I’m not sure I’ll ever have 100% clear skin. I’ve been at this process for almost three years. Acne totally suck!

  • Heather

    My biggest frustration is the process of finding out what the actual cause is of the acne; is it a food intolerance, hormones, product use. I try to avoid dairy, sugar and grains and use natural products. I have taken test and I know what foods I have a slight intolerance to and I avoid those foods, I also had my hormones tested and my doctor said everything looks fine, but still…I have acne. I also am extremely frustrated with the scarring. =(

  • kayla

    My biggest frustration is feeling like its never ending and even if it does clear …I’m wondering for how long.

  • Megan

    The feeling that because I have acne I don’t have a right to go out, put on make-up, or flirt with anyone. The feeling of not being good enough to socialize or be sexual. Also drowning in bills, and not having the funds to take care of my skin correctly.

  • Amy Scott

    Not feeling like people are able to see who I truly am when I have a bad break out. Perfectionism and self judgement.

  • Daxini

    My biggest frustration will getting rid of hormonal acne is it clears up and then it reappears out of no where. Also, when I have higher stress levels my acne flares up which results on more acne. It makes me upset because I have a lot of hope in my skin clearing up and when it does then it starts to appear on my skin all over again. I wish it would just disappear and not come again.

  • Kaylee

    Where do I begin? My biggest frustration is acne itself. It’s either you’re doing something to heal your acne, or you’re doing something to make it worse. No matter what I do I still have those pesky hormonal breakouts and clogged pores. I wish estroblock is cheaper or I would stock up! I tried it for a month and it seemed to be working. I am SO CLOSE to clear skin, but never quite there. As soon as I think im there, I break out again. Sad and frustrating. Spending too much money on things :(

    • My biggest frustration with my acne is the way it makes me feel. Acne has an almost unconscious affect on me because it makes you feel you are “less than beautiful”. It also makes you feel you have no control, no matter how hard you try to “fix it”. In a way though, that has been a blessing, realizing that no matter what we do, we must let go and accept certain things in life. I have come to terms with that feeling and realized that my acne is not me, but just a symptom, just another surmountable challenge and seeing it that way it is easier. Doing that has in many ways relived my stress, and actually helped me have less acne. Rebalancing my entire life has been necessary to deal with my acne-because it is hormonal and it has reduced a lot because of I have addressed my emotions. I would love to try Estroblock to see if it works. Thanks for your blog.

  • Egle